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🤔🤔🤔 I only have two JoeNicky art here? These two (1, 2) one of which was an homage to Marwan’s family’s homeland of Tunisia, and the other showing Joe being the first to make the truce? I really want you to point out what gross Joe characterization I’m showing. 

But sure I’ll stop posting JoeNicky art, not a problem whatsoever. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️ I don’t even typically draw Nicky without Joe anyway so (because they’re one halves of each other), so no more TOG fanart here.

In response to your first question though: what of my discourse post indicates anything of such LOL please do tell me, I am actually really curious. And you’re right being POC doesn’t mean you can’t be racist… but it makes me curious, too when a lot of POCs expressed gratitude for my post and a lot of PMs too about it……so are you saying… all our of opinions are invalid? Gasp! Why do people say they’re defending the voices of POC then! LOOOL guess all brown muslim people that are saying that things they don’t see as a racist issue are racist! weird flex but okay anon 🤔🤔🤔

Was that too mean? I was holding back a lot– but I don’t think I can completely hide my emotions? But you know what, you came to me behind the shield of anonymity so if you don’t even have the GUTS to talk to me directly LOL, I don’t actually care too much if I sounded spiteful. 😂😂😂

on that note PSA: if you have concerns about people’s characterization… this is a good example of unconstructive criticism! 

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I think the first post would be appropriate to talk about life. It’s something we all share. We all breath, live, and exist. We all strive to succeed in our own way. I think that we focus way to much on that. I know I do. I often think about where I am in life, and compare it to my hero, and also my friends and family around me. I’m very bad at looking at my family, and seeing then married, having children, and growing. Yet here I am, 24, and have but failed attempts at relationships and disappointments to show. So it brings the question out of me; what is success? That is the age old question. I like to think that I am somewhat successful. I may not have a husband, or children. But I do have a decent job. I have friends who care about me. And I have a family that does care about me. It just makes me want to strive for more. 
Something else we don’t talk about enough is how we got here. I think in life, we are not given the best chances as we could from day one. To me, life is like a book or a tv show. And every year of life is a new chapter or season. So if we look at it as a tv show, the first couple seasons are kinda setting up for the main plot of the next season. Most people don’t get to choose where they came from. They don’t get to choose anything about them at first, because in the first few years of life, your parents choose everything for you. From what you eat to what you wear to bed. They chose where you live. When you sleep and when you have to be awake. I’ve always believed that everyone has a pre planed plot. Every good writer knows who the character will be the fan favorite, and who they need to win over with. They have a plot in their head. They know how they want the story to develop. Parents have the same mindset. When I was born, after the time spent in the ICU, and I was able to be held by my parents, my father did something. He put a football in my crib, and told me that football was going to be my life. Fast forward, I hate football and it was not my life. I think he was okay with that. But the point was that was his way of making his plot for me. 
When I was younger, I knew I wanted to he an entertainer and help people. That could mean a lot of different things. Even now, that definition changes. Doing this is an outlet to let me vent and reach people who just wanna laugh and also be serious. My parents really don’t understand or support that. They don’t believe that it can actually be a job. It’s very sad because so many artistic kids are suppressed. They want to be themself and show the world their talents. If you are one of them reading this, I support you. Follow your passion. I am starting to do that now. It’s never too late. 
This is a place for me to vent. Be funny. Be me. And I hope that once I get out there, people read this and laugh with me. Cry with me. And find themselves with me. :) 

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CRIES THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m 🥺♥️!! I’m glad my bright colors and silly kinda style isn’t too off-putting in the clash with gothic lit 😭 I get emotional over the story but my art is like “let’s make it look like it came from a bouncy kids cartoon” LMAO I’m so happy you enjoy it though!! it really makes my day to hear that especially since I’m shy about sharing art for things i previously haven’t drawn before hfjfj so this means a lot 🥺💖 thank you !!!

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hi everyone! uh, i know this is a weird post to make but i DO have a ko-fi and, while this blog will continue to be free for everyone to view forever & ever if i have my way with it… if you want to chuck some coin my way because you like my art that much that would be the place to do it! 

(and if you do, hello, please contact me because i would be more than happy to draw you a thing that is *not* tumbo approved for it) 

if you can’t, that’s TOTALLY OKAY - me and julian still love you very much <3

(also i’m so so sorry that i’ve not been able to answer asks for like a minute here i’m drowning in both homework and personal projects) (mostly homework considering i’m a double STEM major) (ILY ALL)

>> << 

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Hey Ghouls!

I just wanted to share 4 of the Rolling Tray molds we have on its way!!!! Please STAY TUNED for what we have coming up I promise you it’s going to be so exciting!!! Also keep a watch for special promotions and discounts we will be doing!!! Thank you all for being here!!!

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