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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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The Visitors, Page 37

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Page 36:

Page 38: Next week, stay tuned!

And now for a new page, where the rest of the story is filled in; seems Macavity underestimated how easily (or not) the Rum Tum Tugger could be manipulated. x3 He might be the most fickle cat, but one thing everyone in their headcanon seems to agree on is that he’s unwavering in his loyalty to the Jellicles.

And I do subscribe to the headcanon that Macavity is related to Old Deut…but I see him as almost a generation older than Tugger and Munk, rather than being a littermate or even just slightly older.  Something happened to make him almost as a complete stranger to his family, and only the patriarch knows the full extent of that backstory. x3  The rest see him as an undeniably scary cat with a legendary rap sheet and a BIT of an axe to grind.

Anyway, do enjoy! ^^

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Allow me to introduce my wife, Ash and her two little tits.

Now that I have finished a few deadlines I have some time for self indulgent art again.

I’ve been meaning to draw this character like… So many times, but haven’t.

I feel like I still should add some details, but maybe I’ll do that later?

My old male OC’s are either getting fatter or get breasts. I wonder what it means…?

Ash used to be my M!Nelf hunter, then I remade her for comic project and this is her now I guess.

Uncensored here:

🍆 Twitter: Pushymage

🍆 DeviantART: pushymage

🍆 Instagram: vindersdraws

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