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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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#art practice

More drawing practice with my new drawing tablet. This was made tracing over a white-on-black drawing I made that never photographed well.

There’s a lot I’m still learning, and I think I may need to adjust the pressure sensitivity, but a combination of paint, pencil, blurring and smudging really improved this.

… I also just realised why blurring on the pencil lines didn’t work when I was in the paint layer *facepalm* I’ll get there!

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Eladrin boyfriends

Pictured left: summer eladrin: Cavaliero, eldritch knight/ blade singer multiclass, born and raised in the feywilds and long standing best friend/ boyfriend of Zelador. They enjoy reading, pyromancy, flowers, and their prized greataxe nicknamed hedge clipper. Known for his decisiveness and arcane knowledge Cavaliero is a terrifying fighter able to mount terrifying pressure on his opponents although he is quite easy to hit

Pictured right: winter eladrin: Zelador, redemption paladin, born and raised in the feywilds and long standing best friend/ boyfriend of Cavaliero. Enjoys drawing, training his healing magic, flowers, and his icy shield who has no name. Known for his extremely self reflective and careful nature, his training with a shield and nonviolent ways despite constantly being involved in combat training has left him a defensive powerhouse that perfectly compliments Cavaliero’s reckless fighting.

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Back Muscle Watercolor Practice

This is my first without line art and without using a pen. I only used watercolor brushes and the airbrush tool. Either I’m doing it wrong or watercolor just isn’t my favorite medium. I want to paint, but am so confused about what brushes to use. I also have trouble sometimes with colors. The shading can look muddy. But I love the airbrush.

This isn’t anyone particular. Just a random guy I drew and then decided to paint.

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