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My most recent inktober piece! Gotta catch up with my posts for here. The theme was trap! I felt like sometimes we fall into traps that may have been very apparent, but we might overlook them until it’s too late! 😱


“She thought she had gotten away from the beasf… she thought she had made it to her grandma’s cabin safe… she thought she’d be able to delivery some treats and spend time with her grandma… the moment she entered the room, she knew she had been gravely mistaken… will she be able to make it out alive? Will someone be able to save her before she becomes the treat she thought shed be delivering to her grandma?”

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Paper Clay Mask Sculpture


Sculpting is something I’ve only gotten into fairly recently, but I love to sculpt masks. I have already made three different ones already and my profile picture is actually one of them. The one shown in the pictures above is a work in progress at the moment. I thought it would be nice to share my sculpting process for making these masks.


1. Use a store bought plastic mask as a base to sculpt on

2. Sand down the surface of the mask (this is so the clay will stick better to the surface of the mask)

3. I would suggest using a paint marker to map out the structure of the face but it isn’t necessary

4. Use paper clay + water to sculpt and build up on the per existing features to make it look the way you want (it’s similar to how special effects makeup artist make prosthetics for the face)

5. When you’re done sculpting let it air dry over night and then put a base coat of acrylic paint (white is good but any colour will do depending on the desired look)

6. Use acrylic paint to paint it however you like

7. Put whatever extra details you want like glitter, gems, chains, etc

8. Spray on varnish or sealant (I personally haven’t spray any sealant on my masks yet but I plan to cus paper clay is prone to chipping and isn’t resistant to water)

These masks can be used as wall art or as actual wearable mask and since it’s spooky season you could use it as your Halloween costume too.

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I SEEEEE THE LIGHT!!!! GODDAMN DO I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I felt a little romantic and also was listening to tangled while sketching and wanted to make some fanart of that amazing scene! Im starting to love drawing and painting backgrounds which is crazy! I have my wonderful beautiful girlfriend to thank for taking a reference picture witt me for this! I hope yall like it!

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Another update :) I got some more work in yesterday and I’m feeling more and more excited as it progresses! I was beginning to feel a bit apprehensive that it would be recognizable as Jimin since I’m using a red/pink/blue based pallet. But it seems to all be coming together now and I’m very happy and grateful.

I’m feeling under the weather today so as much as I’d like to keep working - I’ll have to wait until tomorrow.

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      Man! I can’t believe it’s been a little over a year since I painted this. I remember having like, no confidence, and every stroke I made was a battle. I was trying to love art again and this was one of the pieces that I used to help me ease backing into making art again. I take pride in being able to watch the play through and see all my mistakes and know how to fix them today. 😊😊⁠

    If anyone else is in a dark place with their art(or any hobby that once brought joy), I hope you can someday push through it. It’s not easy, and it’s a battle everyday, but I will say I’m a much happier person mentally then when I painted this a year ago. I hope you can one day feel that too. Give yourself a try! ⁠

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