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Art books are something I like to read when I am feeling unmotivated or uninspired in my work. Here are my top 5 books to read:

-The Practice of Oil Painting and Drawing by Solomon J Solomon

A great resource for painting and the practice of learning how to paint. A bit advanced, so I would say it’s best for intermediate artists.

-The Practice and Science of Drawing by Harold Speed

Lots of great references and drawings to practice from!

-The Human Figure by John Vanderpoel

I like to copy these drawings in my sketchbook to help with my drawing skills.

-Bouguereau by Fronia E Wissman

Not an instructional book, but a biography and art book of one of my favorite artists William Bouguereau


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Sarah Cascone, ‘How Maria Qamar’s Feminist Desi Pop Art Went Viral on Instagram, Charmed Mindy Kaling, and Broke Into the New York Art World, artnet News
As her following grew, Qamar was tapped to create works for Indian celebrity chef Floyd Cardoz’s Bombay Bread Bar in New York and the set of The Mindy Project, the television series created by Indian American actor and writer Mindy Kaling. But Qamar still had to stage her own art exhibitions, finding locations and installing works for herself—until she heard from Taittinger. “It was the perfect time. I was at a point of my career where I really just wanted to paint and get that work out,” Qamar said. “This is an industry that’s hard to get into, especially for someone who hadn’t gone to art school and didn’t have any connections in the field. It seemed impossible for me to enter that space.”
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Hello!! I’m a non-binary art student studying in the uk and recently have been struggling to keep myself afloat during summer after having to disconnect from abusive family, to help support myself until late september I’m opening commissions to pay for things like food!

If you are interested please feel free to DM me on Tumblr, Twitter or Instagram, or you can email me at!


All payments are through paypal, along with half of the payment sent at the start and then the other half once I am finished with your commission :) my paypal is

All prices are in pound sterling!

If you are interested in anything that isnt listed above send me a message and we can discuss :)

🌟 I will draw real people, ocs, fictional characters and furries!

🚫 I wont draw anything hateful or anything heavily nsfw

Don’t be afraid to ask about anything! I’m willing to pretty much draw anything to help myself with basic needs :)

You can also support me by sending me a ko-fi at!

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freshman year i spent 9h per day at school except for thursdays when i spent 11h at school. That’s more than an average full work shift, which is 8h. call me lazy one more time when you see me pass out on the floor right after coming home and see what fucking happens bitch

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things i miss about going to college for an art degree:

live nude figure studies.
waltzing with dance majors.
shopping for heels for that ballroom class.
the high of being surrounded by a diverse group of creators.
the insight & criticisms of so many unique & brilliant professors.
being covered in paint, stone, wood chips and spray adhesive.
gallery showings and drinks with fellow art majors.
sneaking into the music building to play piano.

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Well, $2,200 later, and my tuition is finally payed for. I now have exactly $26.15 to my name.

Everyone else my age is graduating with a bachelors degree right now. They’re gonna go and get nice cushy jobs in business and engineering and all kinds of other things people who actually have a brain in their skull go into so that they can actually live a happy, comfortable life. And here I am. Paying my own way through a “degree” at a barely accredited film school. Still three semesters away from graduating and going out into an industry that will likely turn me into a professional table waiter.

Time to go get liquored up.

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It was really hot today, so I decided to wear a shirt I almost never wear because I like it and I don’t… want to ruin it… or maybe… waste the… I don’t know. I usually only wear it to weddings and interviews and things where I need to look nice. So, I was wearing this light weight blue patterned button down and worn bluejeans and leather lace up shoes, and my hair looked good and I felt good and as a person who has long struggled with their appearance (yeah, forced femininity!), I was pretty happy with myself.

Anyways. I popped by my crush’s office to talk to her office mate/boss about a work thing, and while she was talking, the boss, I glanced at my crush because she was kind of facing me, and I caught her checking me out! 

I repeat. My crush! Was checking! Me out! Like, a full on once over.

She saw that I had noticed and sort of awkwardly agreed with her boss and blushed and looked back at the papers on her desk. And once the work thing was settled, the three of of us sort of chatted. But I know she was checking me out. And she knows I know. I don’t know what to do with any of this. But I needed to put it out there.

Was it because I felt good and was a little more confident? Was it me being assertive at work? Did she just like my outfit (I caught her checking me out back in the winter but kind of brushed it off because good old low self esteem)?

Who knows. But I’m feeling great!!!

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It is final, I will be moving to Brussels next month, studying more comic stuff. Exciting and scary. This is also the last day of JulyDotComic. I am very tired and glad I can do other stuff for a bit because this is hard work, even though it might not always look like it. But ofcourse I had a lot of fun and having a bunch of new comics in my portfolio is helpful.

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Hi everyone! I’m not sure who still follows this account, but I’m back from the dead and I’m going to try to go back to actively posting here, and on my art blog to help keep track of the work and progress I’ve been making during my time in this graduate art program I started back in February. Good to see you all again :D 

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