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Another assignement ! We had to digital paint a portrait of one of our classmates.

My subject is a friend of mine and I had lots of fun drawing them ! Aren’t they beautiful ?

I don’t remember how many hours I spended on this but it was way more than the few hours we had in class. But it was worth it ! I got the best grade of my class ! I’m still very proud of it haha.

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I found my achromatic painting sketch and my purple monochromatic miniature i made in previous school year. I sill have ton of them but as always they are unfinished, it’s my bad habit but I’m working on it and at this point I finished all my paint works on time. I hope it’s gonna stay this way! Anyway I’m going back to cleaning my room x)

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Here’s me showing the ways in which a sculpture that I made can move and change shape. In the previous post you can see an abstract film of me manipulating this object, filmed close up so that it becomes abstract and unfamiliar. This experiment was inspired by a similar piece I made, although I feel as if this is more successful. It opens and closes, much like a paper fortune teller, rather then being static. I like how this has an interactive element and the film I made of it reminds me again of something biological, like looking into a flower. 

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This little experiment came into formation when i drew these circles on a piece of card and challenged myself to take this flat drawing into a 3d sculpture somehow. I cut out triangles in the drawing and created these dips in the surface as well as parts that were raised. It was quite fiddly to make and it doesn’t really move or function in a particularly interesting way like a few of my other experiments do, but it sparked an idea that lead to another paper sculpture that I made. 

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