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if you spent id say a year or two in digital art (this can vary from person to person) and you have a good/basic grasp on what the tools/layer modes (<very important) can do then just play around with all and any colors. lemme tell ya it helped ALOT with my lighting

using the watercolor bush in csp  and layer modes are my best fucking friends in digital art

not to mention my one true love color balance under edit>tonal correction

just thought id share this 

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New Videoooo! 

Self Care is important. 

This was fun to do being cute and still seasonal :3. I hope it’s a chill watch, speedpaints usually make me sleepy :.). You can tell it was filmed during Mercury Retrograde lol. 

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I started drawing pretty young actually. My first time ever drawing digitally was when I was 10 and I used to draw with my finger and a small touch phone. Times have changed haven’t they!

I like to listen to music when I feel like I just can’t create. To the most extreme I just rewatch an episode of a show I like, or play a game. Sometimes it’s okay to feel motivated through other people’s work. It helps flesh out the originality of your own creations!

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I don’t! My sketchbooks are a mess. But when I did Drawing 1 we taped a second piece of paper over our drawings, from the top so we could flip it up and over like a hatch or something. I have used spray sealant one some chalk drawings tho! A quick layer holds it all down! I hope some of that helps! :D

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It depends on what devices you have and what exactly you’re doing I got bunch of different recommendations I’ve talked about some before if you go to my art tips tag it should hopefully come up

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And I’d recommend looking at references because I do constantly.

I also think of hands as a rectangle (palm) and french fries (fingers)

But I also struggle quite a bit with hands and wing it like half the time. Just practice a whole bunch and don’t be afraid to go for it and you’ll improve over time :^)

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Note for developing artists


it makes a huge difference that you won’t know you need until it’s done


Look at how soft the one on the left is compared to the one on the right! The colored lines make everything flow together better. The right one looks clunky and heavy because the black separates the lines from the color.

Now, I’m not saying that you can’t use black lines, by all means, I usually don’t color my lines. But if you feel unsatisfied with your art, try coloring the lines

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Speed painting of Levi Ackerman. You might find this video useful to learn how to paint hair, lips and skin. I labelled the variations of colour I used to make the skin realistic and full of life. Remember, shadows are blended with cool hues like blue and purple. Lighter areas are mixed with warm shades of orange and yellow. This makes your illustration feel alive and animated. Just the eyes came out cartoony, was lazy to redraw the shape

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Okay, One frustrating thing about learning anatomy, male anatomy specifically, is the seemingly, immense lack of reference material, for different male/masculine/and or androgynous body types. Maybe I just don’t know where to look, but I do know a lot of artists have said this is a problem for them as well…

…Anyway this is a cry for help, if you happen to see this and know of any good sites, materials, tutorials etc as reference for masculine body types, especially plus size references, please drop a comment! It’d be greatly appreciated<3

thank youu babes x🐙

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