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#art video
mayakern15 days ago
what, like it鈥檚 hard? 馃ぁ
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fledglingdoodles6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A Gentlemen鈥檚 Gentleman - This month my lovely $20 Patron, M wanted some gentlemen鈥檚 club appreciation for her sketch request! I loved it so much I decided to ink it too.
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anonbeadraws5 months ago
BOY lighting really does something huh??? 聽I鈥檒l be posting up the finished piece soon, just having some fun with lighting! Any lighting suggestions are welcomed!
聽聽 tip link in source if you鈥檙e feelin generous 鉁
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othermornings3 days ago
|| critical role ||
i remembered that laudna is a Hollow One, so her and FCG have some things in common... they are kindred souls, you could say...
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kuitsuku7 months ago
Tumblr media
Drawn in illustrator on an iPad Pro 鉂わ笍 Find me on Tiktok, Instagram, Etsy and Patreon @kuitsuku!
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carofb34 months ago
Loki spoilers//
Head empty only Alligator Loki and Kid Loki beating up President Loki
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incendavery5 months ago
a very abridged tour of my latest sketchbook!!
i started this sketchbook back in january馃挏鉁
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sanatlibibloga year ago
Size g眉zel bir video b谋rak谋yorum [sonuna kadar izleyin]
Sanat莽谋: BOU BOU
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zazrichor7 months ago
Tumblr media
A somewhat comprehensible timelapse, yay! I tried to cut the major flashing that occurs with layer mode switching but I鈥檒l tag it just in case.
Painted in Procreate, roughly 18hrs - I went over the painting in Krita afterwards but I did only minor things, like adding the mini dimple or giving the neckline a little more shading, plus a sharpening & a noise filter.
I originally wanted to post a 5min (tumblr limit) video for each major part (i. e. face, body & armor, hand & mood lighting, & details) but there was too much flickering & after I cut it out, the 30sec version Procreate offers was more fluid & watchable than the fulllength one /0\ so I ended up chaining all 30sec versions of the 5min videos I had -- is this understandable?? I don鈥檛 think it is fgfhfhhgjgs what was I thinking idk idk
well, I hope you鈥檒l enjoy it. 鉁
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mayakern3 months ago
i am a luxury few can afford 鉁ㄢ湪
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strijkdesign9 days ago
A little throwback to one of my favorite paintings. I found the timelapse laying around on my pc and decided to share.
Yay for cleaning up old files
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ashleabechaz2 months ago
Pls enjoy this short video of me making a thing.
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ohgraywardens2 months ago
Had a couple bumps on the way and lost a lot of hope and faith in myself, but I鈥檓 almost done!
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agblend132 months ago
Some of my steps to painting colorful patterned fur. The knack lies in lots of layering: I work colors from dark to light, use tinted glazes to add richness and depth, and move from large, frayed brushes to smaller, fine point strokes in the final layers. On a bigger piece, like the giant Galaxial Cat face, I'll go back over these steps multiple times for a soft and glowy effect. 鈾 Anka
Le Grande Fluffy, 2021. Acrylic on metal, 6x12"
Music: Jazzy Frenchy from
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zazrichor15 days ago
working with the new Krita RGBA brushes feels great!
EDIT: tumblr pulled a tl;dr on me lmao anyway this is the Krita 5 beta
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heikala2 months ago
New video now up on my channel!馃挄 I go over some great exercises I鈥檝e done in the past and some that I still do often to get my creative juices going, and to improve my skills. Hope you like it!
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