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#art vs artist

Unpopular opinion - bad people can still be talented. Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean everything they do is bad. This is why there’s such a massive debate around the question of ‘can we separate the art from the artist?’. If only the answer was a simple one, but it’s not.

For me, there is a piece of the artist in their work - there always is. But there is so much room for interpretation too, so there’s also a piece of you in their work. Now, add all our complex emotions to the mix, who we share the art with, what the art makes us feel, what place we were in when we first came across the art - it all impacts how that art reaches us. So now, in this piece of work we have the art, the artist, you and the world around you.

Now, what - in my opinion - indicates if you can separate the art from the artist is depending on what the artist did/who they are and how it can translate into the work. If there is a strong relationship between the two (usually when the artist has created it for themselves) or not (usually when the artist has done so for the audience or to develop their craft). If the two share a strong relationship, say it is a song about [trigger warning, sexual assault and pedophilia because I couldn’t think of a better example] young women. Then it’s revealed that the artist was involved in a grooming/pedophilia case, this would count as a CLOSE relationship between the two. Now, add the personal standing on the issue of the consumer of the art and people around them, it’ll likely strengthen or weaken the relationship. THIS is when people would most likely have an issue separating the art from the artist.

There’s also another point and that’s if you even know about the artist in the first place. If you don’t know, it won’t impact it [even if objectively speaking there is a close relationship between the art and the artist like I said above] because you can’t actively make the connections which would taint your experience of the art [or moral standing]. This is probably why we often here people advise 'don’t meet your idols’ because you only know them from a distance, you don’t really KNOW THEM exactly. You see them through the art and yourself, not vice versa.

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Holidays were a bit busy so I have a few things to post but here’s my Art vs Artist from 2020 that I forgot to post pretty much everywhere else other than Twitter and insta LMAO

I feel like so far this is the prettiest one that I’ve ever made just because all the pieces fit so well together (I mean half od them are the same two characters but shhhh 2020 I said draw ur faves and ur faves only LMAO)

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Meet the Artist 2021~ I’m really awkward when it comes to describing/drawing myself, but I did it 💜

I’m mostly on Tumblr for the content and to have another place to post my art, but I’d like to be more interactive and outgoing this year. There’s a lot of really neat people with similar interests to mine that I’d love to talk to eventually.

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art vs artist? in THIS economy?

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some of my 2020(?) works also me like yesterday LOL 

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I guess I’ll start off this blog with my latest art vs. artist! These were some of my favorite things that I made in 2020

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best o 2020

fav drawing from each month

going thro some stressful stuff lately so im kinda inactive 

but its all good work toward getting closer 2 my dream of get into art school

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My 2020 Art VS Artist!

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Art vs Artist

Hey y'all,

I’m Maddie! I’m one of two best friends that makes art and sells it on our etsy store, Whimsical Aesthetics. I run this blog and our instagram, whimsical-aesthetics-official, for the shop. I love painting, drawing, and sculpting. My dream is to make selling my art a full time gig. Currently I work as an organic farmer and I get a lot of inspiration for my art from working on the farm.

We started this shop in February of 2020 with the dream to make amazing art, have booths at craft shows and conventions, make connections with awesome customers and other artist, and just have fun. When covid hit, it postponed selling at conventions and craft shows, but I still think we had a good first year all and all. I have gotten to connect with so many amazing artist online who have given me pointers and advice on my small businesses. I am so filled with gratitude and am looking forward to a better year in 2021!

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Art vs Artist - 2020!

This year has been crazy for all, I was upset at first when I thought I couldn’t do an end of year art recap…but I saw others doing the art vs artist and was happy I could at least fill these 8 spaces! ^^

Wishing you all a Happy New Year, and that I am able to finish these projects I been holding onto (especially to all those who I haven’t finished the drawings for)~~~Big hugs to you all! ⊂(・▽・⊂)

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🖤💜💙💚💛🧡❤Art vs. Artist 2020❤🧡💛💚💙💜🖤

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Updated “Art vs. Artist” thing.  I’d been wanting to do another one for a while, but I never seem to draw as much as I want to. I chose some drawings from both 2020 and 2019.  I like blue and yellow a lot, but I worry that I may get caught up using the same colors too often.

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