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#art vs artist 2020

Holidays were a bit busy so I have a few things to post but here’s my Art vs Artist from 2020 that I forgot to post pretty much everywhere else other than Twitter and insta LMAO

I feel like so far this is the prettiest one that I’ve ever made just because all the pieces fit so well together (I mean half od them are the same two characters but shhhh 2020 I said draw ur faves and ur faves only LMAO)

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Hey everyone, I hope you’re all well! I’m currently on a work/social media break for the holiday season but still taking the opportunity to post a bit of a retrospective of what I achieved in 2020.

This year in April I hit a point where I found myself struggling with a lot of things artistically and realised I needed to start taking goal-setting seriously to make progress. So, that’s kind of when my year started.I put in a lot of effort to improve and learn this year, one of the biggest achievements being use of colour which I was struggling with a lot previously. I also picked up or improved on many things in both digital and traditional media, took commissions that I’m very proud of, and gave myself time for experimentation and self expression, combining things I’ve always loved doing with new skills.

Overall it’s been a very successful year for me as an artist in spite of everything and the big blow of being unable to attend my regular life drawing class which has been instrumental to my improvement over the last couple of years. I hope that will return as soon as it’s safe to do so, but either way, I’m looking forward to a new year of continuing to develop in all these areas and more. I have more ideas in my brain than my body can actually keep up with making which is at times frustrating, but also a good position to be in too.

I hope you all have a pleasant, safe and relaxing new year and that good things will be coming for everyone soon. Take care of yourselves!

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here’s my 2020 art summary, plus an art vs artist while i’m at it! 2020 was the worst year of my life, but i still managed to make things. and of course - if you weren’t able to create, that’s okay. there were times when i couldn’t. surviving 2020 is a massive accomplishment itself. <3

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My version of artvsartist2020 and artsummary2020Sparkles / Artof2020 ✨ 

Learned a lot this year and feel another step closer to what I want to keep making. Hoping to do more in the new year! Thank you to everyone who’s followed me and my work. 🙏

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Art vs Artist 2020

I put out some real bangers this year, and I can’t wait to draw even more in 2021!

Jewelsona - November 2019

Ink’s New Clothes - January

Professor Purple - May

Cherry Blossom Ivy - May

Current Icon - May

My Two Brain Cells - May

Keep Your Hands off Ivoresh! - July

Poofy-Haired Fresh - September

Chara - November

Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit all of my best pieces from this year (because there is a LOT more than just eight/nine), so do please consider checking out my art blog @ivyloveheartsart for more!

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Art vs Artist 2020

Thanks for the love this year Tumblr, especially for the League art :)

Art pictured and not pictured can be found on my Instagram @: shinda292

Twitter: GurvirShinda

Happy New Year!

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I dont have a lot of nice pictures of myself, but happy New Years (Eve!!) Here’s some of my favorite pieces from 2020. Ive only been drawing digitally for a year, but Im already a lot happier with my art. So here’s my art vs artist post.

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Art vs Artist 2020 ✨

This past semester killed most of my energy to draw, but I’m glad I used the 1st half of quarantine to experiment and improve my art!

Cheers to 2021 and looking forward to making more art (and to get vaccinated against this shitty pandemic!) ✌🏼

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I’m… always amazed at how much my style shifts around in the course of just one year lmao.

Did I do enough for my art this year? I have no idea.. not too sure about it. But I’m glad for the progress I’ve made nonetheless. I’ll have to strive for more this next year! Need to work more on composition and the feeling I want to give off… oh and maybe expressions-… and b-backgrounds *shivers* ;;;

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Art vs Artist_2020

Ive always wanted to do one of these but i never draw enough for it…

I pulled in some stuff i did during inktober (which i only got 6 days through) from my main blog @lizlinkpotato cause i wasnt satisfied with everything i drew for this blog

Even this year, despite having been locked in during a pandemic, I felt so unmotivated and uninspired

What I hope for this upcoming year, is to find my own style (which has always been a challenge for me), as well as finding inspiration again…

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Art vs Artist 2020

no cosplays whole year and i look so ugly without makeup

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Thought I’d throw my Art vs Artist 2020 into the ring. I painted a lot 😅 I don’t really have anything cool to say. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you see you all with more art next year! 🌻✨

Have a safe and happy new year! 🧡

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