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BTHB: Unwilling suspicion. Rhion POV. Part two of group whump

Fandoms: None

Characters: Rhion, Artemis, Jaci, Garlen

Triggers: Fem whump

Rhion awoke with a small groan looking up and gasped. She felt an all too familiar feeling, feet barley off the ground and arms in the air, locked in chains on the ceiling. She growled and began struggling around.

“Garlen! Artemis!” She screamed out in rage, remembering the events that transpired. She glared as Artemis came in followed by Garlen. Artemis crossed his arms looking at her.

“I understand screaming at Garlen but why-”

“Where the fuck are the others?!” She shouted. “You had Jaci but where are my other friends? I know you two aren’t dumb enough to only take me and Jaci and leave the others.” Garlen laughed smiling at her.

“Aww I’m so touched that you think we’re not dumb.” He cleared his throat, losing his smile. “You are right, the others are here. And don’t worry about Jaci, she’s right where she belongs.” The other male chuckled nodding in agreement as she glared before kicking Artemis right in the face.

“Jaci is NOT your pet! Or your slave or whatever you call her! She is a person with her own rights and you should not be treating her-” Garlen interrupted her by punching her in the stomach, with such force that the chains snapped and she was sent into the wall, knocking the air out of her and causing her head to slam into it.

She screamed for a second before sliding down, panting as Garlen grabbed her by the throat, much lighter than last time and lifted her up, bringing them eye to eye.

“I nearly forgot how protective over others you are, Rhion. Even when it’s almost gotten you killed several times.” Artemis came up behind her and grabbed her hair, yanking her head back to look at him, forcing her to yelp.

“Point is, you are all our prisoners now. It doesn’t matter what happened while she was away, she is mine again. In fact, she’s already falling back on her old behaviors.”

“Y-you’re lying!” She screamed at him, shaking from being lifted. Artemis chuckled before releasing her and producing a remote.

“Would you like to see?” Without waiting for an answer, he pressed a button making a screen come from the ceiling beside them. Garlen turned her head to see and she gasped.

Jaci was on the screen, her face bruised in several places. She was curled up on the ground, rope bounding her arms behind her. A shock collar was around her neck, barely letting her breath. Her glasses were slightly broken as she whimpered and muttered words Rhion couldn’t make out.

“You see? It was very easy to get her to obey again. I just had to rough her up a bit and put the collar back and boom, docile little Jaci.” Artemis smiled making the tv vanish. “Now, Garlen is in charge of you Ain and Rhyo, while I’m looking after Jaci, Dimmy and Xen. For their sake and yours, I hope you obey.” With that, Artemis left the room, leaving Rhion still in Garlen’s grasp.

“Why did you take all of us?” She asked softly. Garlen sighed, summoning dark chains in his hands and began to suspend her to the ceiling again, wrapping her wrists in the chains.

“The more the merrier. Artemis and I realized all of our targets were together and decided to take them all, plus Xen and Dimmy because they could be fun and keep you all in check.” He sighed, lifting her so she was about his height, no longer touching the floor. “Besides we didn’t those two would come after you all.”

“I’m surprised you’re not working with Bron,” Rhion muttered, referring to the God of Darkness whom Xen and Dimmy used to work for. He glared at her before striking her cheek, making her yelp again.

“Never mention him again,” He muttered coldly. “I would never work with someone who wants me dead and has killed me before.” He finished suspending her and smiled at his work. “We’ll have plenty of time to catch up later. I must go check in with our other guests.” With that, he left her hanging there.


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Have you seen our Mrs. Pumpkin’s Comical Dream community collaboration? We’re so happy that we got to work with all of these amazing dancers in it! Community collabs are our favorite parts of the year~ Make sure to check out all of the fantastic odorites that joined us for this video on Instagram!

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Group whump Part One: Rhion POV

Rhion awoke with a small yawn in her bedroom. She looked out the window to see cloudy skies as far as the eye could see, threatening to bring snow. She began to get up before being grabbed around the waist.

Jaci had snuck into her bed last night and was sleeping in a small ball, holding onto the older girl. She managed a small smile, glad to see her sleeping so peacefully for once and gently picked her up, not having the heart to wake her. She put the smaller girl on her back, arms around her neck before taking her downstairs.

Rhyo was in the kitchen making breakfast with Ain as his assistant. She had gotten together dry ingredients for pancakes as he had gotten the wet ones together. She glanced up hearing Rhion and waved.

“Morning,” She said softly.

“Morning Ain, Rhyo,” She replied coming in. Rhyo glanced over and cracked a small smile.

“I see you have a monkey on your back. Coffee?” Rhion nodded, grabbing some coffee into her favorite blue cup. She added sugar and milk before hearing Jaci stir.

“I’m not a monkey,” She mumbled quietly, opening her mismatched eyes. She yawned and got off Rhion, rubbing them quietly. “Morning.” She waddled over to the kettle and got herself some Earl Grey Tea, adding sugar and milk like Rhion did to her coffee. Rhyo let out a small chuckle putting batter on the pan.

“If anyone’s the monkey it’s Dimmy,” Ain said softly, adjusting the bandage over her blind right eye. She sipped her hot coco quietly as Rhyo chuckled more.

“I’m what now?!” Dimmy shouted from the stairs, having their mask on the side of their face. Xen was carrying them, similarly to how Jaci was on Rhion’s back.

“A monkey, you’re always clinging to either Xen or me,” Rhion said handing Xen coffee and Dimmy tea.

“Guilty!” They took a big sip of tea, ignoring how hot it was. Xen laughed before dropping them on the couch making them yelp.

“So what’s the plan for today?” He asked while sipping his coffee.

“I was going to go to the mall to get clothes for Jaci, Rhyo and Ain,” Rhion said smiling.

“I’m coming too,” Rhyo said. “Xen you want to tag along for books?” He let out a soft laugh.

“You know me too well,” He said nodding. “You three behave while we’re gone. Got it?” Jaci nodded softly, smiling.

“We’ll keep Dimmy in check,” Ain said.


The three were at the mall, looking around the bookstore when Rhion got a text from Jaci. She looked down and turned pale as a ghost.

“Please come home.” She quickly texted her response glancing for the boys

“What happened?” She waited about five minutes before running for the boys.

“Xen! Rhyo! Home now,” She said quickly, panting as she spoke.

“What’s going on?” Xen asked before she showed him the text. Rhyo nodded softly.

“Xen go buy your books, we’ll meet you in the car.”

The three rushed back home, snow beginning to fall onto the ground. Xen parked the car before getting his dark blade out. Rhion summoned her two short swords. Rhyo nodded summoning a small flame.

“Remember, don’t shout for them. Walk in quietly and search,” Xen instructed quietly. Rhyo nodded before opening the door slowly.

The house was silent, lights off but things looked in their place. Rhion stepped in before quietly gesturing to the boys she would go upstairs. Rhyo nodded pointing to the basement. Xen nodded and began searching the main level as she climbed the stairs silently.

She turned pale as she searched each room, not seeing anyone till she came to her own room. She took a deep breath and peeked in before seeing everything in its place. She was about to leave when she heard a whimper from her closet.

Slowly, she came over to the closet and threw it open. She didn’t get a chance to register who was inside before being slammed against the wall by a strong grip around her throat.

She gasped, kicking and squirming for air before looking up at her attacker and froze. A male stood above her with dark skin, amber eyes piercing into her green ones and dark red hair slicked back. He towered over her smirking down at her.

“Hello Rhion, nice to see you again,” He said in a deep yet calm voice. She tugged at his hands trying to pull them away and let her breath, yet his grip refused to release. She went limp before hearing a muffled scream. Looking past him, she saw Jaci gagged, bound in rope and held up by her old captor, Artemis. Her vision became blurry and she blacked out, hearing Garlen’s all too familiar laughter.

“Sweet dreams little water lily.”

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Dionysiac Elements in Spartan Cult Dances by Soteroula Constantinidou
Orgiastic and ecstatic dancing was, therefore, associated with both Dionysos and Artemis in Sparta. R. Parker has pointed out that “ … as a women’s god rather than a god of wine Dionysus did have a place in liberated Laconia, by a neat symmetrical reversal of the situation in Attica where he was predominantly a god of the drinking man.” A parallel situation is observed as far as Dionysiac festivals are concerned. In Sparta there is nothing comparable to the popular Athenian festivals in honour of Dionysos in which the whole population of Attica participated, festivals open to everyone and to various forms of cultic expression such as drunkenness.
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Nuestros besos se sentía tan reales , que lograban sonrojar mis mejillas , tus acaricias eran tan suaves que lograban erizar mi inocente piel , tus palabras eran tan fascinantes que llegue a fingirlas ¡ Que perfecta actuación ! , tanto que llegue a creer que el sentimiento de mi corazón congelado en primavera lograría descongelarse , pero este corazón están astuto , tan dañado que se dio cuenta poco después que estaba a punto de ponerse una banda en sus ojos y fingir como tu lo hacías a perfección 

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