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I seek for you at dusk. When your brother has gone to rest and the last, warm touch of sunlight slips away from the tips of my fingers, from edges of leaves, to where the ocean ends. He bids farewell like a true poet; each second a splash from brilliant gold to deep magenta to red like blood. A welcome to your hunt. May the animals feast on the flesh of your enemies.

Hear me, Goddess. With your bow and arrow, hunt for the Wild that damage little flowers at night. Claws trampling on their soft petals, stems and leaves no longer intact. Hungry eyes starved for their sweet pollen. With menacing teeth ripping them off their purity. Listen to their faint weep against the howling. Protect their last bit of color gleaming in the moonlight.

And when this madness is over, we will rejoice until the last drop of your twilight. Our spirits renewed, our smiles ablaze like your brother as he rises again. The Wild will remember your name, your raging presence hiding beneath the shadows. They will remember your arrows pierced through skin and bones and flesh. No longer dare offend the Goddess of Hunt and Moon.

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ARTEMIS - goddess of the hunt

no wonder Actaeon stared at our beloved Artemis and ended up feeling her wrath, who wouldn’t stare at the virgin goddess’ beauty?

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Girls Day Out

Aphrodite: I love getting my nails done. Now on to shopping.

Athena: Whose fault is this.

Artemis: Oh really, Miss I’ll do whatever it takes to make it up to you.

Athena: I had no idea she would force us into a girls day out.

Artemis: All I know is now you owe me.

Athena: If I knew it would be this much trouble, I would have given her to Ares.

Aphrodite: Get a move on! I’m gonna teach you to be real girls if I have to beat you over the head with a stick.

Artemis: I choose that option.

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Thank you for the hundred followers. This is a hundred follower special.

Spoilers for the episode ‘Failsafe’ of Young Justice


Originally posted by detectivecomicsgifs

Prompt: (Y/n) may be an extra terrestrial cop whose powers come from her will-power but their is only that much she can take.

(Y/n) watched as the beam hit Hal and John and when the beam shut down, there was no one there. Slowly one by one all of the league members got disintegrated from the beam. She stepped towards M’Gaan, drew circles on her back to calm her down. Then Red Tornado said, “I must go and aid the league but if we fail, you are Earth’s last defence.”

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Hermes: Here's what I wonder about zombies. What happens if they can't get any living flesh to eat? They can't starve to death, they're already dead.
Apollo, to Artemis: You take this one. I spent an hour last night on "How do vampires shave when they can't see themselves in the mirror?"
Artemis, without missing a beat: Well-groomed vampires meet in pairs and shave each other. Case closed.
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No you don’t. It’s an obnoxious misconception (fuck you, Homer!) that Aphrodite doesn’t get along with the other goddesses. And regardless the Greek gods don’t work that way. They are used to being worshiped together so even if there was beef (which again there isn’t) you still wouldn’t have to go through such drastic measures to worship them both. 

Also it’s my personal belief that Aphrodite and Artemis are girlfriends sooooo yeah. Pretty sure they’d rather have their altars as close to each other as possible. xD

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I am in the process of revamping this sideblog, I’ve had it since 2018, and now that I’m free from cram school and have passed university entrance exams, I’ve been studying more about witchcraft, paganism and the occult. Needless to say, my beliefs have changed quite a lot.

This URL is just temporary, I want to work to make this blog a place where I can discuss and meet other magic practitioners, instead of just an archive as it used to be. Hopefully, I’ll have content so share soon as well.

I’ll make a decent post soon, but for now I am looking for people who post about:

- Artemis deity (sad that I have to say this, but terfs/radfems don’t interact)

- Folk and Traditional Witchcraft (regardless of where you’re from)

- Weather magic

- Baneful magic

So yea, like/reblog/reply if you post some of this content!

I follow back from @layzeal

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Minako: *trying to confess and apologize* So... I know I've done a lot of dumb stuff--
Ami: I've witnessed the dumb stuff.
Makoto: I've recorded the dumb stuff.
Usagi: I've joined you in doing the dumb stuff.
Luna: *sighs* What happened this time?
Rei: *turns to Mamoru* I don't know these people.
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This candle was made specifically for her! I used beeswax and a honey jar as reference to one of her sacred animal (bees) and dressed the candle with lavender oil, dried herbs, and flowers from my garden! I think she liked it🥰

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pgsm!Minako: *argues*
pgsm!Rei: *argues back*
pgsm!Makoto: *walks over and stabs air between Rei and Minako with a butter knife*
pgsm!Rei: What are you doing?
pgsm!Makoto: Trying to cut the sexual tension between you two.
pgsm!Makoto: It's not working.
pgsm!Usagi: Use a kitchen knife?
pgsm!Artemis: With those two, we could be using one of your Senshi weapons and it still wouldn't work.
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