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#artemis crock
secondgenerationnerd · 21 hours ago
Idk who needs these headcannons tonight but…YJL getting turned into toddlers via magic.
Ceridian basically lives in the washing machine/dishwasher (sans soap) and Kaldur is tired 😂
Artemis and Wally are reminded VERY QUICKLY on why they stopped at two
Matt, getting tired of Jania being annoying, sits on her head.
Connor doesn’t like wearing his hearing aids (which is fine), but he’s a wanderer…and gets scared when he realizes he’s alone. He cries…aka canary cry
Luca is climbing everything in reach and just hanging out in the rafters.
Only child Zachary and younger child Jania definitely get into a fight
Lucy likes to keep Connor close by (aka best cousins)
Harley and Ivy remember a lot of the games Lucy loved as a kid so they play those with the Todds.
So. Much. Snacking. Especially from Matt and Jani
John and Zatanna are trying to reverse the spell while keeping Zachary from blowing something up because he wants to help.
Ceridian is the most dramatic toddler (which is saying a lot) because Kaldur having to pull him out of the dishwasher results in Ceridian pretending to “dry out”
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rosemusic18 · 4 days ago
Dating These Stargirl Characters Would Include...
(Multiple Stargirl Characters × Reader)
Requested: No, but this idea was inspired by a similar request by @miszswan. And either way I hope you enjoy @miszswan because you were the one who inspired me to write this long headcanon and do much more of this.
Character(s): Yolanda Montez, Artemis Crock, Courtney Whitmore, Jenny Williams, Cindy Burman, and Beth Chapel.
Warning: Tons of Fluff, Writing on one particular character, and Maybe some angst
Reader Pronoun: All the readers will be female for this one.
A/N: I personally have never posted much on request based on Tumblr. But I hope everyone can enjoy this. I tried to portray the characters to the best I can. And also hope you can stick through my thoughts and rants on some of these. And I wanted to shine a light on some of the less hyped characters too. In honor for the Stargirl S2 trailer I added more characters and theories. AND YES I WILL MAKE A PART 2. Ok maybe or maybe not I will be creating another side account just for Artemis Crock Asks, and imagines. Sorry that some of these are long, or don't go 100% in to detail I just wanted to address every character, I can always do more if someone wants me to later. One last note to this long Author Note, I was determined to finish this so I was up until 12-1am my time writing if some of it is shorter than others it was because of that. And I also just wanted to end it off sooner than later.
Yolanda Montez
Tumblr media
You meet Yolanda it probably would be after she becomes Wildcat. But that doesn't mean she's not interested in you, it just was because of everything with Henry she just didn't want to approach you because she thought you would think of her differently.
Again when she becomes Wildcat she would have the courage and confidence to come up and talk to you. But we all know that you would not judge her.
If you were her friend before the incident and stuck with her, she would try to distance herself away from you. Because you know caution but deep down she would start to fall in love with you.
Her family all except her younger brother wouldn't support her. Because we all know them, it would just further ruin their reputation. Because your a girl.
Most likely if your parents were in the ISA it would most likely be the Crock's. Just imagine you being a sports player who has been friends with Henry and you met Yolanda and respected her. And became friends with her when she was dating Henry. And then not agreeing with what he did to her, and trying to help her but for her to push you away. And then later on her opening up to you about the incident and somehow you two start dating, and maybe in this scenario you join the JSA and you two start dating.
Your dates could be at her house in her rooms at times. But most likely at your house because your parents would probably be more accepting then hers. But most of your dates might be watching a movie on your laptop eating junk food. Or you two just sneaking out stargazing on a blanket in the forest of Blue Valley maybe near a river.
If your ever upset or going through something at home, Yolanda Montez would 100% drop everything. Even if she is at church she would come to your house or meet you most likely at Courtney's house or the pit shop to comfort you.
You most likely either hating Henry or just disliking him a bit for what he did to Yolanda. But when you learn of what he did saving her you would forgive him.
Even though she would help you through your tough times your her bridge, rock, anchor because your the only thing keeping her from going into the sinking river of depression. Including after her killing Brainwave.
Being taller than Yolanda and her hugging you from behind, and standing on her toes to kiss your lips. Plus her wearing your shirts as dresses.
You trying on the Wildcat suit, and modeling it for her as she kisses you. But mind your in private and not with anyone but each other. I can just see the moment being ruined by Courtney going up to your window or Yolanda's telling you either one or both of you have a mission.
Which adds to the point of if you were apart of the JSA, and you tried on her suit, she would try on your suit.
She would be protective and ready to attack anyone who hurt you, she would be much like Courtney standing up for you even if you didn't ask her to. Because she understands after going through the same thing with Cindy.
She wouldn't be the type after what happened with Henry to have much PDA, she might hold your hand and put you behind her when she's all protective but she won't kiss you often when you're out in public including at school.
Would recommend this relationship 120/100. Because we all know Yolanda would take care of you. She could also relate to you more, and be able to understand most of the things you are going through because she has experienced the same thing before.
Courtney Whitmore
Tumblr media
She meets you when she arrives at Blue Valley. Either if it's from you sitting at the single's table, or you bumping into her being in a higher social class or being a sport's jock all the way to being Cameron Mahkent's friend.
Let's just continue this by saying like many others she would protect you, along with be supporting, listening, and very open to you.
Her telling you she's Stargirl early on into the relationship. (Once again even if your not in the JSA or if you are in the JSA).
She would be worried with the ISA rising in Blue Valley when it comes to your safety like how she was with her mother's safety when Brainwave was threating you. Because out of everyone she cares about, she cares about you the most.
Having a supportive family if your apart of the JSA that supports you and Courtney. Including her parents and Mike.
You would be accepted into the family. As they would invite you to every holiday party, family dinner with the JSA, etc. You just name it and you're invited.
Either way being good friends with Rick, Yolanda, and Beth even if you're apart of the JSA or not.
The cosmic staff would probably be the #1 shipper of you and Courtney because of there bond. If she likes you then I feel the cosmic staff would like you.
Imagine Courtney having to save you from a member of the ISA and like the cosmic staff did for Barbara in episode 12 of S1, just imagine it going underneath you and setting you back up.
Going on rides with Courtney on the cosmic staff.
Definitely the big spoon as she likes to hold you and comfort you, including when your having a hard day. But also it helps her make sure she can protect you if anything was to happen. But sometimes she would be the little spoon because she needs comforting too.
She would defend you, stick up for you if someone was attempting to say anything bad about you, or harassing you physically or just verbally. The same way with how she did for Yolanda when Cindy was pushing her around, she wouldn't let anyone harass you.
I can see Courtney being more open to PDA, maybe not to Cindy Burman extent, but she still wouldn't be afraid to kiss you in public. Or cuddle you in public but she still would do it more in private.
If your upset, Courtney would try her best to make you smile again or just wrap her arms around you in a comforting hug whispering sweet words into your ear.
When you're on your period she would already like Beth Chapel prepare everything. Or if she hasn't prepared everything, or you have nothing...she would just give you whatever you needed from her collection of Period goods.
Making out in her bedroom, either on her bed, or sitting in her bay-window.
Helping her get through summer school.
You being her balance between school and being Stargirl, being the middle ground that she needed. You are the thing that keeps her sane.
Either being the same height as Courtney or being a inch or two shorter than her. Which is perfect when you two are kissing so neither of you have to bend down or go on your tippy toes to kiss.
One last thing to end this off, you will have to sometimes talk sense into your girlfriend. She sometimes wants to do really stupid things for the right reasons. But don't let her flunk in her normal life the Courtney Whitmore life. She needs to be Courtney equally as needing to be Stargirl.
I would personally recommend this relationship 120/100.
Beth Chapel
Tumblr media
First of all, I'm pretty sure all of us know Beth Chapel she is such a Honeybee and Small Bean. She would be such a sweetheart to date.
Either meeting her before or after her becoming Dr.Midnite would change some of how she approaches you and how you start dating.
If you met Beth Chapel before, you probably grew up as friends or you just moved there months prior to Courtney Whitmore and she was just the first friendly face you met a Blue Valley.
Most likely her showing you off to her parent's/first meeting during lunch.
Your first date being at a park, or anywhere you would want to go. I can just see the park because you two could have a picnic and she would make the food.
For Pride Month, you two would attend every event Blue Valley or the state of Nebraska.
Even if your parents aren't supportive of you, her parents would be.
If you were apart of the JSA you two being the JSA power couple. Always working together and being partnered up on tasks.
Helping her fix Chuck.
Probably being good friends with Chuck. Maybe getting into a bit of disagreement with Chuck (I know personally as a person I would), but at the end of the day respecting each other.
She would have your back, and you would have her back too.
Heck even if you were apart of the ISA, her bringing the good out of you. Like she might make you change your side and beliefs. Or you know maybe retire. But still she would love you no matter what even if you are just dating.
She would be understanding of your problems, like if you had a problem at home with your parents. She would support you and listen to you rant if you need to. Or if you just failed your math test which was 30% of your grade, she would prepare movies, and karaoke tracks to distract you. SHE HAS GOT YOU COVERED.
During your Period (I just hate periods so much), she would have you covered. Prepares chocolate, your favorite comfort foods, rom-coms or any movie/tv show you like to binge, tons of snacks, heating pads, and just everything you can think of for your Period. Heck she would even make you FOOD. LIKE SHE WOULD MAKE YOU FOOD.
Even when your not on your period she would make you lunch for school, like you might not even need to worry she would provide you lunch; even if your on a diet, are a picky eater, vegan, etc. She would find a way to make you food, and do it.
Sleepovers at each others houses every weekend. Well most of every weekend, because she is a JSA member, and maybe you are two so you two try and do it whenever you can during your time off from school and fighting the ISA.
I don't personally know if Beth would do tons of PDA, but imagine Hand Holding, maybe a kiss on the cheek, and hugging would be something she would do in Public.
Both of you being there for each other when you are alone. Like if her parents aren't home she might be at your house, or you would be at hers just doing something with each other or just being around each other. Maybe you reading a book while Beth is doing her homework.
Like the other JSA girls, she would let you steal her clothes maybe even send you home with her clothes even without you knowing. The first time you ever wore one of her tops she would just blush madly but deep down be so happy and giggly.
Her reading to you if you needed it at night.
Her helping you with your hair, she would even ask Chuck about new hairstyles if you wanted to do something new. Once again she would be supportive of you.
1000/10 would recommend this relationship. Because first of all who wouldn't date Beth Chapel? And second, just look at her. She would treat you right by far. She would not only treat you right by supporting you, she would be such the honeybee that is severing it's QUEEN.
Jenny Williams
Tumblr media
A/N: I'm going to try my best with Jenny with all that I have seen and read on other people's pages with her. So please don't judge 100% this is my first time writing anything for her. I'm using all my knowledge on her to try and write this to the best of my ability.
For the sake of this one were just going to say your just a student at Blue Valley (not JSA or ISA):
You two meeting early in your life or when you moved to Blue Valley.
First date would be at the diner most likely. Is it bad I can see the cliché Barbara and Pat scene where you two would share a Banana Split because they "only had one left" at 3 in the afternoon.
You being happy if you were dating her before she started not caring what Cindy said. If you started dating her afterwards you would still be proud.
After her not giving a crap about what Cindy was doing for Homecoming, relief washes down her shoulders and you two have fun during homecoming night.
Just imagine if you two were somehow under the spotlight during one of the slow dances. Like the person who controls the spotlight puts it on you two.
Jenny would be loyal and respective of you. She would respect your privacy if you were closed off, along with her being loyal to you and only you.
She would also help you if you needed help on anything. I feel like she would be like Beth in a way. Drop everything to make sure your alright.
Couple costumes, doesn't matter if they're cringe worthy, you two just rocking it. Imagine Twin Day at school you two would nail it.
Her parents being supportive of her relationship with you even if your a girl.
Studying at the library when you two are prepping for a test weather it's for the SAT's or just for a Geometry test you two would be studying. Even holding hands, comparing notes and just giving short gazes into each other's eyes when the other one is not looking.
She wouldn't show too much PDA if you weren't comfortable with it. And even she wouldn't really want to do much PDA, maybe like Beth: Hand-Holding, Hugging, maybe a kiss on the cheek every once and awhile. But she saves kissing, and cuddling for when you two are alone.
You two being the non-superhero/super-villain/non-powered duo at Blue Valley High school. Maybe even being called the power couple in the year book.
I imagine you and her being opposites, but opposites do attract. Maybe your goth and more geeky but not popular, and she is more preppy and popular. But you two make it work.
Supporting each other no matter what.
100/100 would recommend this relationship.
Cindy Burman
Tumblr media
You two most likely knowing each other for awhile. Like going to school with each other since you were very little.
Whether your a JSA or ISA daughter or member in the future or just a normal person who like I have said a coach potato who is a writer would change how you catch her eye when you start dating.
If you are just a normal person it could be if your incredibly intelligent or talented at something. Like just imagine beating her at mixing chemicals or with your grade in Chemistry. Or being able to just beat her at something...ok in common words just being better than her at something she tends to think she is better than most at.
Maybe Best friends to Girlfriends Troupe
JSA/Normal Person: When you are dating at first she wouldn't open up all the way with you. But over time when she starts trusting you more and you two start going on more dates she would tell you more about her childhood.
ISA: If you are a child of an ISA member or you just join she would trust you quicker and most likely be partnered with you. She would be able to relate if you had an ISA parent like if your father was Jordan or Henry. Let's just say Jordan in this case: You knew his secret and were apart of the ISA, you would be treated more kindly by your family, but you still have this big expectation to fill. That you must somehow work for. To show that it's not because you Icicle's daughter that you got in the ISA. BIG LEGACY = HUGE debts to prove your loyalty. And she would understand, because everyone wants her to do so much just to be apart of a legacy she was born into...that her father wants her to be apart of.
PDA doesn't occur to Cindy like she doesn't mind making out with you in the hallways. Because to Cindy she just likes showing you off, showing everyone that you are hers and she is yours.
Her picking you out clothes to wear, or heck even going shopping with you. Maybe even just coming over to your house with bags of clothes just for you.
Her not even caring about Henry after not needing him anymore, we can say even after he is dead she doesn't care. She has you 100%. Which means 150% more protectiveness. Including from the JSA.
She would allow you to play with her hair after dating for a period of time as you would most likely braid it or just play with it when she is busy focusing on something else. And she would appreciate it even if she doesn't fully verbalize it.
Sitting in her bedroom the night of homecoming maybe her reading something on her phone or in a magazine while your on your phone or just sleeping in her lap.
Her showing you off at any party she throws before S2.
Maybe during Halloween when she threw her big Halloween Party she picks you out a very sexy tight fitting Halloween costume for the party. Along with her showing you off.
Season 2 Trailer:
She would watch over you when she is claimed "dead" by the JSA if your a member. Just waiting for the moment to come back and retrieve you from your team.
If you were apart of the ISA maybe you have "quit" and claim that she is so called "dead". But secretly working with her.
Only having each other which is enough for both of you in the end.
98/100 would recommend this relationship.
Artemis Crock
Tumblr media
Let me just start off with saying, you will have a new family once you start Dating Artemis.
Because we all know her parents are very protective and encouraging of there daughters behavior. And besides since you know Artemis they already know about you. Now your just apart of there family.
With Artemis it doesn't matter if your physically fit, or just a coach potato who writes all day. She will never care even if she does multiple workouts a day and is on a diet she would be supportive of you. But if you were Physically fit it would just be another thing about you. Including when it comes to you meeting her parents.
Most likely you would meet Artemis or really catch her eye at first if you gained interest in sports. Or have played sports if your new to Blue Valley. But if you're a sports player and have played for Blue Valley than you have crossed paths.
But let's be serious not everyone is sports jocks in high school for us other people, most likely you caught her eye in one of you're shared classes, even if you were doodling all the way to knowing every answer on the board when the teacher asks for the answer. If she's interested in you she's INTERESTED IN YOU.
Always wearing her JERSEYS.
Or Hoodies. Plus her giving you her clothes and you giving her some of yours if the two of you fit into each other's.
Going to her practices after school if your not apart of any clubs during the time or just not in general.
Maybe after some practices you two are making out underneath the bleachers. This could happen after she becomes Tigress because she wouldn't care as much because who is going to stop her? Nobody!
Study Dates = Make out sessions even if it's at the library, at her house, or yours you two would somehow end up making out rather than getting tons of studying done.
She would be showing you off whenever she could. At Lunch, After a game she won (INCLUDING WHEN SHE WINS), just anything she is proud of.
Ok, just saying once again if anyone hurts you...including your family they can just "disappear" and you would have the Crocks. Your girlfriend and her parents. Which to them is all you ever truly need.
Going to all her games dressed up in team spirit. Just think of people who attend Soccer games or Hockey with the face paint on the cheeks and maybe even wearing one of her coats.
After winning any game she runs up to you and just kisses you not even caring that everyone is watching. Most likely when in public it just is a quick kiss but still filled with her adrenaline mixed with adoration and happiness.
Hanging out in her room on the weekends when you two don't have plans to go anywhere just sitting on her bed. Artemis would insist to have you sit in her lap.
I kind of get vibes with the whole sitting on her lap that she would braid your hair (even if it was long or short) or even just overall play with it.
Even when she's not playing with her hair I see you sitting on her lap just naturally or she would pull you into cuddle on her lap and she would wrap her arms around your waist.
Once she becomes Tigress after learning who her parents are she will be a lot more open to her possessiveness and protectiveness to the world. Like 110% more. She will also be able to hurt anyone who harms you or even tries to take you away from her, and be more reckless in her actions in doing so. Just imagine the person that flirted with you in chemistry class...well you would never see them again, because they are like most of Blue Valley's coaches that "left"...they are dead and buried by those dead coaches.
You two would probably go to some sort of store like a Walmart or a Target late at night and just spoil yourselves with Junk Food. Not even caring about the consequences.
Just imagine if your a daughter of an ISA member and follow there legacy. You two would be partners, no no...power couple. JUST LIKE HER PARENTS.
If your not apart of the ISA and are in fact a JSA daughter of a deceased member or just joined when Courtney was recruiting, you two flirting around when fighting. Kind of think of the scene in Civil War when Natasha and Clint were fighting would be how you two would fight each other. Because you know you wouldn't hurt her and she would not hurt you intentionally. Unless she didn't know it was you, but most likely Artemis would know because of your fighting style.
On the note of if you were the daughter of a JSA member I can see you being Black Canary's daughter.
Ok maybe she would give you a few bruises but nothing serious. Again she is very protective of you.
Addressing Periods, she would coach you through your period. More cuddles, sweets, Walmart raids, anything you ask for she would achieve. But I could just see you two cuddling on her bed and falling asleep and when her parents wonder why she's late to her work out you two are just napping on her bed.
500/100 would recommend this relationship. Because not only would you have another family with this support system. You will also have a very protective girlfriend who loves you and will encourage and push you to do whatever you want in life.
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bobbiburman · 4 days ago
And Custody of Artemis Crock Goes to...
Artemis let out a sigh as she started making herself a sandwich for lunch. Another day of making do with the food that was in the house. She could always go to the grocery store if she wanted to, but what was the point if she would probably lose her house in a few days?
Her parents had been arrested and locked up. Artemis didn’t have a proper guardian to come and look after her, at least no one in Nebraska. But she argued that she was a responsible teenager and could handle a couple of days on her own. No one really argued with her on that, which didn’t surprise her. Her parents were arrested for violent crimes, including murder, surely no one in their right mind would want to be around her in this house.
Before she could take a bite out of her now completed chicken sandwich, she heard a knock at the door. Was it social services? Were they going to take her away, move her to an entirely new town? She didn’t want that- what if she had to go to a school that hardly had sports? A school that had stupid rules about letting girls join football teams? Yeah, it was the twenty first century, but it was still Nebraska.
She walked to the front door and opened it. To her surprise, it was none other than Bobbi Burman.
Suddenly, Artemis’s heart clenched. There were crazy rumors that Cindy had died in an accident. She didn’t like the girl, but she was still someone’s daughter. She was still a teenager. Artemis didn’t know if that rumor held any truth or not, but either way it must be terrible for Mrs. Burman.
“Hi, Mrs. Burman,” Artemis greeted politely. Her parents may have unapologetic criminals, but they still taught her manners (sort of). 
“Hello Artemis,” Mrs. Burman greeted, a warm smile on her face. “And please, you can call me Bobbi, honey.”
“Okay… Bobbi,” Artemis tried out. “What brings you here?”
“Well, I will just cut to the chase- I am your new foster parent.”
“You’re what?” Artemis asked incredulously.
Bobbi bit her lip. “I know this must come as a shock to you, but your parents did set certain arrangements in case something happened to them before you turned eighteen. And that arrangement included me becoming your temporary guardian until you become an adult.”
Artemis was at a loss of words. “Oh.”
Bobbi hurried on. “But I want you to be comfortable, so if you want to continue living here, then I can move in. But if you want to live at my house, we can do that too.”
“But what about...Cindy?” The jock asked carefully.
Bobbi slightly frowned. “Cindy… is quite complicated, and it is a very long story, one that you certainly deserve to know completely. But I can assure you, I will do my best.”
Artemis observed the woman standing in front of her. There was something off about her, something almost… tragic. She didn’t know much about Bobbi Burman, but she seemed like she needed some love in her life, something good. Something that Artemis needed as well.
A family. Maybe that philosophical English teacher of hers that her mom hated was right- things will work out in the end. 
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hournites · 4 days ago
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Tumblr media
Artemis sketch by cksongz
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ittybittytatertot · 5 days ago
M’gann is always trying to be the big sister she couldn’t be on Mars.
Artemis is always trying to be the big sister she needed when she was younger.
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wrongyoungjustice · 5 days ago
Wally: Looking left ‘cause you don’t treat me right
Conner: Looking right because you left
Dick: Looking up ‘cause you let me down
Artemis: Looking down ‘cause you fucked up
Kaldur’ahm: What is wrong with you guys
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artemis & Zatanna in Young Justice
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thepaceperson · 6 days ago
Can someone please explain to me why the ship name for Dick and Artemis is "Traught"?
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froggyteeths · 7 days ago
Tumblr media
Some drawings of Isabelle Mahkent I might change how I draw her but yeah
(Click for better quality)
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forever-a-dreamer · 8 days ago
It’s funny how, looking back at my past yearbooks, my favorite autograph section is the one over 2020 where we weren’t in school to get the book signed so I wrote notes to myself pretending to be the yj team signing my yearbook. It just makes me feel better to pretend that they were there for me.
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aylaranz · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Artemis, talk to me.”
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graes-yj-hc-central · 8 days ago
YJ HC # 1:
Cassie is Bi and at one point had a crush on both Artemis and Tim.
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anxiousnerdwritings · 9 days ago
could you do a yan Young Justice team platonic (or romantic) with an unwilling darling who is trying to quit the team but there not letting them (maybe Kaldur is writing it) thank you
Tumblr media
The team has noticed a notable difference in you these past few weeks. You seem out of it, closed off from all of us. It’s obvious you have something on your mind and for a time some of us didn’t want to intrude on your privacy. Your thoughts are yours after all.
But recently your shift in behavior has sparked far too many questions and worries amongst the team. So much so that one day M’gann had taken the chance to poke around in your mind and what she found was heart wrenching.
How long have you been planning to leave? Have we done something to run you off? Have we not been a good enough team? What is the reason for this?
We could discuss all of this, you and us, Together. As a team. That’s what we are after all; a team, a family. But instead you wish to abandon us. You choose to turn your back on all of us. You choose to be selfish.
You know we can’t let you go, right? You understand that we all need you and vice versa. We’re not a team otherwise. We can’t just replace you.
And you can’t replace us either. We won’t let you.
Please try to understand that this is for the best. For all of us.
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incorrectyj · 10 days ago
here we go again
once again this was made at 2 am
@missingnightwingsmullet you better keep your word
the team as tumblr text posts part 2 yay
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aylaranz · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Will you hurry up?”
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eristhykid · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
God is a woman and it’s Artemis
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eristhykid · 10 days ago
Okay where’s my spitfire stans at😩😩😩😩. I miss my baby Wally and Artemis
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stoked-salmon · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these duos give off the same vibe
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