meccaela · 2 days ago
I didn't fall in love with you.
Tumblr media
I didn't fall in love with you because I was alone. Or because I needed someone to make me happy or that I couldn't function without you.
I fell in love with you because when you're around the good things just got better and the bad things didn't seem awful.
I fell in love with you for the sole reason that it just felt right.
I didn't fall in love with you because i was looking, or dating or wanting to find someone, or even that I needed someone.
I fell in love with you because you came into my life when no one else would because I had nothing to offer but myself and you, you chose to stay.
I fell in love with you because you wanted nothing else but the person that I am. And for that..
I fell in love with every single aspect of you for who you are.
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summerwages · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
“See how they run”
Thomas Ravenscroft 1588-1635
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autumnofmelancholy · 11 months ago
Paradise Lost, 1873, by Gustave Doré
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nickkartigues · 3 months ago
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The Workshop of plasikers saudane (1901), Claude Firmin
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chaiwithcookies · 7 months ago
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modern-mercury · 12 days ago
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2-dsimp · 4 months ago
Please yandere siren zhongli luring tourist darling?
Ask and you shall receive✨
Tumblr media
Yandere! Siren! Zhongli
Headcannons 🧜‍♂️
🐟He meet his Darling by chance seeing them interact with the sea’s inhabitants, snorkeling by their lonesome in awe of the ocean body that makes them feel nothing but a mere pebble drifting peacefully in the waters
🐟Presiding in his cave watching from afar he began to be intrigued by the view of a human so up close, since he was warned that eventhough they’re weak they can be dangerous when provoked unprepared
🐟 But due to his studious nature that only sparked in him the need to observe and take notes on the beautiful specimen in his sea
🐟However as the human began visiting almost frequently Zhongli soon learned to adore their harmless presence and their look of wonder every time they took a dive into his domain it wasn’t long until he became obsessed
🐟 Zhongli is smart and very wise as he’s the oldest living siren amongst his kind, so the confidence in securing his soon-to-be mate is very high
🐟 Him being a gentleman and all he will gift his Darling with the most exotic of gifts anonymously putting them on shore near their personal items/towel since he’s loaded from all the sunken ships and skeletal remains of wealthy folk he’s rummaged from, for the sake curiosity
🐟he will eventually reveal himself once he gets word that his Darling may leave soon from the gossip of what he assumes to be their human pod
🐟Using his somewhat knowledge of the human language he’ll attempt to communicate with his Darling in an effort to tell them straightforwardly of his plans to court them
🐟He’d unknowingly seduce them with his enchanting good looks and body of a sculpted archeon god along with his bronze and and golden scales that reflected a sheen of brownish orange/red
🐟 Leading his Darling and him to have some secret rendezvous visits behind some big rocks once he deems his Darling ready for the next phase in his courting he’ll ask them to return on the very next day where he’ll seal the deal
🐟 Using his deep rich luring purrs he’ll beckon forth his Darling to meet him by the shores of the ocean waves on a coincidental full blue moon
🐟 He knows his Darling being the way they are won’t be able to live in the sea so using the ancient claiming ritual he’ll effectively turn his human darling into one of his kind
🐟 However in order to turn a human into a siren he must drown his Darling where the blue moonbeams hit the water with perfect clarity It pains him to do this but if it’s for his dreams of finally becoming one with his Darling then so be it
“Please Don’t fight it my love, it’ll all be over soon and after you’ve become one of us we’ll be together for blissful millenniums to come”
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lovingpaintings · a year ago
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Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez, Indian Woman with Marigold, 1876 (details) 🎨
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beautifulbizarremagazine · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Make-Up and the skill to transform a person into any kind of creature straight out of your imagination is really something. @drian_bautista is such a kind of magician who creates looks with unbelievable artistry in the medium. It is about time to give more attention and acknowledgment to this art form! posted on Instagram - https://instagr.am/p/CRyKQbUB7C8/
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stevetoppsculpture · a month ago
Tumblr media
Hello dear friends, just a little something I've created here from a photograph of my sculpture of Tut. I call this picture the The illusion cut Tut, I enjoy creating these on the computer, it's a little bit of creative imagination time away from sculpture.
Wisdom has just 3 more weeks and then I will be able to show the photos of the sculpture finished and I look forward to that. For it will mean that I get to start a brand new sculpture and I've come up with a wonderful idea for a new project that I think will be interesting.
As always I hope your keeping well, I'll show another photo in this gallery very soon, Take care.
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moistvonlipdig · 6 months ago
My grandmother is a born artist. She’s just amazing at doodling and drawing. So about a year ago we started an Instagram account and she started posting every day. The account is doing great and she loves posting her art on there.
So recently, she started sending her drawings to her father (and my great-grandfather) every morning with a small Good Morning message. And every day, my Great-Grandfather calls her and tells her how amazing her art is and how he is so proud of her.
And I cannot emphasize the happiness I felt when she told us this. It absolutely made my day.
Her Instagram ID is @_rekha.art_ , and I’ll be sharing some of her art here too.
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moodboardmix · 3 months ago
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JARtB House, Toorak, Melbourne, Australia,
Kavellaris Urban Design
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ternovye · a year ago
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nickkartigues · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Fleurs du iac - Edgard Maxence, 1900.
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modern-mercury · 5 months ago
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2-dsimp · 4 months ago
The people have Spoken!
Tumblr media
Yandere! Student Council Member! Scaramouche!
🎖 He will not hesitate to degrade/pepper-spray the utter living sh!t out of those lowlifes who’ve deceived themselves into believing that they were even worthy of breathing the same air as you
🎖 Very strict, sadistic, and cruel to those who oppose his authority as being apart of the elite squad, whose reputation is known to rule over all in Akedemi
🎖Has a bad rep so mostly all the students are wary or just choose to avoid any contact with the fierce patrolling tiger roaming the hallways in search of his Senpai
🎖Making his pursuit of Senpai’s absolute love and adoration within his reach without any peasants in the way of his courtship
🎖 If he’s not busy torturing a student for their blatant idiocy then he’s occupied with casually dropping by at their Senpai’s respective classes using the Council benefits to his advantage
🎖he’ll spout carefully crafted excuses such as the Student Council is monitoring all student behavior to keep the troublemakers at bay
🎖Or coincidentally claiming he’s in need of Senpai’s assistance when delivering paperwork from teachers to other facilities
🎖Scaramouche’s as cunning as he is sly, so the students wouldn’t know what hit them when they’d be appalled/shooketh questioning whether their eyesight may have gone mad with delusional visions
🎖 Of their usual scowling overlord becoming a smiling charitable prince when in the presence of his Senpai, a total 360 quite literally enough to give anyone whiplash
🎖But as he sees his Senpai getting too close with another student that’s when the facade drops and thus enters the controlling/possessive Scaramouche
🎖Who’ll do anything to make sure you’re his, and that you know you belong to him as well
🎖He’ll start by abusing his higher up position in order to threaten other students into submission effectively isolating his Senpai which’ll leave none other than him as their life support
🎖And if he needs to get his hands dirty in order to discipline those degenerates who seek to defy his mission then by all means he’ll welcome the challenge of washing the blood off his uniform after he’s done
“Who cares if those good-for-nothings ignore you Senpai? I’m the only one you need so forget about them and focus on me…”
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beautifulbizarremagazine · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Major throwback to @bandaproblema’s kitty experiment from 2013. Eight years later, still vibing with the painting, some stuff just never gets old. Alexandre Mityaev keeps exploring different mediums while using the same visual. You can see one of these experiments in the second image: This is a linocut, which altered as a technique details, texture and color. posted on Instagram - https://instagr.am/p/CSL6OBinh2m/
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canvasly · a year ago
Tumblr media
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stevetoppsculpture · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Hello dear friends, may I present the next photograph of my sculpture Wisdom. The sculpture is really taking shape now and I'm very close to the finish. It's now all about the fine tuning of the wrinkles, lines and really trying to capture the very character of my subject.
The likeness is nearly there and once the fine tuning is finished and subtle shaping is over this portrait should be a full likeness of my dear late Nan. I really look forward to showing you the finished shots very soon and then I will be able to start a new sculpture.
It's Saturday evening here in England so I hope you're having a great weekend, keep well and Take care.
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the-mr-lolipop-things · a month ago
Tumblr media
N. 2 “Reborn”
From “Symbol” series. 
Oil on canvas by @klauswanderer  @the-mr-lolipop-things .
 For more oil paintings and art process follow my instagram - KLAUSESSENSE
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