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#arthritis foundation event
perfectlymarilynmonroe · a month ago
Tumblr media
Marilyn Monroe photographed backstage at the Arthritis & Rheumatism charity event in March, 1955.
“People had a habit of looking at me as if I were some kind of mirror instead of a person. They didn’t see me, they saw their own lewd thoughts, then they white-masked themselves by calling me the lewd one.” – Excerpt from “My Story”, a ghost written “autobiography” by Ben Hecht composed of compiled from interviews with Marilyn.
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flowerwrites06 · 8 months ago
diamond trail I — myg
Tumblr media
Plot: The theft of his most elusive and mystery possession leads to a web of trickery that threatens every large syndicate in the country. (alternative: Yoongis’ prized possession is stolen but he’s not the only gang leader being betrayed)
Pairing(s): Mafia Boss!Yoongi x Consigliere!Y/N
Rating: G | PG | M | R 18+
Type: Drabble | Oneshot | Two Parter | Series
Word Count: 4k+
Genre: Mafia | Marriage | Mature Themes/Fluff/Smut
Tags & Warnings: criminal activities, mentions of past abuse (outside of the pair), explicit smut (spanking and very brief anal play), mild violence, coarse language.
Authors Note: it’s here friends!! i’m still a little rusty in terms of writing fanfiction after a while so please be kind lmaoo
A huge thanks to @casuallyimagining​ and @aroseforyoongi​ for helping with the proofreads! 
Tumblr media
Gold Dust held patronage of all heads in the underworld, allowing them to orchestrate the most exclusive and grandest auctions. You and Yoongi walked through the vault doors, hands intertwined with one another as two suited guards led you down the velvet lined stairs. Your footsteps silenced amongst the beating music of the club above. Your chest relaxed as soon as the soothing violins and piano touched your ears in the underground facility. Black marble walls and pillars encased you along with the sea of Italian silk suits and satin gowns.
Yoongi huffed at the very sight of them. All of these blank slates were products of a long-running nepotism. He might’ve been the only one alive who succeeded a popular gang leader. Then again, his father lived far too long for his own good and had way too many wives to be considered human.
What annoyed him further was the organization. Only the benefactors received private booths. The non-patrons had to be squeezed in with a potential rival in order to provide more benefits for the ones funding these events.
The suited guards stopped at the front booth on the right. Yoongi bit the inside of his cheek until it almost drew blood when he saw their seating partner.
“Min! Didn’t expect to see you crawl out of your hole.” Kim Namjoon wore the smile of a champion with the attitude of a diseased rat. Since he was part of the three oldest gangs alive, there was much respect to be handed to the man. Except Yoongi had no interest giving him the satisfaction.
So Namjoon made a goal to make his life a living hell.
Namjoons’ eyes flickered over to you, smile softened but gaze sharpened. “The beloved consigliere.” He raked up and down your form. “You look a lot better without business clothes, my lady.”
Yoongis’ grip on your hand tightened as you sat down on the other end of the booth. You pat the back of his hand as a silent comfort.
“Remember why we’re here,” you whispered.
Yoongi nodded. “I know.”
Normally, Yoongi brushed past events of pure greed and showy behaviour. However their syndicate suffered from a planned robbery a week ago. Only one item taken with precision: his mothers’ diamond gun. Everything else was untouched, barely shifted. They knew what they were doing.
You managed to trace it down to Kim Taehyungs’ annual auction. It’ll be natural to assume that Taehyung was the thief but most auction presenters had nothing to do with direct theft. More often than not, they were connected to the thieves to ensure that their place in the web of connections was concealed. Or at least delayed until they could escape to a safe house.
The room darkened; a spotlight shone down the stage. Kim Taehyungs’ lean figure stood proud, adorned in a red silk shirt and his hair curled. A ruby clip glimmered on the side of his head while his rings practically danced on his fingers. “Welcome my beautiful patrons to another friendly exchange of luxuries.” A calculated smile tugged at his lips. “I must say I’ve never seen such variety in a small listing before so this will be one for the ages. The underworld is aware of our rich history, our legends and ancestors who built this country without a trace of credit.”
Taehyungs’ words silenced the crowd to a point where you had to check they were still there.
“Tonight, I have items from each of these legends. Specifically the eight who strengthened that foundation.” Taehyung held a fist up. “Are you all ready?”
An applause indicated their approval earning a satisfied grin from Taehyung.
“Our first item belonged to Don Hayoon of So Pa.” He waved his hand for an assistant to roll the stand into center stage. “A vase made from ox bone and inlaid with gold to create this beautiful marble pattern. Don Hayoon allegedly made it himself during his years of retirement.”
So Pa disbanded eleven years ago due to a police raid in majority of their warehouses but they must’ve missed a few things. Yoongi wondered whether it was taken from the police or the gang itself. The whole retirement story must’ve been a ploy. Don Hayoon had arthritis which is why he had to retire in the first place before embarrassing himself in front of rivals.
Obviously none of these idiots would know that and Taehyung was milking it for what it’s worth.
The price was called and the cards flew up. Anyone with that vase in their house would gain prestige in seconds. It’ll be talked about from all corners of the underworld. Eventually a smug woman in a red suit won the bid.
“I’m surprised you didn’t hold your hand up, Min,” Namjoon spoke. “Considering you’re probably the only person who’s met Don Hayoon.”
“I’ve met him. I’m sure that’s enough for me to go on.” Yoongi landed his hand on your thigh, soft pink chiffon under his rough palm. He squeezed for some kind of comfort and glue to stop him from losing brain cells too early in the night.
“Considering the nature of your parents, I expected you to have more style.”
Nails dents could’ve formed your skin with the way he dug into your thigh. “Darling.” You pulled off his hand.
“Sorry.” Yoongi rubbed the area to somehow soothe it.
“The second item on our list belonged to Don Chun Hei of Mal Pa.” The assistant pushed in the second stand, holding a rose gem necklace which stood on a black velvet altar. “Chun Hei was best known for working closely with the mayor. Her reforms are the very reason these auctions and many other underworld events can be held with elegance and class. This necklace was a gift from the mayor himself. The rose gem is meant to be a culmination of diamond and rose quartz. Whoever made it has long since disappeared but this necklace has carried on this wonderful legacy.”
Chun Hei was someone both you and Yoongi could respect without question. Mal Pa had no age or prestige in the time Chun Hei made a connection to the mayor. She took her simple street gang and turned it into a professional syndicate that still lasted to this day.
You wondered if her descendants knew just the impact she had to the underworld. This item caused a stir amongst the crowd, suffusing the air with an eerie atmosphere of confusion and even anger. As the prices were called out, you noticed two people constantly raising the stakes to the peak until one of them gave up when it stretched too far. Except the one who gained the artefact didn’t look happy. You discovered that the anger came from them. The diamond gun may not have been the only thing stolen.
How many gang leaders was this thief trying to anger?
The power of auctions was the need to be elegant and impressive. Despite a small portion of the crowd knowing what was going on, they couldn’t say anything. Underworld events are where no leader has ultimate power. Everyone had to stay quiet and let the auction proceed.
“The necklace would’ve looked lovely on you, my lady. Perhaps I could buy it off as a gift.” Namjoon rested his hand out on the back of the couch so his fingertips were a breath away from your hair.
“No thank you,” you stated plainly.
If Yoongi didn’t have enough fuel to kill Namjoon before, it was brimming now. Every ounce of patience layered around him so he could sit still on his chair and let the auction go smoothly. He wasn’t going to raise his voice nor his hand first.
“Our third item is a notorious one at best. The famed Sapphire Assassins’ ledger.” Murmurs of recognition spread across the crowd. “Her true name was Mishil, right hand to Don Sungho of Jwi Pa. Sungho was an ambitious gang leader who believed the country’s underworld should have an ultimate master. He anointed himself and hired a professional assassin to kill everyone off on his hit list. Mishil listed all her killings down in this very ledger.”
Excitement coursed through your body seeing the battered old ledger. The blue covers patched with black ink splotches and the pages were tinged brown. You imagined the different ways she could’ve formulated her assassinations; the connections she had to make to be successful in such an elaborate scheme.
“As most of you might be aware, Mishil succeeded in the deaths of many gang leaders. However three gangs were able to execute her and Sungho before chaos could reach its full potential. To this day, no one has ever pulled a deed this vast and destructive. Not a friend to most of our gangs but there is surely a sense of power by having her failed ledger displayed in your home.” Taehyungs’ smirk marked success as soon as he called out for the prices.
Power was a key word to this crowd. While the more hardened members like Yoongi and Namjoon knew it was just a play for sales, Taehyung didn’t relish in the shouting any less.
While your angle wasn’t for power, your fingers still twitched to raise a card. Curiosity tugged at the back of your head, wondering how Mishil managed to gain that many openings and occurrences. Her techniques would’ve been useful in future assignments. All the syndicates you could manipulate for deals and contracts. Getting out of contracts. Anything. So many pieces of information must’ve been overflowing out of that ledger, calling out to you like a siren song. With a small sigh, you calmed the adrenaline pumping through your veins. This auction wasn’t a pleasure trip. You needed to focus.
The ledger was handed off to a man in a navy suit. At best, he would display it on his study like a fool. What a waste.
Reaching into your crystal clutch, you brought out a notepad and pen. If you couldn’t get the ledger now then there is a chance something could be arranged later. The auction was reaching its halfway point which meant the most valuable items are to come now.
“This fourth item belonged to Don Daeshim of Tokki Pa. The gang leader who drove away international syndicates striving to take over the country’s underworld. A bit of a hero. Rumor has it, he took a few drops of blood from each of those international associates and filled this goblet to the top.” Taehyung waved his fingers over the goblet mouth, mesmerizing the crowd like a herd of animals.
You observed the price calling with a brutally sharp eye. It might not seem valuable in the business sense but international associates may have had families and the like. Someone who might want compensation at the right time. You scribbled the description of the one who received the goblet. Thankfully, they had a noticeable scar down their left cheek with a distinguished citrine ring that was only sold by two jewelers.
“I wonder what it’s like having to work for someone you’ve married. Must be a pain hearing requests left to right.” Namjoons’ comment caused another stir in Yoongi but you stayed calm.
“If you think a consigliere simply takes requests then I feel sorry for yours. God forbid they find out they might be worth something more.” You narrowed your gaze.
“The Lady has venom.” Namjoon chuckled. “I mean no insult, of course.”
Yoongi tried to hold in a scoff, biting the inside of his cheek.
Silence spread amongst the three of you as Taehyung announced the fifth item: a gold mask once used to suffocate the Don of Yang Pa so his son could take over quicker. The sixth item was a First Lady’s dress which held at least a kilo of cocaine, hidden in every rhinestone and gem in small portions. It was later confiscated by the police but Gold Dust always knew how to make use of their connections.
Then seventh item caused a stir in Namjoon. For the first time in the night or ever, you noticed a sense of true and pure fury twisting his features.
“Our second to last item is a jade bracelet that belonged to Don Nari of Sutal Pa. A gang as full of mysteries and tragedies as its main rival, Gae Pa. Don Nari was the default leader after a tragic fire struck the Kim family. Leaving her and her young brother the only living descendants.” Taehyung lightly pressed on the bracelet, causing sharp gold spikes to spread out of it. “This was her weapon of choice. People had the habit of grabbing her wrist when they wanted to make a point so she had this bracelet made to show that she was untouched.” He blinked slowly.
“You son of a bitch,” Namjoon whispered under his breath.
“You’re not the only one riled up, Kim. Calm down.” Yoongi glared at Namjoon both as a warning and courtesy nudge to protect himself from embarrassment. “Don’t raise your hand.”
“Fuck off,”
“Namjoon,” Yoongi warned.
Namjoon shifted on his seat, fingers itching to grab onto his gun and shoot the auctioneer right in between his brows.
For once, Yoongi shared his anger. Of all the things they could take from them, they had to target the most precious object tied to a painful memory.
You noted down the buyer immediately. Park Jimin. He was a chain restaurant owner distantly associated with Yoongi but he soon began delving into arts dealing. He should be the easiest one to track down.
Yoongi had been slightly distracted by Namjoons’ downward spiral. His heart jumped before his mind caught up at the sound of his mothers’ name.
“It’s my honor to present to you our final item. The Diamond Gun of Min Areum.”
The gun rested inside a glass case lifted by a velvet lined platform. Lined in gold, encrusted with diamonds, glimmering brighter than the stars in a country sky. Everyone in the audience murmured in excitement, eager to lift their cards for the bidding.
“She was the First Lady of the oldest syndicate alive, Gae Pa. Her life as the wife of Don Min wasn’t pretty and filled with troubles. One day, she took her son to a mysterious jeweler and gave away all her diamond and gold jewelry. See this jeweler specialized in beautifying weapons and he made this priceless work of art. The same gun, Min Areum to shoot down Don Min and take over as Don herself.”
Yoongi could’ve sworn that Taehyung directed a smirk at him. Mocking him of the fact that he had such a prize in his midst. Flailing it right in front of him as a form of public humiliation.
Cards practically flew up to the ceiling in their sheer speed. Prices thrown from the left to right giving Yoongi a headache. He could hear his mothers’ voice, the small purple bruise on left eye as she took him to the jewelry shop every week. It was their only time of peace.
You reached out and touched his thigh, bringing his attention back.
Then a familiar voice brought you both to a still.
“Sold to Kim Namjoon!” Taehyung announced while the crowd huffed and cheered.
Yoongi glared at the man.
“What? You never said I couldn’t buy your shit.” Namjoon relaxed back on the couch, unrelenting in his own glare.
As the auction concluded, Taehyung announced that an afterparty will be held at the top level of Gold Dust. You noticed most of them were ready to jump off their chairs and kill him but he’d already disappeared backstage. Most likely straight to his vehicle so there was no time for anyone to act.
Yoongis’ body radiated a thick air of heat and the glares shared between the two leaders were sharp.
“We’ll settle this where there’s less people, gentlemen. Calm yourselves.” You glanced around at all the patrons and attendees either excitedly murmuring or harshly whispering. It was a strange atmosphere tonight. One can only wish there won’t be any bloodshed.
“Are you fucking serious? You know fully well it was stolen from me!” Yoongi growled. Both gang leaders were toe to toe in a dark corner of the club. Others were mingling on their own problems and issues with the auction and some were close to losing their inside voices.
“And I bought it fair and square. Don’t you think it’s a little childish that you’re simply asking me for it?” Namjoon spoke through gritted teeth. “Now get the fuck out of my way. I have business to deal with.”
Yoongi pressed a hand on his chest. “I could give Jimin one word and you’ll never find that bracelet even if it was up your own damn ass. So stay put.”
“I’m the last person you can scare with status, Min. You know this. I’ll snap my fingers—” he raised his hand and snapped his fingers. “—and your wife will be on her knees for me.”
Yoongi pulled out a small silver blade and pressed to Namjoons’ neck. Eyes darkened in fury. Hungry for a taste of his blood staining the floor, for that face to twist in despair.
“Stop it. Both of you.” Your voice struck firm as you pushed them apart. “Don’t you understand why this auction took place?”
Yoongi and Namjoon stared at you in confusion. You sighed in annoyance.
“Someone is trying to play with your minds. Causing you to drop blood so they don’t have to get their hands dirty. Why do you think all those artefacts were dumped into one auction? Where almost all the gangs of this country were attending?” Your eyes flickered from Yoongi to Namjoon. “Doesn’t that sound a little strange? From the naked eye, you’d think they were just silly but clearly—” You gestured at the both of them. “—whatever they’re trying is working. No one knows who the thief is. That causes suspicion and rumors.”
“We start blaming each other for spilling information,” Yoongi continued.
You nodded, relieved that some understanding spread through their faces. “We need to regroup in a neutral zone. Gold Dust isn’t that anymore. Once we find a place and time, we’ll figure what needs to be done. For now, separate.”
The leaders shared another sharp glare at each other before Namjoon walked away. Some of the heads that were turned to them now moved back and Yoongi hid his blade.
“Where’s the fucking restroom?” Yoongi hissed. You took his hand and led him over to the left side of the room, slithering through the crowd.
Two guards were already situated at the doors as Yoongi kept a grip on your hand when you walked into the restroom. The bright lights made him groan in annoyance.
Anyone who saw them enter immediately rushed out. The tension in the auction was so high that nobody wanted to be found near an angry gang leader.
Yoongi leaned forward on the marble sink, breathing ragged and his limbs shaking from anger. The last memory of his mother now rested in someone elses’ hands. Why couldn’t she come up with something less physical? Something that couldn’t be stolen. Namjoon was holding it now. I’ll snap my fingers. He was right. He had the power. There was no ultimate leader to call the shots. Just however reached the flag first. And if he reached first—no. He shook his head. Namjoon wasn’t the problem right now.
He let the water run, wanting the sound to drown any visions or thoughts that made bile reach up to his throat.
“Yoongi,” you muttered, rubbing his arm. “You okay?”
“I tried—I kept my cool but—when you mentioned you—” he rubbed his face roughly. “I—fuck—I could’ve killed him. I could’ve killed him.”
“But you didn’t.” You caressed the back of his head. “It’ll be okay. I know it feels like all the strings that surfaced are jumbled but they’ll come together. We’ve been through much worse than this, okay?”
Yoongi sighed. “I remembered her for the first time in years.” He chuckled sadly. “I thought I lost those memories a long time ago.”
You felt your eyes burn at his voice cracking. Yoongi never talked about his mother. There were only vulnerable moments in the dead of night when Yoongi couldn’t sleep. That was the first time he ever mentioned her. The first time she saw tears in his eyes. “We’ll get it back. No matter what, I promise.” That promise engraved in your mind.
The next morning, you rose in nothing but your champagne silk robe and sat at your study. Handwriting letters until your fountain pen emptied of ink and the steaming black coffee turned tepid. Park Jimin held the Kim familys’ prized jade bracelet and Namjoon held the Min Familys’ diamond gun. Clearly, the scandal spread further than the two gangs but your current priority is ensuring a war won’t break out between Namjoon and Yoongi.
Jimins’ death would also result in only chaos.
Gold sunlight gleamed through the white transparent curtains, beaming rays reflecting against the dark mahogany of the study table. Despite the mess in your brain, the morning itself was peaceful. You made sure Yoongi slept a few hours longer than normal so his daily alarm had been temporarily disabled.
Everytime he drowned in his emotions, Yoongi worked himself to the bone as if to make up for his vulnerability. You knew that would only taint the progress they had so far on the investigation.
You sent the letters out through different messengers. They will be followed through an underground trail until it finally reached the two gang leaders. Cupping your now hot cup of coffee, you let out a deep breath, emptying your lungs of the stress as you looked out the painted window of your study.
There was still time left to relax before they started work. Giving the empty cup to a maid, you walked back up to your bedroom.
Yoongi stirred underneath the white, cotton sheets. Bars of gold light shining down his pale skin through the blinds and a cool air kissed your flesh.
Door locked, you padded closer and gently climbed onto the bed. Yoongi draped a tattooed arm over your waist with a drawling hum under his breath.
“Where’d you go?” His voice vibrated through the fabric of the bed, cheek pressed against the pillow and raven hair covered his eyes.
“I sent letters out to the leaders for a meeting.” You kept your voice soft, caressing the dog silhouette on his arm.
Yoongi groaned in annoyance. “I really don’t wanna talk to that asshole. Can’t we do it another time?”
“The most important thing in the world to you has been taken. This is the meeting that’s going to help you get it and you’re going to back down?”
Yoongi rubbed his face before staring at you. “The most important thing in the world to me is lying down right here.”
You smiled, fingers tracing his chest. “The second most important then.”
“That’ll be our dogs.”
You chuckled. “Darling, you know you want it back. This is also going to prevent any brawl between Jimin and Namjoon.”
Yoongi hummed in agreement. In the moment of silence, he reached out and cupped your cheek. You leaned down and kissed him. You moved down, peppering kisses on his jawline and neck.
Yoongi let out a shaky sigh as your lips grazed his chest, gentle brushes against the tender skin where his prior wounds used to be. Trailing your tongue down his torso, the blanket slid off the edges of the bed.
Your hand reached down and gently cupped his crotch, earning a hiss from the man. Yoongi grabbed onto your hair, breaking the kiss so he could look at you. You graced him with a smile. Biting down your lips, you descended down his stomach. Slow pecks down his torso as your fingers hooked the hem of his boxers.
Pulling down the soft material, the tightening member sprung up, blushing at the tip. With another smile, you wrapped your lips around the tip and swallowed the length until it disappeared into your mouth. You closed your throat around his tip before pulling back. Yoongi hummed. Heat exuded from his body blocking out the cool breeze of the air conditioner, adrenaline seeping through his exhaustion.
Spit dribbled down your chin as you took his length again, bobbing you head. Your free hand wrapped around the base, squeezing until you heard a whine. Yoongi fisted the sheets and the other hand buried in your hair. Madness clouded his mind watching your head bouncing on him, drooling at the edges of your mouth and tears glossing your eyes.
Fire burning in the pit of his belly, he held onto both sides of your head and thrusted into your mouth. The tip hit the back of your throat making you whimper. He felt the tightness of his release just hearing the sound of your gagging. The way you obediently stayed still as he fucked your throat. Your panties felt heavy and hot with your arousal, desperately needing to be touched. One hand snuck under your robe, rubbing the soggy material.
Yoongi pulled his length out, enjoying the way you tried to catch your breath before staring up at him in tears. Pulling you back up, he flipped you both around until your body was bent over the soft bed, cheek pressed against the sheets. Pushing up your robe and pulling down your panties down to your knees, he positioned himself at your dripped entrance. Without another warning, he pushed himself in. The sheer squelch and stretch could’ve had you unraveling in seconds.
Vulnerabilities of the early morning had you dripping and softened to the slightest touch of ecstasy. Yoongi shared the same impatience as he fucked into you. Barely any remorse, arousal splattering at every thrust. Nectar dripped through the expensive sheets as the bed shifted from his movements. He grabbed your shoulder to push in deeper until the soft walls of your cervix hugged his tip.
Your moans and his heavy breathing melded together in a melody that reverberated throughout the bedroom. He nudged a thumb through your rim, pushing and hooking before pounding into you again. You fell full and overwhelmed, wanting to explode and fall apart.
You gripped onto the sheets until her nails dug into her own palms. Yoongi pushed your dress up further, caressing your back before smacking your bottom. Another whimper left your lips. He smacked it again.
Yoongi turned you around, lifting you onto his lap. Your back rested on the wood headboard as your arms wrapped around his neck. Sleeves of your robe drooped down your shoulders, barely hanging onto your body. Arousal squirted out of you making both of you laugh. Yoongi let out a blissful sigh as he quickened his pace. The headboard could’ve cracked from the pressure, breathing short and rapid like the speed of his thrusts. Lips latched on the curve of your neck as the pleasure trembled through you.
Before he could mutter anything, you felt the warm liquid burst inside you. Filling your womb until it spilled through the sheets. Yoongi snuck his hand between your legs, pushing you to the edge as your lips barely brushed against each other.
Bliss burst at the seams, ricocheting through every limb until your legs trembled, clasping tight around his hips. Yoongi kissed your jawline and your temple. “Fine.” He breathed out. “One meeting.”
You giggled as your breathing tried to catch up. “Good.”
Tumblr media
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tcm · a year ago
International Women’s Day: Actresses Who Became Activists By Raquel Stecher
International Women’s Day, celebrated annually on March 8th and recognized by the United Nations, raises awareness for women’s rights and celebrates the achievements of women across the globe. Utilizing their fame as a platform to do good, actresses from the golden age of Hollywood and beyond have supported a variety of philanthropic causes. Myrna Loy worked on behalf of UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Ida Lupino made NEVER FEAR (’50) to raise awareness about polio. Ruby Dee fought for civil rights. Rita Moreno continues to champion the Latinx community. Martha Raye entertained the troops during three separate wars. Debbie Reynolds was a mental health and AIDS advocate. Tippi Hedren empowered Vietnamese women to become business owners. And, Shirley Temple raised awareness about breast cancer. There are many, many examples of actresses devoting their time, energy and, in many cases, finances for humanitarian, environmental and political causes. Let’s take a look at some of the notable actresses who became activists.
Doris Day
Tumblr media
In 1937, Doris Day’s coonhound Tiny was hit by a car and killed. The guilt Day felt for Tiny’s untimely demise would fuel her activism on behalf of animals. Day transitioned from acting in the 1970s to become an animal welfare advocate. She co-founded the non-profit organization Actors and Others for Animals in 1971. In 1978, she started the Doris Day Pet Foundation (later renamed the Doris Day Animal Foundation). This organization advocates for the humane treatment of animals. By the late 1980s, she would allow only a handful of interviews with the sole intention of publicizing her charitable efforts. She even called up President Ronald Reagan, her costar in THE WINNING TEAM (’52), to discuss animal rights legislation. In 1987, she started The Doris Day Animal League, which eventually merged with The Humane Society of the United Sates, and established World Spay Day. In 2011, she started the Doris Day Horse Rescue and Adoption Center, and Day recorded the album “My Heart,” the proceeds of which went to her non-profit. Day was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom by George W. Bush in 2004 for her work.
Jane Fonda
Tumblr media
Outspoken political activist Jane Fonda has championed many causes over the years. She was a vocal opponent of the Vietnam War, which landed her in some hot water. In 1970, while Fonda was organizing and fundraising a protest with Vietnam War veterans, she was arrested for possession of drugs. The drugs were in fact vitamins and she was eventually cleared of all charges. In a moment of defiance, she held up a fist for her now iconic mugshot. Two years later, Fonda would travel to Vietnam and a photo of her sitting on an anti-aircraft gun in Hanoi would stir up controversy. She was labeled “Hanoi Jane,” a moniker that is still negatively used against her to this day. While she regretted her actions, she did not let this prevent her from continuing her political activism. She’s been a champion for civil rights, feminist causes and has lent her support to Native Americans. In recent years, she’s taken on several environmental causes including protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and Arctic drilling. As of the publication of this article, Fonda has been arrested five times for her climate change demonstrations (Fire Drill Fridays) in Washington D.C.
Audrey Hepburn
Tumblr media
During her childhood, Audrey Hepburn suffered the effects of living through WWII and the Dutch famine of 1944-1945, which would have long lasting effects on her health. In 1946, early ambassadors from the newly created organization UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund) offered her assistance. She never forgot their kindness and her own personal experience led to her to become a champion for children in need. Hepburn began working with UNICEF in 1954 and started traveling on field missions in 1988. The following year she was appointed as a Goodwill Ambassador for the organization. She traveled to Turkey, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Thailand, Venezuela, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and elsewhere, assisting with medical treatments, nutrition projects and working directly with children and their mothers. Her last trip was to Somalia in 1992, four months before she died. In 1993, she was posthumously awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Academy Award.
Helen Hayes
Tumblr media
Actress Helen Hayes was best known for her theatrical productions, but when her severe asthma put an end to her stage career (the dust on stage proved to be too much), she transitioned to television and film. Hayes used her fame to help raise funds for asthma research. She also donated to the arts, including the Riverside Shakespeare company. She was on the board of her directors for the New York Chapter of the Girl Scouts in the 1970s. Besides being an EGOT (an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony-winning performer), her greatest claim to fame should be her work with the New York State Rehabilitation and Research Hospital which helps rehabilitate patients with disabilities. Hayes first became involved with the hospital in the 1940s. Throughout the years, she donated, fundraised and hosted events at her mansion, the “Pretty Penny,” and offered support in any way she could. She lobbied for funding to renovate the hospital, a project that cost over $37 million dollars. She served as a member of the board from 1944 until her death in 1993. The hospital was renamed The Helen Hayes Hospital in 1974 and is still going strong today.
Lena Horne
Tumblr media
Lena Horne’s activism began at a very young age. In 1919, at the age of two, she appeared on the cover of the NAACP journal The Crisis. Influenced by her grandmother Cora Calhoun Horne, a suffragist and activist who was a political ally of W.E.B. Du Bois, as well as her activist father, Horne championed civil rights before the movement ever began. She joined the NAACP while she was still a high school student. She also leant her support to the Urban League, the Progressive Citizens of America and the SNCC. During WWII, Horne supported the war effort by entertaining black troops. She filed a complaint through the NAACP when she saw that black service members had to sit behind German POWs during her performances at Fort Reilly. When MGM removed her from the tour, she self-financed her trips and continued her efforts. During WWII, she also spoke up on behalf of the mistreatment of Japanese Americans. Horne campaigned for anti-lynching legislation with Eleanor Roosevelt, although that ultimately failed. During the Civil Rights Movement, Horne performed at rallies and was in the March on Washington in 1963. In 1983, the NAACP awarded her the Spingarn Medal for being an “artist humanitarian and living symbol of excellence. Her humanitarian efforts live on and the annual Lena Horne Prize, awarded by Town Hall, honors artists for their social impact.
Marsha Hunt
Tumblr media
The name Marsha Hunt should become synonymous with activism. Hunt has been indefatigable in her humanitarian efforts. Influenced by her progressive mother, she became a liberated woman with strong political beliefs. Those beliefs would come under scrutiny during the McCarthy Era witch hunt. She joined the Committee for the First Amendment, a group of Hollywood actors and writers who supported the Hollywood Ten. She was ultimately blacklisted. Over the years, she became an advocate for UNICEF, The March of Dimes, The Red Cross and the United Nations. She was named an Ambassador for Peace in 2007. Hunt has championed many humanitarian causes including homelessness, mental health, world peace, the environment and the plight of refugees. She is a founder of the San Fernando Valley Mayor’s Fund for the Homeless. Hunt helped raise money to buy a motel that was renovated into a homeless shelter for women and children. She supported the shelter throughout the years by donating supplies and helping with the upkeep. Hunt has also been a vocal advocate for the LGBTQ community. Back in the 1970s, she wrote a song about same-sex relationships called “Here’s to All Love,” and it was performed by Glee star Bill A. Jones in 2013. A documentary about her life, career and humanitarian efforts MARSHA HUNT’S SWEET ADVERSITY was released in 2015.
Mary Pickford
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Actress, producer, writer and business woman, Mary Pickford was an enterprising woman and instrumental in the formative years of the film industry. In 1921, she conceived of the idea for the Motion Picture Relief Fund, an organization intended to help other members of the film industry who had fallen on hard times. She used the remaining funds from her work selling Liberty Bonds during WWI to help finance the project. Pickford became one of the founding members of what is now called the Motion Picture Television Fund. She also served as the organization’s first vice president. She oversaw various initiatives including the Playroll Pledge Program, which encouraged industry members to donate 0.5% of their paycheck to the fund. She helped raise money to buy walnut and orange groves in Woodland Hills, which would become the home for the fund and its hospital. Pickford was on the board for many years and attended every fundraising event she could. In addition to the MPTF, she established the Mary Pickford Foundation in the 1950s. The foundation focuses on preserving films in partnerships with film archives.
Rosalind Russell
Tumblr media
Ever since Rosalind Russell portrayed Sister Elizabeth Kenny, an Australian nurse who took great strides to help children suffering from polio in the film SISTER KENNY (’46), Russell became a tireless advocate for various health causes. Russell, who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis, served on the National Commission on Arthritis and Related Musculoskeletal Diseases starting in the 1970s. The Rosalind Russell Medical Research Center for Arthritis University of California San Francisco was named in her honor. She was a founding member of the United Service Organizations (USO) and the League for Crippled Children. She was a chairman and advocate for The Lighthouse for the Blind, Catholic Charities of New York, The National Arthritis Foundation, Children Services of Connecticut and the MPTF. Russell lent her efforts to senior care centers and in assisting tornado victims. For her numerous philanthropic pursuits, she received a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Academy Award in 1973.
Elizabeth Taylor
Tumblr media
When her good friend and co-star in GIANT (’56), Rock Hudson, died from complications of AIDS, Elizabeth Taylor was devastated. Fueled by the tragedy, she became a tireless advocate for those suffering from HIV/AIDS. She helped raise awareness, fund research and combat ignorance in a time when AIDS was still highly misunderstood. She testified before the House and the Senate for the Ryan White Care Act and helped convince President Ronal Reagan to publicly acknowledge the disease. She also founded the Elizabeth Taylor Medical Center at the Whitman-Walker Clinic in D.C. which offered free HIV/AIDS testing. In 1985, she chaired the AIDS Project Los Angeles’ Commitment to Life fundraising project and co-founded the American Foundation for AIDS Research. The Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, established in 1991, provides financial and moral support to patients suffering from AIDS. She shifted her focus from acting to her humanitarian efforts and raised millions of dollars for different foundations. After her death in 2011, her estate keeps funding her foundation. Taylor was awarded a Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Academy Award in 1993.
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briarpatch-kids · 5 months ago
This is the group I'm doing that mountain biking clinic though, the Challenged Athletes Foundation, in case they have events and clinics in your area too.
For some reason Idaho has a huge hub for this foundation and last year I missed out on clinics for wcmx (BMX for wheelchairs,) kayaking, a lot of bike clinics, and I think rock climbing and wheelchair rugby? The clinics are free, you just have to pre register.
The local Idaho group that does bike rides regularly has a wide range of disabilities from like, muscular dystrophy to stroke and cancer survivors to congenital body differences to arthritis, so it seems like everyone is welcome. They have services for both kids and adults too, which isn't super common. They even partnered with GRIT to make off road wheelchairs for kids last year!
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cricketsings · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Card for Saturday, May 15th, 2021
Eight of Swords, inverted paired with Black Cohosh (Cimifuga racemosa)
Swords are the Suit of Air, which is equated with thoughts and ideas. Swords cut away that which does not serve, that which is often unconsciously created by our inner attitudes, in the search for Truth. Swords may depict a stormy path to self realization. Inverted, Swords can exemplify our thoughts about our thoughts.
Eight is a number of balance and harmony; laid on its side, it becomes the symbol for infinity. With that we can ask ourselves: are we feeling a sense of a coming to completion, things wrapping around full circle, to begin again, at a deeper level, as we gain more understanding, or does it feel as if we are trapped, spinning our wheels, unable to move?
In today’s card, we see a person bound and blind-folded, but in no actual danger. This figure appears to be waiting, patiently, for something to change. The blindfold, limiting access to external stimuli, allows the figure to better go within, granting maximum connection to inner resources. If things are not moving forward, if we feel stuck, it may be time to see if we are carrying around any mental concepts that bind us.
Black Cohosh traditionally has a much prized history on multiple continents, primarily as Women’s Health herb. It is also considered to be an antispasmodic and a nervine in both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Black Cohosh has been used for centuries to manage pain and spasm in both menses and childbirth, to soothe the nerves which tones and benefits the entire body, and to treat various chronic pain issues such as rheumatoid arthritis.
Spiritually and emotionally, Black Cohosh can assist one to relax and reconnect with a sense of internal peace. A calmer state of mind, the release of anxieties and self-imposed, outdated mental concepts that bind us, opens the way for positive change. Black Cohosh flower essence is valued for its ability to help with transitions, and is used to support one during death, as well as birth. Encouraging flow from the 1st to the 7th chakra, Black Cohosh connects the whole being, both physically and spiritually, to ground us, even as it allows us to reach higher.
As the Universe keeps reminding us, in order to move forward we may first need to re-examine old patterns, drop any fears that threaten to paralyze us, and be present, in the moment, to adequately address current concerns. Connecting to our inner quietude opens us to the way forward. This is a card of patiently waiting, of remembering to put our ducks in a row, before we act.
It seems, of late, we have been gifted many cards of searching, of reviewing our connection to Spirit, of re-evaluating how we think and feel about ourselves. As has been previously noted, a good beginning makes for a better creation.
The foundations of all that we thought we knew, in the physical world, seem to be crumbling more each day. There is a definite need to find ways to relax, be calm and stay present. Focus on finding ways to speak up and speak out about current circumstances and events, either personal or within your community, without feeling as if you are wasting your time or draining your energy.  Access and honor the stillness within as you regroup in a positive way and pull your strength from there. Practice being clear of mind, so that when it is your turn to do something you will be ready and able.
*Information shared on herbs and their historical or traditional uses is for point-of-interest only. None of the above is meant to diagnosis, treat, or cure any health imbalances.*
**I was taught to read inverted cards as an invitation to go within, to apply the lessons of the card to our inner landscape, but not in a negative way. The more we remember to support our inner selves, the more we will have to offer in the outer world.**
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hcqs400 · 3 months ago
When to contact a subject matter expert and Take decision
Envision an expert as soon as potential if individuals have any indications of lupus or RA. Brief diagnosing and treatment could work with stop intricacies or development of each conditions.
Why might possibly an expert backer one over another?
Experts have made tips for treating RA using Buy Hydroxychloroquine, maintained in any case amazing and safe absolutely different med are. These tips advance after some time.
To treat fragile RA, experts generally careful a standard DMARD, like HCQS 200 and HCQS 400 drug or sulfasalazine.
To get moderate genuine RA, experts customarily start by embracing immune suppressive medicine.
In the event that the person's signs don't sufficient answer this treatment, the expert could add another medication to their treatment organize.
for instance, they'll bring about a tumor debasement factor substance.
On the off chance that the person's signs really don't respond enough, the expert can routinely administer another medication with a fascinating instrument of action.
They'll likewise convey another remedy if the individual makes tragic perspective effects.
What is my life expectancy if I have lupus?
Lupus impacts essentially each a piece of the existence structures. The treatment of any troubles may play an endeavor in at any rate long the person with the condition lives and in this manner the idea of their life.
A part of the way lupus may influence the body locale unit portrayed under.
Frontal cortex and system nervosum
Lupus will influence oppositely on frontal cortex perform.
As demonstrated by the Lupus examination Alliance, concerning a huge segment surprisingly with lupus expertise mental component challenges with habits of reasoning. Around one out of five individuals ability cerebral agonies, mental state, attitude swings, and stroke.
Blood bunches may likewise make. These may besides cause hazardous bothers, like stroke.
In case headache torture doesn't further foster when accepting authority over-the-counter (OTC) medication, individuals with lupus should tell their PCP. Vasculitis, or aggravation of the veins, will cause a couple of cerebral agonies.
Elective designs include: rheumatoid joint torment (RA) psoriasis red hot disease juvenile wonder red hot contamination gout lupus singalong redness As shown by the Centers for infection the chiefs and obstacle (CDC), 23%Trusted supply of adults inside the u. s. have a variety of searing infection.
Could burn-through less calories work with joint aggravation?
What an individual chow will help: diminish aggravation levels inside the body an individual keep a moderate weight advance tissue prosperity and recovering an individual avoid express trigger food assortments Conventionally, bothering safeguards the body from hurt by serving to ensure against bacterium and aiding wound recovering.
Regardless, when bothering suffers for accomplice widened whole, steady signs will make. What an individual chow has a control on disturbance levels.
A couple of food sources are provocative, ET AL AR restorative prescription.
As shown by the combustible disorder Foundation, vacillated considers show that helpful prescription food assortments will downsize provocative disease desolation and development. A person's weight additionally impacts disturbance levels.
Title: Rheumatic arthritis foods diet: Study and Research on Diet for RA
Description: if you have Rheumatic Arthritis than you need to follow strict diet, it will affect you whole body structure if you do not maintain your food chart
SLE and RA square measure each response conditions that cause the system to attack strong tissue inside the body, achieving disturbance.
lupus will influence different spaces of the body, alongside the skin and inside organs, while RA commonly impacts the joints, anyway bothering will influence the eyes, mouth, heart, and lungs.
Medication and clinical aide could work with regulate incidental effects.
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perfectlymarilynmonroe · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Marilyn Monroe getting ready for the Arthritis and Rheumatism charity event, hosted by Mike Todd & the Ringling Bros. Circus at Madison Square Garden, New York City on March 31st, 1955. She was stressing because her costume was too tight; the seams dug into her skin, hurting her. The tailors and seamstress worked around her, and reporters crowded near to take photographs. Humiliated by the unwanted attention, she started to cry.
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Tumblr media
On March 30, 1955, film legend Marilyn Monroe, who had been in seclusion for nearly a year due to legal battles with 20th Century-Fox, made a dramatic return to the public spotlight by riding an elephant in the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Madison Square Garden.The performance, a benefit for the Arthritis and Rheumatism Foundation, also featured such celebrities as Milton Berle as guest ringmaster, Sammy Davis Jr., James Cagney and Sonja Henie.
But for the grand finale, Monroe entered the arena atop a pink elephant.
Rare photographs of the event, taken by the star's personal photographer Milton Greene, and the jewelry she wore that night — a necklace, bracelets and earrings — are on display for the public as part of the "Three-Ring Adventure," one hour prior to each circus performance at the Delta Center through Oct. 1
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nicoleallisondalton · a year ago
There is something comforting in the entire world being beholden to the same existence I’ve been living (of course I want everyone safe, etc.) for decades. I’ve been feeling a touch more anxiety regarding when the Shelter and Place order is lifted.
People will be outside and celebrating, as everyone should be doing after such a distressing and unprecedented experience, while I will have a slew of doctors appointments awaiting me.
I want to ask the world: Do you know this feeling of fear, isolation, economic uncertainty and loneliness? I ask you to do this: use your imagination to add physical pain on top of your pandemic experience, and REMEMBER IT. Remember it deeply. The popular sentiment “We’ll get through this” is certainly true for a large portion of society, but what about those of us who only recently realized we have been in training for Social Distancing for quite some time, decades even, due to an acute illness, chronic illness or disability? WE will get through the pandemic but will we be left behind to fend for ourselves in a healthcare system that shows little mercy.
Here is what chronic illness is, using a resonant metaphor for our current national experience: Chronic Illness is a full-time job that you never filled out the application for. The work borders on daily torture, both physically and mentally, all while draining your finances.
Will all of the “new” forms of accessibility and awareness fade away as if the pandemic was a touchstone of a once dark period for Americans that we all overcame together? This is my worry.
Will I retreat back into my life “inside the snow globe” once again alone in understanding what a “Chronic Life” can do to a person on every level? Will I find myself, once again, with my nose pressed up against the glass bubble wherein this illness has sequestered me for the last 10 years, as I watch my peers and the world swirl and move on around me while I fight to string together enough “good days” to break the glass and be in the magic of life outside the “snow globe?” This is my fear.
I’m often astonished at what others take for granted when I’m out of my glass prison. I’m even more flabbergasted by the way I am treated: dismissed, spoken down to as if I’m lacking in intellect, my deformed hands either viewed as pitiable, inspiring, or too painful to be acknowledged.
At the end of a virtual class, only made available once the pandemic forced all us into quarantine, the teacher guides in a mantra, “We will get through this. We’ll get through this. We’ll get through this.” It brings me to tears. Collectively, I know we will “get through“ this pandemic. The tears come from knowing the 50 million Americans living with Autoimmune and Auto-inflammatory illnesses and those of us living with disability may be left behind.
Link to my advocacy/stand-up
Thank you,
Nicole Allison Dalton
Nicole Allison Dalton has been living with Onset Systemic Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis since she was 13 years old. This was before biologic medication was invented thus she recalls receiving “gold injections” as a treatment. After living with SJIA for 18 years a few co-morbidities join the party. Nicole is an advocate, actress, stand-up comic and writer. She never thought she would be grateful for hands that are ravaged by SJIA. They are, well, deformed. In the age of invisible illness she considers herself lucky to have “proof” of not only SJIA but her severe pain. When her digestive tract stopped functioning there was no outside evidence to prove her experience. Only after enduring invasive and truly medieval testing for 4 years did she receive a diagnosis and subsequent surgery. The surgery was only partially successful thus she hovers some where between her birth weight and passing for a grown woman. Nicole has literally been on every biologic clinical trial including a study involving Thalidomide. SJIA never out grew her and she now devotes her time to what ever this body she inhabits allows her to do, given the hour of day. She is an extrovert in the body of a sloth with no sense of direction. Nicole has been the keynote speaker for the Arthritis National Research Foundation, performed her stand-up for leaders in Research and Development across the globe with Amgen, spoken at employee education events at Bristol Myers Squibb, Patients Rising, and has a patient centered awareness campaign debuting this month with Creaky Joints. She also attended Pacifica Graduate Institute for her Master’s in Counseling Psychotherapy. Nicole’s stand-up is based on her life living with SJIA and its unwelcome friends that occupy her 5’2” body. Nicole grew up in New Jersey and now resides in Los Angeles with her partner for over eight years. They have two poodle mixes.
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Tumblr media
Marilyn Monroe and Milton Berle promoting The Arthritis and Rheumatism Charity Foundation in March 1955. Photo by Milton Greene.
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