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jacktsukidoodles · 22 hours ago
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@hetaween-hetaliaevent Day 3: Sweet Poisonous Kiss
You're poison running through my veins You're poison, I don't wanna break these chains.                                ~Alice Cooper - Poison
~Warning! Blood, Soft NSFW ~
Tumblr media
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Headcanon of the allies taking care of their s/o
I loveee the way you write
I hope you have a good day
Hello, there dear! I am glad you requested Allies Headcanons. This is for you. I also hope you have a good day! Also, I don’t know what kind of take care, next time please be specific. Anyway, there will be part two for Ivan, Yao, and Matthew. 
Alfred F. Jones, Arthur Kirkland, And Francis Bonnefoy,  Taking care of their Sick S/O
Alfred F. Jones
Tumblr media
Alfred isn’t the brightest crayon when it comes to taking care of his partner, he is quite clueless and needs a long time to adjust if you want him to take care of you when you are sick. 
When you had a fever because you overworked yourself to the death, he thought junk foods could help you to lower the heat on your forehead. 
This man happily bought a cold milkshake to “cure” you and then placed a deluxe cheeseburger from McDonald or Burger King on top of your forehead. 
Arthur even came to your house and smacked his head upside down, scolding him “You bloody git! That is not how you take care of your S/O!” as he taught him the basic needs of how to take care of their Sick S/O.
Nonetheless, Alfred really loves you to the death even if it seems he’s a pure idiot and often makes lots of mistake and cause you to be even more sick or not getting better. 
Once he is adjusted, he’s still not the brightest crayon but he tries really hard for you. One time, he even leaves the house with an umbrella while outside was stormy, he goes to the nearest pharmacist to buy some medicines for you. 
Once he goes inside, he will be really wet like a dog. Running up to you room with the medicines that he bought for you and immediately shoves the medicines to you while saying “ THE HERO ALREADY BRING THE MEDICINE FOR THEIR SIDEKICK!!! HAHAHAHA!!”
Arthur Kirkland
Tumblr media
Even if Arthur is a complete grump, often scold you when you acting out of your mind or causing a huge mess. That doesn’t mean he hates you. He just deeply cares and hates to see you in pain.
He used to take care America or Alfred when he is a kid. Because of that, he understand how to take care of you when you are sick or injured. 
Arthur already prepares some medicines inside of his cabinets, he has the tablet one or the syrup one if you can’t swallow the tablet. He also has the one that already grinded if you don’t like a medicine so he would put it on the food. 
When you are sick, his voice would be more gentle when he is around you and he wouldn’t get easily annoyed like the usual. Instead, he would treat you as if you’re a porcelain,. “Love, do you need anything?” he sat next to you. 
Arthur would prepare a hot sweetened tea to make you warm and to ease your sore throat. He knows that hot tea could make sore throat gone since the bacteria inside of the tonsils are burnt. 
In you are laying on the bed and sleeping peacefully, you wouldn’t know that he just tucked you in the bed, pulling the cover and placing it on top of you to keep you warm. 
Arthur is very prepared when you are sick, you don’t need to worry when he’s around when you are sick because he’s already prepared with everything you need. 
Francis Bonnefoy
Tumblr media
What could I say about him, he is actually....very dramatic when you are sick and especially if you get cold because you were staying under the rain for a long time. I just hope your ears are ready with the constant “MON DIEU!”
Even if he’s very dramatic, that doesn’t mean he is as clueless as Alfred. In fact, he is quite as caring as Arthur but spoils you more rotten when you are sick because of the cold.
Once he saw you shivering in cold, coughing and have a fever. He would gently place his hands on top of your forehead, “Mon Dieu! Ma chérie/Mon chéri! You ‘ave a fever!” He told you while gently stroke your head in a worry manner. 
Once he found out that you are sick, you know that he will be overprepared or spoil you too much that it feels a little bit annoying but you still loves him anyway.. 
Francis would prepare a soup that is very healthy or sometimes it could be from his homeland. It could be like onion soup, potato and leek soup, or a garlic soup. Most of the soup he will give to you are creamy soup.
Unlike Arthur or Yao, even if you are sick because it’s your own fault. He won’t scold you because he really loves you and worries if you got worse than before. 
If you cannot move, Francis would also gladly pick you up when your are sick in a bridal style and bring you to any place that you want. He won’t get tired easily.  
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agentsandracartrip · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Re-reading the first Hetalia manga and somehow missed this gem during the first read....going to keep this in mind the next time the trolls attack lol
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shiogisu · a day ago
Tumblr media
🇫🇷:诶,你这个土包子,居然欣赏不了( ;´Д`)
Tumblr media
🇫🇷:好,好~小少爷真是严格~ε-(´∀`; )
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coralcatsea · 9 hours ago
Arthur: Wait. You got to meet a reincarnated Joan of Arc?
Francis: I did.
Arthur: Meanwhile, I've yet to see a reincarnated Elizabeth I?!
Francis: ...That is correct.
Arthur: -punches him-
Francis: Why, you!
Arthur: But wait! If you really met Joan of Arc, then that means it IS possible, and I could...! -kisses him on the cheek- Oh, I'm going to see her again!
Alfred: What did I just witness?
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sloppyhay · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
okay but they look so cute together
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year81 · a month ago
If you’re doing requests can I ask for England in some very extravagant pumpkin pants? ♥️
Tumblr media
pov: this annoying teenager keeps doing the tory power stance at you
(thank you so much for sending in a request!! i love your art immensely!)
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drawinggheys · a month ago
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Tumblr media
nostalgia kicked me in the head with these two
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fritturadiparanza · 6 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Messy sketch strip of a FrUk hc of mine, Arthur periodically goes to Francis when he's not well. (Yes my handwriting is marvelously incomprehensible, lmao) 
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schmitskatz · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
acclaimed former tumblr sexyman arthur kirkland
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