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#arthur morgan
reddead-confession · 6 hours ago
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gwynsblade · 2 days ago
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"You don't hire saint to catch a sinner."
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escape-the-fade · 2 days ago
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Hey, @markodragic I literally haven't been able to stop thinking about this post all week what's it like being the funniest person in this fandom?
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raiderbirdy · a day ago
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Arthur Morgan
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vandermatthews · a day ago
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the latest in the “dads, are you getting divorced” saga
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alexj2539 · 14 hours ago
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Jacks little hand on Arthur’s PLEASE IT SO CUTE 😭
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ttuesday · 2 days ago
Hey. Hope you're well! I have a request for some headcannons to gang member reactions (you can choose the members) to a reader showing them a drawing that they did of them, please and thank you 😊😊😊
Arthur had been relaxing by the campfire all afternoon, enjoying a much needed day off. You were bored and just started to sketch him, becoming more invested in the sketch as you continued.
When you sit down next to Arthur, and somewhat shyly show him the drawing, he’s completely taken aback. He likes sketching people too but he’s not nearly as good as you.
Arthur’s very appreciative of the drawing, timidly complimenting your shading. No ones ever sketched him before but it makes him feel real nice and warm on the inside.
He keeps the sketch in his journal, next to a sketch he did of you a few weeks back but was too shy to show you, though now he thinks he might give you his drawing… he just needs to work up the courage.
Charles was busy crafting some arrows when you sat down under a tree and began idly sketching him. You didn’t expect the drawing to turn out so good but when it did, you couldn’t help but show him.
Charles raises his eyebrows when he sees your sketch, he’s stunned by how well you were able to capture him and how perfectly you did each line.
He smiles when he sees you’ve also drawn the arrows beside him and says you’ve got a great eye for detail.
Charles keeps the drawing in his jacket pocket, taking it out every now and then when he can’t sleep or is scouting a job, looking over it fondly.
Dutch was doing what he usually does on a quiet afternoon, sitting outside his tent and reading another chapter by the great Evelyn Miller. You weren’t planning on spending a lot of time on your sketch of Dutch but once you began, you couldn’t stop.
Once you hand him the drawing, Dutch closes his book and studies it for a few seconds, slyly glancing up and finding it cute how you eagerly wait for his response.
He compliments it profusely, praising you for how well you did on drawing the chair and book too.
Dutch keeps the sketch folded within the pages of his book, looking at it whenever he feels down or is need of a confidence boost… though he isn’t too sure if his head is really as big as you’ve drawn it.
Micah was leaning against a tree and cleaning his gun when you decided to sketch him, liking how the light fell on his face.
When you show Micah, a smug smirk spreads across his face. He chuckles and says you mustn’t be able to keep your eyes off of him if you’ve resorted to sketching him now.
Though Micah puts on a smug front, it’s only because no one has ever done such a kind thing for him before, especially one he’s never prompted in anyway. Micah feels strangely honored and before you walk away, he mumbles a thank you and that’s the first and last time you ever hear him say that.
He keeps it in his pants pocket and although it’s bound to get a little dirty, Micah loves it dearly and refuses to ever throw it away.
John decided to make himself useful today and chop some logs for the campfire. He also hoped that if he spent some time doing this then Miss Grimshaw wouldn’t complain about him relaxing for the rest of the day.
He noticed you glance over at him a few times, though John often scans camp to see where you are so he didn’t think much of it. Well, that was until you walk up to him and give him the drawing.
John didn’t realize a person could be so good at drawing. He thought that it was only people who study art for years who could be this good and if he was being honest, your sketch was way better than any fancy art pieces he’s ever seen.
Holding it tightly, John studies each and every line on the page, in awe of how detailed it is. Finally, John says he feels as though he should get you a drink as a thank you
Javier sat by the edge of camp, his guitar in his lap as he tried to perfect a song he remembered from his childhood. He was completely in a world of his own, only realizing he wasn’t alone when you softly call his name and hand him the sketch.
He feels so honored that you’ve drawn him, complimenting every aspect of the sketch and thanking you for putting so much time and consideration into it.
Javier invites you to sit with him and asks if he can share his song with you. He feels comfortable enough to share it with you and he trusts your opinion too.
Javier keeps your sketch as one of his most prized possessions, looking back at it with a warm smile when life gets tough.
Bill was having a bad day, so he decided to drink away his problems, sitting at one of the tables and downing another bottle of beer.
When you walk over to him, Bill thinks that maybe you’re coming over to tell him off over something or to warn him that he’s after fucking up something else but instead you present him with the sketch.
Bill’s expression is unreadable as he stares at the drawing for what seems like forever. He’s in absolute awe, he can’t believe you’ve put so much skill and time into a drawing of him.
Bill tries to speak but the words get caught in his throat. Trying again, Bill clears his throat and says “This is real good.. I… thank you for this”. He’s not good with his words but he truly cherishes your drawing.
Sean was sitting comfortable by the campfire, joking with Lenny and Uncle when you decided to take the opportunity to draw him.
When you show him, Sean gets so goddamn excited, showing everyone who’s within earshot before sitting down next to you and praising everything about the sketch. He never could get the hang of drawing so he wants to know how you made it look so realistic and how you were able to do all the shading too.
Sean’s tempted to put it by the ledger so everyone can see it but it’s too precious to him and so he keeps it close to him at all times, not wanting the page to accidentally get damaged in any way.
Whenever he sees you with your sketchbook in your hand, Sean quickly poses and says he’s always ready in case you want to draw him again.
Hosea sat across from you at the campfire, reading one of the newest issues of the local newspaper. Every now and again he’d look up to see you deep in concentration, pencil gripped tightly in your hand.
He was curious and he wanted to ask what you were doing but Hosea didn’t want to pry. When you finally show him, Hosea’s face lights up as he gives a small laugh out of disbelief.
He loves it, jokingly thanking you for making him look younger than he really is. Taking your hand in his, he squeezes it slightly as he thanks for you again for sketching him.
Hosea adores how talented you are and he says he could definitely come up with a con where your artistic talent could really shine.
Trelawny was having a hard time getting his crow to behave for a magic trick when you saw him and thought the whole situation would make a good sketch.
As you approach him with the finished piece, Josiah forces a smile and shoos the bird away, deciding to deal with it later and focus all of his attention on you.
Josiah’s so impressed with your sketch, finding the drawing to be a silver lining to him essentially having an argument with a crow. He makes sure you know just how much he loves it, complimenting each technique you used and he promises to treasure it dearly.
Now whenever Trelawny has the opportunity to gush about your artistic talent, he does so openly, making sure the whole gang knows how skilled you are with a pencil. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if Trelawny frames the sketch too.
Sadie doesn’t like spending her afternoon chopping vegetables and helping Pearson with the stew but unfortunately it’s her turn to help.
She spends the majority of her time muttering curses to herself, pissed off that she’s stuck at camp and not out looking for new leads. You sit down at a table closest to her and see Sadie as the perfect model for a quick sketch.
Once you’re done and pass the sketch over to Sadie, she looks surprised. She can’t remember the last time anyones ever drawn her and she giggles at her frustrated expression in the sketch.
Honestly this is the nicest things anyone’s done for Sadie in a long time so she appreciates it more than she lets on. And thankfully, the drawing puts her in a better mood for the rest of the day.
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greasyraccoonboi · 2 days ago
*Everyone is playing a board game together*
Hosea: I will put 'A' down to make 'A'.
John: I will add onto your 'A' to make 'AT'.
Arthur: I will add onto your 'AT' to make 'RAT'.
Y/N: I will add onto your 'RAT' to make 'BIOSTRATAGRAPHIC'.
Arthur: *flips the board*
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