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#arthur weasley
Can you expand more the Slytherin niece/nephew ask? How would George react? Ginny? Molly and Arthur? Bill and Fleur?
Anon is referring to this post. The ask being what would happen if one of the golden trio's kids was sorted into Slytherin and how Harry, Hermione, and Ron deal with that. The answer is not well.
With that, let's get the extended family.
George Weasley
Well, I imagine George is still a mess over Fred's death. True, he's married now, he owns the shop but that was the business he started with his brother, his brother was his best friend, and his entire identity revolved around being Fred's twin George.
This is a George, who as an adult outside of the school environment, has to find out who he is and how to navigate this world without Fred at his side.
I imagine that's a hugely daunting task for him. He didn't just lose a brother and a friend, he lost himself.
Ron's kid got sorted into Slytherin? That blows, but George has a business to run and memories to not think about. He probably pats the kid on the shoulder, says something like "You're a good kid" and continues to be the dazed, somewhat sad, and kind of stand-offish Uncle George he's always known.
George isn't all that bad about it but he's not much of a pillar of support either.
Ginny Weasley
Ginny's a lot like Ron. Everyone in the family's always been Gryffindor and she takes the sorting hat very seriously. Slytherin's the place for the likes of Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, Goyle, and Tom Riddle. Good kids don't prize cunning and ambition above everything else.
I imagine she tries to do an intervention on the kid. Too late to get them sent to a different house, but Ron, we need to talk about your kid here. I imagine she rallies the family to do an intervention for the poor eleven-year-old where they try to get the kid to admit he has severe psychological issues and he's very sorry and won't do it again.
That's not really good enough though and Ginny side-eyes the kid for the rest of their lives. Ron doesn't blame her, he really wishes it wasn't his kid.
Molly and Arthur Weasley
They wonder where they went wrong.
Everyone in the family's always been a Gryffindor on both sides. Their family values are strongly in support of Gryffindor and always have been. Gryffindor traits are what they, as a family, prize above all others. Even Percy, bless his heart, while ambitious is not a Slytherin.
They're all Gryffindors to their core.
What went wrong with this one?
It's the subject of many late night discussions between the pair, wondering why they didn't see the signs, if it's already too late or if they can't intervene on the poor kid.
I imagine Molly calls up Harry/Ginny and or Ron/Hermione to lecture them on their parenting skills. Clearly, they're instilling the wrong values in their children and they need to know how to do it right.
Bill and Fleur Weasley
Fleur doesn't get the point of this. This all seems very dramatic and silly over a hat. At Beauxbatons, their houses are picked at random, like sane people. And they certainly don't have this obsession years after the fact, for the rest of their lives, over whether they're a mole or a wombat or whatever the hell it even is.
Fleur goes out of her way to be extra nice to the kid to a) piss off Molly b) because this family's insane and what they're doing is terrible.
Bill is aghast and tries to correct Fleur's understanding of why this is a big deal. He can't articulate it, but trust him, Fleur, this is a very big deal!
Bill though, is trapped between a rock and a hard place of his family and his wife (as usual). On the one hand, Fleur is judging him very harshly for not being the nicest man on the planet to his nephew/niece who was sorted into Slytherin. On the other hand, his family judges him if he even smiles at the kid. Bill ends up deciding on a lukewarm acceptance, which is more than everyone else gives the kid.
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harrypotterconfessions7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Arthur Weasley wearing a fedora. 馃憤馃徎
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anastasiakrizeka day ago
Why Did the Weasleys Mean so Much to Harry?
Harry was an orphan living in an abusive and ignorant environment (the Dursleys).
Dudley Dursley and his cronies always bullied and hurt Harry, Petunia Dursley projected her hatred and jealously of her dead sister, Lily, at Harry, Vernon Dursley simply hated magic, and Marge Dursley is a devil.
You can find parallels of the Dursleys at Hogwarts, too, for Harry. Severus Snape projected his hatred of James Potter on Harry. Draco Malfoy was the wizarding equivalent of Dudley for a long time.
Hogwarts wouldn鈥檛 be fun for Harry without the Weasleys. Just like at Privet Drive, Harry would have been lonely at Hogwarts, but only with the magic, lessons, Quidditch, and other friends and professors. But the Weasleys?
They took him in, gave him all the affection, love, and warmth that he needed, and made him feel like family. Harry wouldn鈥檛 have had such a good time at Hogwarts without Ron and the Weasleys as they were the friends, and later family, that every human being deserves.
Arthur Weasley: Father figure to Harry.
Molly Weasley: Mother figure to Harry.
Bill, Charlie, and even Percy to an extent: Advising and caring older brother figures to Harry.
Fred and George Weasley: Fun brother figures to Harry.
Ron Weasley: The Best Friend, Brother, and Companion that Harry (and many of us in real life actually) needed.
Ginny Weasley: Needs no introduction. The one who he was head over heels for.
The Dursleys are like the sea. Full of water, but no one can drink it directly because it鈥檚 salty.
The Weasleys are like the rivulet. Limited water supply, but feeds the entire world!
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okay so I know that of all the weasleys, its usually ron or percy being trans but just imagine trans charlie. Like Molly has bill but its cannon she wants a girl and tries again getting a beautiful little girl. Alls well and fine and since they have a girl they dont try again but then Charlie realizes he doesnt feel like a girl. He prefers being called he/him and shit. Now i know the time HP takes place was all anti-lgbtq+ but lets just believe that wizards werent that way and so everyone accepted him easily. But Molly still wants a girl so she tries again and gets Percy then the twins then Ron and finally Ginny.聽
Now every one of them happens to have around a year gap except Percy and Charlie and since the books dont talk about charlie much this could totally be cannon. It would also make sense why the two have such a huge gap comparatively.聽
My other theory for the age gap is way more sadder and has character death in it (and has another weasley who used to be Percy鈥檚 bsf before they died, etc.) so, this one is much more flufflier and happy.
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evitoxytrasha year ago
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Crack
Cedric: What did you want to tell me, Harry?
Harry: Have my babies
Cedric: ...
Harry: I mean, the first task is dragons
McGonagall: Potter, who is your partner for the Yule Ball?
Ron: *kicks down the door while in a stunning blue dress and four-inch heels*
Ron: It's me, bitches.
Ron: My dad sent you this to help with the second task
Ron: *opens up box to reveal a bunch of rubber duckies*
Harry: Can you give me advice on how to talk to girls?
Sirius: *stares at Harry blankly while the Mii theme plays*
*Quidditch world cup*
Arthur: Hey, where's Percy?
Harry: I'll go check
*five minutes later*
Harry, traumatized: He's fucking my old Quidditch captain
Draco: *sees Harry and Ron dancing at the Yule Ball*
Draco, writing a letter: Dear Father, I have never been so heart broken or betrayed
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ershebet3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Au: there is a cult of musculature on Slytherin
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justmanua month ago
My Girl | George Weasley
Summary: You have been best friends with the twins since your first year at Hogwarts. You developed a crush on George and you didn't say anything. What you didn't know was that the boy felt the exact same way.
Pairing: George Weasley x Reader
Warnings: None, just good ol' fluff.
A/n: Hii guys!! I'm back!! So, lately I've been completely OBSESSED with George, bc it's George, and I came up with this idea and wrote it down. Hope y'all like it, and if you do pls give it a like, so others can see it too. Love you guys! XOXO
Words: 1,876
Tumblr media
You and the twins had met when you were going to your first year at Hogwarts. Instantly, the three of you clicked, being friends the first time you met. You shared a cabin with them in the Hogwarts Express, you telling them how excited you were to finally start to go to Hogwarts. You were a muggle born and them being pure bloods wanted to know more about the muggle world. You explained to them how only the closest people to you knew you were a witch, and that in your house magic of any kind was completely forbidden.
You and they twins created a strong bond with time, but, as much as you didn't want to admit it, you were closer to George then you were with Fred. He was one of your best friends, but he was also the one you had developed a crush on on first year. You had the courage and guts and told Fred about it on your third year at Hogwarts, he was extremely happy to know you trusted him in such way to tell something like this. What you didn't know was that George felt the same and told his twin as well. Fred was the only one that knew about the crush you had on each other, but didn't tell anything to either of you. Fourth and fifth year came along quickly, none of you saying or doing anything to show each other your real feelings, from the fear of getting rejected.
You were on the plataform 9戮. Waiting to go on the train ride for the sixth year. You wouldn't go inside without your best friends. You weren't going inside without George. "Y/n, darling, shouldn't you be in the train by now? It will leave soon.", your mother said. Your parents were divorced and you lived with your mother. She loved the twins, and knew about your crush on George. She was beyond happy when she heard, supporting you hipothetical realationship either way. "Mom, you know I won't go in without Fred and George!", I said clearly frustrated that they hadn't arrived. I was on my tiptoes watching over peoples heads to fins the two redheads. Finally I spotted two firery colored hairs on the crowd. "GEORGE! FRED!", I shouted at the top of my lungs making them turn my way. "Y/N!", they shouted back and started running towards you.
You met halfway, as you ran to them as well. You hugged both of them tightly, drifting apart eventually. "Oh, Merlin, I've missed you so much Y/n.", George said hugging you again. The hug lasted a little too long. "Let's get our things and hop in quickly, the train is about to leave!", Fred said making you and George take in your surroundings once again. "Oh, you're right.", you took my things and hugged your mom goodbye. You missed her so much during school, but you loved Hogwarts as well. You three hopped in and found a cabin for yourselves. When you finally had settled, George looked a bit too nervous. "Y/n, I- we wanted to ask you something.", he said looking at Fred nervously. "Go ahead.", you said confortingly. George looked at Fred and the same nodded. George turned his gaze to you. "We wanted to know if you wanted to go to the Burrow on Halloween. So you could finally meet our family.", he said giving you a weak smile. Although you were best friends, you had never met their family.
They said it was because the amount of time they spent with their family was absurd and that they wanted to be alone when they could. They made it clear they loved their family more than anything, but they wanted to have some alone time when possible. The invitation made you go in a state of pure shock, that soon faded to excitement. "I would love to! It's going to be amazing to finally meet you guys' family!", you said jumping with excitement. The time until Halloween flew. You had just finished packing your bags, when you heard a knock on your dorm door. "Y/n, can we come in?", George asked. "Sure!", you told them, still closing your backpack. Since it was a three day stay you just took the necessary.
"Then come on, mom is going to be waiting for us at the station.", Fred said leaving you and George on the room alone. Your back pack wasn't closing, as much as you tried. "Let me help you with that.", George said closing your backpack easily. "That's not fair! How come you can do it and I can't?", you asked obviously frustrated. "Because I'm stronger than you, love.", he said kissing your cheek, leaving you completely flustered. "L-Let's get going. I don't want to miss the train.", you said heading out of the room quickly. The train ride was fun and joyful, just three teenagers laughing about nothing in particular. Soon you arrived at the platform, nervousness building up your guts to meet your best friends' mom, or should you say, your best friend and your crush's mom. George noticed your nervousness and came up to you. "Hey, no need to be nervous, she's going to love you. Just as I do.", he said looking straight into your eyes.
The boy was hoping you would get the hint that he liked you, but you never did, which made him frustrated. You reddened again, smiling up at the redhead. He took your hand and helped you out of the train. You noticed a woman with redhair and you assumed it was her, and you were absolutely right. That was the famous Molly Weasley. To say you were freaking out was an understandment. George never left you side, never for one second. You walked up to the woman and you gulped dryly. "Mom, this is Y/n.", said the taller one sweetly. Immediately she flashed a huge smile and hugged you tight. "It's so nice to finally meet you, dear! I'vee been waiting for these two to bring you for so long now, we've heard a lot about you sweetheart.", she said still engulfing me in her conforting arms. I've never felt so relieved in my life. "It's really nice meeting you too, Ms. Weasley! I've been wanting to meet for for a long time now.", you said frankly.
The ride to the Burrow was beyond nice. Ms. Weasley was so sweet to you, talking about how beautiful you were and how they were all super excited to meet you. Eventually we arrived, Fred and George carrying the baggages. "Boys leave it at the door, you'll need to decide rooms before getting the luggage upstairs.", she said firmly. "Alright, mom.", they said in unisound, making you giggle a bit. "Arthur! Ginny! Ron! Percy! Y/n is here!", the woman said at the door. All of a sudden the sound of running footsteps was loud in your ears. A man, two boys and a girl appeared. "Hello my dear, welcome to our house! I'm Arthur.", the man said sticking his hand out. "Thank you, Mr. Weasley.", you said shaking his hand. Everyone in the room presented themselves and you sat at the living room to talk.
You told them that you were a muggle born, making Mr. Weasley choke on his water glass. "Oh, please, can you tell me about the muggle world? I'm delighted about the muggle inventions!", he said joy blowing from his eyes. You spent the whole afternoon talking about the muggle world, how different it was, how you dealt with the problems that witches and wizards solved with magic, all the muggle inventions you loved and constantly used. George was fascinated about how passionate you looked talking about your roots, never ever denying or being ashamed of them. "Alright, I think it's time for all of you to go to sleep now.", Ms. Weasley said to the teenagers. "Alright, mom. I'm just gonna show something to Y/n outside. We wont be long. He took your hand and led out of the house, taking you up on a hill. The moon was shining bright. "Oh, Georgie. That's beautiful.", you said looking at the view. George had been the whole afternoon building up the courage to tell you he liked you. And when you said that, he knew he couldn't miss the oportunity.
"But not as beautiful as you.", he said looking at you. Your gaze turned to him and you blushed. "Y/n, I've been wanting to tell you this for so long, and I don't care if it's not reciprocal, I need to take this off my chest.", he paused to look deep into your eyes, never faultering to look at them. "I love you, Y/n. From the way you laugh to the way you smile contently when you eat a candy you like. From the way you blush when someone compliments you, to the way you bite your lip when you are focused. I love all of you, Y/n.", he said and you thought you weren't breathing at all. You were still processing the information the just threw on you. And George undertood that as a rejection. "If you don't feel that way, we can still be frien-", you put a finger over his lips and shushed him. "Georgie, you don't know how I am absolutely happy right now. I love you too, you silly redhead.", you couldn't contain your smile anymore. You just couldn't. Both of you didn't notice that you were getting closer and closer to each other.
Your lips touched and you felt fireworks up your stomach, just like the ones George used to make. The kiss was sweet and passionate, tongues rolling in synch, your bodies desperate to be closer. Your hands were on his fire colored locks, while his were on your waist pulling you even closer. The air was being needed and you separated. "This was intense.", George said out of breath. "Yeah.", you agreed. "Y/n, do you wanna be my girlfriend? I'm dying to call you my girl.", George asked in a faint laugh. "Yes! I thought you'd never ask.", you answered kissing him again. After a while you came back to the Burrow, you fingers intertwined. George opened the door and let you come in first. Fred standing near the table waiting for us. "How did it go?", he asked George. "She said yes.", George smiled to his brother looking down at you.
"Thank Merlin! I couldn't stand you guys anymore.", Fred said letting out a sigh. "What do you mean?" you asked confused by the boy's relief. "Well, I knew you had a crush on each other since third year, but I thought you were going to make it out yourselves. But I was wrong. It took you two three years too finally sort it out!", he said bluntly. You looked over at George and saw pure anger in his eyes. "So you're telling me that you knew she liked me back for three years and didn't tell me she did?! Letting me suffer emotionally, because you thought we were going to 'sort it out'?!", George's tone was filled with anger. "Yes, pretty much.", Fred answered normally. "I'M GOING TO FRICKING KILL YOU FRED!"
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reguluscore8 months ago
i鈥檝e always wondered why the weasley clock had 鈥渏ail鈥 on it
is it because of bill? i think it was because of bill
everyone thinks bill was like the perfect child but come ON
he was the oldest of 7 KIDS
my oldest sibling got into loads of trouble, i mean LOADS
there鈥檚 no way percy got arrested, and i reckon charlie didn鈥檛 either
and the twins are young
so therefore, bill
bill weasley who would sneak out of school on his broomstick and fly off to the muggle towns
bill weasley who didn鈥檛 have muggle cash but desperately wanted a soda, so he stole it
bill weasley who saw a group of teens graffiti the local stores and thought, 鈥渉ell YEA, i鈥檒l do that鈥
bill weasley who snuck into concerts
bill weasley who illegally got a tattoo at age 16
bill weasley who ran away from muggle cops
bill weasley who definitely got caught doing muggle drugs
bill weasley who most definitely stole things and trinkets for his younger brothers and accidents set off a store alarm
bill weasley who was known in all surrounding muggle towns as 鈥渢he troublemaker鈥
bill weasley who smirked and grew out his hair and got another tattoo and spent his nights on radom rooftops laughing at drunk guys falling
bill weasley who tried his hardest to set a good example, but ruined that and instead made sure his brothers knew how to have fun
bill weasley who had been in the muggle jail so many times the officers all knew him by name, 鈥渙h bill is back!!鈥
bill was the problem child and definitely is the reason they had to add jail to the clock
even years later when he鈥檚 in egypt, sometimes his hand will end up in the jail column and molly just sighs because 鈥渉e鈥檚 an adult now arthur, let him deal with it鈥
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harrypotterconfessions2 months ago
Tumblr media
If you're ever having a bad day, remember that Arthur Weasley would be super thrilled and delighted to hear you explain anything about your life to him.
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gryffinroar9 months ago
how i imagine the harry potter characters while reading the books; part 2 :) marauders/young adults edition!
1. James Potter
Tumblr media
2. Lily Evans
Tumblr media
3. (young) Sirius Black
Tumblr media
4. (young) Remus Lupin
Tumblr media
5. (young) Peter Pettigrew
Tumblr media
6. (young) Arthur Weasley
Tumblr media
7. (young) Molly Weasley
Tumblr media
8. (young) Severus Snape
Tumblr media
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roonilwazlibweasley29 days ago
You all know that I love the Weasley's to bits, but, let's be honest, Molly and Arthur were absolutely horrible at handling money. So, so horrible. They won a lottery. A fucking lottery. Think about how much money that is. And then they blew it on a vacation? Yes they were visiting Bill, but think of all the better uses for that money. They could've ensured that all the kids had robes which fit for the next year, upgraded their home, put it into savings, the possibilities are endless.
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