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#arthurian legend
gringolet · 16 hours ago
Cant believe the madmen at fgo incorporated are unleashed to wreak their dark visions upon the world but im not allowed to make even ONE feature film about agravaine
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raspberryzingaaa · 18 hours ago
I cant read King Arthur books anymore because they make me So Sad. He is this man trying so hard to be a wise and just king and his sisters are messed up beyond all belief, his wife is cheating on him, his best friend is both in love with his wife and also goes missing for 7 years because he went insane briefly, and his mentor disappeared. It's just so heartbreaking. All of the odds are always against him and they keep getting So Close to destroying him.
This is why I can only read the kids book I have from my youth because it's just about valient adventures and good times. And also Lancelot is in love with his Own wife in that version (elaine my beloved) but is it too much too ask that Guinevere love her husband? And mayhaps the court is all good and fair and the only evils are the ones against the battle field? But then I suppose, to quote the old monk "evil knows how to climb walls"
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Slow burn love triangle that soon turns into an ot3... now thats beautiful
Anon, let me give you the perfect example because I'm a nerd:
Sir Lancelo, Queen Arthur and King Guinevere.
Lancelot was Arthur most loyal knight but he was madly in love with Guinevere.
Guinevere was Arthur's wife but she was also madly in love with Lancelot.
And Arthur was loyal to them both, his right hand man and his wife.
Why having a love triangle when you can have the drama of the three trying to hide their love for each other only to realize they don't know in the middle of a crisis. And they become the ultimate alliance becasue bro, they're deadly together.
I love for those ships.
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charis168 · a day ago
Superstition — a post by Charis
Heyo, lovely people! Hope everyone is well! My blog is finally seeing the light of day again, starting with 'Superstition' - come on by if you're into the ultimate writing guide, Arthurian books, and that good ol' self-deprecating humour I know so well.
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hella1975 · a day ago
Tumblr media
everyday i learn more abt u maam /lh
merlin just means the world to me omg I watched it as it aired with my dad and sister (two people I have... strange... relationships with so it was like a ✨special thing✨) and now rewatch it A LOT with my sister to the point we can both recite most of the script unprompted
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ladysansa · a day ago
I know it’s probably not technically accurate to Arthurian legend but I really like Avalon High (the book, not the film) and its take of Arthur being Mordred’s half-brother. I’ve always found that more conflict interesting than Mordred being Arthur’s son/nephew, but I don’t know much about Arthurian legend, so I’m wondering there’s any other works that depict Mordred and Arthur as being brothers. I know there’s many different versions of the legend(s), but so far I haven’t found anything.
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gringolet · a day ago
Tumblr media
medieval authors explaining how cologrenant died on the grail quest AND was killed by lancelot while rescuing guinevere
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oneshoulderangel · a day ago
Tumblr media
People need to take better advantage of the extended cast of King Arthur. Like, this guy is awesome. He’s got a backstory that made Lancelot cry. (I get the feeling Lance is very emotional though) he’s related to Percival’s through some means, either his son or Nephew. He became a knight when he was super young so he could hunt down his birth father and restore honor to his mother. The text I read said his armor was black, though I added the little scarf, I thought it be a nice little touch, something from home to remind him of his mom.
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Update for my upcoming book
1) Kyle’s short story set in Mistland, Sun Tiger, is complete! Word count: 3830. Page count: 13. Total page count: 159 pages (excluding artwork, title page, table of contents, etc.) Number of complete short stories: 13/13
2) Received all 5 of the headshot sketches!
3) Tentative schedule is as follows: June 10-20 (One last round of proofreading with my editor and deciding on the order of the stories) June 21-28 (Add the title page, table of contents, etc.) June 29 (Upload a test run and fix any errors that show up) June 30 (Publish!)
4) After talking with one of my co-authors I’ve decided to make “Tales from Mistland & Other Oddities” available for purchase digitally as well as print-on-demand. (Still need to work out the specifics though.)
If you’re interested, please reblog!
Also, if you have any questions about it, feel free to ask me! 
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medievalistsnet · 2 days ago
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