nocnitsa · a day ago
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Lady of Shalott – Anna-Marie Ferguson
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reynier · 6 months ago
oh also while im here and the green knight just dropped, i want to take the opportunity to plug my extremely legal 100% totally copyright compliant website for english translations of arthurian medieval literature to anyone interested in getting into arthuriana. its so so ugly cause i just care about accessibility of med lit, not web design, but i am trying to upload as much stuff as i can. i recommend you download anything you might want in case wordpress takes it down lol
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gringolet · 2 months ago
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gawain is a FUCKING menace. hes not even legally defined as a guy anymore like actuaries list him as a natural disaster. an act of god.
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acegalahads · 8 months ago
fanfic is a modern concept that can only exist under capitalism and relies on copyright and the concept of intellectual property to exist. authors from centuries ago using characters that didn't originate with them isn't fanfic, especially if it's tied to religious beliefs that simply evolved over time, or if they're using them to make a point about society. arthurian literature isn't fanfic, the divine comedy isn't fanfic, greco-roman mythology isn't fanfic.
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pendraegon · 5 months ago
Hey! A24 is doing a digital screening of The Green Knight on August 18 at 9PM EST which means you can watch it in the comfort of your home! (: I’m unsure but I heard from a few people that it seems only available to those in the United States (MAYBE also Canada, but don’t quote me on that) which truly is a shame, but if you live in the US and you’ve been meaning to watch TGK but theaters near you aren’t screening it or you simply don’t feel comfortable going to the theaters at this time, here is an opportunity for all of you!
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prokopetz · 2 months ago
Gawain is bar none my favourite Arthurian figure because, okay, in the early tales he’s a paragon of knighthood, the bravest and most noble, while later stories progressively downplay his virtues in order to make room for latecomers like Lancelot and Galahad, until by the post-Vulgate era he’s been reduced to a vicious coward with a wholly undeserved reputation for chivalry – and every author since then has felt the need to try and reconcile those two wildly incompatible characterisations, like a comic book writer whose editor insists that every past issue is canon, even the ones that flatly contradict each other, and the result is never anything less than completely unhinged.
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lgbtunis-moved · a year ago
executed publicly in king arthur's court for referring to the lady of the lake as a MILF
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broke: picking one specific time period for an adaptation of arthurian legend that inevitably results in certain parts of the legend making no sense
woke: an adaptation where the characters regularly acknowledge that there is no set time period
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lgbtunis · 6 months ago
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finngualart · 5 months ago
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The Green Knight (2021) kind of blew my head clean off
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wizzard890 · 8 months ago
new trailer new trailer new trailer
at the risk of repeating myself: absolutely fucking ruin me
(the visuals of this movie understand arthurian legend, they understand the thinness of the world as it was being made, in a time shrouded by mist and the birth of a strange and fluctuating national identity. they see how intrinsically the most enduring of these stories are tied to the wheel of the year)
(there is a beautiful tension here between the honor and structure of knighthood vs the implacable cycle of nature, and the strange sanctity of the earth where you enact your noble deeds, which frankly is the heart of arthurian conflict)
thank you god and also jesus for this gift for me, emily, specifically. 
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autisticexpression · 8 months ago
I think it's funny how English people romanticize King Arthur like he wouldn't hate them personally.
"He will return in Britain's greatest time of need." Yeah and the first thing he's going to do is kill the royal family.
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reynier · 11 months ago
my favourite bizarre arthurian facts to drop on unsuspecting people:
lancelot was very literally raised in a lake
gawain has a talking fox sidekick who shows him how to cross the river of the dead
morgan le fay’s best frenemy/gf is an ancient greek oracle who slept with alexander the great
gawain has to investigate his own murder not once but THREE times because people just will not stop faking his death
arthur has a pet parrot
one time mordred ate a dead body
gawain said he wanted to be turned into a maiden to be able to love lancelot as a maiden could. he was very high on painkillers at the time
lancelot’s birth name is galahad and his son’s name is galahad and his ex-boyfriend’s name is galehaut and his grandfather’s name is lancelot and his uncle’s name is bors and his cousin’s name is also bors.
there are upwards of ten characters named yvain
gawain was kidnapped by pirates as a child. this explains a lot about him i think
look i know its a basic one but the absolute shock that ppl go through when i say lancelot was raised in a lake? like IN a lake? classic. timeless. theres a reason i listed it first and it bears repeating. the man is aquatic
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propertiesofjoy · 4 months ago
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parzival, wolfram von eschenbach
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heavenlyyshecomes · 8 months ago
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R F Kuang asking the right questions here 💆🏾‍♀️ here's some good recs from the replies that I added to my own tbr:
The buried giant, kazuo ishiguro (subversive arthurian tale with dreamlike prose. everyone's memory is in flux so details shift and waver. intergenerational trauma and historiography but has a melancholical and anchored character story).
Lancelot (the arthurian tales series), giles kristian
The mabinogian tetralogy, evangeline walton (retelling of welsh mythology. weird, eerie, beautiful and just gorgeously written)
The traitor son cycle, miles cameron
The dragon and the unicorn, aa attanasio (very weird arthurian prose. merlin is an astral shark demon made of electricity. creepy, dark, and dramatic).
Sistersong, lucy holland
Book of the new sun, gene wolfe (like walking through a black Magic the Gathering Card, or if Pere La Chaise stretched endlessly, in every direction, throught time).
The dragon waiting, john m. ford
The wolf and the woodsman, ava reid
City of saints and madmen (ambergris series), jeff vandermeer (like slowly unearthing a strange and unfathomable artifact that you gradually piece together into an incomplete picture).
Silver in the wood (the greenhollow duology), emily tesh (chaotic, lush and haunting and canonically promises the m/m energy that feels promised but not guaranteed by the green knight trailer)
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pendraegon · 6 months ago
resources for sir gawain and the green knight
So. You want to read Sir Gawain and the Green Knight before the movie comes out or you’ve watched it and you want to read the text itself or you just want to read SGATGK in general and you stumbled upon this. Either way, welcome!
The author to SGATGK is unknown however people refer to him under the moniker of “Pearl Poet”. It’s quite interesting in that the characterization OF Gawain himself is very, very atypical of the medieval arthurian literature of this time (although I personally chalk this up to it being Gawain’s first quest however the amount of which Pearl Poet himself thought of matters such as this is up for debate lol). I would say however that SGATGK is a VERY hard text and not a text I personally recommend for people who are getting into arthurian medieval literature for the first time (here is a post with four texts that I recommend to read first before attempting either SGATGK or god forbid, Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, which personally, is so-so at best in comparison to the Stanzaic or the Alliterative. This link leads you to works by Marie de France and Chrétien de Troyes and discusses briefly what arthuriana is with a summary of the texts and links as well!) — I actually have a link here discussing SGATGK’s themes of honor, chivalric duty, and vassalship which can go over reader’s heads if they are not used to topics employed in arthurian literature.
Anyways, here’s links to some of the best SGATGK translations:
[1] The Raffel Translation. Link here as PDF.
This is my PERSONAL favorite as well as the preferred translation of Lou @/gringolet and Valentine @/lanzelet (and I believe Rey @/reynier also likes this one best) so you know it’s not just me aslkfjdsalfas.
[2] The Morris Translation. Link here as HTML, ePub, and Plain Text.
I believe this is the one that a majority of people read. It’s not bad by any means however it is the most accessible one.
This one takes a lot of liberties in terms of translation however Armitage has done an amazing job in making sure that the diction and the feel and the rhythm of the text still exists in modern day English. I would say that even if you have read through my Intro to Arthurian Medieval Lit post and if you still find reading medieval text difficult (because it is!) and you can’t seem to get through either the Raffel or the Morris, read this one. I’ve also read this one multiple times, it really is lovely despite not being an exact precise translation.
[4] Obligatory JRR Tolkien Translation. Link here and here.
Not my personal favorite but I know that there are JRR Tolkien enthusiasts who will jump at this so.
[5] The Borroff Translation. Link here as PDF.
Honestly I read this and I barely remember it but I remember thinking that it was okay so I’m highlighting this one too.
@/sorlouser has a giant masterpost as well with a BUNCH of SGATGK translations (20+) so also check this post out for more! (:
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hermiione · 11 months ago
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You belong at Arthur’s side. You’re like two sides of the same coin.
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arthuriankings · 5 months ago
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bbc merlin 5.13 the diamond of the day / the raven king by maggie stiefvater
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thelilnan · 8 days ago
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Well done, my brave knight.
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gwenhwyvach · 9 months ago
gawain: fellas is it gay to kiss your homie if you're giving him back the kisses you got from his wife
lancelot, staring intently at arthur: absolutely not
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