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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."
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January 9th.


The stress of late rent is pushing me towards a mental health crisis. Pressure I don’t handle well. In trying to make rent I’ve put off all other expenses. I guess I need permission to spend money for food before my rent is paid. Thank goodness for my dog. She’s the barrier between my worst thoughts and acting upon those thoughts. But I’m not okay. I never thought I’d be so behind this late. It’s incredibly discouraging. I don’t really feel survivor’s guilt, i feel regret i did survive.





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Nothing is coming together and I’m falling apart. I’ve lost faith things will be okay. I thought if i just was patient and breathed it would all come into place. But im more fractured.

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I recently participated in my first sticker gang run printing! I got my little cat skull in 12 colorways including some clear vinyls! I wasn’t expecting the candy pink on clear to be my favorite, but I absolutely love the way it looks!

These are hand screen printed, hand cut, and limited batch, so if you want one, snag one in my Etsy shop soon.

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Boy and girl on swing painting by artist, nancy Quiaoit at Nancy Q Studio.

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I opened an etsy shop to sell the risoprints i made with studio fidèle.

Don’t hesitate to check the shop page right here:

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