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ياروحي للموت 🖤 @evannaji
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Hi there my babies! I’m posting here the comissions board with each respective price! If you have any doubts, you can talk to me by email or DM here, or on any of my accounts <3 

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In english:

I need help!!!

Greetings, I come to ask for help. When I was 8 years old I was abused by my stepbrother. This has make a lot of damage on my family, but more importantly, a fault of a agreement between my dad and his ex wife.

This woman and my dad made the agreement that she didn’t need the money of alimony, so he didn’t pay, but the agreement was verbal, not written. Now this woman accused my father of not paying and demand that we gave her 15 millions in chilean money. She won the demand…

And now we have to pay.

I don’t know what more to do, it’s a lot of money and we can’t complain because she won by the legal system of my country. I’m taking commissions because I’m still a minor and can’t take a job, so this is my only chance to help.

Please PLEASE share this around and help me buying from me, I feel embarrassed but it’s the minimum I can do for you guys, please help.

I am also taking donations, here is my PayPal:

And here are my prices


Character sheets are 20 dollars, hope you can help.

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