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cocomocomochi · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Meet Mr. Steward the tundra swan
He’s the flamboyant type with a penchant for the theatrical
(yes he’s my club penguin oc stop staring at me!)
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389 · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Decision Maker (1986) Astrid Klein
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abz-j-harding · 15 hours ago
do you have any stories published?? i would love to read them
Ask For Mercy is my current ongoing comic with my co-creator Richard Starkings x
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ghostbandzine · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Artist applications are finally open!!
You can apply here
Best of luck to everyone ☺️🖤
All application links here (page artist, merch artist, writer)
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amadness2method · 16 hours ago
On commissioning an artist...
There seems to be a bit of a misconception regarding how some artists work. While I can’t speak for every artist, I can speak to my own experiences, along with the experiences that have been discussed with me by other artists and those who commission them.
If an artist is commissioned for work, but produces other pieces before the commission, don’t immediately assume the artist doesn’t value the commission. This is, quite likely, the opposite.
Many artists, myself included, will produce ‘practice’ pieces of art. Maybe we’re trying to work out a new technique, or we’re testing a new brush. It might just be that we’re trying to figure out how to approach a part of the commission piece and we’re testing that out in a work that might appear on the surface to be completely unrelated.
Sometimes, we’re working out how to approach the art at a time when we might be dealing with an art block. If you’re a writer, you may be familiar with writer’s block. This can happen in any creative pursuit. If you’ve never personally experienced this, consider yourself lucky. But sometimes, what helps an artist come out of that is to create something random.
The point is, working these things out in a piece of our own means that the person who commissioned the work gets to benefit from the additional labor the artist put in to be able to work their commission.
Think of it as a warm-up exercise before a marathon.
Also, there’s a good chance yours isn’t the only commission they’re working on.
But here’s the thing that a lot of well-meaning people don’t even realize. When an artist is commissioned, they don’t stop being a person. Would you expect a chef who is asked to create a menu for a party not to cook for themselves in the meantime? I hope not.
Artists have personal lives, too. Taking art commissions is like any other job. There needs to be a work/life balance or both suffer. You wouldn’t want to pay for sub-standard work, right?
Anyway, please consider this when making a commission from an artist. Just because you see work you didn’t explicitly pay for being produced; try not to assume the person you’ve commissioned doesn’t value your commission. The artist is putting their name on what they produce for you. An artist’s name is part of their livelihood. They know that their next commission could rely on your word of mouth.
They care. They care a lot.
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deliahscrush2003 · 2 days ago
OC Commissions: Yay or Nay?
Tumblr media
Hey everyone !!
So, I know that my concept arts for Lou Hammond and Perri Shaw have been pretty popular lately (as have my concept arts for Lady Sylvia and Serina Seda) - which I am super thankful for and grateful for your support.
If you didn't know already, I recently did a concept design for my friend @ginevranights / @come-along-pond 's OC, Athena Sparrow and it gave me the idea to start opening up OC commissions to the OC Community.
You all have beautiful, intriguing and well-developed characters and I would be honoured to collaborate with you guys, get to know your OCs and their story and draw concepts for them.
I'm in Uni right now so the support would really mean so much to me. I know that a lot of us here are struggling in COVID and with just life in general, so I thought $5 dollars for a concept design would be a good place to start ??
Anyway, let me know what you guys think either in the comments or just by visiting my inbox !!
If you want to see my work:
my twelve ocs
ariel mckinnon (potrait)
bethany meadowes (potrait)
cecilia malfoy (potrait)
sapphire etoile (potrait)
niamh o'connor (potrait)
vanessa o'connor (potrait)
louise hammond (concept art #1 - 1962)
louise hammond (concept art #2 - 1973)
louise hammond (concept art #3 - 1983)
louise hammond (concept art #4 - 1993)
persephone shaw (concept art)
farren emerson (concept art)
costumes design for susan pevensie, lucy pevensie and sylvia
sylvia of narnia (potrait)
sylvia of narnia (costume design)
sylvia of narnia (costume designs)
serina seda (concept art #1)
serina seda (concept art #2)
rivin nox (concept art #1)
tamsin oliver (concept art #1)
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blackcherryblood · 10 months ago
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