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I am so proud to myself that I’m not getting bored at this moment because of being active all the time, just wake up in the morning, read some books, painting…. I have much more activities that I can do during quarantine, let me be honest; it such boring sometimes, but I know how to overcome it and create a new environment in my home.
Nothings it’s great to sit at your home besides your family, and we are literally safe and not infected with anybody else, so stay at home and stay safe.

Painting Talk

I am not quite sure how the painting goes, but I still continue to see how the processes going on. So, I decided to go with different style and modern art. I started to do a bunch of sketches and somehow, I got the idea of what I’m going to paint. Basically, I think to draw basic shapes and drops the paint on top of it. I took basic colours, red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple too… I always surprised by acrylic painting colours from Liquitex Basics; its flexible with canvas surface and smooth. The size of the painting 36.5 x 46.5 cm one each, check it off this painting, enjoy ;)

For more drawing and painting you can check my Instagram account: @abdulazizaljassim96

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Song Title URL Tag Game:

I wasn’t tagged in this, but I saw it on @shewhowalksbehindthewheels ‘s blog and thought it looked cool!

Where No One Goes - John Powell (HTTYD3 Soundtrack)

Absolutley Smitten - Dodie

London Rain - Heather Nova

Pomegranate Seeds - Julian Moon

Good Things Fall Apart - ILLENIUM

I Want to Hold Your Hand - The Beatles

Smoke Clears - Andy Grammar

Non-Stop - Hamilton Cast

Evermore - Dan Stevens (Live Action Beauty and the Beast sountrack)

Panique - Juniore

Found this really fun, scrolling through my playlists to find my favourite songs of each letter. Give it a try whether or not you’re tagged!

And I’ve got 10 letters there, so I’m gonna tag: @armedwithapencilandpaper @bogbodybitch @isabella-dolly @incandescent-creativity @nemiliciouss @writing-in-the-grave @elliewritesstories @theguildedtypewriter @idreamonpaper and @kiramartinauthor

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Imagination can be a wonderful thing and is the wellspring of art. Creative people can fall victim to their own ability to imagine the most dire scenarios. Don’t allow your greatest asset to become an enemy.

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Quarantine, Day 18 

No matter where you live
how much money you make
how many dreams you have
or how deep in debt you are
and how much you hate your body
or how your diet is ruined right now
it all seems very small and irrelevant

when there is a real problem 
we realize that human beings are meant to fight and survive
it is in us to create obstacles
especially if we don’t have enough

I think one thing that we can all agree on is that
we are blessed in ways that we didn’t even realize before
and now that we know it
we will appreciate it more than ever 

- Hedonist Poet

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“My doctor doesn’t want to prescribe me anything!”

“Well that’s because if exercise was a pill, it would be the most perscribed pill in the world, but you wont listen when he tells you to exercise and eat more veggies.“

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Not the best artist in the world, but far from the worst. If you have illustration questions to help you progress in this time of lock down, throw them my way and I’ll see if I can answer them :)

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Tony’s retired and a stay at home dad, but his husband and son still has to go to work, so they drop by once in a while to give him sum kisses (๑>◡<๑)

If Tony can stay at home, so can you (if you’re able to)!!!

Commissions are open 🌸 Twitter 🌼 Instagram 🌺

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Garabatos en arteterapia 🥰 Viene de mi #post anterior y sigue en los próximos 👉👉👉👉🍎🍓💜💙 #mymarbellaochoa #amazoninfluencer #amazonkindle .

#garabatos #artgallery #pintura #myart #sketchbook #sketch #paintings #drawings #cultura #creative #pencil #artists #watercolor #artsy #arts #artista #drawingart #fineart #paint #modernart #likeforlikes #likeforlike #likeforlikeback #like #likeforfollow (en Bucaramanga, Santander)

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Some of y'all artists when you were a teen/kid never joined a Pinterest board of other teens/kids posting their art and drawing their favorite series OR each other fanart and giving art critique and it really shows

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