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Why these all-white paintings are in museums and mine aren’t

Why these all-white paintings are in museums and mine aren’t

Its approximately kind of like a blank canvas with some like some texture, I do investigate a grey scatter there, but I don’t know if that’s supposed to be there. It looks like something I would cook on like a baking membrane Could be a lot of flies deposit to a little of newspaper, Yeah cause. I would introduce this down on my flooring, my storey tiles. These beings are describing Robert Rymans…

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Finally finished drawing the queens ✨

Sorry if Holly looks so messy! Eh, you know pencils…

Should I draw Onceler Artemis or the Fowl Twins? Guess we’ll never know 👀

(I’ll delete the WIP version of this now, sorry!)

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My PotO Characters. Gosh, I finally made them. I don’t really have a story or AU for them aside from memes and Erik failing horribly at attempts to end game Raoul like Doofenshmirtz failing to take over the tri-state area

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💙💚 Cloud Strife 💚💙

💜 Colors of the Month, January 2021 💜

One of my resolutions this year is to do every single Colors of the Month and for each month, pick a character to paint using those colors! This month I picked the best boy Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy since I finally got the Final Fantasy 7 Remake this month 😭 I thought the purple and gray-blue would look nice to mimic a sort of grayscale portrait even though I dont think it worked out well 😂 And I feel like I always have to emphasize this- but white and black are okay to use, and I mix them in with the colors already given to create more variety with my values! I feel like people might say “thats cheating” when its not, so Im sticking up for myself now 😂😂 Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy this painting and the others to come in this series! 💚💜💙

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Ace Tre - LUV ME NOW [EP]

Ace Tre – LUV ME NOW [EP]

Sauce Alert! Rising artist Ace Tre recently dropped off his new ep “LUV ME NOW” which is on all platforms & it’s fire! He straight blessed us with this. Originally coming from Oklahoma City but relocated to New York to to make more moves with his music/brand. Ace was all over the world last year when he took a small hiatus from music. Ace was busy MAKING a statement with his brand on the fashion…


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“Baku, by Fuad Manafov.

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خط أحمر…💡🔥👑 @nassifzeytoun
#خط_أحمر #قريبا #soon
#nassifzeytoun #ناصيف_زيتون
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I’m sharing another impasto piece ^^ I tried out and practice a couple of different techniques in this one. For one I found a new use for some of my wax sculpting tools, heh 😅

Paint and canvas board by Arteza and the gel medium by Royal Talens.

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I decided to give streaming a shot, so if you wanna catch my art streams, you can follow me on Twitch!

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It’s honestly so cool to see artists you follow shift fandoms and evolve their style, ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS TO A FANDOM YOU RECENTLY FOUND ASWELL. or even cooler find artists you used to follow doing new stuff!!

this is a direct shout out post to all the art pages I follow on ig who shifted from pjo to dsmp, or all the people who used to draw Aphmau stuff bringing the creativeness and character design from mc characters to art into the dsmp

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