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#arvin russell

“excited, sweets?” he asks you on the way there, glancing over at you with a smile. you’d asked him to get tickets as soon as the news spread that a drive in was being set up near you. you didn’t even care what the movie was. it just seemed really cool, and like a good date idea.

“it’s gonna be so fun.” you gasp. “do you think they’ll have popcorn?” arvin chuckles and looks back at the road. “can’t have a movie without it. i’ll get you some.” his right hand squeezes your thigh lightly. beaming, you lace your fingers together. “thanks, arvin. you’re the best.” “mm, anything for you,” he says lowly and starts to pull up to the makeshift theater.

it’s about halfway full so far, so you get a seat in the middle. arvin parks the car with a content sigh. he turns his head to look at you properly, grinning and holding up your intertwined hands. “here we are.” “we got the perfect view.” you’re marveling at the screen playing commercials, arvin’s gaze still on you. you smile at him over your shoulder.

“like i said, anything for you.”

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Originally posted by tomandharrisongifs

Tom Holland x Reader


Warnings: Awkward realistic smut and general cringiness

Repost of an old fic. You want to try something new in the bedroom, your boyfriend has some reservations 🔥

He loved trying new things, he really did. He was never afraid of anything, never backing out of a challenge. And not to be cheesy or anything, but the truth was, he would do anything for you. You liked that dress from that shop window? He would go and get it for you. You were bored? Mini Golf date. You felt lonely while he was out of town filiming? A new puppy would help with that. He caught you staring at the moon through his bedroom window? He would find a way to fucking get it for you. Or at least, a piece of it…

The point was, whatever his baby girl wanted, his baby girl would get. He was putty in your hands, even if you didn’t realize it yet. That’s why, when he found you there, all dolled up in pink lace, looking like an angel on his bed, surrounded by silk scarves and ribbons, he felt like Christmas had come early. His knees went weak at the sight. God, he had it so bad. He was yours completely, your slave… Even if you were asking him exactly the opposite.

“You want me to dom you?” He had absolutely no idea how to do that. Well, he had watched some videos on the internet, who hadn’t? But he didn’t think he could do anything like that to you, he didn’t want to call you names and insult you or to whip you and break open your lovely skin. He looked around, sighing in relief when he didn’t see any whip or flogger or anything.

“Yeah, I mean… Nothing too heavy, just… Tie me to the bed, tell me what to do. Maybe spank me a little if I’m not obedient?”

Ok, that sounded interesting. At least his cock was very interested now, twitching, inside his pants. He wasn’t a stranger to kink, he knew how to tease you, how to use ropes and blindfolds. He knew how to finger girls under the table at the pub. He just didn’t think you would be the kind of girl who would enjoy that. He had been… More on the submissive side before, but this? Having you at his complete mercy? An obedient little thing on his knees just for him? Yeah, he could totally do that.

Except that he totally couldn’t. You weren’t obedient at all, pouting and squirming and fighting him every step of the way. He had ended up bending you over his knee, spanking you harder than he had thought himself capable of in his frustration. 

You had loved it, go figure. 

Now there you were, hands tied behind your back with his favorite tie because you kept on slipping your hands out of the silk scarves, ass up in the air as he fucked you from behind, one hand wrapped around your ponytail, the other on your tied wrists, as he moved you over his cock. You hissed and sobbed every time his pelvis slapped against your sore butt, his arms were getting tired, his hips were thrusting to meet yours, going harder and deeper and faster than ever before as he went over his most heartbreaking lines on his last scrip inside his head, trying to hold back because shagging you like this felt a little too good and he was enjoying the view of your his dick disappearing into your juicy cunt a little too much and he was a little too close but you were. Still. Saying. “Harder”. 

“Say my name, baby girl… who’s making you scream like this? Who’s cock are you a slut for?”

You didn’t do it. What a surprise.

He rolled his eyes,

“Say my name, slut!” The insult felt unnatural, awkward.

“Make me!” Came your obnoxious, bratty answer. Tom felt like crying.

“I’m gonna be honest with you, y/n” You could almost hear the way he was scratching the back of his neck in his voice, as his thrusts slowed down “I’m already fucking you as hard as I can, pulling your hair, and my hand hurts from how hard I spanked your butt…” He let his head and his shoulders drop in defeat, “I don’t know what else you want from me, mate!”

You stopped moving, craning your neck uncomfortably to get a look at your poor boyfriend, who sounded on the verge of tears. You catched a glimpse at the both of you on the vanity mirror. You couldn’t help it. You both looked so ridiculous, the whole scene looked so pathetic, you snorted.

“Oi!” Came Tom’s indignant protest, before he too succumbed to laughter. 

“Come on, untie me, master ” The sarcasm was clear, making him bark and throw his head back. He released your arms, and threw himself next to you on the mattress. You turned to him.

“This isn’t working, is it?”

“No, I mean, it was fun… a little troublesome though”

You both dissolved into giggles again. 

“Next time you’re not comfortable,” You said, getting up to straddle his hips, “tell me. I’m not gonna get mad, Tom. You could never disappoint me"  

"I promise, darling” He breathed out, as you sank down onto his cock.

 @deluxeplanteater there you go💜

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old songs for arvin russell and empty dirt roads


take me home, country roads - john denver / gentle on my mind - glen campbell / dreamboat annie - heart / walkin’ after midnight - patsy cline / put your head on my shoulder - paul anka / it’s now or never - elvis presley / everybody’s somebody’s fool - connie francis / country sunshine - dottie west / crazy - patsy cline / hurt - johnny cash / the devil wears a suit and tie - colter wall / in hell i’ll be good company - the dead south / stand by your man - tammy wynette / hello darlin’ - conway twitty / yield not to temptation - bobby “blue” bland / be thankful you’re you - fern jones / how deep it goes - heart / california dreamin’ - the mamas and the papas / coat of many colors - dolly parton / i’ll fly away - johnny cash

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I hate when people talk to me about relationships and tell me “oh I’m sure you’ll find someone who loves you”, because my problem won’t be finding someone who will love ME, my problem will be finding someone who I am going to love MORE than all my favourite fictional characters and who I’m going to share my life with

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You can request any prompt and scenario for any character you’ll find on my masterlist, feel free to pair the prompts. My requests will be open from the 31st on, so you’ll have some time to come up with your


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Originally posted by ransomflanagan

━━━   SYNOPSIS: the reader and arvin are forced to go to a pre-marriage counsuling session with reverend teagardin. 

━━━  WARNINGS: teenage marriage, allusion to sexual harassments.

━━━  NOTES: This one was little short, sorry! I’m gonna try and make part four longer. I don’t condone any of Arvin’s action he clearly has severe anger issues at least and mentally ill as a result of his traumatic childhood at worst. Hope you enjoy!

━━━  WORD COUNT: 1,253


            The room was filled with tension. You sat in your nicest clothes, shifting around in your seat. Arvin places his hand on your knee, and you can feel it’s warmth through your tights; you stop turning and look over at him. Arvin had his shoulders pulled back and back straight. He looks uptight and uncomfortable. He never sat like that. His jaw was clenched, too, as his gaze went back to the man you were both waiting to speak. 

Reverend Teagardin. He grabbed his cup of coffee and brought it to his lips before clearing his throat. “So,” he began, “You two would like to get married? That would help things, I’m sure.”

Arvin scoffs but bites his tongue. He doesn’t want to be here, but your parents required it until they’d let him marry you. Arvin nods. “Yes, sir.”

Reverend Teagardin looks over to you. “I suppose that would be nice. Of course, your families asked me to talk to you two before. Marriage is a big deal, you know, that’s a lot of commitment for people so young.”

“People are age get married all the time,” you say, “and Arvin and I have been together for a while. We love each other too." 

Teagardin nods. "Well, that is important. It’s just sometimes you’ll want to explore other people,” his gaze was on you as he said it. You look away from him, and Arvin gives a glance to you. He didn’t like how he said that. 

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Season of the witch:

“Biting down”


Tom Holland x Reader


Warnings: Smut

“Skip a hit, don’t make a sound

It feels better biting down”

Biting down - Lorde

“Like that… just like tha-Oh, fuck!”

You giggled. On your knees on the filthy floor of the dingy bathroom of a dive bar, sinful, bee stung lips around his cock, you giggled. High, and joyfully and carefree. It was almost enough to make him forget all about the sting. Almost.

“Jeez, babe, you said just a little taste…” He withdrew from your mouth, helping you stand, “Got a little carried away, didn’t you?”

He didn’t wait for a reply, crashing his lips to yours, tasting himself on your tongue. 

“Feels better biting down” You breathed out, as he released you to mark bruises down the column of your neck, your collarbone, your chest, tugging your strapless dress down.

“Is that so? Let’s see…” He bit down, hard, on the top of your breast, tearing a moan out of your throat. 

“Fuck… you like it rough, don’t you, pretty girl?" 

You nodded your head, unable to form words while his hand slid under your skirt, fingers searching between your folds.

"No underwear? Damn, baby, you’re a fucking dream” He attacked your mouth again, rough and insistent, but it was hard to kiss him back as he dug two fingers inside you, not giving you time to adjust before they were fucking in and out of you, thumb pressing against your clit just right. He knew what he was doing, a little too well, innocent baby face nothing but false advertising. 

“You feel so tight around my fingers… bet you gonna feel even tighter around my cock…”

“Only because your cock is so big” You whimpered, “gonna feel like you’re splitting me in two" 

It was a line, he knew it was a line, just like he knew you were faking your moans just a little bit, but it was working, it was doing the trick, his dick throbbing almost painfully, angry and nearly purple with all the blood accumulated there. He took his hand out and away from you, to close his fingers around himself, pumping once, twice, coating his cock on your juices.

"Get on the countertop, princess, and open those pretty legs for me" 

You did as you were told, and he wasted no time in stepping between your legs, in sliding home in one hard, delicious stroke.

"Yes! knew you were gonna feel so good inside me…" 

Tom cursed again, biting on the inside of his cheek to anchor himself, to stop himself from shutting his load too soon. He wasn’t always like that, in fact he wasn’t like that at all, and he didn’t mean just the kind of guy that didn’t last, no. Truth was he wasn’t the type to hook up with a stranger at a dirty bathroom bar, but there was just something about you… something he couldn’t quite put his finger on, that was exhilarating, freeing, that drove him wild. That made him think that maybe, just maybe, he could be that type of guy. 

Once he felt back under control, he grabbed hold of your hips, thrusting as hard and fast as he could go with your, surprisingly strong legs, wrapped around him like a vice. Your lips on his skin as you buried your cries against his neck made him shudder, adrenaline spiking through his veins for some reason, heart galloping violently inside his chest. But he was too far gone, too lost in the pleasure your warmth was providing, to notice the signs, the red flags his body was trying to send to his brain.

All he knew was you. All that existed was the sweet rapture between your legs, the delectable pain of your nails under his shirt, tracing bloody welts down his back. 

The sharp pang as your dry fangs punctured his carotid. 

He didn’t know, he would never know, what possessed him to sink his blunt teeth on your bare shoulder as his orgasm exploded like a thousand napalms behind his eyelids, his human mind finally giving up, for good. 

By the time his hips stopped, by the time he was done riding the pleasure and the pain of his natural life ending, he was something entirely new. Something dark and hungry and unhinged. 

And he was ready to go again. 

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Holding Out For A Hero


Originally posted by tomhollandnet

Another request for the signal boost sleepover, also for Shannon, @theliterarymess for Arvin or Peter. Song fic, Holding Out For A Hero by Bonnie Tyler. Now, tbh, I was not sure what to do or where to go with this but when I decided on Arvin and saw that gif I got a idea and decided not to think too hard and go with it. This may also be short, apologies, really short and it is purely dialogue between some random guys and Arvin; it’s more of a imagine than a blurb or a fic

Summary: Arvin left everything behind back in Virginia, even things he didn’t know about and now he’s got hours to get back home

Arvin Russell x Reader

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