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#arya stark
briennescodpiece · 41 minutes ago
From now on if anyone comments on my posts were I talk about asoiaf women possibly being gnc with “but femininity is good too!” I’m gonna reply “you’re right, I love fem!Jaime”
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fandomjuxtaposition · an hour ago
Of Cat’s daughters, Sansa gets the praise for chairing the homecoming and prom committees. At the end of her last year, Arya is the one recognized by her fellow classmates for all the charitable work she does that isn’t glamorous. Standing ovation kind of recognition.
I love that so much.
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fandomjuxtaposition · 2 hours ago
I like your idea of Cat having a watershed moment about Arya. Have you read the occasional modern fics where Arya is kind of lost in the shuffle, but by being lost, she develops a lot of skills and independence her more Cat noticed siblings don’t have? How about a story where Arya fences as a hobby and makes it to the world championships, and Cat is none the wiser. Teen Arya slips her the permission slip, and she figures it’s for a school field trip. Surprise!
“Hey, mom? I’m competing in the Olympics next week, would you like a ticket?”
“... you’re what?”
“Olympics. I’m the favorite for the gold too.”
I agree that Arya could definitely get lost in the shuffle as far as Cat goes, but I imagine Ned would be at every match (meet? fight? What do you call fencing competitions?) with a big “my daughter is Arya Stark” button on.
(I love getting asks, even if sometime it takes me ages to answer, so thanks!)
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briennescodpiece · 3 hours ago
In this fandom if you try to claim that women/girls can actually enjoy being gnc and prefer it to being hyperfeminine people will try to kill you for suggesting their supposed fave might not end up in a pretty dress
They’ll also complain it’s not “subversive enough” for a “strong” woman to have masculine qualities as if gnc women don’t literally Just Exist regardless of some random story’s narrative subversion
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fandomjuxtaposition · 4 hours ago
When I think of modernAU Arya, I figure she’s well-liked by classmates, but she isn’t a so-called cool kid. Sansa is a cool kid who is actually not well liked. Cat connects with Sansa, but doesn’t understand Arya in the least. In my head that means she makes a lot of negative assumptions about Arya because she’s never found a way to actually get to know Arya. She’s surprised to discover Arya has a vibrant life outside the family.
Have you ever seen Groundhog Day? You know at the very end, when Bill Murray is at the party and everyone is stopping him to say thank you for something, and Andi McDowell is just sort of befuddled by how he can possibly know this many people in a town they’ve been in for a day.
That’s what your ask made me think of. Arya makes friends everywhere, so I can see them at some big event and people keep stopping her to say hi, and Cat just being completely befuddled by the sheer number of people who know her. (“Ned, how on earth does she know all these people?!”) Because I think you’re right that Catelyn just doesn’t connect to Arya the same way she does to Sansa, but maybe seeing how loved her daughter is by all these different people shows her that she doesn’t really know her, but she’d really like to try.
Thank you for the ask!
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meggiry-starkgaryen · 6 hours ago
Every once in a while I gotta post an update of my playlists, being a greedy bitch and all.
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bonemommyowo · 8 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tada! In honor of the fact that I’m almost done with the first ASOIAF book, I have made picrews of a bunch of characters (based on book descriptions! only). Most are from the first book but I added in some extras that I know about from the tv show and from reading spoiler excerpts. My favorite characters also have hearts on them!
The background colors all correspond with the house colors of each person (except for Varys and Bronn, who as of where I am in the books do not have noble house affiliations)
Green: Starks (Jon Snow, Ned, Catelyn, Sansa, Robb, Bran, Arya)
Yellow: Tyrells, not including Mace or Margaery and Loras’s brothers (Loras, Margaery, Olenna)
Blue: Daenerys Targaryen
Red: Lannisters (Cersei, Jaime, Tyrion, Tywin, also Joffery is supposed to look like a girl so that’s who that last person is; yes I’m counting him and his siblings as Lannisters but I didn’t feel like doing his siblings)
Black with white circle (I know it’s supposed to be yellow but literally everyone has the same house colors help): Baratheon (Robert, Renly, Stannis, plus Gendry and Shireen)
Miscellaneous: Brienne of Tarth, Petyr Baelish/Littlefinger, Varys, Bronn, Theon and Asha Greyjoy, Sandor Clegane/The Hound, Jorah Mormont, Samwell Tarly
Also, because I don’t think you can see the lil signature on each picture very well, I’m crediting the person who made it below! go check out their picrew and social media accounts they have tagged in it!
(I hope fanart of sorts counts as non commercial, my bad if it doesn’t, I’ll delete this)
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weirwoodking · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
are you picking up what I’m putting down
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totouchthcstars · 13 hours ago
@wcllow​ || Arya for anyone
.。.:*☆ “Have people ever tried to make a lady out of you?” Now that her memories came back, Arya of course had to think of all the bickering and little fights that had happened within her family before the were seperated.
Tumblr media
“LIke, I was no one for needlework or reading,” She then added. “I prefered to chase my brothers around. To climb onto trees and learn how to use a bow and arrows. Needless to say, my mother has never been delighted watching me doing all of those things.”
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princebensxlo · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“My father.... he used to tell me that I will marry a high lord and rule his castle. That I will birth him children. I told him ‘no, that’s not me’. And in some way, my prospects haven’t changed at all. But I do love you, Aegon Targaryen. And to be with you, I have to stare at the bigger picture. You asked me once what would I do after I defeat my enemies. I told you that I would go home. I have, but I haven’t. For if there is a thing that I wish more than vengeance, it is family. A family with you, stupid. I can be your family.”
Arya Stark through the years: from ‘no one’ to ‘the queen.’
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tyquiradixontraer · 21 hours ago
I am an abdominally in the GOT fandom in that I loved Sansa Stark, Arya Stark, and Daenarys Targaryen all equally for different reasons and I am equally enraged with how each of them ended up. They are all iconic in their own right and watching their characters be absolutely butchered because MEN makes me ajdjaualdjaoakrjaljxiakashdjamskjdabhqoamzjdoalabaHOWDAREYOUkajdoamsaoqpsidudbabalsjfjsmYOUWEAKASSSONOFASSHOLESakdjajadklakshaBITCHESARETOOGOODFORYOUakdhaosjjsakakfjahq.
Tumblr media
I said
Tumblr media
What I
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Watch me get yelled at lol)
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