#as he says ''please jask we're just trying to help.''
roughentumble · a year ago
I've had this fic idea for the longest time and your post about illusions reminded me of it, basically it's a total ripoff of djinns in spn showing ppl what they want most, very land of the lotus eaters
Jaskier's stuck in this idyllic illusion where he and Geralt are together and everything's perfect, they travel and fight monsters and Jaskier sings songs but Geralt never gets hurt and Jaskier doesn't sleep around, they're together and in love and it's wonderful
And then Jaskier gets ripped out of it, finds out it was all an illusion and he's devastated bc now he's had what he wants most and thinks he'll never have it again, not really, and it's driving him crazy
Geralt eventually takes him to Yen to see if she can help, thinking maybe there's lingering effects of being trapped in whatever illusion Jaskier was put in, and Yen's prodding trying to figure out what he saw in the illusion, what was so wonderful he nearly wants to be put back into it, and Jaskier finally snaps, "He loved me back!"
ohhhhh shit i dig this!!!
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The Vessel [Pt. 15- Final Chapter]
Geralt of Rivia x fem! reader
Tumblr media
A/N- This is officially the end of my book, and I want to thank you all for sparing the time to read it. Thank you! 🤍
Warnings: fluff and soft Geralt
*Please reblog if you like it, do not repost or claim my work as yours.
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Tumblr media
Geralt grumbled under his breath, yet his movements were quiet; stealthy like a cat as he didn't want to wake you. You were almost due to give birth, and Geralt didn't want to disturb your sleep, because you hardly got any. Although it was strangely pleasing to him to watch you try to pacify your baby, sometimes stroking your bump, or sometimes singing to it, and he didn't want to admit he secretly loved it, he was happy the baby was calm today, and you were peacefully asleep.
He entered your shared bedroom back in your home in Redania where he now mostly spent his time, when he was not out hunting monsters, that was. His armour was soiled with gore, fragments of the kikimora's intestines, and he wanted nothing more than to drown himself into a bath, and relax but he didn't want to wake you up.
The size of the body the man had, silence was the least dominant trait that he had. As he took off his armour, the armour fell from his hand, crashing against the floor with the clatter that woke you up instantly.
"Fuck, who's there?" You almost sat up in bed, grabbing a nearby empty pitcher of water in your grip, ready to throw it at whoever it was, your mind slightly disoriented as you had been asleep.
"It's just me," Geralt grumbled, frowning at how clumsy he was, immediately bending and picking up his armour. Finally, your eyes adjusted to the lighting of the room, and when you saw him, you slowly slid out of the bed and waddled towards him.
"What have you done to yourself, my love? You look like a piss pot."
"Hm, blame the kikimora," Geralt grumbled, under his breath, and you ended up chuckling as he tried to shoo you back into bed, waving his hands.
"Didn't mean to wake you, go to bed, [Y/N]."
"It's okay, Geralt. Let me draw your bath," You motioned to him to take off his dirty clothes while you decided to warm some water so he could take a bath.
Geralt didn't let you carry the pails of water yourself, of course and neither could you. In fact, it was difficult for you to climb the stairs owing to the fact that your bump was blocking your view of your feet.
You watched as he slid into the warm water, his body immediately relaxing as the soothing touch of the heat hit his sore body.
"I can't wait to give birth, Geralt," you mumbled as you sat against the edge of the bed, rubbing a paste that you had created over your swollen ankles, as much as you could bend, while Geralt relaxed in the bathtub, his eyes flicking occasionally towards you and a small smile graced his lips at the sight of you.
When Geralt didn't reply, you lifted your gaze, fixing it on him, noticing how he was staring at you. His lips were curved— so minutely, that only you and Jaskier could understand now, little details about him, like when he was amused, or in a jestful mood. You stood up, letting the vessel down on the bed, and walked up to fix yourself behind your Witcher's back, your hands coming to rest against the base of his neck as you began scrubbing him. Geralt of Rivia's company had taught to treat silence as bliss.
Tumblr media
"What was that?" You frowned as you looked up at the wooden door of your bedroom. You had been sitting against the headboard of your bed, while Geralt was laying on your lap, almost having dozed off; your fingers gently stroking through his locks, lulling him into an even deeper sleep.
The words had barely escaped your lips, and Geralt was up, rigid and alert, like a wolf. He jumped, in one movement, standing by your bed, his hand drawn towards you, his palm raised, motioning you to stay still as he grabbed his sword with the other hand.
"Jaskier? Is that you?" Geralt snarled, but the pounding outside your door didn't stop, and instead it worsened, the loud noise now giving you a headache, forcing you to press your hands against your ears.
Just as Geralt darted towards the door, ready to pull it open and see for himself as to exactly who this intruder was when suddenly, the door flung open, and a Cintran guard tossed Jaskier in, who fell on his knees where Geralt was.
"Geralt! Say something, I am being tossed about like a worthless sack of grain!" Jaskier dramatized, and you hurriedly slid against the edge of the bed while Geralt drew his sword towards the Cintran guard.
The guard turned, regarding you through the armoured helmet that covered his face partially, and then nodded to himself before his voice rang out, "My Queen, the Princess is here, as expected."
"Touch her, I'll break your fucking bones," Geralt growled, his grip on his sword tightening when suddenly, "Lower your weapons! I'm here to talk," a familiar voice commanded, and you knew who it was. You pressed your lips together in a slight anger, both your hands coming to rest protectively against your swollen belly.
Calanthe entered, her eyes falling first thing on the Witcher and her frown widened, before she turned towards you, "Knew I'd find you here."
You bit your lip, eyeing her carefully, when Geralt began speaking, and her head shot towards him.
"If you're here to drag her to that King who fucked his own sister, then it's too late."
You nodded at Geralt's words, immediately rushing to Geralt's side, stepping behind him, grabbing on to his hand that wasn't holding the sword, your fingers entwining with his, "Yes, mother. My baby will not be a bastard anymore. We're married now."
"I'm not here to ask you to marry Foltest, I'm here to—" she stopped talking, throwing out her hands towards you, trying to nudge you to go to her but you stayed by Geralt's side, "I'm here to take you home. Your Kingdom needs you. I need you. If the Witcher is who you desire then, I give my blessings."
"What?" You and Jaskier said almost together, and you almost choked on a gasp.
"All my life, I thought you were dead and then I found you only to lose you again. Come home, I can't rule a Kingdom anymore, I need you to sit on that throne."
The shock of it all was hard to process. You gasped, tightening your grip on Geralt's hand and he turned towards you with a frown, "You okay?"
"A throne? This is too much."
"You were born for this, [Y/N]." Calanthe continued.
Suddenly, your mind began zoning out the voices, and the voices of Geralt, Calanthe and Jaskier were just background noises to you. You felt something wet slide down the inside of your legs, and your eyes widened. Your breathing laboured suddenly as a sudden cramp tore through your stomach, all too suddenly, and you whelp escaped your lips, causing Geralt to turn towards you.
"I don't think.. I can think of any throne right now.. mother.. I think the baby is coming."
Tumblr media
That was, perhaps, the fastest journey Geralt had made, to the village to get the midwife, while Calanthe stayed with you.
"I can't believe I'm doing this," Calanthe wiped her sweaty brow with the back of her hand and you growled at her, "Then what exactly am I doing mother? You are not helping!! I would rather have you switch places with Jask'."
"Leave me out of this. I have a history of fainting at the sight of a lot of blood," Jaskier called out from outside the room, and you groaned in pain, and part annoyance, now aware that he was lurking right outside your door.
You screamed as another contraction tore through your body, the midwife having finally arrived as Calanthe switched positions with her and you felt her squat down by your lower region. You tried breathing, preparing yourself for another crippling contraction, spreading your legs and arching your back, as Calanthe tried to soothe you.
"Geralt, I fucking hate you for doing this to me! I hope you hear me!" You screamed in pain, even though you knew you would regret this later when you would have your baby pressed to your chest.
The sun set, and the sun rose again the next day; but your screaming didn't die. It was only when the sun was right above your home did the first cries of your girl finally fill your shack. Tears of joy flew freely through your eyes, and your mother's as she pressed the babe to her chest, looking down at her slightly golden eyes in awe.
"She's got Geralt's eyes," she whispered to you, as you let out a sob, and weakly threw out your hands so you would hold her in your arms. She was so tiny, and so perfect, her eyes like Geralt, a tuft of golden white locks already on top of her otherwise bald head.
"Mother, can you take her? I feel.. like all my energy is gone."
"Lay down and close your eyes, child. You've birthed a baby, and that isn't easy as the menfolk think it is. I have her," she took her from your arms, and you smiled weakly at the sight before you let your eyes shut.
Tumblr media
You were in a dreamless slumber, your slumber so deep that even Jaskier playing the lute against your ears would not have been enough to wake you up.
After a long time, you stirred in your sleep, your eyes slowly fluttering open.
The sight in front of you, as you propped yourself up against your elbows, made your heart swell with love. Geralt sat on a chair, his eyes pressed shut, his chest rising up and down the only movement that you could see, holding your daughter close to his chest. The little babe looked tiny as compared to the Witcher's bulky frame, yet this was the softest sight you had ever seen. You slid to the edge of the bed, letting the bare pads of your feet brush against the cold floorboards as you pushed your still sore body up. Just then, Jaskier entered the room, his eyes lighting up as he saw you.
You smiled when you saw that he was holding the blanket that you had knitted for the baby when you had found out of the pregnancy.
"Here," he whispered in a low voice so he didn't wake the father and the daughter as he threw out his hand towards you. You only shook your head and pointed towards Geralt.
"Scared to put it on him?" You joked, your voice a whisper too.
"For the first time, I don't want to ruin the moment," he smiled, as he pulled you into a side hug and you almost sniffled dramatically, pouting, "Well, Jaskier. Aren't you in love?"
"Princess, I'm not ashamed to say I'm in love with her. She is the best thing that's happened to us."
"Oh, Jaskier—" You blurted out, a little too loud, and the Witcher grumbled slightly, stirring from his sleep as he fluttered his eyes open; the first thing his eyes falling on being the baby in his arms, and then up at you.
Geralt smiled and nodded, as you walked up to him, lowering yourself on his thigh, carefully placing your palm on top of her head.
"She's perfect, my love," Geralt whispered, and you nodded, wrapping your arm around his neck, letting your head rest against his.
Tumblr media
It was the calm before the storm.
You stood by the massive window of your chambers, staring at the city ahead of you— Cintra.
Your Kingdom, your home, which you now ruled, with your Witcher by your side.
"What are you thinking, love?"
The familiar rasp of a voice made you turn towards him, a faint smile breaking out against your lips. Geralt was propped on his elbow, his naked chest glistening as a ray of sunshine fell directly on him, his lower body wrapped in the silkiest of the blankets.
"I have an ill feeling, Geralt."
"Come to bed, love. Let me make you feel better," Geralt smirked, as he patted on the empty side of your bed but before you could, a loud babble of a baby filled the room.
Both you and Geralt turned towards the door, watching your one year old taking baby steps towards the two of you.
"How the hell?" Geralt muttered, when Jaskier darted into the room; his hair unkempt, paint caked on his cheeks and his shirt. He grabbed Fiona in his arms, and swung her up and the little girl cackled in glee, making you grin.
"Sorry, I was just teaching her how to paint. She ran off with my brushes," he sheepishly grinned before his eyebrow shot up and he eyed Geralt, "Don't let my interference stop whatever the two of you were planning to do. Perhaps, planning a sibling for her."
Geralt grunted under his breath, while you ended up snorting to his comment, shaking your head, "That's not happening, Jaskier. I'm done with mages and their spells. Now run along, we've got things to do."
Tumblr media
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mypoisonedvine · 2 years ago
8. "I don't give two shits that we're in public and people are watching." with jaskier would be uhh NEAT
Agreed!  Took a little liberty with the wording but I had a lot of fun with this one…
send in some smut prompts to help me procrastinate!
Warnings: exhibitionism, perhaps a bit of dubcon if you squint
When I saw this prompt I assumed the intention was semi-public sex but I struggled to write it without making it essentially just… public?  I’m not sure where this would fall on the scale.  I can say if you did this in real life you would be kind of an asshole and committing a crime… but it’s not real life!  I’ve decided all the witnesses are into it because I’m the author, lol.
Under the cut because I’m nice, OBVIOUSLY rated E y’all
@100percentamess and @mytinybaguette ... are you regretting your request to be tagged in everything yet?? lol
Jaskier was a handsy drunk.  Surely that’s a surprise to anyone, considering his behavior when stone cold sober.  He hummed contentedly as his hand slid up your thigh- over your dress, of course, but it was still enough to make you shiver.
“Your set was great,” you nervously approved, trying to ignore the effect his touch was having on you.
“Are you wearing a perfume or something?  You smell so good,” he noticed, ignoring your compliment.  He leaned in to your neck and you almost tried to lean away but the table you were sitting at was right by a wall so there was nowhere to go.
“Jaskier…” you scolded softly, but to him it was just saying his name.
His other hand started to run along the seam of your collar, ever so slightly tugging it down to expose one shoulder, which he kissed lightly.
“Fuck,” you whispered, feeling a wetness begin to pool between your legs.  Honestly, you always got wet when you watched him perform, so it was moreso just continuing rather than beginning.
“You like that, huh?” he asked softly, starting to pull up your skirt.  Your thighs clenched together instinctively.
“Jask, there are people around,” you hissed.
“And they all wish they could be doing this to you right now, but only I can,” he gloated.
“That’s not really my point,” you sighed, feeling his fingers brush against your knee.  You gasped as he kept moving his hand up, not even trying to be very subtle.
“Do you want me?” he asked coyly, moving up to kiss your neck.  You whimpered.
“Yes, gods, yes but-” you began.
“Then frankly, darling, I don’t give half a fuck that we’re in public and that people are watching,” he growled.  You moaned, though you bit your lip to keep it quiet.  Nobody was looking over at your corner of the pub, but any of them could at any moment and it was terrifying, and yet unexpectedly titillating. 
As his hand moved higher and higher, you found yourself spreading your legs open, and he laughed against your ear.
“Hmm, looks like your legs aren’t connected to that logical part of your brain,” he teased.  “You’re so eager for me.”
You had to fight to keep your hips from bucking into his hand, even though you knew he would be where you wanted him any moment.
He started to run his fingers through your folds, spreading wetness everywhere but never really focusing on any one thing long enough to get you very far.  You tried to keep your cool but once again your legs betrayed your, starting to quiver a bit in anticipation.
“Want my fingers inside you?” he asked as if it wasn’t obvious.  You nodded with a whimper.  He obeyed quickly, plunging two in at once which caused you to reach up and grab his shoulder tightly.  “Feels good?”
You nodded again.
“Say it,” he demanded.
“It feels good,” you whispered.
“Doesn’t sound like it,” he frowned, pressing against that spot inside you so hard that you had to bite your lip.  “You’re trying so hard to keep quiet.”
“Yes, I don’t want people to see us,” you explained, not sure why this even needed an explanation.
“Is it sick if I sort of do?  If I want everyone to know how good I make you feel?”
You whimpered because it wasn’t sick- well, maybe it was, but it was also so fucking hot and you hadn’t realized until now how hot it was.  He chuckled lightly and you realized that your inner walls must have clenched around him, giving away your reaction to his words.
“Get loud for me, hm?”
“Jaskier,” you protested weakly, but then his thumb was on your clit and you didn’t really have much of a choice but to get loud.
Your moan turned a few heads, but you closed your eyes and tried to ignore it.
“Come on, doll, let’s give them another show- they’ll like this one a lot better than mine, I bet,” he encouraged.
“Fuck,” you whispered.
“Do you want it?” he pressed.
“Yes,” you whispered.
“What was that?”
“Yes,” you said a little louder, growling with irritation.
“You wanna come?” he repeated and for a second you wondered if he honestly didn’t know, because of course he knew but he wouldn’t stop asking about it.
“Yes, fuck, please, Jaskier,” you begged.
“Come on my fingers, gorgeous.  Come for me.”
“Yes!” you yelped, much louder than you intended, and you obeyed his command.  You felt yourself tighten around him: not just his fingers, but your hands gripping his doublet and even your legs pushing together.
In spite of all that, he didn’t stop.  You threw your head back and really tried to keep quiet but it didn’t go very well.
“You’re so tight, baby, and so fucking wet,” he observed, looking at you with an expression that was just dripping with lust and desire and heat.
“Yours,” you whimpered.  He smiled, leaning closer to bite your neck. 
“I know, baby, I know you’re mine,” he soothed, his fingers only pushing into you faster and deeper.  “Ready for the encore?”  
You gasped, not sure if you could manage to keep even slightly quiet through another orgasm- but you realized that was probably his goal. 
“Fuck, fuck, Jaskier, oh gods-” you stammered.
“You won’t be able to keep quiet,” he grinned, “I can stop if you want.”“No, please don’t stop,” you begged, “I need more, please.”  He laughed.
“Yeah, that’s what I thought.”
“Jaskier, oh fuck, Jask-”
“You’re gonna come again?”
“Yes,” you groaned, your whole body feeling limp and liquid under his touch.  His kisses on your neck got hotter, needier, and you managed to be lucid enough to grab his hair and wrench his lips onto yours, hoping to suppress your noises with a kiss.  It mostly worked, though the kiss itself was so wonderful that it probably did more to increase your volume all things considered.
You started to buck and gyrate onto his fingers as you came, your hands unintentionally pulling on his hair which made him moan as well.
You were just starting to come down from your high when you heard a very unexpected noise: applause, and you opened your eyes to see a few of the nearest patrons looking at you as they clapped.  You felt your face get very hot as you realized they’d probably watched you this whole time, and knew exactly what had happened.  
“Wanna take a bow?” Jaskier whispered into your ear as he pulled out his fingers and let your skirt fall back to your ankles.
“I wanna take a nap.  And never come back to this pub, ever,” you groaned, though you were still trying to catch your breath.
“Oh don’t worry about that, love.  I’m sure we’re banned for life.”
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