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hscharts · an hour ago
Chart Update 2022-05-16 20:04 UTC
As It Was:
US Radio Weekly Top 40: #1 (=)
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Fine Line:
Kworb Live iTunes Album US: #62 (+1)
Kworb Live iTunes Album UK: #58 (-5)
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hstylesloverr · 2 hours ago
dad!harry x singer!yn
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yourinstagram i don’t know what i did to my hair :/
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harrystyles You’re so gorgeous
yourinstagram i can’t say anything to your face
harrystyles ‘Cause look at your face
yourinstagram and i’m so furious
harrystyles At you for making me feel this way
yourinstagram but what can i say?
harrystyles You’re gorgeous.
taylorswift13 You guys need to stop
yourinstagram you should see us singing don’t blame me
ynfan9 Y/N is the best reputation stan
yourinstagram reputation slayed
bellahadid Gorgeous in orange
ynfan3 for blackpink's cb Y/N always dyed her hair does that mean there will be another cb?
annetwist Beautiful! 🧡
yntaylorbff i literally love the friendship harry taylor and Y/N have
username the music industry
devonleecarlson ‘cause girl ur perfect u always worth it and u deserve it 😙
ynfan4 her thighs oh my god i'm losing my mind
harryfan2 today is the last show of the Y/N’s tour i want to cry
harryfan6 is she performing at coachella???
ynfannn we don’t know probably no
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We have to remember that, despite not being confirmed yet, it is very likely that Y/N will not perform at Coachella this year, so we would have to wait even longer to see her on stage. We also have to remember that she is now the mother of a beautiful boy and both they and Harry need their respective privacy! However, this tour was spectacular and she completely slayed, and congratulations to the people who had the opportunity to go see her!
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ynfan2 the best fucking tour of all time
ynfan4 Why is she not performing at Coachella?
harryfan1 it is not known, but it is probably because she needs to rest and relax from so many shows
ynfan3 harry liked 🥲 he’s the most supportive boyfriend
ynfan7 she’s even more beautiful in person
harryfan8 i love her so much
ynfan5 “she completely slayed” SAY IT
harryfan7 harry went to Y/N’s last concert?
harryandyn yes! he even throw flowers to her
ynfann4 Y/N is so cute 🥺🥺🥺🥺
harryfan3 another day another slay
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ynupdates YN’s manager about Y/N attending at Coachella.
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ynfan1 people on twitter are being so mean ☹️ they don’t understand that Y/N is a person and gets tired too
harryfan3 i think i’ve seen this film before…
username ?????
harryfan3 when Y/N was pregnant with logan during the months before the quarantine she didn't do any performance either
ynfan7 at least we'll see y/n at coachella supporting harry
harryfan4 literally her manager just told us there's going to be a world tour not too far away
username i'm just thinking about the fact that y/n and logan are going to see harry at coachella
harryfan8 the people who criticize her are very funny 😭 as if it was very easy to be a public figure known worldwide and also be the mother of a 2 year old kid
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yourinstagram Harry’s House. May 20. 🌟💗
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ynfan1 she’s so supportive 😭
harrystyles I love you. Forever Xx
yourinstagram ❤️
taylorswift13 So excited! 💙
username Y/N posting this knowing this album is for her
bellahadid I'm going to listen to this album on repeat
yourinstagram as you should
arianagrande it’s already the aoty 🤍
yourinstagram he is going to win so many grammys for this
harrystyles Stop it. You make me blush
harryfan3 harry's house has overtaken harry styles?
yourinstagram believe me when i tell you that this album is something that will leave you open-mouthed to all
harryfan7 She's as excited about this album as all of us 🥺
yourmom 👑
ynfan2 y/n's mom being harry's fan even before y/n and harry started dating 😭😭😭
harryfan9 we all know y/n's mom must have freaked out when y/n told her she was seeing harry
username it was probably thanks to her mother that y/n knew of harry's existence lol
gemmastyles ❤️❤️❤️
ynfan4 i need y/n and harry to get married
username orange looks so good on her
harryfan6 THE THIRD PIC HARRY AND LOGAN 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
username logan is a daddy’s boy
harryfan2 The album being called Harry's House and Y/N puts pictures of her and logan. She knows what she's doing.
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missegyptiana · 4 hours ago
so here’s why i think harry styles being hot + cute is illegal
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r-nadie · 14 hours ago
You know is nota the dame as it was.
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rainbowrevuse28 · 20 hours ago
an apology in advance to the person i will become in 5 days…
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0nlythrowharrybeaux · 20 hours ago
Harry playing the tubular bells in “As It Was” 😂
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insecxiety · a day ago
why are you're sitting at home on the floor? what kind of pills are you on?
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bbgoodstore · a day ago
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Happy Sunday ☀️
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wendersfive · a day ago
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HS 2022  As It Was edit  x  x Thanks for the lyrics (spoilers) x I’m learning a new program..You know it’s not the same as it was. As it was.
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hscharts · 2 hours ago
Chart Update 2022-05-16 19:04 UTC
As It Was:
Worldwide iTunes Daily Popularity Chart: #1 (=)
Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart: #1 (=)
View all the current chart positions for As It Was
Fine Line:
Worldwide iTunes Album Chart: #86 (+18)
Worldwide Apple Music Album Chart: #28 (+1)
Kworb Live iTunes Album US: #63 (-3)
Kworb Live iTunes Album UK: #53 (-3)
Kworb Live AppleMusic Album UK: #26 (+2)
View all the current chart positions for Fine Line
Watermelon Sugar:
Worldwide iTunes Daily Popularity Chart: no longer on chart
Worldwide Apple Music Song Chart: #81 (-19)
View all the current chart positions for Watermelon Sugar
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jupiterineroda · a day ago
when a fellow harrie walks by singing as it was, as it plays in target and you just like 🥹🥹🥹🥹🥹 hello comrade 🖖🏽 lmao
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fidnn · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cantquitu · 2 days ago
"What if The Strokes covered As It Was by Harry Styles?"
This is so accurate it blew my fucking mind!!🤯
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pperoncini · 2 days ago
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No puedo dejar de escucharte... come on, harry, we wanna say goodnight to you!. ✨
•créditos a quien le corresponda la foto🌱
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hstylesloverr · 2 days ago
hey, if you are still taking requests, can u make an instagram with lila moss?
fc: lila moss.
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yourinstagram only 7 days for harry’s house 💗 fine line i will love you forever
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harryfan1 she’s soooo supportive i love them
harrystyles Loveee yaaaaaa
harryfan5 what was ur favorite moment of as it was bts?
yourinstagram every moment was amazing! but harry with the baby made things in me
username she’s so ugly
harryfan3 she’s more beautiful than u tho
harryfan7 she is in italy with harry what do i do to have her life
username i’m new at the fandom and i just wanted to ask how long have they been together?
harryfan4 they are very private when it comes to their relationship outside of the professional field but since they were first seen together a year and several months ago
harryfan8 literally Y/N posts more harry's house stuff than harry
harryandyn the way Y/N probably hasn't even listened to the album because she prefers to live it as a fan makes me love her even more
harryfann Y/N is the #1 fine line stan
yourinstagram everybody knows that 💅
ynflower it girl
harryfan4 Y/N gives the whole vibe of augustine by folklore’s taylor swift
harryupdates via instagram post
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harryupdates Harry and Y/N recently in Italy yesterday at night and today in the morning.
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ynandharry They’re so 🥺
harryfan1 they are probably enjoying as long as they can and resting before harry's house leaves and harry's tour starts
harryfan7 where does Y/N works?
harryfan3 she is the CEO of an interior design agency
harryfan6 they look so happy 🥹
harryandyn it is the first album that will have songs about yn 🥺🥺🥺💗
ynpics my parents
harryfan9 harry loves her so much it hurts
harryfan2 ugh im so jealous of y/n
harryyyfann the whole fandom:
ynflower they probably are in Italy bc tomorrow it’s Y/N's birthday
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harrystyles Happy birthday to my muse, my partner, my best friend and the love of my life. I love you to infinity and beyond -H.
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harryfan1 “i love you to infinity and beyond.” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
kendalljenner Happy birthdayyy I love you Y/N ❤️
yourinstagram i love you so much my rockstar i’m sick of love bc of u
harrystyles I feel the same
yourinstagram you have so many pics of me why you put that one i look like 15😭😭😭
harrystyles Is my favorite one you look beautiful also
yourinstagram i love youuuuuuu thank u for putting up with me despite being a taurus 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
harrystyles You are so freak
yourinstagram Little Freak on all streaming platforms May 20 💖🌟
harrystyles I love you
harryfan2 the conversation harry and yn have had through replies 😭😭😭😭 i love them so much
harryfan7 and how Y/N put an ad for harry's house 😭 she’s so iconic
harryandyn She’s the one
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florencepugh Love you guys
taylorswift13 ❤️
yourinstagram This Love is incredible you’re a genius
harryfan9 everyone is going crazy on twitter
mitchrowland It's a good photo removing the crazy woman next
yourinstagram i hate you
via twitter
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underthelightstonight · 2 days ago
Okay... This is the kind of enthusiasm Harry deserves!!!
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finexbright · 2 days ago
a legend
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londonharry · 2 days ago
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I am objectifying
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twoam-whodoyoulove · 3 days ago
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At this point they are trolling me.
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harryisart · 3 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
As It Was | Behind The Scenes
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