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theoutcastofthenight · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I've been rewatching Haikyuu and darn it, i just fell in love with all the characters all over again. I love these dorks <3
I was in dire need of some positivity and motivation so.. here you go!
Stay strong <3 If you are going through a rough time right now, know that there are good times waiting for you on the other side. You need to experience the bad to appreciate the good. Here are some volleyball dorks to cheer you on in the meantime.
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jennycornguy · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Some asanoya interactions at home because I’m a sucker for them.
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aitaikimochi · 3 years ago
Free! Dive to the Future new Opening “Heading to over” is SO GOOD AND AMAZING!!!!!!
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freeniechan · 3 years ago
Ten reasons to ADORE Haikyuus’s GIANT ASS PILE OF MOCHI better known as KAGEYAMA TOBIO
I wrote this as motivation for those of you who don’t know what to watch next, and to relate to those of you that have already watched. Regardless of who you are, welcome to my first ever fangirl rant. I hope you enjoy.
1. He’s emits a cool yet grumpy kind of aura, like most stereotypical bitchy anime guys *cough cough* sasuke, but you know what makes him different? Sure he knows how to be angry and cocky, but did you expect him to know how to blush, cry, and fanboy too? To put it simply, he’s an intense guy, with intense emotions, and him being soft, is fucking everything.
Tumblr media
2. He’s mature yet immature cause he picks fights with the protagonist all the time, but then again he is the only one on his team that couldn’t give a shit about their “sexy” manager (other than tsukishima). Not to be hateful, I just don’t see the big deal. But ya know, anime logic.
Tumblr media
3. He’s a genius that knows nearly everything when it comes to volleyball, and yet he has failing grades in his classes and gets giddy over his senpais, or himself and hinata, pulling off intricate plays/techniques (this is one of the many scenarios in which he blushes).
Tumblr media
4. He’s lazy af when he’s not playing or practicing volleyball and you know it because he’s always napping in vehicles and in class (probably why he has failing grades).
Tumblr media
5. The only thing he loves as much as volleyball is food, and the excitement he gets when he’s about to eat along with the faces he makes while he’s eating as well as the fuckin way in which he eats is one of the cutest things in existence.
Tumblr media
6. He acts super intense on the court, so when he gets intimidated it’s cute as fuck and it usually takes place in the form of mumbling, brow quivering, or unresponsiveness.
Tumblr media
7. When he is being intense it’s not nearly as adorable, it’s just hot. And no matter what the reason may be for him pulling his “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you” face, or for staring at you like a horrific doll, or for flashing a devious little koro sensei smile at you, I think we can all infer from this (or from three seasons worth of kaegeyama fluff in others’ cases) that it’s the cherry on top, and a juicy one at that.
Tumblr media
8. He’s super awkward when it comes to aspects of socializing which is why he’s not “popular” at all. It’s so cute how lonely he is off court. He can’t give compliments, he can’t properly respond to them no matter who they’re from, and he can’t give a heart felt smile to anyone without looking creepy.
Tumblr media
9. Regardless of the fact that he’s a nonsocial athlete it’s likely that he cares the most about his appearance amongst all of them. I mean, he’s the only one that files his nails before practice and unlike, nearly everyone else, he has more than four outfits. Now wouldn’t you just love a fashionable kageyama? I know I would.
Tumblr media
10. He had the best and most prominent character development. He went from a cocky dictator to the striving setter that trusts his teammates and works to better himself. He can finally look at his teammates as people he counts on and wants to make proud, not just useless pawns who reside in his court space. To put it simply, he has a family now, and he’s one of 13, more like 12 if you ask me but, I don’t think I need to be naming names.
Tumblr media
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haik-choo · a year ago
waking up next to the karasuno second & third years
request: the waking up next to the first years hcs was the purest most adorable thing i’ve ever read 🥺🥺🥺could u do one with the second or third years too?
a/n: thank you so much for loving the first one i did! i’m sorry i haven’t been as active, i go in and out of a creative mindset and this quarantine isn’t really pushing me to stay creative. i just sleep most of the time LOL. here it is! :)
-nishinoya, tanaka, daichi, sugawara, asahi
nishinoya yuu.
waking up next to nishinoya yuu isn’t filled with excitement or him jumping off the walls, like you might expect it to be. i feel like the first ten minutesof waking up for him are really slow, like he’s just barely opening his eyes and looking at the ceiling.
for some reason i really feel like he wakes up before you. he goes to bed at like two am, but wakes up at eight am to practice or go on a little jog. 
but every time he wakes up, the first thing he looks at is you. your peaceful state, your slow-rising chest, the little breaths leaving your slightly parted lips. noya is a really emotional person, and I can bet you real money that he gets real giddy seeing you next to him.
you don’t usually sleep in his arms because he’s a wild sleeper and probably starfishes, so when he wakes up his limbs are sprawled out, some on you, some hanging off the bed. and he just barely turns his head at there you are in your morning glory. 
his heart literally swells five sizes bigger. he’ll shift over to be next to you and move your hair out of your face or just mess with the hair at the top of your head, basking in the love you cause him to feel.
after a few minutes of doing that, he’ll let out a big ol’ sigh and wrap his arms around you, squeezing tight to wake you up.
“mmm,,,,noya, what are you doing,,,” “i’m just feeling grateful :)” 
and you look up at him, and there’s a feeling of security that fills you. he may not be the biggest or strongest, but the light in his eyes and the warmth in his arms that he wraps around you make you feel safe. 
not to mention that his hair is down and sticking out everywhere. it’s a cute picture that only you’ll ever see
you return his gesture and wrap your arms around him, thinking about different ways to make him stay in bed instead of going out for a jog.
basically; the morning is filled with hugs and soft smiles, knowing looks and arms that evoke the feeling of being safe and being loved. his hair is wild, and his hands are tugging at your own strands. 
tanaka ryuunosuke.
you two almost always wake up in the same position, his arms spread out, your head resting on one of them, one of his legs propped up like a tent and the other flat on the bed, you curled up against his side. since he’s a touch-starved individual, he finds any excuse for you two to be as close as possible every second of every day. 
you both actually wake up a few minutes apart, whoever wakes up first is a coin toss. and when you wake up first, you get to see his face void of the tension is usually has, his mouth is a little open with small snores coming out, his fingers twitching every few seconds
tanaka’s body reacts before he does, so even if you try to get up, his arms just holds onto you and keep you attached to his side. he swears he doesn’t do it on purpose, and that his body just needs you :’) 
on days when he wakes up before you he stays as still as stone. no joke, he’s so afraid of waking you up and experiencing your wrath that he just. freezes
but as he’s frozen, he takes the time to just stare. no smile on his face, he just stares, drinking in your sleeping form. he occasionally takes a change and slowly turns, stretching out his arm for his phone on the side table. when he can reach it, you can bet he has 200+ new photos of your sleeping and he makes them his screen savers
the second he sees your stir awake lightly, he pounces on you an covers your face in little kithes and saves your lips for last. sometimes he’ll wait until you open your eyes and look at him, pouting like “where’s my real kisses :(” before he gives you a big boy smooch
you giggle and caress his chest with your hand, happy that he wakes you up like a queen everyday. trust me, he’s happy he gets to be the guy whose face you see first thing in the morning
he usually scrolls through his phone for like an hour before getting out of bed, and you just sit there and watch tik toks with him. you two my wake up at roughly the same time, but you get out of bed before him to make some morning smoothies (he totally asks for a protein shake AGAGA) 
basically; your mornings get started at the same time, and he loves to make sure you’re up by pelting you with kisses that you love. you scroll through tik tok while being smushed next to his chest before you get up to make breakfast. 
daichi sawamura.
not gonna lie, when he wakes up he spend like a minute or two in bed at MOST, he hates just staying in bed because he feels like he could so much more productive than lie around and do nothing. you, on the other hand, wouldn’t mind staying in bed for the entire day. 
so here’s the way it usually goes: he wakes up a minute before his alarm (7:00am) and just quickly sighs before reaching over you and turning it off so it doesn’t wake you up. then he kisses your forehead (his breath smells bad, so he’s not going to kiss your lips) before getting up and washing up. he gets ready to go on a jog, and he kisses your shoulder before he sets out on his journey.
but every once in a while, there’s something wonderful that happens. he doesn’t feel like working out. he wakes up at the same time, but he just doesn’t feel like doing anything. on those days, he completely indulges in your warmth.
he doesn’t care if he wakes you up and hoists you up so you’re completely laying on his body. of course you wake up, but you already know what’s going to happen, so you just softly groan. “so you don’t feel like getting up and decide to wake me up? really?” “yes, really” “’re lucky i love you” “im the luckiest man alive” 
you two actually talk during mornings like those, you love pressing an ear against his chest and hearing the vibrations his voice causes. it’s like calming background noise to you. 
“are,,,you even listening. we’ve got a lot to do today” “i’ve been ignoring everything after you said ‘getting up’“ “...of course you have”
you haveto convince him to stay even longer in bed, because he really hates staying in bed, like he just wants to make “eggs or fucking toast or an OMLETTE PLEASE I JUST WANT TO DO SOMETHING”
in order to persuade him to stay for a little longer, you usually just kiss him. normally he hates morning breath, but when it’s you kissing him so tenderly he can make an exception or two
ngl it usually leads to making out or morning sex, like i said he needs to do SOMETHING 
basically; you wake up like a married couple. normally he gets up right away, but every once in a while he;ll decide to spend some extra time with the love of his life, and that time is usually spent kissing and...doing other things ;) 
sugawara koushi.
instead of you waking up in his arms, he wakes up in your arms. like his face is pressed against your chest and your arms is haphazardly resting over his shoulder. his arms are undoubtedly around your waist, his lags entangled with yours
every morning, without fail, he wakes up first and somehow slip out of your position and into the bathroom to wash his face and brush his teeth before making two cups of coffee and coming back into the bedroom, setting them on the nightstand, and crawling back into bed with you
usually he sits up in bed and moves you to rest your head in his lap so he can reach over to sip at his drink. his hands comb through your hair and he trifles through his emails just incase some parent messages him about something
sometimes he’ll stop scrolling at look down at you, feeling happy and 100% sure that he has the greatest life; first he wakes up in your arms, spends time with you, spends time with kids, and them spends more time with you 
the school he teaches at starts at like twelve pm, so he likes to take his time waking up so he’s as happy as possible. and spending a lot of time with you is key to that.
can only wait for so long before he pokes your side until you wake up. the entire time he’s like “please wake up” “i’ve got work in like four hours! let’s do something!” “i’ll make breakfast if you give me sufficient payment ;)” 
literally the second you wake up he props you up and you look drunk as hell when you first wake up but he still thinks you’re beautiful <3 cute rat 
he rests your head on his shoulder and kisses you until you’re fully awake, you don’t always kiss back but that’s because you’re not fully there  and you’re just,,, “is there a bird pecking at me? what the hell - oh, it’s koushi” 
“can’t you wake me up like a normal person?” “no, i like kissing you awake. isn’t that cute? :)” “not when you kiss like a bird.” “so you have,,,,chosen death?”
when he’s feeling extra happy he has no issue putting you on his lap, facing him. he wraps your arms around him before doing the same to you and burying his face in your neck and humming a soft tune. he’s just such a calming presence that sometimes you fall back asleep in his lap :’)
basically; it’s a cute and happy morning as he rests you on his lap and peppers your lips with kisses to wake you up. playful banter is included, and so it coffee breath.  
asahi azumane.
he would love to wake up to you pressed to his side, but he gets hot really easily, so he cant hold you to sleep. he totally hugs a small pillow to sleep and you can old press up against his back, which he doesn’t mind. 
he’s the type to wake up at ten am naturally, and every morning he yawns and stretches out his arms, rolling back a little before yelping at the feeling of you getting quietly crushed beneath him
when he realizes that it’s just you, his heart beat stabilizes and he turns over, flipping the sheets off of him to he doesn’t overheat, and grabs you hands, lacing his fingers through with yours
you’ve been dating for a while, so he’s completely comfortable doing skinship with you. he’s not embarrassed at how much he loves you. he likes to gently caress your face with his hands, his thumbs brushing over your cheekbones and sometimes across your bottom lip
no lie, waking up with asahi is the softest thing ever. he gives you one single kiss on your cheek, letting it linger for a few seconds before pulling away to see your eyes cracked open
by this time he’s lightly hovering over you, and he just lets out a slightly bashful smiles and leans down, his forehead pressing against yours
you think that you must’ve saved a cat orphanage in your past life in order to get he delicious treat of waking up with asahi’s face in front of yours everyday 
“good morning to you, too, azumane” “morning :)” “did you have that weird dream again?” “the one where hinata grows to be eight foot three and dunks me in a basketball hoop and leaves me up there and becomes the ace?” “yeah” “yes. yes i did.thanks for reminding me.” 
sometimes asks for extra cuddles before getting up to take a shower, and when you say yes he just :):):) and envelops you in his warm embrace and rubs his beard goatee thing on your forehead as you grovel in pain because it’s in that in-between phase where it’s scratchy and long 
honestly struggles to get up in the morning because he really loves just laying and existing with you, his mind not focused or worried about anything but the way your chest rises slightly out of sync with his, and sometimes he imagines your chest heaving beneath his,,,,but hat’s astory for antoher time
basically; waking up with him is like a fairy tale. his gently lips and even gentler arms wake you up like a queen, and he makes sure that you feel the same way he does. sometimes there’s extra cuddles, sometimes there’s some showering together. 
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littleskrib · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
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quinn-dalim · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
so i guess, Asahi did go on wild-mode after entering university.....                  a men’s gotta live up to his image at some point in his life
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victuuri-makes-history · 3 years ago
When fandoms collide
Did anybody else catch Makoto saying Asahi moved to Kyushu after he left Iwatobi?
Karatsu (which Hasetsu is based on) is in the island of Kyushu.
So Asahi left to go to Kyushu and lived another life as a figure skater for a while only to return to Tokyo and start his old life again.
TDLR: Basically, Asahi and Yuuri are both voiced by Tosshi Toyonaga and the writers decided to make an inside joke.
Tumblr media
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theoutcastofthenight · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Anonymous asked:
Hi, I love your art! Could you please draw asanoya trying some other sport (maybe soccer)? Also, you rock! ;) 
Thank you so much, anon! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Here’s some soccer boys for ya!
I had a lot of fun with this! Though, i know next to nothing about soccer so if there are any inaccuracies, i apologise ┐(‘~`;)┌
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k-suga · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
lolllll they’re so extra
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