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Roadtrip Headcanon

- Bolin would be the one to suggest the idea, obviously. A 3-week trip with the whole team, using the transports they could find on the way.

- Lin wouldn’t want to go at first because she had better perceptions of how to spend her vacation than being stuck in a train with 4 teenagers, plus Bumi.

- Kya would find the idea wonderful. She was always trying to get Lin out of Republic City and that seemed like the perfect occasion.

- Lin always thought it was very difficult to say no when Kya made puppy eyes.

- She would have liked to say, though, when at the first stop before entering the Earth kingdom her suitcase wasn’t unloaded like the others.

- Bolin and Korra would try to hold their jokes at the fact that Chief Beifong’s suitcase was misplaced.

- At night they would stop at an inn. There were 2 rooms available. Which meant, boys in one, girls in another. Lin would already be without any kind of self-control over her acidity.

- Kya’s clothes got too big on her, she didn’t even want to try Asami’s. So she was forced to wear the clothes of a water tribe teenage girl.

- As soon as she left the bathroom, the 3 women in the room started laughing. Korra would laugh so hard her belly would start to hurt at some point.

-Lin would just sit on the bed, rolling her eyes and regretting the moment she agreed to make that trip.

- Kya would sit next to her and lean over her shoulder to whisper “I didn’t know you could get even sexier”. The way she smiled and the way her eyes lit up made Lin’s temper disappear.

- Korra and Lin agreed to leave the beds for Asami and Kya. And after three rounds of Pai Sho, of which Asami won 2 and Lin the last, they decided to sleep.

- In the middle of the night, however, Kya would poke Lin on the floor. Enough to be annoying and make the police chief to get into bed with her.

- Lin’s suitcase could arrive the next morning and Kya wanted to appreciate those muscles in the water tribe’s clothes as much as she could.

- The next morning, Lin would jump out of bed the moment she opened her eyes. Completely red cheeks from sleeping with her girlfriend in the same single bed when Asami and Korra were in the room.

- But as soon as she got used to the light, she saw a glimpse of blue clothing under Asami’s blankets, as well as brown hair.

- Lin took a deep breath and returned to Kya’s warm arms, hoping Bolin would wake up only three hours later. Or never.

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“Fiction and nonfiction are not so easily divided. Fiction may not be real, but it’s true; it goes beyond the garland of facts to get to emotional and psychological truths.”
―Yann Martel

Groaning, Asami awoke with hazy vision. Rubbing the blurriness from her eyes, she was welcomed with a gorgeous blue sky above that reminded her of Korra’s eyes. Heat wrapped around her body like a much-needed blanket on a cold winter’s evening, but the scene around her was anything but that.

For a few precious moments, she blinked slowly at the sky, basking in the lush grassy field that kissed her body and tickled her fingers. She sat up slowly, rubbed her forehead and brushed her hair back. In the distance, a town awaited her, humming with activity.

Where was she?

Where were the others?

Catch up or read what’s out so far:

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Lin: Okay…I need your help in… Expressing…my feelings.

Korra: …of course.



Lin: Well? How do I express my feelings?

Korra: Oh! Yeah, I see. Right!Feelings.

Lin: Feelings.

Korra: Girls.

Lin: Girls.

Korra: Asami?

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swing that way has received an update 😈


[The bed at the center of the room was inviting, to say the least, both in appearance and the promises it held therein given the three women in its presence. But deciding that her earlier interruption should be rectified, Asami continued her stroll across the room and seated herself at an armchair parallel to the bed. Korra and Kuvira had paused and Kuvira looked over at her curiously while Korra turned towards her, her gaze trained on Kuvira. Asami spoke to both of them but mostly regarded Kuvira. “I find myself remiss for having interrupted downstairs. Continue, please.”

She looked back at Korra who seemed to be studying her face. Although still apprehensive, she took Kuvira’s other hand in hers to pull them closer together. She placed a short, tender kiss Kuvira’s lips and pulled back to look at her again. She asked gently, “Is this…”

“Yes,” Kuvira interrupted, extricating her hands from Korra’s in order to place one on her jaw and the other on her waist, pulling her in to press heated kisses against her lips. Korra immediately returned the gesture, pushing her body closer into Kuvira’s and finding a place for her hands on Kuvira’s waist. The meeting of their lips continued to gain intensity and momentum as Korra began pulling them towards the bed.]

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anyone know any fics on ao3 where korra is comforting asami 😀 not that i don’t like asami being the one to comfort korra it’s just that i’ve read a lot of those and i just wanted to see what would happen if the roles were switched

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Bc this post encouraged me to

[ID: a screencap redraw of Korra and Asami from season 3 done in pencil. Korra is unconscious, leaning to the left. Asami sits upright behind her, looking surprised. Asami is holding Korra up with one hand on the right under her arm and the other holds a harness strap while also holding her in place. End ID]

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Recently I finally watched LoK and these two were lovely. So have a little edit of our Avatar from the Water Tribe and her Republic City girl.

🌊 Korra x Asami Sato 🌊

Day 25: Water for @femslashfeb

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by argentumlupine

Author’s summary: Tag to 1x07: The Aftermath. Lin prefers to deal with hurt in private. If only the Avatar would leave her alone.

Podfic of the story by frith_in_thorns.

Words: 24, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Avatar: Legend of Korra’
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❤🖤Sexy Asami! A beauty. What do you think of my art? Comment below! I Love you!🙂😀

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~ ArtworxLegacy aka Danai Willis Martinez 👑

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Kya: I can’t believe your passcode is Asami’s birthday.

Korra: [takes Kya’s phone]

Kya: Hey!

Korra: Lin, when were you born?

Lin: September 8th, 1965.

Korra: Nine, eight, six, five.

Korra: [hands Kya her now unlocked phone]

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X: I don’t like Asami, they just created a smart beautiful girl who can whoop anyone’s ass, plus she had no character development.

Well, let me remind you that you

Can’t upgrade perfection.

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When bae swept you off your feet ❤❤💞

P.S. You can find me too in ig @jayyques , I post oc art and other fan arts there.

Cheers everyone! 

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K: Was the no-scope necessary?

A: Payback for the axe throw in the last match


If you ever go against Asami when she’s sniping, don’t blink or you’re dead

Korra knows how to throw an actual boomerang, throwing an axe in a game is child’s play

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another one! my anatomy skills are lacking but i will get there lmao

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