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Idk if I’ve said this before but I honestly don’t care much for most of the haikyuu ships

I mean I’ll reblog posts about them bc I think they’re funny but mostly I just like their friendships

There’s only five ships I actually like, and out of those only two that I really go hard for

5. Tsukkishima/Yamaguchi/Yachi, don’t @ me they’re all cute

4. Tanaka and Kiyoko, idk the heterosexual 13 year old in me just jumped out, okay??

3. Iwaoi, I do ship it bc it’s funny but I kinda forget about it all the time ngl

2. Asanoya, the first ship I really loved in the whole show, they’re in Egypt on their honeymoon rn and I WILL fight you on that

1. BokuAka, I don’t even see any reason for me to justify it, we ALL know that they’re married

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does anyone know what happened to @/agaassi?? their account has been deleted, and when i click on their tags that i follow all the posts are gone. they wrote the haikyuu “daddy diares” series, with that one bokuto smau where the reader got pregnant and they called the baby like “little bean” or something like that. they’re pretty prominent here on haikyuu tumblr? she had like 3k or so. idk. she just had really good content and i used to send her asks and stuff. a very nice person.

i’m gonna use a bunch of haikyuu tags so that hopefully some people see this. please like / reblog or dm me if you know what happened to her.

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Kagehina: Poking fun at each other. They literally call each other dumbass and idiot. I’m not even joking that’s what they’re doing in real life. But they spend hours, literally hours, calling the other, having Netflix parties, just TALKING, ASK EACH OTHER OUT ALREADY

Daisuga: flirting with each other through group chats. They’ve beEN DOING IT FOR YEARS. Everyone knows they like each other. Ask each other out already. But nooOOOO they’re still flirting.

AsaNoya: Person A is panicking every time Person B texts them, because Person B just SHAMELESSLY FLIRTING with them at every chance they get.

TsukkiYama: Families are in the same bubble, they might as well be living together. Want to do a zoom call with them? No worries, they’ll be on with matching pajamas using the same computer.

EnnoTana: Person A is loudly proclaiming their love to Person B every chance they get, in zoom calls, group chats, anything.. Person B pretends to hate it but is privately panicking to person c because “oh my god they’re doing it again”

KinoNari: call each other pet names. “Are you dating already?” Person C asks. “Definitely not, right sweetie?” “Of course not, darling.” They’re dating already and judging everyone else for not getting their shit together.

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Welcome to Koganimifics!

I’m koganimi, and the premise of the blog is you can request a ship, prompt etc and I’ll write a short little blurb about it! I’ll try to keep the word count maybe between 800-1k, but if I’m really passionate I’ll make it bigger.

Currently I am writing only for Haikyuu and BNHA because that’s what I’m most experienced in. However, if you are okay with mischaracterization then feel free to request something else! Who knows, if it’s a media I happen to know maybe I’ll write for it…

And before you ask, I am not writing NSFW or x readers!

If you have any questions feel free to DM me or send an ask! Thank you so much for reading!!

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when hinata remembered kageyama saying “as long as i’m here you’re invincible” to him months later and repeated his words back to him and when akaashi said “watching bokuto-san in top form is very satisfying“ and he analysed his every detail to the point of knowing him better than he knows himself and when nishinoya said he would not come back to the team if asahi didn’t and when kenma kept playing volleyball despite of him not caring about it because it made kuroo happy and when tsukki asked yamaguchi “when did you become so cool” and smiled after being scolded by him and when iwaizumi told oikawa “I couldn’t be prouder to have you as my partner and you are absolutely the best setter” and-

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