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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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been watching season 4 of nailed it and just… asdfghjkl guys… greg and david are murdering me. they are in my house. i’m dead. i’m absolutely dead. rip. i mean seriously look at these majestic cakes:


greg’s bursting masterpiece with his fucking grapes and the grape captain and his whale and idkwtf that pink thing is but i love everything about it


and david’s 90′s cake looks like the Y2K we were all expecting. also that is for sure a horror movie not a magazine and guys i can’t. i just?? i don’t know how he made this like how did he get here??  we saw you make this, but hoW!??!? DAVid bABy NO asdfghjkl i’m deeeeeead

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gallickingun here!!! hope you enjoyed the kiri thing!!! i know it might not have been the right direction so im sorry if it didnt live up to your expectations!!

ooomg noo it was amazing thank you !!! i loved every bit of it 🥰🥰🥰 your writing is amazing and i really appreciate you writing it out 💛 again, thank you so much!

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@tiigerking​ said: “ i want to be like you. “ for chandler !


         “ you want to be like me ? like me ? ” well, that just didn’t make much sense to chandler at all. he’s never had someone tell him that before. it wasn’t even that he was a terrible person —- because he’s not —– he just doesn’t think he’s any sort of role model. not to mention the dark cloud of fear following him wherever he goes. “ you don’t want to be like me. it’s much too stressful, i promise. ”

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@mcuntainbcrn​ said: 👀 [Yukina]

said  👀 and my muse will list three physically attractive things about your muse. ( accepting. )


“ this is surprisingly easy. your eyes, your hair, and your hands. your eyes because of their color and your hair because it looks beautiful in the sun. i don’t know why i said your hands, though… “

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