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I’ve seen an uptick in people saying they’re asexual because they dont have a partner (mostly younger people, which really worries me)

That’s not how it works

It’s never been how it works and I’m sorry that the ideas of aphobic asshats is so prevalent that their ideas of what asexuality is what you think it actually is

Asexuality is a lack of sexual attraction, not a lack of sexual action.

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I saw a thing I’m not commenting or elaborating on but I, an ace, have decided that the second of december is fanace day, even though there already is an official ace day, this is the unofficial fandom ace day where we celebrate characters not having to be sexually attracted to other characters to be happy or even in love. to platonic relationships, the romantic relationships without sex, to physical relationships where one of the characters is asexual but willing to offer sex. December 2nd is fanace day at least in my heart from now on, even if it’s never recognised or acknowledged by anyone else

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I don’t really feel comfortable with exclusionists in LGBTQIA+ communities. They aren’t experienced enough in being accepting and that’s what the LGBTQIA+ community is all about! It’s about how accepting you are, not who you’re accepting of! ☺️ You’re still valid though!!❤️❤️ #ValidbutnotLGBT

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If you ever ask me to help you try to figure out something about your identity, orientation, etc. just know that I’ll probably give you like a really long response.

Partially because I’m just kind of like that but also because back when I was questioning everything, I wanted people to give me really thorough explanations/responses because I was just desperately confused. 

But I was also scared of being annoying and didn’t want to ask too many questions, so I was usually left feeling like I wasn’t getting enough info.

Basically I’m just trying to give you the kind of time and effort and detail that I needed when I was younger.

So yeah. You’ve been warned lol

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Okay i have something to say!

Nothing has ever made me feel understood and valid like finding out my MBTI personality.

Like nothing really happened when I found out I was agender non-binary, like yeah i really don’t care about gender sometimes I even loathe it but it’s not something important in my life.

Finding out i was asexual was nice because hey I’ve never felt sexual attraction so that is me, and also the split attraction model helped me realize that me liking people based on their personality was not me being pansexual but panromantic and that was cool but still not ground breaking because again my sexuality is not a big deal, I’m still me i just now know what I am.

To be honest the closest i got was me learning about neurodiverse people and realizing I’m one of them, because even when I grew up knowing I have dyslexia and got professional help for my school problems at a very early age, nobody told me my brain worked differently than most people!

But doing the MBTI test, getting INFJ and getting scared by how accurate the description was but also relieved that there was nothing wrong with me, it’s just how my personality is, it’s just part of me, THAT was a great moment of self discovery!

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Fact: Contrary to popular belief, Tumblr or Aven did not invent asexuality or flavors on the Internet. They were forged at dawn by the first intangible matter brought by external forces unconsciously. the power of man’s greatest work.


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My growth (aka my identity crisis’) this year/the past two years:

Pan -> pan/ace -> bi?/ace-> lesbian?/ace -> queer/ace -> aro?*/ace

All to nothing bb! aofjskkfmd :))

*aro sounds right for me rn, but my brain is still like hnnn ie the question mark

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Today this person asked about my pronouns.

Now for context, this person is nonbinary, and we both speak Hebrew (which doesn’t have gender neutral pronouns so I just use masc ones) so it never really came up, and lately, after i came out as ace i decided to put my pronouns (in English) in my ig bio cuz why not.

And today, after noticing my pronouns, this friend dmed me about it and asked my pronouns in Hebrew. And I was so excited about it. I felt like that’s the true me. If beforehand I was still tackling the “cis guy who wants to be in this community” question, feeling that genuine happiness being regarded as nonbinary is the best thing to have happened to me in the last couple of days. That friend really helped me grasp who I am and I wanted to thank them publicly (even though they are unaware of this account so yeah).

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Hey there my good asexuals, I am writing me an asexual character and I just need a couple of u to give me some “shit shit shit i LIKE them” moments u had for those of u who do the crushes thing. Im bad at writing romance without it developing into poetry so honestly any romantic, non-sexual crush realization moments are appreciated thank u

Have a kahoot screenshot, u too have won first place

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#NoiEsistiamo Es gibt eine rechtliche Exklusion von aromantischen und asexuellen Diskriminierungsopfern in Italien und Das Ach So Tolerante Europa ™ sieht zu!

Zwei bis zur Unsichtbarkeit marginalisierte Gruppen einfach als scheinbar nicht queer genug und demnach nicht schutzbedürftig auszuschließen zeugt von allo- und amatonormativer Verachtung unserer Lebensrealität_en! Aromantische und asexuelle Menschen erleben Diskriminierung!  

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Older and elderly asexuals who don’t know that there’s such thing as asexuality, are on my mind constantly. may the efforts of asexual liberation reach and include you, too! you DESERVE to know!

the things I’ve learn since I picked up asexual activism + advocacy about the felt hopelessness are horrendous. I can’t tell you how much it means to find out about your own asexuality at a younger age ( - to accept and embrace it is a whole ‘nther thing also taking time & work)!

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