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ace-culture-is · 2 days ago
Ace culture is realizing that you interpretations for "attractive person" and "person one is attracted to" were TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT THINGS. HOW DID I SPEND SO MANY YEARS BELIEVING "ATTRACTIVE" MEANT "GOOD-LOOKING" AND NOT "I AM ATTRACTED TO THIS PERSON"
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asexual-society · a day ago
I’ve identified as asexual for years but recently I’ve been confused. For example, I like boobs. I’ve never desired sex with anyone, never been aroused except for fetishes, and for some reason I still like boobs. Is it sexual attraction? I don’t know. I think that I get aroused when I see them but I’m honestly not sure. I ~tingle~ downstairs so I’m sure it has to be arousal but how?? How can I be asexual yet feel sexual attraction??
You can be aroused by boobs (or anything really) while still being ace, it doesn't sound like you're sexually attracted to *people* because of their boobs. You're not any less ace for liking a body part. Lots of people, including asexual people, become aroused randomly, it doesn't necessarily mean you're sexually attracted to someone or that you want to have sex. You might be aegosexual if you have a disconnection between yourself and the subject of arousal, and you might also find this video that explains the difference between arousal and attraction to be helpful if you're having difficulty telling the two apart!
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Afab ace culture is being terrified of going to the gynecologist even though you know you probably should
I feel you but the alternatives are almost definitely worse
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chaoticacebigsister · a day ago
you know what, shoutout to all my hopeless romantic aros. you are seen and you are valid, and you are no less aro for enjoying romantic stuff. keep being you, i'm proud of you <3
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skiplo-wave · a day ago
Tumblr media
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violetcavalcades · 3 days ago
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Types of Tertiary Attraction Infographic
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another-confused-ace · 11 months ago
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Hey it’s ace week and you’re local ace has something to say! I’ve been out as ace for 3 years now and it’s still a big part of my identity that I’m proud of so here’s a lil something for those who need it!
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ace-culture-is · 23 hours ago
Ace culture is being confused when you hear someone tell a young couple not to go hook up in the bushes because why would anyone in their right mind want to do that and then remembering that normal people actually do this
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babblebunny · 9 months ago
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I’m calling this segment
✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Just Ace Things *:・゚✧*:・゚✧
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Hey uh reblog if you think asexuals are LGBTQ+ regardless of their romantic identity
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fcxhole · 5 months ago
today is the first international asexuality day! on this day, we celebrate those that are under the ace umbrella, including demisexual, gray-asexual, and all kinds of other ace identities.
asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction to others, or low or absent interest in or desire for sexual activity.
asexuality is valid. asexuality exists.
if you are an allosexual person, check in with your friends that are in the ace spectrum today! let them know you are with them every step of the way. and educate those who do not know what asexuality is.
and for us in the spectrum, let's use this day to celebrate our identity! we are in this together, let's not lose the community spirit. we have enough love for everyone.
sending love to my people, happy asexuality day!
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Ace culture is thinking you might be asensual as well but being so scared about it
It can be tough when you don't fit it with what society thinks is normal, but I think it's easier to bear when you have a name and a community to fall back on. Try on the labels, see if you find what you're looking for
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cort3d · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
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hard-times-paramore · 5 months ago
Being asexual is good, actually. Talking about being asexual is cool and good. Aces can have fun with their sexuality and pride too. Ace pride is a good thing.
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yellowfang89 · 3 months ago
Asexual labels explained using cereal
You are in a kitchen, opening a pantry door. It contains every brand of cereal in existence.
Libido- How hungry you are
Sexual Attraction- How appealing each cereal is to you
Sex-Repulsed- The mere act of eating cereal disturbs you. You flee the kitchen to watch Netflix instead.
Sex-Indifferent- Someone brings you a bowl of cereal. Even though you don’t crave cereal, you decide to eat some anyway. Maybe because you want the person to feel happy you’re eating something they provided you. Maybe you’re just that hungry. Regardless, you’re fine with eating it since it’s already there. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t care either.
Sex-favorable- Though you don’t particularly crave cereal, the act of eating cereal is enjoyable. So enjoyable, you go through the trouble of picking a brand to eat.
Asexual with low/no libido- You are rarely hungry, and none of the cereal appeals to you.
Asexual with average/high libido- You are often hungry, but none of the cereal appeals to you.
Aegosexual-  Eating cereal sounds fun in theory but not in practice. You certainly have no interest in eating cereal yourself. You’d rather fantasize about other people eating cereal, thankyouverymuch. 
Gray Asexual- You only like Lucky Charms and Apple Jacks. And maybe Fruity Pebbles but you’re not quite sure.
Demisexual- You see a box of Trix. You are familiar with the rabbit on the box, due to the commercials you’ve seen. You always sympathized with the rabbit for never getting any Trix. There are things in life you’ve wanted but have never gotten. You feel a bond with the rabbit. Suddenly that box of Trix looks tasty.
Fraysexual- You see a box of Cocoa Puffs. You have never heard of Cocoa Puffs in your life. But something about it is oh-so-appealing. You pour yourself a bowl. As you start to eat, you catch a commercial for Cocoa Puffs on TV. You now know what the mascot on the box is like. You lose interest in Cocoa Puffs for reasons you cannot explain.
Lithosexual- You notice a box of Fruit Loops. You feel an urge to eat it. Toucan Sam comes to life and asks you to eat them. This makes you uncomfortable, so you leave to watch Netflix with the sex-repulsed ace.
Reciprosexual- You have no interest in any of the cereal. Not even that box of Frosted Flakes. But Tony the Tiger shows up wanting you to eat the Frosted Flakes. Now that he wants you to eat Frosted Flakes, you want to eat Frosted Flakes. 
Cupiosexual- You want to eat cereal, but none of the cereal looks appealing. Maybe if you grab that box of Corn Flakes, it’ll become appealing to you later? It’s happened to other people. You consider grabbing that box of Corn Flakes, just in case.
Orchidsexual- Some of the cereal looks appealing, but you have no interest in eating cereal.
Aceflux- None of the cereal looks good, so you close the pantry. A few days later, you decide to open the pantry again. Now, some of those brands look appetizing. You check the pantry again the next day. None of the cereal looks good anymore.
Quoisexual- You have no idea if you like a cereal because you want to eat it, or if you just think the box art is pretty. Does liking the box art count as wanting to eat it? Do you just like the mascot? Does liking the mascot count as wanting to eat the cereal? After reading everything I’ve written, you are still confused. You bang your head against the pantry in frustration.
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arguablysomaya · 8 months ago
i love straight people because i’ll be doubting my sexuality then talk to straight people for 2 seconds and get struck by a bolt of queerness so strong it powers me for the rest of the semester. god bless
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being an ace/aro writer in a class of non-ace/aro writers is just a huge reminder than so many people don’t view found family or platonic partnership as something deeply emotional and important. Like I keep getting the question “why does character A care about character B if they aren’t attracted to each other?” or insinuations that romance and sex are the height of love and therefore should be in every story
like I’m tired of hearing “lol I really thought they were gonna get together at the end” just because there are two characters that care deeply for each other. They ARE together dummy, just not romantically or sexually!! There’s so much more to love than those two things.
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