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To all my old Asgard lovers - lets appreciate the beauty of this gorgeous rhelm again
(Before Marvel stopped caring and destroyed everything beautiful previous people built)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lokijiro · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Thor: The Dark World concept art, by Richard Anderson
source :
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prison-mikes-bandana · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
In spider man homecoming!! The Korean Church of asgard!!! People are worshipping the Norse gods again!!!
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noooomygabbages · a day ago
Here to spread Login crumbs
In Thor: Ragnarok where we get to see an above shot of Asgards city
Lokis theater has horns on it to resemble his helmet & right next to it, there is a building with a structure on it that resembles comic Sigyns headpiece aswell
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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wolfpup026 · 2 months ago
Loki gives Mobius a wardrobe update.
The armor design comes from concept art for Loki’s armor in Ragnarok! Got the idea for this animation after seeing a photoshop of Mobius’ face onto the armor concept, and I had to do it. 
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fuckyabuckybarnes · a month ago
I think it needs to be asked— (for amusement)
Did Odin’s magic have to do with Loki not becoming a ya know… a regular sized Jotun …
Or did he go goldfish mode when he grew up on Asgard & his body just sorta went “nope this is big enough for my surroundings. Could be bigger but this tank is too small”
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flyboy-and-fight-me · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
lord forgive me but Mobius in Asgardian get up has been living in my head rent free
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glenien · 4 months ago
When she sings, she sings “Come home”.
I stormsvarte fjell, jeg vandrer alene
Over isbreen tar jeg meg frem
I eplehagen står møyen den vene
og synger “Når kommer du hjem?”
Men traner danser og fossene stanser
når hun synger, hun synger “Kom hjem”
Men traner danser og fossene stanser
When she sings, she sings “Come home”
When she sings, she sings “Come home”
In storm-black mountains, I wander alone
Over the glacier I make my way
In the apple garden stands the maiden fair
and sings, “When will you come home?”
But cranes dance and the waterfalls stop
When she sings, she sings “Come home”
But cranes dance and the waterfalls stop
When she sings, she sings “Come home”
When she sings, she sings “Come home”
Translated from Norwegian by anbaric-eyes
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americancowgirl19 · 4 months ago
Three Days
Summary: You’ve been gone for three days and Loki is testing your patience. 
Warnings: fluff, smut, kinky shit
Reader: Male God Reader
Pairings: Bottom Loki x Top Reader
Word Count: 3,078
A/n: Sequel - He’s Mine
Tumblr media
Loki is a brat.
You were watching him from the corner of the ball room. The warriors were celebrating their latest victory against their opposers. Everyone seemed to be in their own little world but your world was off deliberately frustrating you.
You had accompanied Thor, the Warriors three, and Sif into battle. Loki stayed in Asgard nursing minor wounds from the fight before. You were gone for three days. Now that you’ve returned you had hoped to have some time with your beloved but he had other plans.
Nobody knew of your relationship. Although, you had suspicions that the queen knew. It wouldn’t surprise you, Frigga watched Loki both lovingly and protectively. You assumed she approved of the relationship otherwise she would have stopped it by now.
Since no one knew of your courtship with the younger prince of Asgard you couldn’t march up to him and demand his attention like you so desperately wanted too. All you could think about was storming through the crowd and pulling him from the two women he was enchanting with his smooth words.
While many of the women in Asgard flanked to Thor, the Warriors three, and even yourself, there are those who prefer the company of your mischievous god. Fandral never believed that a woman would look at Loki twice when he was in the room but you knew better. Loki was a ladies man, just more subtle than Fandral and Thor.
Loki whispered and quietly seduced while the other boasted, bragged, and hollered. However, in the end, Loki always ended up in your room begging to be in your bed. Tonight you didn’t want to wait to whisk him to the privacy of your quarters.
You wanted to claim him in front of everyone. You wanted to bend him over the table and fuck the whore out of him. You wanted everyone to see how submissive he is for you. You imagined him on his knees, his eyes looking up to you, waiting for your command.
You grew hard at the images racing through your brain. You hid your smirk behind your goblet of ale as Loki sent a subtle glance your way. You knew he was watching your mind. He was always connected to you in one way or another.
‘If you’re not in bed by the time I’m done with my drink I might just follow through with my little fantasy,’ You threaten him. The change in his stance is small but you notice it like a neon light. You watch him flirt with the women some more. He twirls their hair and brushes his lips against their ears before finally lifting their hands to his lips and kissing each of their knuckles before he leaves the party.
You relax now that Loki is away from the women. You take your time finishing your ale before slipping out. Nobody noticed your absence, not that you’re surprised.
You’re halfway to your room when you slow to a stop. There’s a light breeze in the corridor and the moonlight shines through the pillars. A few torches along the wall helps light the hallway. Despite how beautiful everything is, you turn in search for something far more stunning.
“Funny, I don’t recall my bed being out in the open,” You state, your eyes staring into a particularly dark corner. “You’re already racking up punishments, do you really wish to continue testing me?” You question, your tone staying steady and collected.
“What can I say?” Loki questions, stepping into the light. “I love the fire in your eyes,” You fight a smirk. Loki displays his wickedness proudly on his face. The playfulness increases as you stalk toward him like a hunter to prey.
You back him against the wall. Neither of you care if someone walks past. Firstly, because the odds of someone being this far into the castle are slim, and secondly, Loki or yourself could easily use magic to conceal yourselves from prying eyes.
“I’ve missed you,” You whisper, brushing your knuckles along his jawline sweetly. 
You had no problem being rough and hard with Loki, he enjoyed it immensely. However, no matter how angry you are or what outside forces are working against the two of you, you always make sure that you express just how much he means to you. 
It’s more important he knows that while he may submit to you in bed, something he’s stressed must never be shared outside of your relationship, without him you’re nothing. He truly is your everything and you’d slay Odin himself to give your beloved Loki the throne. All your god had to do was ask. You may control his pleasure be he controlled so much more.
“So beautiful,” You whisper, moving even closer to him. All traces of playful mischief vanish from his face. Your lips just barely brush against his but you don’t grant him a satisfying kiss.
You take a moment to savor the feeling of Loki’s smaller form trapped between you and the wall. Loki knew you had a size kink. The prince is by no means a small man but you were broader, a head taller, and much thicker than the god in front of you. 
You were a mix god, a mixture of war and fertility. It’s an odd mixture but it suited you perfectly. Being a fertility god meant that the pleasure you could give Loki couldn’t be matched by anyone lesser. It also meant that you were a fierce warrior. Loki hardly cared for the latter but preferred the former.
“Are you hurt?” Loki questions, his eyes bouncing from your eyes to your lips. You hand slides up his shirt to caress the healing wound on his side. You grip his hip when you see no signs of pain nor discomfort.
“I’m fine,” You promise him. His eyes snap back up to yours. You bump your nose into his. “I’m not as clumsy as you,” You tease him. His eyes narrow and he goes to say something smart but you slam your lips into his forcing his head to press into the wall. Loki’s hands grab your shirt. 
You smirk as you feel his body already starting to give into you. When you pull back there’s a blissful look on his face. You take a moment to observe at him as you realize just how much you missed him. You kiss him again but softly.
“Come,” You step back and pull him away from the wall. Your hand presses against his lower back. You lead him toward your room. The closer you get the further he leans into your side. “Sit on the bed,” You order. Loki does as told.
You kneel in front of him and gently begin to disrobe him. You softly tell him to lift his hips when you pull his trousers down his legs. When he’s naked you fold his clothes and set them to the side.
You look back to him and smile. You remembered when this first started. Loki had been so reluctant and embarrassed to submit to you but now he craved it. Here, in this room with you is the only place that he can be completely himself without judgement and without responsibilities. 
You took a seat on a chair across from him. His eyes remain on you but he kept his gaze down. You moved your hand to his view and motioned for him to come forward. He knelt by your feet and rested his head against your thigh. You ran your fingers through his gorgeous black hair.
“Oh, what should I do with you?” You mutter. You thought about spanking his ass red or teasing him to the point of tears which lead you to thinking about overstimulation. You had three days to catch up on after all. “Why were you flirting with those women?” You questioned him.
“I was bored,” Loki mutters, leaning heavily against your leg.
“You wanted my attention?” You questioned. He hums nodding. You grip his hair warningly.
“Yes, sir,” Loki vocalizes. You loosen your grip and return to soothingly running your fingers through his locks.
“We didn’t have to go to the feast, my darling,” You told him. “I could have had you on that bed withering in pleasure hours ago,” You smirk at the noticeable chill running down Loki’s back. “You wanted to go though, didn’t you? You had a plan in that handsome head of yours. You knew we couldn’t be together in front of everyone so you decided to tease me with those ladies,” You hand grows firm again. 
Within a blink of an eye, Loki finds himself sprawled across your lap. His hardening dick rubs against your thigh. He whimpers and tries to rub against you but you spank him.
“You always want to play the same games, don’t you my little god?” You hum, rubbing his ass. Loki’s hands grip your lower leg for not only balance but for a ay to ground himself. “I’m thinking thirty-five,” You whisper, teasingly treading your fingers down his crack. He whines and tries to push against your hands. “Ah, ah, be a good boy or I’ll be spanking you all night with no cuming,” You warn. You grab his hand and pull his head up. “Do you really want to be denied your release on my first night back?”
“No, sir,” Loki whimpers. You smirk and release his head.
“Count,” You demand before sticking his ass. Loki’s body jolts. He does as ordered and counts every slap with a ‘thank you, sir’ at the end. You hit different areas, go at different speeds with different levels of roughness. By the end Loki is panting, hard, and leaking all over your leg. “Such a good boy,” You whisper massaging his ass. “So good for me, you did so well. You look so beautiful,” You moan.
As your hands graze his ass you use your abilities to prevent swelling while keeping the stinging pain. After a few moments you let Loki up. He straddles your hips.
Grabbing his chin you pull him into soft kiss. His hands press flat against your chest. It doesn’t take long before his hips begin to roll into you. He whines when he remembers that your fully clothed. You know he’s about to pull away to complain but you quickly stand up forcing him to hold onto you.
You smirk carrying him to the bed. You lay him down before pulling back and standing by the way. Loki goes to sit up but you motion for him to stay laying down. He makes himself comfortable and watches you take your clothes off.
While you know that he’s enjoying the show you also know he’s subtly looking you over for any injuries you may have gain. You love his concern but you don’t want him thinking. You want him relaxed not worrying about anything.
You crawl onto the bed. You grab his thighs and force them further apart. His long cock waits for you. You hover your face close to it and continue to rub the inside of his thighs. Each pass over his legs your hands get closer to his dick.
Then you grab the base of his cock mercilessly tight at the same time your mouth sucks the head. Loki’s back instantly arches and his hands clutch the sheets. You bob your head, taking his cock deeper into your mouth each time.
Loki pants and squirms. When you notice him about to cum you pull away completely. The glare he sends you is instantaneous. You ignore it and kiss down his thighs before taking his foot in your hand. You lightly massage it as you wait for him to calm down.
“If you don’t get back on my cock-”
“You’ll what?” You wonder, looking up at him. You begin to massage his calf and continue to make your way back up. “What are you going to do, sweetheart? Whine? Complain? Beg?” You smirk enjoying the sight of him blushing but glaring. “You may be silver tongued,” You whisper, your head moving to hover over his. “But in this room you’re all talk and nothing more,” You mutter, kissing the corner of his lips.
You head continues to hover over his as your hand grips his dick. His breath hitches as you pump it just the way he likes it. Your lips pepper slow kisses over his cheek and down his neck.
You hand goes up to the head of his dick and your thumb applies gentle pressure over the slit. Loki moans lowly. 
You bring him to the brink of release once again but you deny him. He sits up but your hand goes straight to his throat and you force him back down. This time it’s you glaring.
“Get up one more time and I’ll tie you to the bed,” You threaten him. “And I’ll leave you there. If anyone asks where you are, I’ll tell them exactly where you are. I’ll tell them what you’re waiting for and what you’ve been begging for,” He moans.
“I don’t care who you tell what, just let me cum,” He snaps. You just grin and peck his lips.
“All in good time,” You promise. Your hand moves from his cock to his ass. You use your legs to spread his wider. “Now, be a good boy and just lay there or else I’ll switch from denying you to giving you too much,”
You pause as you see him contemplate which one he’d prefer. You nearly laugh when he settles back on the pillows. Lifting his legs you press your finger against his asshole and tease it. He huffs and tries to move his hips but you don’t let him move.
You use your magic to help your fingers open him up. The entire palace could hear his moans and you weren’t even done with him. Deciding you wanted to taste him, you lower your head between his legs. Loki’s jaw drops as your tongue swirls around and licks his asshole. Your hand plays with his cock which only frustrates him further.
“Y/n,” He pants. “Please,” You continue to tease his ass and jerk his cock. He moans, pressing his head against the pillows. “I want you to fuck me, just fuck me!” He snaps. As much as you enjoyed teasing him you wanted to be buried inside of him just as much as he wanted it. Three days was far too long to be away from him.
Moving up his body you position your hard cock against his hole. Using your magic you coat your cock and his asshole with slick before pushing into him. You continue until you’re in as deeply as possible.
“Oh, Loki,” You moan, pressing your head onto his shoulder. “I wish I could live inside of you. I want to feel you clenching around me all the time. You’re perfect, so perfect for me,” Loki squirms but you stay still just warming your cock inside of him.
When you begin to fuck him you pick up a quick pace. Loki claws at your back unable to do much more as you pin him into the bed. You dick slips in and out of him hitting all the right spots to make him a moaning mess.
“Please let me cum, please,” Loki begs.
“Not yet,” You deny. Loki brings his hand between the two of you and jerks himself off. You smirk and use your magic to keep him right on the edge but no matter how much he stimulates himself he won’t cum until you release your spell.
“Y/n,” Loki growls knowing exactly what you were doing. You don’t respond, you just press your lips against his and kiss him while your pace becomes rougher. You chase your own orgasm before you release the spell allowing him to have his own.
You stay buried inside of him but roll onto your back to let him rest on your chest. He gently kisses your collarbone. You pull your dick out as it softens but you continue to cuddle with Loki. With a wave of your hand the two of you are clean.
“You did so well, love,” You whisper, rubbing his back and threading your fingers through his hair. “I missed you so much,” Loki nuzzles into your neck. You shift around and pull the sheet over your bodies to help keep yourselves warm from the cool breeze coming in through the window.
“Don’t leave for so long again,” Loki mutters. A soft smile comes to your lips. You kiss the side of his head.
“I love you,” You whisper to him. “I don’t ever want to be away from you. You’re mine, Loki. You’ll always be mine whether people know or not,” Loki snuggles even closer.
As sexy as it as to sneak around he didn’t like hiding you. He didn’t like not showing you off or hiding you. He wanted to be able to sit beside you and whisper in your ear in parties. He wanted to be able to kiss you and hold you. He wanted to be held by you but he was already so heavily criticized. He wanted one thing to be solely his.
Rolling him onto his back once again you look into his eyes. You gently thrust into him again. He gasps and arches his back not expecting you to be ready so quickly.
“I don’t want you thinking about anything other than my cock fucking you into Valhalla,” You whisper. “I want that mouth of yours begging and moaning for more, nothing else. You are mine, Loki. I know that and you know that and that’s enough,” You promise. Lifting his head, Loki kisses your lips and flips the two of you again. He straddles your hips and begins to ride your cock.
“I worship the ground you walk on,” Loki pants. You smirk, gripping his hips.
“It’s very much the other way around, my darling,” You promise him. “One day, everyone will be worshiping the ground you walk on, my King,” Loki moans loudly. “I’ll give you everything you want. You won’t want for anything while your mine,” You vow.
Loki bounces on your cock and you jerk him off until he cums. He collapses on your chest. You thrust up into him until your own release comes.
“You’re perfect,” You whisper to him. “And you’re mine,”
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omegas-spaghettios · 3 months ago
Loki Episode 5 Spoilers!
I want to talk about Glorious Purpose. More specifically, his.
Tumblr media
This was an incredible moment, but I just want to emphasize the magnitude of what he did. He cast an illusion the literal size of Asgard to distract Alioth.
Alioth, quite possibly the most powerful entity we have seen in the MCU to date.
He stared down one of the most powerful creatures in all of creation and LAUGHED. He LAUGHED.
And not only that, he quite possibly just saved the Multiverse. His action, his sacrifice, his GLORIUS PURPOSE was a display of power so incredible that he saved the multiverse from certain doom.
Now, Sylvie and Variant Loki still have quite a bit to succeed in and they undoubtedly will have just as much glory as he in this, but man. The way this episode turned a man in a dinky costume to an immediate top 5 favorite characters? Love it.
This isn't even getting into what it meant for his character, either!
All the props to Richard E. Grant, the visual effects team, and the composer and orchestra (orchestra?). I know that the director and writers have a lot to do with this, but man, everyone involved in making this scene HAPPEN with effects, acting, and score? INCREDIBLE JOB GUYS
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tigereyes45 · 3 months ago
Classic Loki cared so much
About Thor
About Asgard
About Kid Loki
He cared so much, and in his final moments he conjured home so he could die there
Tumblr media
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aesir-alchemist · 6 days ago
BuT iM a ViRgIn! (LokixReader)
Summary: The first in a series where I write my take on my favorite fanfic clichés.
Reader is a princess of Vanaheim and she finds herself driven by curiosity and a dare to the chambers of Asgard's younger prince. In her naïveté, she's not sure what to expect from this impromptu rendezvous, but quickly discovers that she's in over her head with the experienced young man. She's in uncharted territory, but she soon realizes that the lap of Prince Loki of Asgard is exactly where she wants to be.
Author's notes: These one-shots are meant to celebrate frequently used story tropes. The intent is to add new stories bi-weekly unless life gets in the way. Please feel free to comment with your favorite fanfic clichés, and I'll add them to the list!
Pairing: Loki (Marvel) x Female Reader
Content Warning: 18+ smut ahead (Reader is of age)
“My lady, it would be my absolute honor to be the first to devour you.”
Tumblr media
“What are you doing here?” Loki’s deep growling voice boomed with authority. He had every right to the heat he was throwing behind his words. You were trespassing in his chambers after all.
The truth was that you’d been sent there by your sisters on a dare. But there was another truth too.
“I was curious,” well, a half truth, but you were still testing the waters.
“Curious about what?”
“Curious about Asgard. Curious about court life,” there was the lie. A blatant one. You knew all about Asgard and its court. Your parents made sure you were well educated in that matter. It was their clear intention was that one of their daughters, one of the heirs to Vanaheim, marry into Asgardian royalty. It would give them prestige among the nine realms - a closeness with the Allfather not afforded elsewhere. You didn’t care much about their ambition, but you did care to converse with the enigmatic younger Asgardian prince. He’d spoken little at the welcome ceremony, and perhaps even less at dinner - a quality that made your younger sister giggle and call him “creepy” and your older sister yawn and call “boring”. But to you he was intriguing. A puzzle box. A mystery to be solved.
“Mmmm, so Vanaheim’s prettiest daughter comes into my chambers late at night out of… curiosity? I guess it would be undiplomatic to not indulge you,” it was more words than you’d ever heard him speak at one time and they came from his throat like a purr. Perhaps he had seen through your lie?
Loki turned from the semi-public foyer of his chambers towards gilded billowy drapes that separated his truly private rooms. He beckoned you to follow with only two quick waves of his fingers. You weren’t entirely naive to these matters, and frankly, you weren’t sure what you expected, coming here in the night, but you had the distinct feeling that you might be in quite over your head.
His bed chamber was full of dark mahogany with gilded trim and plush velvet upholstery. The incense burning was thick and heady, rich with berry and pitch and honey. It was so unlike the flowery, ephemeral scents of you and your sisters. It was so far off from the light and airy colors of your own decor which belied your innocence.
Loki draped himself on a low sofa in the center of the room. His long limbs dripping with black silk sat in contrast to the plush green upholstery. His form stretched from end to end, with one elbow perched delicately against an armrest allowing the top of his tunic to fall open and expose the top of his chest.
“Come, sit. Let me satisfy your… curiosity,” another purr, so dripping in innuendo that it made your head spin.
“There… there’s no room my lord. Or shall I pull up a chair?” Your courtly manners could always be counted on to kick in when your brain all but stopped working.
“Or you could sit on my lap… my lady,” his return of the courtly speech that you had volleyed at him made your stomach flip. It would be impolite to refuse a prince this simple request, wouldn’t it? Especially since your parents were so keen on having their daughters develop a certain… closeness with Odin’s sons.
You lifted your skirts, a sleeveless housecoat over your chemise, and sat yourself between his legs. His right one was propped up behind you, and his left was somewhere beneath, tucked under your knees. It wasn’t exactly scandalous for another noble to see you without the entirety of your court garments, you were completely covered after all, but tucked between Loki’s legs like this, you felt positively indecent.
Loki’s long fingers reached towards your face, taking a lock of your hair and brushing it behind your ear. You weren’t sure what to say or do in this moment. You realized that, somewhat stupidly, you believed showing up in a prince’s private quarters in the middle of the night and in a state of semi-undress would lead to quiet conversation and maybe a cup of tea. What was transpiring was somehow so much better than that, but also so much worse. You were in uncharted territory.
He brought his hand down your neck and rubbed your jawline until he had captured your chin and pulled your gaze directly toward him, “Tell me, daughter of Vanaheim, what do you want to know about Asgard and its court?”
“I… uhh,” your head was still fuzzy, unable to gain purchase on your rapidly evolving predicament, “Does Odin, sorry, the Allfather, really have two ravens that bring him the news of the Nine Realms?”
When you were done speaking Loki ran the soft pad of his thumb over your lips before replying, “Yes. He has many methods of knowing things, but Huginn and Muninn are reliable informants.”
Loki wasn’t looking at your lips anymore. He was looking at the top of your chemise, and then you were following his gaze down your arm, its silhouette visible through the slightly sheer fabric of your garment. He took your hand then, forcing you to lean closer towards him and catch yourself with your free arm wedged between his body and the furniture’s back rest.
He kissed you on your palm, softly, on the most tender part, and you thought your whole soul might escape your body with the tiny wimpier that left your mouth.
Loki smirked, satisfied, and placed your palm on his cheek, “How about a question for a question, my lady? Why did you really seek out my chambers this evening?”
“I… I wanted to get to know you… better…” there were a million cordial things you wanted to say about diplomacy, about the interests you perceived him to have, about how you tired of the same conversations that you always had with your sisters… but none of it came out. All you could think about was the heat growing in your chest and rising in your cheeks, and the feeling between your legs that you couldn’t quite place.
“Mmmm,” another growling purr that reverberated in your body, “I am delighted that of all your sisters, you’re the one who wants to get to know me better. I’d have thought you quite shy, but then there you were, half naked in my chambers…” He brought your hand to his lips again. He kissed the tender underside of your wrist, then the spot just below, and lower and lower down your arm, slowly and deliberately. All you could see was stars
“Do… Do you like to read?” If you were going to get to know him, then you were going to get to know him, reading could be a common ground, perhaps?
Loki was almost at the inside of your elbow now. He gave a funny kind of grin before saying into your skin, “Well, yes, but I -,” he stopped suddenly, pulling his face away from your arm and his ministrations there, leaving a sudden unwelcome chill, “Hang on, have you ever been bed before?”
“I… Uh…”
“I have my finger on your pulse, and its quickening. I don’t need to use my gifts to know if you’re lying.”
“No,” you admitted, “This is new for me,” your reply was rushed and breathy. You were afraid of what he might do next. You were afraid he would delight in your admission and quicken his already fervent advancements, but you were more more afraid that he would reject you for your inexperience.
He dropped your hand and gently pushed your shoulders away from him, and disentangled his legs from your body.
“I am so sorry my lady. When I saw you in my chambers I made assumptions based on my own experiences. Please, I beg of you to not think ill of me or of Asgard for my inappropriate advances. If you wish genuinely for conversation, I am happy to oblige in the daylight hours, with a chaperone, so that there can be no questions of your impropriety. I am sorry to have advanced on the assumptions of something you did not seek nor want.”
Loki was standing now, and you were reeling from the sudden change of tone. Your body was still flushed, but his voice was now cold. Was he rejecting you, or respecting you? Either way you preferred the warmth of his lap over the chill of this new distance.
“No, Loki, you misunderstand. I am naive, but not unwilling. Perhaps, I had not realized what your assumptions would be, but I can’t say that I’m… disinclined,” you had felt that you were on the precipice of this decision for a while now. Experience wasn’t frowned upon, certainly you were old enough to embark on this journey, it was juts that you had never found any option particularly appealing before now.
“My lady, I should not have rushed ahead. I am more than experienced, my father might say a bit too experienced, and I assumed the same of you. I do not mean to pressure you into behavior you’re not accustomed to. I rushed ahead at much too fast a pace.”
You took a beat, to take that in, “Then maybe… Then maybe we just slow down.”
An impish, shy grin curled his lips, “There’s a way these things are done, my lady. For people like you. For people like me.”
“You didn’t seem so concerned with the way things are done but a moment ago when you were wrapped around me. In fact you seemed quite intent on indecency.”
His cheeks flushed and for the first time you saw color there, on his face. It emboldened you.
“Question for a question my lord. Do you want me?”
Loki gulped and closed his eyes for a moment longer than necessary, “It would be a lie to say that I did not find the idea of you… alluring,” he carefully clasped his hands in front of him to cover the crotch of his draped pants. You weren’t so naive as to not understand the mechanics of desire, “Do you agree to embarking on this act without any… expectations?”
You nodded, politely but in earnest. You hadn’t come to his room for proposals of marriage. You’d come because you couldn’t get the image of the raven-haired prince out of your mind since arrival. It burned an insatiable curiosity in you, a curiosity that was awakening other sensations you had.
Loki stepped forward, your face meeting him mid-chest, he brushed your hair out of your face once more, and again caught your chin to raise your gaze to his.
“Alright, we’ll go slow.”
He sat again, next to you on the green velvet that in that moment encompassed your whole world. He stroked your hair with both hands now, slowly caressing you into a warm calm. He cradled your face in his large, comforting palms, rubbing the apples of your cheeks with his thumbs. Slowly, back and forth, erasing the tension set in your face and jaw. You leaned into his touch, and catching your momentum, Loki gently brought your face towards his. Barely parted lips caught yours, and the heat of his mouth sent reassuring pleasure down your spine as your eyes gently shut.
He kissed you again, this time letting his tongue wet your lips. Then again, letting his tongue gently part them. He kissed you again, and this time you kissed him back leaning into the pressure.
As you continued he led, gently exploring your lips and mouth. When something felt particularly good your mirrored it. It was soft, and warm, and so much better than talking or tea. You hadn’t noticed him gently moving his hands down your body or deftly untying the belt of your light over coat. You were enveloped in the heady feel of his lips against yours and the heat of his breath on your mouth. It wasn’t until he bit your lower lip, a comparatively gentle nip, yet still in sharp contrast to the rest of his silky kisses, that your trance was broken. It caught you off guard and you let out another wimpier, lower, and breathier this time.
“Is that too much?” He asked, but not quite pulling away.
“No, it’s… exquisite,” you became very aware of his hands now, rested on your ribs just over your sheer chemise, and decidedly underneath the coat you’d worn for modesty. Your eyes were half-open, and as you shirked the unnecessary outer garment you watched him take your body in. The finely woven fabric of your dress draped over the swell of your hips and breasts, and the darkened color of your nipples showed ever so slightly through the white cloth.
Loki grabbed one end of the string that closed the cinched neckline of the garment, letting it fall open and show the top curvature of your breasts. He slowly moved to kiss your jaw, then down your neck, and then your collar, finally tracing a trail with his lips along the top edge of your barely-there gown. He squeezed at your waist and then looked up at you, asking for permission to proceed with his eyes.
You nodded, breathlessly, giving him the go-ahead.
With his lean fingers, Loki slipped the now loose neck of your chemise over your shoulders and down your body, letting it pool at your waist. With one hand, then the other he cupped the exposed bells of your breasts squeezing gently, then rolling your nipples under the pads of his thumbs. The sound that escaped your mouth now was akin to a sigh but with much more desperation and need. Loki captured your moan with his lips, his own groaning need escaping him. He returned his mouth down your body, taking in one nipple at a time, rolling each between his lips and tongue. He began taking gentle bites at first, then harder and harder, spurred on by the excited gasps coming from your throat.
There was a breeze coming through the window, but your whole body felt hot and sticky with warmth. You were aware, in the abstract, of the function of your own arousal, but what every governess had failed to explain was how delightfully persistent the the heat between your legs felt. It screamed to be acknowledged and yet the torture of leaving the feeling unaddressed was so exquisite.
Loki kissed the soft swells of your breasts, humming pleasure into each one. He pushed you gently back to lean against the soft green velvet and kissed wet paths of warm pleasure down your torso, across your belly, bringing his hands and mouth to rest on your still covered hips. He let his head hang there a moment, the heat of his breath penetrating the thin fabric covering your lower half. He had kissed you all over, it seemed, and you knew exactly where you waned him to put his skilled lips next.
But he stopped, leaning his cheek against your covered thigh.
“What we do tonight can’t be undone,” his breathy composure told you that it was taking all of his willpower to have this moment with you rather than forge ahead, “Are you sure you want me to proceed? I would think no less of you if this is where you desired to stop.”
Your body did not want to stop. Your body was screaming for attention in unprecedented ways. Your body was screaming for the raven-haired prince to show you things you’d never felt before.
“No. No I want you to keep going, I need,” but then the doubt crept in, remembering it wasn’t just about you, even though your pleasure felt like the entirety of the whole world, “That is… if you want to?”
Loki squeezed and kissed your thigh before speaking:
“My lady, it would be my absolute honor to be the first to devour you.”
With that he slipped off the rest of your chemise and pressed his face into the steaming apex between your legs. He moaned into you, and for the first time in your life you felt weak in a way that made you feel whole. The first lap of his tongue along your folds made your skin tingle with novel excitement. The second lap of his tongue stroked ever so gently past your clit and made you gasp. The third was more pointed, a firm attack on your pleasure that made you grasp at the velvety pile of the furniture.
Loki continued licking and nipping at the needy sensation in your groin, which much to your surprise grew in urgency, rather than dissipated at his touch. You closed your eyes and pressed your head back. You felt the distance between your brain and your core stretch as your head filled with ecstasy.
The pleasure grew in urgency. It was unyielding, like it was trying to tell you something, something important. It grew to be almost unbearable and your body clenched against it. It wasn’t until Loki slipped one long finger inside of you that you understood, you understood what your body was telling you.
Your nerves exploded like a million tiny flowers in bloom. Your legs and fists clenched, and your eyes rolled back as you felt euphoric warmth envelop your body, like your veins were replaced with mead. The noise that came from you now was a new and foreign scream, primal in its origins, and you quickly clasped your hands over your mouth from confusion and in remembering the open windows.
Loki growled a moan into your pelvis, slowing, but not stopping his tongue’s ministrations, until he was contented that whatever elation he had conjured inside of you had run its full course. It wasn’t until your muscles relaxed that he pulled his mouth off your clit, and his finger from inside of you. Your hands stayed firmly clasped over your mouth, but he rested his cheek once more against your thigh and gazed at you from hooded eyes.
“That was beautiful,” his lips glistened with what you presumed was yourself.
“That was… unexpected,” your truthful reply.
“Well a lady like you should come to expect it. Demand it. What a waste for any lover to not see you come undone by their efforts,” he was kissing you again, along your thigh, his hand still lingering close to your opening.
You realized there was more to be experienced. You were pretty sure you hadn’t yet engaged in the most basic of acts. You thought perhaps that was something only married couples did, but then reason set in telling you that couldn’t possibly be true. You moved your hands from your mouth and looked once again at the crotch of Loki’s elegant pants. The way the silk caught the warm glow of the rooms’s candle light left little to the imagination.
“Loki… my lord, I feel as though I’ve learned so much about my pleasure, and yet, so little of yours. I did say that I wanted to get to know you… better,” your brain was screaming ‘take off your pants!!!!’ but your well-bred mouth would not let those words come out in that order.
“I see, my lady is not yet satisfied,” a return to his playful purr, “The curiosity she came to my chambers with is not yet sated?” His eyes drank you in. You felt self conscious under his gaze, but too limp from your euphoria to move to conceal yourself. He’d already seen everything anyway. Now it was his turn to reveal, “Come, I do not want to take you here. Like I said, there is a way these things are done after all,” he winked, as if you hadn’t already abandoned any notion of impropriety.
He took your hands gently and guided you up off of the velvet of the sofa and over to the pillowy throws of his bed. As your chemise fell away entirely you felt both completely exposed and completely alive. Your skin prickled with excitement chill. Your limp body stiffened with anticipation, your nipples growing hard, and the persistent, wanting warmth returning to your legs.
You sat at the edge of his bed and watched him shed his silk tunic, letting fall to a puddle on the floor. He took your hand and gently kissed it again, and then placed it on his bare chest. You let your fingers gently feel the muscles he had there, taught beneath his skin. He watched your hand move over his body as he slowly untied the string holding up his pants. When the knot was loose he let those too fall freely to the floor.
You gasped, just the slightest. It looked so different to the awkward drawings you had seen in books or the flaccid appendages adorning sculptures. It looked strong, and elegant and determined. Loki was watching you, watching your reaction to his exposure. Satisfied, he took your free hand, kissing it gently again, and placed it on the shaft of his erect member. You stroked it lightly, gingerly, not knowing how much pressure it could take. It looked hard like marble, but if it was anything like your own sensitivity, you kew that a little went a long way.
Loki closed his eyes with a wanton sigh. He brought his forehead down to yours as you continued to touch and feel the shape of his shaft, the curve of the head, and down to the soft flesh that hung below. He leaned in and kissed you as you explored, getting to know the shape of the matter. You could taste yourself on his lips as he leaned you back into the mattress. Emboldened you wrapped the arm you’d had on his chest up and around his neck, bring your kisses deeper.
You began to stroke slightly faster, and without thinking you pressed your hips into him, that urgent feeling building once again, slick with anticipation, your body now knowing, having some idea of the pleasures yet to come. Loki slowly stopped kissing you, bringing his lips instead to your ear, “Are you ready?” You nodded, cheek pressed against his, “Please tell me if it hurts, I’ll stop.”
Loki leaned back, taking his cock from your hand. You lay there in slightly awkward anticipation as he took in the sight of your body. He pressed one finger into you, then two. You moaned at his touch, but they slipped in and out easily. You knew you were ready for him. He ran his slicked fingers along his shaft and slowly leaned forward, lining the tip of his cock with your eager opening.
He pushed. He entered slowly, languorously, without urgency. He pushed until he was all the way inside, your legs spread wide to accept him, another person’s body in places that had yet been unattended.
He let his head drop with a low moan. Your eyes shut with the ecstasy. Every millimeter of him entering you sent sparks of pleasure crackling along your body. You thought you knew, then, why every song, every story, every poem, every tale was about this intimacy, the junction of two bodies. You thought you understood until…
Loki pulled his hips back then snapped them forward again. If the sensation of him slowly entering was like sparks of pleasure, then this was like a thunderclap. Your whole body shook with a jolt of euphoria and you wondered, frankly, why there wasn’t more written about sex. You wondered why anyone bothered at all to engage in any activity other than this. He thrust again, and again. A moderate pace at first, each jolt sending a cascade through your body resulting in whimpering moans, and then faster and faster like an engine building speed. Soon enough your head began to spin from the repeated sensation. You weren’t sure whether he was coming in or going out, and your body became insistent again, warning you of imminent undoing. You wrapped your arms and legs around the man on top of you, pulling him close and hanging on. His thrusts felt more powerful, like each one was lighting a fire inside of you, building an inferno of bliss between your hips. All it took was one thrust to connect with your still sensitive clitoris for all of the tinder in your body to catch, and you were once again propelled into rapture and wailing in pleasure. Your body clenched once more, and you felt yourself grip the girth of his cock, fluttering around it again and again.
Loki buried his face in your shoulder, planting his lips at the base of your neck. His thrusts stuttered and he groaned into you. His hips pressed deeper and deeper into your own. You felt something new, something warm, and realization dawned on you. You had reached what many would tell you was the point of this whole exercise. The conclusion, as you understood it. Loki’s body slacked, but he rested for a moment there, tucked into you. You watched his broad, muscular back rise and fall with his breaths, and you realized you were panting too, and still clinging to him like a raft in a storm. You released him, and a few moments later he stirred, first with a kiss on the neck, then he was pulling up, away and out of you, sending another curious sensation down your spine.
He kissed your stomach, and then your knee before wandering off, returning with a cloth to wipe at his now relaxed appendage, and then to wipe up the spill coming from between your legs. When he was satisfied he lay back down beside you, propped up by one arm, and the other draped across your waist.
“Tell me, my lady, has your curiosity been satisfied?”
“Thoroughly,” you were still breathless and hot, “You have educated me on many things this evening.”
“Remind me, when do you depart to return to Vanaheim?”
“Not for several nights yet, my lord.”
“Ah, well then I have many things left to teach you my lady. Many, many things.”
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patheticdarling · 3 months ago
Of All the Rooms
    Summary: Thor, Loki, and Reader have been going on missions together since they were young. And with growing up together, it’s only natural they’ve become competitive with one another. Thor usually coming in first so it only makes the Reader and Loki more competitive with one another. But what happens when a mission goes a bit array and Loki has to put aside his pride to make sure Y/N is alright and ends up having to hear from Thor and Frigga about it. 
    Warnings: none unless you count brief mention of battle scars & injuries// just some fluff and worried Loki :)
    Word Count: 1275
Tumblr media
    “Go get the Healers!” Loki instructed as he carried your limp body through the corridors of the palace. 
   Thor nodded before dashing off, Frigga struggling to keep up with Loki, “Darling, what happened?” 
   “I-I’m not completely sure. She said she had them covered,” Loki tried to muster an answer. 
   He set you down as gently as possible onto the fine silk sheets. Frigga moved to examine you softly. She pushed your hair from your forehead to look over the wounds you had suffered. 
   “I’ve got them!” Thor’s voice boomed as he pushed open the doors, the Healers with all of their necessities piling into the room. 
   “Loki, dear, you’ve got to let go of her hand,” Frigga cooed. 
   Loki looked down, he hadn’t even noticed that your hand was in his grasp. Seemed as if it was second nature or something strange like that. He nodded as he released, joining his mother and brother’s side as the Healers worked. 
   “Will she be alright?” Loki asked. 
   Frigga nodded as the Healers worked with ease, “Seems like it.” 
   “I knew I should’ve stayed with her,” Loki cursed himself, “She always thinks she can handle everything on her own. I knew it’d come back to bite us both in the ass.” 
   “That’s enough,” Frigga cut him off, “It’s not fair to blame Y/N, especially when she’s not conscious to defend herself.”
   “I’m not blaming her, Mother,” Loki answered, “I’m blaming myself. I should’ve known better than to let her go off alone.” 
   “And blaming yourself isn’t going to help her magically get better either,” Frigga quipped. 
   “But Mother-”
   “But nothing, Loki,” Frigga cut him off, “You don’t see your brother blaming himself and he was there too.” 
   Thor scoffed, “Just because I’m not saying it, doesn’t mean it’s not true.” 
   Frigga rolled her eyes, “Oh not you too.” 
   “Mother, Loki has a point. We shouldn’t have let her go off on her own,” Thor argued. 
   “Y/N knows the dangers of the missions you all go on, same as the both of you. And I for one, think Y/N is more than capable of handling herself. Sometimes things don’t go our way and fussing over it isn’t going to change it.” 
   “Listen to your mother, boys,” you mumbled half asleep as the Healers tended to the last of your wounds. 
   “Y/N!” they both exclaimed, kneeling to your bedside. 
   “We are so sorry,” Thor muttered, “How’re you feeling?” 
   “Bruised,” you chuckled as you moved to sit up. 
   You tried to hide your wince, “Here, let me,” Loki was quick to help you to sit, quickly fluffing your pillows to ensure your comfort. 
   “Thank you,” you sighed as the Healers gathered their things. Frigga thanking them as they shuffled out. 
   “How’re you feeling, my dear?” Frigga asked as she stood behind her sons. 
   I nodded my head, “Just fine, Your Majesty. Thank you for helping me.” 
   She smiled softly, “Of course.” 
   “Glad that you’re alive,” Thor chuckled. 
   “Glad to be alive,” you laughed back. 
   Everyone, including you, took note of Loki’s rather quiet behaviour. Usually, after you’d taken a bit of a beating, he’d tease you about needing more combat training or something of the sort. But he just sat there, rubbing his thumb on the outside of your intertwined hands with a glossy look in his eyes. Frigga shot you a knowing look, to which you returned with a blush. 
   “Thor,” she cleared her throat, tapping her eldest son’s shoulder, “I think Y/N might need some food in her system, help her regain a bit of her strength. Come with me to get it?” she sort of fake offered. 
   Thor furrowed his brow before seeing the look on his mother’s face, “Oh,” he smirked at you, “Of course, Mother,” he stood to his feet. 
   “We’ll be just a moment,” Frigga spoke before her and Thor shuffled out of the room, not before sending you a wink. 
   Loki was still silent as he kept his eyes on your interlocked fingers. 
   “You’re being awfully quiet,” you chuckled, “You’d usually be scorning me for going off on my own.” 
   Loki chuckled drily, still refusing to meet your eyes, “Just not in a joking mood, I suppose.” 
   You decided to pull your hand away, breaking him from his gaze, “And why’s that?” he remained silent as he placed his hands in his lap, “Loki, talk to me. What’s going on in that head of yours?” 
   Loki let out a shaky sigh, “Today was different. Scarier.” 
   “Well we knew facing Kronans wasn’t exactly going to be an easy feat, was it?” 
   Loki shook his head, “That’s not what I mean. You could’ve been seriously hurt today, Y/N. We could’ve lost you. I-I could’ve lost you,” the last part came out barely above a whisper. 
   We both let out heavy sighs, you slowly reached over and took Loki’s face in your hands. His blue-green eyes finally meeting yours. 
   “You worry too much, you know that?” we both let out soft chuckles, “I’m fine. You’re fine. Everyone is alright.” 
   He gave a slight smile, “I’m glad you’re alright,” he whispered. 
   Your forehead fell to his, “Me too,” you smiled. 
   Loki pulled away, kissing your forehead softly, “Think I should let you rest.” 
   He was already pulling the covers over you, “You know usually I’d be putting up quite a fight,” you couldn’t help but yawn as you snuggled into the sheets, “But lucky for you, I’m exhausted.” 
   Loki chuckled, “Get some rest, Y/N.” 
   You nodded sleepily, “I love you, Loki.” 
   The words had barely registered with Loki before his widened eyes moved back to your now sleeping figure. 
   He chuckled to himself, “I love you too, Y/N.” he kissed your cheek, adjusting the covers on you once again. 
   “Never took you for the romantic type, Brother,” Thor let out a deep chuckle. 
   Frigga pinched his arm, “Enough,” they both set down the trays of Asgardian fruits they had put together, “Guess we won’t be needing these then, will we?” 
   Loki smiled, “I told her she should get some rest.” He poured himself a cup of the wine his brother had brought in as well. 
   Frigga nodded, “Now was that before or after you told her you loved her?” 
   Loki nearly choked on his wine, “You heard that?” he blushed. 
   “We both did,” Thor teased as he sipped his own goblet. 
   “To be fair, she said it first. Right before she drifted off to sleep. I swear,” Loki explained. 
   Frigga chuckled, “No need to explain yourself to us, love. Besides, we all knew it would happen eventually.” 
   “You did?” Loki furrowed his brow. 
   “Course we did,” Frigga smiled, “The way you look at her, the way she looks at you. I’ve known both of you practically your whole lives, a mother’s intuition is hardly ever wrong, my dear.”
   Loki smirked, “You think she meant it?” 
   Thor nodded, “Oh yeah. Y/N is all about you, trust me, Brother. I’ve tried to make my move many a time and she always said she was waiting for someone else.” 
   “You tried to make a move on Y/N?” Loki raised his brow. 
   Thor downed his wine, “Once or twice but water on the bridge.” 
   “Better be,” Loki scoffed. 
    “Boys,” Frigga was quick to intervene, “You know how else we knew you felt something a bit more than friendship for Y/N?” 
   “How?” Loki admired your sleeping figure. 
   “Out of all the hundreds of rooms in this palace, including her own which you passed, you took her to your own bedroom,” Frigga smirked. 
   Loki couldn’t help but blush, “Just felt natural, I suppose.” 
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