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ash: if i were dating you, well, let’s just say that horses wouldn’t be called “horses” anymore.

rialto: what does that mean?

rialto: ash what the fuck does that mean?!

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ash: maeby, why are you wearing all black? who’s funeral is it?

maeby: haven’t decided yet.

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Ash inktober - Bmblb

3 days in a row is crazy. Hopefully I can keep up this pace.


Yang had gotten into the habit of leaving her phone beside her pillow when she slept. Six months prior she would have left it on her nightstand or even across the room to allow her an uninterrupted sleep. But now she kept it close when she crawled beneath the sheets. She enjoyed Blake being the last person she spoke to before closing her eyes, even if some nights it was through text and not voice. So her phone always remained beside her pillow where she would hear Blake’s replies late at night when her normal exhausted mind would ignore the random beeps and pings. The vibration at least woke her. 

She was never as glad of her new habit as she was tonight. Yang would never forgive herself if she’d missed the call. Not sparing time to change out of her sleep shorts she threw on a jacket and jumped into her shoes, forgoing socks as they would take time she did not have. Grabbing her keys she turned to rush out the door, stopping briefly before grabbing her leather bike jacket, just in case.

Her mind was spinning as she pulled up behind the orange barricade. She couldn’t remember the past fifteen minutes it took her to get here. She could only think of one thing. 


Jumping out of the truck she rushed past the barricade and a few late night onlookers. The smell of smoke pervaded her senses causing her to cough to clear her lungs of the heavy feeling. There were a few dozen people walking around wrapped in shining foil blankets the emergency crews always handed out. Yang focused on every one that she passed. 

Where was she?


Uncharacteristically swearing as she noticed she’d left her phone in the car, grabbing only her keys and leather jacket. Down the block she could see a row of fire trucks and ambulances, lights flashing so bright she could see into the apartments across the road. Ash still fell like burning embers of snow in the orange lights of the emergency vehicles. Dread filled Yang as she took in the gaping hole at the side of the structure. Three apartment’s blackened belongings on display. Her knees nearly failed her as she spotted the charred remains of Blake’s reading chair. 

Yang prayed that Blake hadn’t fallen asleep in that chair as was her habit. 

Pushing through the growing crowd of people picking up stranded loved ones Yang made her way to the row of flashing trucks. As she rounded the third ambulance she heard her name.


The rasp in her girlfriend’s voice was not caused by lack of sleep and it shattered Yang’s already fragile resolve. Tears forced burning trails to her jawline. 

“Blake!” She looked so small and frail sitting outside the back of the ambulance with an oxygen mask that had she not called her name, Yang wasn’t sure she would have recognized her. Rushing forward all she wanted to do was hold her, but she paused, scared of touching her. “Are you hurt?”

“She shouldn’t talk much. She’s inhaled quite a bit of smoke.” The medic spoke up from inside the truck. “Are you the girlfriend?”


Nodding he jumped down unwrapping a sheet of gauze. Yang’s heart throbbed painfully in her chest. 

“Where are you hurt?” She asked, stepping closer to Blake.

“Please give us some room.” The medic gently laid a hand on Yang’s shoulder, guiding her to take a step back. “It’s just a bit of heat rash. I’m just going to bandage it to protect the sensitive skin as it starts to heal. Okay?”

Blake nodded, giving consent as she shrugged the foil blanket off her shoulders and held her left arm out to the medic. Before the gauze covered it Yang could see the skin was an angry red. 

It could have been worse. 

Yang repeated the words in her head to calm her own fraying nerves. Blake didn’t need her to be an emotional mess. But the words did nothing but cause her to picture what could have happened. She could have lost her. 

The familiar warmth of Blake’s hand covered her clenched fist, bringing Yang back from the horrific images in her mind. 

“I’m okay.” She wheezed.

“Don’t speak, okay.” 

Yang unclenched her fist to hold Blake’s hand firmly in her own. Blake squeezed back, strong as ever. And as Yang took the time to really look she could see Blake’s strength shining in her eyes. Yang smiled. 

“You scared me.” Blake smiled back through the plastic covering her nose and mouth. “Don’t do this again, okay?”

“You got here quickly.” The medic spoke up as he secured the bandage. 

“I may have broken the speed limit a couple times.” 

Yang ducked her head, only looking up when a firm pull to her arm almost toppled her. Blake glared up at her angrily. 

“Well I don’t have to admonish you for speeding. Looks like you’re going to get berated enough on the subject from this one.” The medic chuckled, turning to Blake. “But not tonight.”  

Blake nodded reluctantly as the medic disappeared into the truck. She shot Yang a warning glare but Yang couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. All the lectures about safe driving would be welcomed. At least Blake was here to lecture her, when it could have turned out differently.

Returning with two bottles he handed one to Yang. “Take the bandage off tomorrow and apply this to the area. It will help the skin to heal and protect it since it will be very sensitive.” Yang nodded, taking the advice very seriously.

“And you need to drink this before I release you.” He turned to Blake handing her a bottle. “You’re dehydrated.”

Blake tried to unscrew the cap with her one hand, not wanting to let go of Yang, but her injured arm wasn’t cooperating. Yang let out a humoured snort that garnered her another indignant glare. Shoving the ointment into her jacket pocket, Yang grabbed the top of the bottle with her free hand and twisted until the cap released.  

Blake pulled the mask aside and took three large gulps of the water. When she put the bottle up to her mouth again the medic stopped her.

“I know you must be in a hurry to get out of here. I would be too.” He said warmly. “But try not to rush drinking this. And you still need to get your oxygen levels up a little higher before I would like to let you go.”

“I’ll make sure she slows down if you need to look after another.”

“I need to take this to my coworker as he’s run out.” He held up another small tank of oxygen and a mask. “But I’ll be back in a few minutes to check her vitals once more.”

Both nodded as he took his leave.

Knowing Blake was safe and reasonably unharmed allowed Yang to finally relax for the first time since the phone woke her. As the adrenaline left her her muscles started giving way. Her legs shook so hard with exhaustion even Blake noticed. She pulled Yang closer so she could sit beside her. Yang placed a kiss to the top of Blake’s head as she rested it against her shoulder. No matter how tired this ordeal had made Yang, she was sure Blake was feeling it tenfold. 

Blake alternated between taking sips of water and breathing in the oxygen the medic told her she needed. As diligent a patient as she was a student.

“I’m so glad you’re safe.”

Turning her head, Blake pulled her mask lower as she placed a gentle kiss to Yang’s cheek. She looked to want to say something but Yang moved the mask back into place. 

“The sooner those vitals are up the sooner we can get you home for some sleep.”

Blake nodded but still seemed reluctant to let whatever she wanted to say go. She looped circles against Yang’s palm with her thumb irritatedly before giving up. With a heavy sigh she took another sip of water. 

Leaning her head on Yang’s shoulder once more she smiled as she squeezed Yang’s hand tightly three times.

The medic returned and after checking her oxygen levels released her telling Yang to make sure she continued to drink water regularly and reminded her of the ointment in her pocket. Leaving the blanket behind Yang draped her leather jacket over Blake’s shoulders and led her to the truck.  

She made sure Blake was buckled safely before she closed the door and made her way to the driver’s seat. Once the truck roared to life she made sure to turn on Blake’s heated seat before she made a U-turn. Blake dozed the twenty minute ride to the apartment and Yang was reluctant to wake her as the pulled into the apartment’s parking garage. 

Blake rubbed her eyes sleepily as Yang gently slid the seatbelt across her shoulder.  

“You smell like smoke.” Yang whispered and Blake scoffed. “Do you want to take a quick shower before bed? I can wrap the bandage in plastic for now.”

Pulling her hair to her nose Blake took a deep breath. The bridge of her nose wrinkled at the unpleasant smell. She nodded at Yang’s previous offer before opening the door and climbing out. 

They entered the apartment quietly, not wanting to wake Ruby and deal with the mounds of questions she was bound to ask. Yang led her to the bathroom and sat her down on the side of the bathtub as she gathered the material she needed to protect the bandage.

Blake placed a gentle kiss on Yang’s lips as she secured plastic to her arm with pieces of bandage tape. It was a pleasant surprise which caused a rare blush to form. Yang gave Blake some privacy handing her a towel and a shirt and shorts to sleep in.  Changing her own smoke scented clothes while Blake was in the shower Yang crawled into bed to wait. 

It only took Blake a few minutes to wash the smoke down the drain and join Yang.  She crawled between the sheets and immediately moulded herself to Yang’s side.

“I like when you’re clingy.” Yang whispered in her ear as she wrapped an arm firmly around her. 

Blake snuggled closer, grabbing hold of Yang’s hand. She interlocked their fingers and brought them to rest at her chest. Yang smiled as Blake squeezed her hand exactly three times before she fell into a much needed rest.

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@ anon oh no sweetie ,, this isn’t joon honeymoon, happie baby joonie ... oh no .. its 😎

y’all have something completely different coming your way UWU

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Those emojis are fucking GOLD! Lmfao, how do Shu, Dabi, Shig and Ash feel about them? I must know.

l i z a r d

I. I’ve given up.

I disagree with the face, but I’m generally a fan.

Needs more bunnies, but I liked the chick too.

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dont worry everyone, if rayan doesn’t write the fic i will hack her account and do it myself

she’s right she will do it she’s crazyhelp

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So kids looking forward to the family game night coming your way? Got a choice of dungeons and dragons, cards against humanity or monopoly

Ooooh D and D!

Spark can pick. They had to watch us all day.

I wanna play that cards one.


I’m okay with the dragons thing too.

Mmm. Me three.

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Hi so I was just reading a thing about Ash and KAYKAY and I didnt think that they were dating but according to this website it said that they are CURRENTLY dating so I'm super confused. what are your thoughts on this? how do you feel about their relationship as well, d you think she's a good match for him? (whsodatingwho website) I don't actually know how reliable that source is tbh

I don’t know how credible that source is either, and normally, I don’t trust what websites say about celebrity relationships. I normally do my own research regarding that stuff if I’m really curious.

That being said, I do believe that Ashton and KayKay are dating as of right now. Previously, I was saying that I was unsure because of the lack of evidence to prove that they were dating again. However, last night, Ashton was with KayKay during the CALM listening ritual, leading my to believe they are once again dating. He seemed really happy to make her laugh, which I thought was cute.

As for whether I think they’re a good match for each other, it’s hard to say. Part of me feels like they might be clashy together based on the amount of times they’ve been on and off. But I also take into consideration that they do seem to always find their way back to each other.


I think that my answer to the previous ask can kind of answer this ask as well, so I wanted to add it ❤️

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there i was casually googling luke hemmings outfits bc he dresses well and a weight loss thing cane up and some tweets about the boys being fat and i was like you do know when you get older especially boys that jump around on stage are going to fluctuate their weight and get muscular etc. also like they are tall so weight does look different on taller people anyways what i’m trying to say is i’m tired of people talking about other people’s weight and the double standard on women v men on this

I completely agree that it’s wrong for people to comment on the weights of others. It baffles me that people can make horrible comments about people who are perfectly healthy without realizing how damaging and triggering their words are.

This isn’t the first time the topic of Luke’s weight has been an issue either, and while I recognize that this had been an issue for all the boys at one time or another, it particularly breaks my heart to hear people speak about Luke’s weight because of how he’s talked about his body in the past.

His weight has fluctuated during his years of fame. He’s either been so thin to a point where I was worried about him, or he’s been a seemingly healthy weight. The fact that people bully him about his weight disgusts me, and this goes for all the boys and every other person as well.

I don’t know—this topic fires me up in a special way because while I am all for people expressing their opinions, I am against people attacking other for things as silly as physical appearance or weight. I think it’s pathetic for people to base their hate or dislike for someone off of those things, and I think it’s even more pathetic for ‘fans’ to stoop so low as to attack someone for their weight.

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