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#ash ketchum

Lillie, reading: *without looking up* you look nice today, ash

Ash: aww! thank y- wait, how did you know, you didn’t even look at me?

Lillie: no, but i can hear Gladion’s heartbeat and it doubled when you walked in

Gladion: *chokes*

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Ash: *pops up in the afterlife*


Arceus: *turning to Ash* Not you sweetheart, you’re doing good. Could try and not die as much but still good

*explosion in the background*

Arceus: *yeets Ash’s soul back down to his body as they turn back* OH YOU MOTHERFUCKERS-

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Just for the sake of a fun little anipoke post, here are my favorite Pokemon of Ash’s for each type:

Normal: Swellow

Fighting: Hawlucha

Flying: Charizard

Poison: Naganadel

Ground: Krookodile

Rock: Lycanroc

Bug: Heracross

Ghost: Gengar

Steel: Lucario

Fire: Infernape

Water: Buizel

Grass: Sceptile

Electric: Pikachu

Psychic: ….One day… (Mimey doesn’t technically count)

Ice: Glalie

Dragon: Dragonite

Dark: Greninja

Fairy: Again, one day…

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‘Uh, yeah, I can see that! Oh chaos this is the—I’m literally—this is ASH FREAKING KETCHUM I can’t even—’ Mint shook her head, her mind reeling. ‘Okay, judging by the outfit, this is Alola. Good. I know Alola. The question now is WHEN in Alola—’

Ash was still staring at her in concern. “Is something wrong? Are you okay?” he repeated, drawing closer.

“Well, if you count twisting my paw as being okay, then I’m just fine,” Mint snarked, though she could tell the boy didn’t understand her. After all, she was a pokémon now.

Pikachu, on the other hand, could comprehend her just fine.

“Satoshi, she’s injured,” he chirped worriedly, gesturing to get his point across to the trainer.

‘Satoshi? …Nope, don’t have time to unpack that right now…’ the girl-turned-Eevee thought to herself.

Ash seemed to get the gist of what Pikachu meant. “They’re hurt?” he guessed, earning a nod from his partner. “Then let’s get you to a Pokémon Center! …Wait, is there a Pokémon Center nearby? I should…probably ask everyone…”

‘Okay, that confirms this is early on, at least…’

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“There is? Thanks for letting—“

Mint paused, her ears peeking up as rustling sounded through the underbrush around her. Looking over to the source, she watched as a raven-haired boy—a familiar raven-haired boy—stumbled out of the bushes, his gaze falling on her.

“It’s an Eevee!” he exclaimed in surprise.

The Pikachu on his shoulder gave him a deadpan look (that went unnoticed), before also turning their attention to Mint.

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A little headcanon where XYZ Ash sings the xyz opening 1 because his voice actress was the one singing it. Probably won’t make much sense.

Clemont, Bonnie and Serena leave to go somewhere while he stays in the hotel room. The chosen one decides to practice singing as he is sure that there’s no one except for his best bud.

He tries to make his song sound better with the tune and lyric and all. Pikachu would be supervising dies-a-lot. After some time, Ashy boi starts to sing softly then becomes louder. He had holds an invisible mic and plays the air guitar at different parts of the song. Pikachu would be head banging.

Serena, Clemont and Bonnie come back at the chorus part of the song and just listen to Ash sing through a slightly open door. They would be like “Woah! Ash’s good at singing!” and continue being at the door. Ash has his back facing the door which is a reason why he doesn’t know they’re back.

Near the end of singing, Ash turns around while playing air guitar and to his horror, his friends have been listening to him.

“…yume no muko madeaAAAAAHHH!”

That was the day it was discovered that Ash can sing well and scream like a high-pitched school girl.

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