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After my rent post it is time for asheiji🌸 people i’m searching for a fic on ao3 in which there are 2 timelines. One is from 80’s and another is a present day. Eiji from 2018 switches places with eiji from the 80’s and meets Ash from that timeline. It was so well written and ash from 80’s was more like manga!ash ,the dynamic was so good. I can’t find it and if anyone knows the name or link, please help!🍌🐟

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crossposting another drabble from twitter, ft. copious sun/moon metaphors

Moonlight is just a pale reflection of the sun’s light.

The sun, big and burning and bright and beautiful. The sun gives warmth to the entire planet, provides light to a world that would otherwise be lost in the darkness, just a chunk of stone and ice, cold and adrift and dead.

There would be no moonlight without the sun. The moon can only shine because of sunlight.

“There are a lot of poems and stories and artworks that center moonlight as a symbol of romance,” Ash says quietly, looking at Eiji. In the darkness, the moon’s glow lights up a stripe of his face with pale silver light. His eyes are darker than ever.

Why are they sitting on the floor, watching the moon in the sky, at two in the morning? They ought to be asleep. But the intimate hush that’s fallen over them is magical, and Ash doesn’t dare break the spell.

“I can understand that,” Eiji agrees, looking up at the sky. New York has so much light pollution that there’s no stars visible, but the full moon, at least, shines on. “It is beautiful.”

“It’s funny that sun and moon are usually featured as a dichotomy.” Funny, too, that every time he talks about the sun, he looks at Eiji. “Given that the moon would never shine without the sun.”

“Maybe, from a scientific viewpoint.” Eiji’s hand settles over his, and Ash’s breath catches in his throat. His touch is warm. “But I think from an artistic one, they go together. Day and night. Sun and moon. You would be less likely to call the sun very bright, if there was no moon to compare it with. The moon is not lesser than the sun just for needing it to shine.”

Ash’s heart pounds in his chest. “What are you saying?”

Eiji smiles at him, luminous in the quiet darkness. “I think you already know.”

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Asexual awareness week drawing prompt

Hey!! We have 5 days left for Asexual Awareness Week, and I’ve been thinking about a prompt week for everyone who likes to join!

It’s simple. Every day of the last week of October is dedicated to one different ace character each (7 in total). It doesn’t matter if they’re canonically ace, or just your own headcanon.

You can write something about them (a one shot, why you think they’re ace, how does that make you feel).

You can draw fanart (this is what I’m doing, really helpful because I’m not used to it)

You can do anything you want.

This is our week. This is our time to express ourselves through our favorite characters, and to share some representation.

If you’re interested, you can propose a # to use, and please, reblog this so more people can see it uwu

Either way, I’ll post my drawings here and on my instagram @viem__a I you want to see them. My list is:

  • Crowley, from Good Omens.
  • Ash Lynx, from Banana Fish
  • Kelly Bennett, from the Green Creek series by TJ Klune.
  • Shirou Ogami, from Brand New Animal.
  • Peridot, from Steven Universe.
  • Jessica Rabbit.
  • Reyna Avila R.A., from Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan.

Thank you for reading ♥️

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