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girlmikeyway · 18 days ago
Okay Gee now wear fishnets with the shorts next
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its-actually-ash · a month ago
Encanto theory/Headcannon idea
I like the idea of the colors of the madrigals that they wear means they can be more like or are closest to their parent.
For example, Mirabel's has a bit of a tealish dress then you have Julieta who's dress is more of a brighter teal than Mirabel. These two are probably close in terms of personality because both are said to be empathetic.
Tumblr media
Isabela and Abuela Alma literally look the same. Or at least, a younger Alma is a copy of Isabela. For Alma, she tried to have Isabela live the perfect life she would've wanted. I do think that these two were alot closer pre-encanto. But I think both kinda share one thing, need for perfection. Even if Isabela was hiding her nonperfect side, she still wanted things to go perfect because Abuela wanted things to be perfect.
Tumblr media
(from here on out it's just speculation and stupid head cannons. Sorry :))
Luisa's colors look a bit like Agustin's. We see the two of them more often but it's very few moments we see of them together. The moment when Abuela tells Agustin to play music and we see both Luisa and Agustin. And the end of the dinner scene.
Could that hint to the fact that she's a daddy's girl? Could Agustin relate or sympathize to Luisa? Idk, maybe but I lean towards the former, cause I like the head cannon of Luisa being a daddy's girl.
Tumblr media
Now for the warm colors fam,
Pepa has more oranges and Felix has more yellows but he does have a bit of red.
Dolores may be a daddy's girl but I wanna lean towards this idea (Because I like primas-hermanas):
Dolores, I feel when she was younger, looked up to Isabela. Her color is red which is somewhat similar to Isabela's pink color palette, but still makes her stand out from Isabela. Maybe Dolores was very close to Isabela but drifted apart because of the betrothal. If not that, then daddy's girl. Felix has mostly yellow with bits of red whereas Dolores has more red with bits of yellow.
Tumblr media
Camilo has more yellows like Felix. I'm not suggesting that he's a daddy's boy (But that would be a funny twist) but they may have similar traits (though it's few). Both are seen comforting Pepa and both I dare say are a teeny bit dramatic. Camilo during WDTAB, since he exaggerates what Bruno looks like, and Felix, before WDTAB, just bursts in all like, "IT WAS A NIGHTMARE!" as well as the whole "THUNDER!" line.
Lastly, they make almost similar poses here!⬇
Tumblr media
Camilo may be a mama's boy but he could very much be more like his dad.
Pepa and Antonio both have oranges in their clothing. Honestly, I don't have much right here.
In the artbook of Encanto, concept art shows a kid that looks like Antonio and described as the "sensitive kid" and Pepa as the "hyper-emotional aunt".
Tumblr media
Maybe both are very emotional? Maybe, I mean it makes sense that Antonio would be emotional because he's a 5 yr old.
However another thing that I think could be likely is that Antonio could just like both his parents, because he has both red and orange like his mom and dad. However, because he has more orange, he's more like his mom. The connection could be both are seen with something that makes their gift more obvious. Pepa and her weather powers are noticeable because they stem from her emotions, and Antonio always has animals or an animal around him because he can talk to animals. This makes their gifts more obvious hence why I lean towards the latter connection more. They are more in-touch with their gifts, I guess.
Is this a stretch? ✔Absolutely positively a stretch.
Could there be more to suggest otherwise? ✔OH definitely.
So, what about Bruno? Idk
I guess Mirabel could make a connection with him cause we see that in the movie. They are both "weirdos" of the Madrigals.
That's really it. Lemme know your thoughts?
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chorus-the-mutate · 15 days ago
Tumblr media
I've only seen this man for five seconds but I know for a fact that he would let you ruffle his hair until he has to leave to hunt vampires. That is all.
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albino-pony · 2 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A gift I got for myself for my birthday 🎉❤🌈✨
Kiribaku standee and a print from @inchells 💖
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blackmagistertd · 11 months ago
ok but here's the thing
for me it's the way mobius adapted so quickly to loki going for the hug. didn't even hesitate to hold loki. and more than that he was content to stand there and hug for as long as loki wanted! he waited for loki to pull away before he even started to pull back. it's just the way that he lets loki lead the way on how things go and it's so sweet i'm going to die actually
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ashturnedtomist · 6 months ago
Viktor from Arcane has such a CHOKEHOLD ON ME
Like pls marry me
I will nurse you back to health bb
I will let you use me as a step stool please-
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theashpit · 13 days ago
Every time legendary releases a movie i feel my soul die a bit more, but seeing dominion flop so hard and be retrospectively one of the most boring movies ever has restored all life lost
Burn legendary <3
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sunlightisfalling · 5 months ago
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crowned-with-antlers · a month ago
Sorry for all the religious/ex-catholic posts lately, guys. I had an incident with my very catholic grandmother recently and I’m just really going through it right now.
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carousel-of-souls · a month ago
Master post
 📼Welcome to the blog dear traveler 📼
☽My name is Ash, but you may also call me:Ace or Zero
☽Please read the information below before interacting
Who all is avaliable:
Rules: https://haunted-system.tumblr.com/post/676719384137498624/rules-for-this-blog
📼Roleplay blog:https://cottage-full-of-bones.tumblr.com/ 
 📼Art trades:Open
 📼Any harassment,false claiming, supposeble “name stealing”, calling alters ocs,misgendering, will NOT be tolerated on this blog. Please do not interact if you are one of the following blogs, or are friends with these blogs:
 📼We hope you enjoy your stay!
Tumblr media
If you have any questions about the DNI please feel free to ask ^^
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girlmikeyway · 15 days ago
does gerard know how many people they've helped figure out/settle in their gender identity just by being himself? when the crowd sings 'you should have raised a baby girl i should have been a better son' back at them does it really hit him just how many of those voices are proudly echoing their own words because he was the one who showed them it was okay to feel like that and they weren't alone? please do they know i sincerely hope they do
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its-actually-ash · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
@ramshackledtrickster, protect Bertilda at all costs.
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chorus-the-mutate · 29 days ago
It brings me immense joy knowing that Belos could've won if he had at least pretended to be nice to Kikimora. But no, he decided to be petty against the queen of pettiness herself and she fucked him over. :)
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albino-pony · 7 days ago
Oh damn, a four-year anniversary of Engraved in Your Mind, huh? Amazing.
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ladyashlalordbogen · a month ago
Hello, I am opening up commissions. Please dm or ask box with inquiries.
-I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember-although I’ve definitely improved from my original attempts. Started out writing in Star Wars, and I’ve expanded from there. I like to write things that are interconnected and make me think, so I tend to write more from my fanworks, although I’m open to writing new stuff.
-Im open to just about anything in terms of content, but I love writing about discrimination, advocacy, diversity, mental health issues and trauma recovery.
-I don’t have anything specific off the top of my head that I will not write, but if I’m not comfortable writing something, I will communicate that before any money is exchanged.
-$5 (us) per 500 words. I’m also able to discuss prices and rates individually.
-I have been doing digital art for about a year now, and I have been drawing with pencil and paper for several years now.
-For drawing, I will do full color and flats. I do not do line art.
-I am open to anything here as well in terms of content, although if I feel that I don’t have the skill level to do it justice after discussing it with you, I reserve the right to refuse the commission.
-I am charging $10 for flats of a single character and $15-20 for a scene with multiple characters.
-I am charging starting at $20 for a single character and $40 for a fully colored and shaded scene. I reserve the right to raise prices if something is more intricate, but I will communicate that at the beginning of the conversation if it becomes seems to be more complicated. You will get an initial sketch and a final copy, as well as progress pictures, especially if I have questions or if it takes longer than expected.
-For calligraphy, I am charging $10-20 per piece. It will depend on intricacy and length. I will discuss it with you before any money is exchanged.
-I accept PayPal or Zelle, although I can also find other platforms for payment as requested.
-time can be variable, but generally within one to two weeks.
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ashturnedtomist · 9 months ago
Gentle reminder that there was literally NO chance that Jason and Piper would’ve lasted (unless he didn’t die and they got back together at some point, probably once they were older and more matured) because their relationship was literally founded on an illusion created by Hera
Their personalities also didn’t mesh that well. Piper was constantly jealous of Annabeth and Percy’s relationship because they would actually do couple things together, unlike her and Jason.
Notice how the moment they went off on their own, they broke up.
I’m not saying they didn’t have feelings for each other, but in the grand scheme of things, they wouldn’t have lasted.
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theashpit · 16 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sunlightisfalling · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
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wishuhadstayed · a month ago
Not Hotch squatting down looking at a crime scene and the only thing I can think about is grinding on his leg… 🤤
sos it’s your best friend calling for help. pour some cold water on my ass 😫
- morgan
And what a nice thigh it is 😵‍💫
I don’t think I’m the one to call for help, bestie. I’ll just make it worse
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monochromerose · 6 months ago
everybody wants to ride the triangle. god i wish that was the shapeland merch
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