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#ashido mina

Midoriya, mumble singing: Oh, well imagine

Bakugou: DEKU, DON’T-

Kirishima: As I’m pacing the pews in a church corridor

Ashido, sliding in: And I can’t help but to hear

 Kaminari, rolling out from under the couch: No, I can’t help but to hear an exchanging of words 

Jirou: What a beautiful wedding

Todoroki, just now walking in: What a beautiful wedding?

Sero: Says a bridesmaid to a waiter

Bakugou: Ugh! Deku, I told you- and you’re not listening…

Midoriya, joining the others: AND YES, BUT WHAT A SHAME-

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Ashido: So I found a fool proof method of determining if someone is truly evil.

Kaminari: And that is?

Ashido: If they dislike Kirishima, they’re evil.

Kaminari, Sero, and Bakugou nodding in agreement: Yeah, okay that’s pretty solid logic.

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Mina, recording: Bakugou, you know Jason Derulo, right? You know that one guy-

Kaminari: i got lipstick stains on my passport, mmmaaahhggmeee

Bakugou: no. and it’s a really bad idea for someone to kiss your passport, it’s a government document.

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I did an art collab with @centoris and we drew the bakusquad!! She drew Mina and Kami, and I drew Baku and Kiri!



(I have never drawn sero before, is it obvious?)

Original drawing by @/rmfn_HQ on Twitter under the cut

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