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#ashley seaver
yourlocalheartbreaker · 4 days ago
Hotch went to Seaver’s graduation because he knew nobody would be there for her and everyone deserves to have someone watch them walk across the stage- he had Haley.
And she didn’t know but obviously he’s with the BAU so when he got there everyone was like: OH MY GOD WHAT? It’s Agent Hotchner from the BAU!!
She wasn’t sure why he was there, but then he hugged her and handed her flowers and she smiled so wide that he finally relaxed, and they got so many photos together.
Nobody cheered as loudly as he did when they called out her name, and she finally felt relaxed enough to enjoy the day because of him.
It was when she seemed so proud of herself that Hotch stopped regretting everything that had happened during her time with the BAU because look at her: proud, happy, ready to take on the world like every other graduate.
And when somebody who didn’t know the truth said it was lovely that Ashley’s father loved her so much, he didn’t correct them. So neither did she.
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prentissology · 4 days ago
im rewatching season 6 & missing ashley seaver pls😔
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prentissology · 4 days ago
i kinda wish ashley seaver stayed on for season 7 too :/ i wish we got to see her become a better profiler
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racingairplanes · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
icon by @ssa-sapphic
✿ criminal minds lockscreens -> ashley seaver ✿ - ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @temily @scandinavian-punk @thejeidhater @moreidism @reesey-willow-luvs-you @valentinespencer @moreidsdaughter @suburban--gothic @yourfinalbow @dindjarinsspouse @jelle-jareau @ssahoodrathotchner @alexandrablake @spencers-renaissance
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lumoshotch · 5 days ago
criminal minds characters in hogwarts houses
“you might belong in gryffindor, where dwell the brave at heart, their daring, nerve and chivalry set gryffindors apart”
chivalry, brave, daring, nerve, courage, determination, adventurous
derek morgan
jason gideon
elle greenaway
ashley seaver
matt simmons
“you might belong in hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient hufflepuffs are true, and unafraid of toil”
diligence, loyalty, kindness, tolerance, dedication, fairness, patience, modesty
aaron hotchner
jennifer jareau
penelope garcia
luke alvez
“or yet in wise old ravenclaw, if you’ve a ready mind, where those of wit and learning, will always find their kind”
wit, learning, wisdom, acceptance, intelligence, creativity, originality
spencer reid
david rossi
stephen walker
alex blake
“or perhaps in slytherin, you’ll make your real friends, those cunning folks use any means to achieve their ends”
ambition, resourcefulness, pride, determination, leadership, self-preservation
emily prentiss
tara lewis
kate callahan
these are all just my opinions, lmk what you think :)
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suckerforhotchniss · 8 days ago
okay i know i need to stop but this car conversation is so very personal to me like PLEASE emily is so<333333333
also all the foreshadowing for the lauren arc i had barely noticed before😩😩😩
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racingairplanes · 9 days ago
✿ criminal minds women + venom by little simz ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @jemilyology @temily @scandinavian-punk @thejeidhater @suburban--gothic @moreidism @jelle-jareau @dindjarinsspouse @ssahoodrathotchner @moreidsdaughter @yourfinalbow @spencers-renaissance
song source: @coffee-stainedsweater
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pandorabox82 · 11 days ago
Erin is furious after finding out what Don Sanderson did, and unloads all her frustration and anger on Derek
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neecy83 · 12 days ago
Seaver. *sighs* I can't say I hate her exactly, but, she just wasn't interesting.
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yourlocalheartbreaker · 12 days ago
You know, for such a poorly written, under-developed and inconsistent character, Hotch really could’ve gotten with any member of the team he had more than one interaction with and it would have somehow made sense because he literally has chemistry with all of them?
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jazzytheant · 14 days ago
can the cm fandom stop acting like ashley seaver was the worst character ever like damn. the cm community needs to leave my girls alone ffs. also a nice reminder that ashley didn’t owe reid shit! stop acting like she did! please! anyways
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literateleah · 15 days ago
i can’t find my original post about it but ashley seaver’s ed coding being mentioned for 16 seconds then dropped into the void...a little character development as a treat!! </3
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reidemandweep · 15 days ago
currently rewatching season 6 of cm and seaver just joined. idk why everyone hates her so much (i’m heavily influenced on others opinions so i did too at one point) but like yes, she talks abt her dad a lot (that’s literally why they brought her) or she was ‘mean’ to spencer that one time (like other members on the team don’t do the same??) okay that’s all
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Almost All Nighter (Ashley Seaver x Reader)
Tumblr media
You smiled as you watched Ashley pack her things up for the day. She needed a fresh go bag, having just gotten back from a pretty rough case. Her boss had given everyone the day off to recuperate and Ashley had immediately gone over to your place instead of hers. It made sense though, most of her non-work clothes were at your place and you had a washer and dryer in your apartment. 
“You’re so pretty,” you told Ashley as she placed another folded shirt in her bag. Ashley looked up from what she was doing and smiled at you. 
“Thank you. You’re pretty too,” Ashley said sweetly. She zipped her bag up and set it aside. You watched as she walked over to where you were laying on the bed and dropped down in front of you. She leaned forward a little and kissed your forehead. “I love you.” 
“I really missed you Ash,” you told her as you rolled over onto your stomach. Ashley tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and sighed happily. “Will you lay down with me for a bit?” 
“Yeah, you need to go to sleep. It’s way late,” Ashley said as she looked at her watch. She had gotten to your place at around 11:30 and you’d both been awake since then. Somehow, Ashley hadn’t yet reached the delerious state of being tired like you had. 
“The sun’s almost out,” you said as you pointed towards the window. 
“That’s a streetlight. How about you let me get a shower and then I’ll come back and we go to bed?” Ashley suggested. You nodded tiredly. It was hard, but you willed yourself to stay awake while Ashley was in the shower. You were barely there whenever she came back, dressed up in some old college sweats and one of her academy training shirts. “Come on, scooch.” 
“Make me,” you mumbled. Ashley sighed, realizing that she really would have to physically move you if she wanted any room in the bed. She carefully moved you so that you weren’t splayed out all over the bed. You ended up grabbing onto her shirt, which was when it was decided that she was laying right up against you for the night. “Soft.” 
“Goodnight.” Ashley gave you a quick peck on the lips. You just snuggled closer to her, which Ashley hadn’t thought was possible, and quickly fell asleep. Exhaustion caught up with Ashley and she passed out just as fast as you had. 
Taglist: @storiesofsvu​ @xixxiixx​ @awooooooo-ohlookasquirrel​ @loveinfinitelyandforever​ @screenee​ @gay-ass-bitch​ @mysticfalls01​ 
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racingairplanes · 24 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds icon edits -> kate callahan, ashley seaver and aaron hotchner + pride flags ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @suburban--gothic @moreidism @greenaway-lewis @reesey-willow-luvs-you @temily @agentshortstacc @yourfinalbow @moreidsdaughter @thejeidhater @jelle-jareau @alexandrablake @pretty-b0yy @spencers-renaissance
✿ [transcript: kate callahan + she/they bisexual flag // ashley seaver + panromantic asexual flag // aaron hotchner + trans bisexual men flag] ✿
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jellejareau · 24 days ago
BAU members and whether or not they fight kids
spencer reid: a kid would fight Him
derek morgan: he would never, but he would ruff up some douchebag teenage boy (if he were similar in size) 
penelope garcia: no, but she would cyberbully 
emily prentiss: yes 
jennifer jareau: maybe
aaron hotchner: i feel like he has fought a kid before
david rossi: yeah but not in a good way he would pull some weird manipulation tactic 
jason gideon: no 
elle greenaway: no but yes
tara lewis: she would simply not be in this situation to begin with but if she were she might fight a kid if necessary 
matt simmons: similar to derek, he might fight an asshole teenage boy
luke alvez: no, does a long speech instead
kate callahan: she would chew out a kid for being a bully and would have to be dragged away or something  
ashley seaver: no 
jordan todd: no 
alex blake: no, she is very much mom english teacher vibes i dont think a kid would even want to fight her 
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racingairplanes · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✿ criminal minds doodles -> spencer reid and emily prentiss + staring at derek morgan and ashley seaver ✿ - ☽ credit/tag me if you use or save ☾ ☽ click for better quality ☾ - ⚓︎ taglist -> @notsosmexy @jemilyology @temily @luke-alvez @scandinavian-punk @thejeidhater @suburban--gothic @moreidism @agentshortstacc @greenaway-lewis @moreidsdaughter @spencers-renaissance @alexandrablake @jelle-jareau @yourfinalbow @pretty-b0yy
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drreidsboyband · 27 days ago
Seaver & Emily
respectfully, i’m not even going to rate this one😐y’all already know how i feel about seaver.
(but -5/10 zero chemistry there. give me jemily back.)
celebrate with me here!!🥰🥳
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