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#ashton 5 seconds of summer
Hiya, I've been loving your writing! Could you do the flip side to the reader getting jealous of Ash and KayKay's relationship and instead Ash gets jealous or uncomfortable with how close the reader is with KayKay and their friendship? Maybe they keep going out for coffee or something? If you would that would be amazing! X

heya hun, thanks for reading and requesting, hope you’ll like this! xx

masterlist | part one 

Ashton knew you didn’t mean to upset him, really he was the one who reassured you that this would be alright but truth was, it really wasn’t. 

At the beginning he’d thought it sweet that you wanted to have a good relationship with his ex, given they had ended it on good terms, but the fact that somehow you were beginning to become the closest of friends left a strange lingering and unsettling feeling at the pit of his stomach. He wasn’t about dictating who you could and couldn’t hang out with, but at the same time he couldn’t help but wish you’d stop going out with her for coffee every other day.

“Are you jealous?” he knew you weren’t being serious, the laughter escaping your lips and the light, amused voice you asked the question with only acting as further proof to him of that, but a strange epiphany dawned on him. 

“Maybe I am” Ashton shot back, leaving you speechless. You placed the mug you were holding on the coffee table by the couch the two of you were sitting on, turning to face him, your eyes searching for his.
“Really?” you asked, not really knowing what to think.

“I don’t know, it just feels a little strange that the two of you are so close” he shrugged as you placed your hands of his cheeks. “You spend more time with her than me, it seems”

A pout formed on your lips upon hearing those words. “I’m sorry Ash, I-”

“Don’t get me wrong, baby, I’m glad you two get on well” he assured, reaching to put his hands on top of yours. “I’d rather that than you being at each other’s throats” a chuckle escaped the both of you at that. “But any free time you have you seem to be spending with her and I don’t know, it just feels-”

“Weird” you offered with a small smile, he nodded. “Seeing someone from the past mix with present” he looked down, gently rubbing his thumb on the top of your hand. 

“I don’t want to force you into not seeing her anymore, though, you’re friends and-” Ashton added, feeling your hands slide down to hold both of his in you lap.

You sighed, knowing full well that you couldn’t stop seeing KayKay out of the blue just because he’d asked you to. Also, you really didn’t want to lose a good friend.

“It’s fine, Ash, I’ll just talk to her and explain. I’m sure she’ll understand why we can’t go out for coffee everyday” you giggled lightly, watching as a smile opened up on his face. “Don’t expect me to end a friendship, though” 

“Hey, I’m fine with sharing!” he laughed, making you chuckle as well.

“Oh, I see how you handled that, Mr. Jealousy!” you joked watching as he pouted, lifting you up so you were sitting on his lap, facing him.

“Thank you” Ashton whispered, bringing his face closer to yours. “I love you” 

You kissed him sweetly, resting your forehead against his, your hands going to play with his hair. “I love you too” 

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Luke Hemmings  Calum Hood  Michael Clifford  Part One

  • Ashton is a muggle-born
  • He’s also a Slytherin which you’d think wouldn’t mix well
  • But he chose to be in Slytherin. Why you ask?
  • Well, he was on the train and some boy was giving him the rundown and he said Slytherins are horrible but Ashton is really nice so he certainly wouldn’t be in Slytherin
  • Ashton is hard to put into a box and he likes that about himself so he was determined to show this random boy he didn’t know anything
  • So it’s Ashton’s turn to be sorted and the sorting hat thinks that he would do great in any house so Ashton basically got to decide so he picked Slytherin
  • He was so smug when he saw the shocked look on the boy’s face
  • Most people in his house hated him because he isn’t pureblooded and people in other houses are scared of him because he’s in Slytherin
  • But Ashton is really sweet and he’s crazy smart
  • But not just book smart he’s wise and always has something profound to say
  • In the first week of his first year he became friends with Calum Hood, another Slytherin
  • Ashton had no idea why this dude wanted to be his friend but he went with it
  • Once people knew Calum liked Ashton then more people wanted to be his friend
  • Ashton has some friends but he’d rather keep the group small
  • So Ashton is super smart, we’ve discussed that, but Ashton and Michael are often the masterminds behind the Core Four pranks and disasters
  • No one thinks it’s Ashton because he’s very smart and he always makes sure his homework is done on time and his grades are perfect
  • But because Ashton is so smart he’s the reason the pranks work
  • It’s impressive
  • Ashton is a beater on the Quidditch team
  • He’s an amazing flyer and he’s really strong so hitting things is easy
  • Him and Luke get really into it during their games against each other
  • Ashton accidentally knocked Luke off his broom once and boy just about had a heart attack
  • Ashton was the first one on the ground making sure Luke wasn’t hurt too bad and he apologized a ton but Luke just promised to pay it back to him
  • Rapid fire!!
  • Best Class: All of them but mostly Defense Against the Dark Arts
  • Worst Class: Charms
  • Electives (seventh year): Alchemy and Ancient Runes
  • Wand: Beech (good for someone wise beyond their years or has plenty of understanding and experience), Phoenix Feather core

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laccuna - a.i.



𝑳𝒂𝒄𝒖𝒏𝒂 - 𝒂 𝒃𝒍𝒂𝒏𝒌 𝒔𝒑𝒂𝒄𝒆, 𝒂 𝒎𝒊𝒔𝒔𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒑𝒂𝒓𝒕

The summer night sky was beautiful, full of gorgeous stars. They seemed to be shining with more light, making the situation more the idyllic: you are on top of the roof with your boyfriend, hand in hand, stargazing. You felt complete.

Even though you had so many things to worry about: graduating, life after highschool, worrying about if your dream college was accepting you or not, if you were willing moving cross-country for it, or what will happen to your relationships here. But you weren’t thinking. You give yourself to the moment, got lost in the stars. Ashton was rubbing soothing circles on top of your hand with his thumb, so when he stopped your attention was on him instantly.

-What? -you asked Ashton softly when you saw he was staring at you with a warm look. His eyes were hooded, there was a little smile on his lips. His cheeks were rosier then usual, his dimple showing even in the semi-dark. He put one hand on your cheek and gently rubbed under your eye with his thumb while he took one of your hand to his chest, pressing it on top of his heart. You felt his heartbeat. He looked into your eyes.

-I… -he started saying what what circling his mind for a while now but he couldn’t look into that precious eyes of yours, so he looked away for a moment. He took a big breath and reconnected his eyes with yours, instantly getting lost in them. Even when it was dark your eyes had light in them, your whole presence was surrounded by warmth. You felt his heart beating faster. -I love you, so much. You have no idea. -he laughed a little on himself, and about how desperately he thought he sounded. One might call it passionate. -I don’t have a lot to offer, I don’t have a shining ring with your name on it, but I have me. And I offer all of me to you for your love. I thought you are going to be a typical highschool sweetheart, but you are so much more then what I ever imagined I could have. I’m not asking you to marry me now, all I’m asking is that will say yes to me one day? -he said quietly, as his heart was beating faster then ever. A soft smile overcame your face as you let the tears in your eyes make your face damp. Ashton wiped down the tears he could on the side where he already had his hand on your cheek and kissed the other side free from your tears. After that he put his forehead against yours, closing his eyes. You kissed his cute little nose and tilted your forehead back against his.

-I would even marry you now. In jeans with two witnesses. -you said giggling. Ashton had a wide smile stuck to his face now.

There was a couple of minutes of comfortable silence between the two of you, just appreciating the presence of the other.

-I think I found my lacuna in you. -he said. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you against his body. He loved holding you in his arms, he felt complete. He finally pushed his lips against yours and for a moment he sweared he saw the pink cloud that was surrounding the two of you, protecting you from the outside world and he had no intention of ever leaving this bubble you and him built together.

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Saw this on a page on Facebook which happened to see these too. I can’t stop thinking about it. They don’t deserve this kind of sabotage. I’ve been with 5SOS since 2014 and this is by far the most alarming issue about them I have happened to see.

Disclaimer: According to the owner, these are all theories. But fam, read them all and you’ll find the pattern and the connection of everything.

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