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Przyjacielu, jeśli będzie ci dane żyć sto lat, to ja chciałby żyć sto lat minus jeden dzień, abym nie musiał żyć ani jednego dnia bez ciebie.

-Alan Alexander Milne – Kubuś Puchatek

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hi everybody. i might sound crazy but i just had a dream where i watced a old instagram video of 5sos. i couldn’t find the video an i’m asking you. i don’t really remember the video as i watceh it long ago but i remember ashton wearing a hat and maybe black clothes and coming into the room and saying something like ‘’welcome to the our house/clubhouse irwin’’ and i remember his hair shining from the lighting. i hopee there is someone who knows this video or i am going to go crazy.

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Desejaria acordar com amnésia. Meus amigos perguntam o porquê insisto em ficar em casa. As pequenas coisas estupidas, que corroem todas as memórias que nunca conseguimos escapar, nos fazem esquecer de todos os desejos que fizemos juntos, e até dos lugares que costumávamos ir. Os sonhos que deixamos para trás são como as fotos que você costumava mandar e eu insisto em as deixá-las viver no meu celular. Eu desejaria acordar com amnésia, e sentir como seria adormecer no teu ombro pela primeira vez novamente. Pensei se você se sentiria sozinha, mesmo com ele do seu lado. E eu apenas desejaria acordar com amnésia.

-Raul Medeiros

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Hey guys!! I’d like to make some new friends that enjoy the same music as I do. So i was thinking about a Snapchat GC! There are a few guidelines

•18+ please! GC can get a bit rowdy and I’d prefer 18 and older only.

•be nice! I don’t want a bunch of drama going on in the group. I’d like everyone to be able to make friends and share our love for these bands.

I think those are the only two! Please message me if you want to be added in a GC. I will start it if I get about 5 people interested in it!

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I’m not really sure about exact details about how any of them met, especially with Crystal. Sierra and KayKay were friends with Crystal for a while though, and I believe KayKay introduced Sierra to Crystal’s group, which linked them to 5SOS’s friend group. Sierra was in that friend group before Luke and Arzaylea broke up, and I think KayKay was friends with them during Ashton and Bryana’s relationship (though I could be wrong about that).

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I think it’s a pretty common thing for news outlets to twist stories in order to create drama, and I don’t doubt that the same thing was done to 5SOS.

If I had to guess, in addition to all the thing the boys said in the article, they probably did say some really nice things about fans and about their music in order to make themselves look good, but the truth of the matter is, if and when they said all those other things, they were bound to make the actual article over the nice things. That’s sadly how the media works, but the boys were young and were a little to naive about how they would be portrayed given everything they said.

I wouldn’t necessarily say I feel bad about the things they said being released in the article because at the day, they probably said all of those things (because they could have sued for defamation if there were blatant lies), but I’m sure they were frustrated by their words and actions being twisted due to lack of context.

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Ooh, I feel like that was so long ago. I think most of the rumors stemmed. From the fact that Ashton seemed to be with her a lot, and he posted pictures with her. Then one day, he was papped when he was with a few of his female friends (coincidentally, Sierra and KayKay were two of them), and the pap asked him how he felt about fans hating on Alexa after he posted the pictures. Ashton essentially just said fans could think what they wanted, and the headline was something along the lines of “Ashton Irwin says fans can troll his girl” or something like that.

I would say she’s not associated with the band much anymore. This is the first time I’ve heard her name in a while, and while Sierra, KayKay, and Crystal still follow her, I don’t think they’ve hung out publicly any time recently.

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