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I’m so bored! Looking to rp again! I rp on instgram since I’m on it the most! Plus it’s easier for me because Tumblr been super weird lately and I haven’t been getting any mgs.I will give you my Instagram once you mgs me on here or like this! I rp 5sos doubles. I’m 18 so I’m looking for 18+ I have rules but we can talk about those in private. I rp in third person and I do have a face Claim! I’m open to most plots!

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i’m trying my damnedest to write, but it’s hard. i’m working 40 hours a week at this point, and it’s heavy to be human. 

but whomst would like some song blurbs??? i have this friday, the 5th off? thoughts?

i stress the requests won’t open until thursday at 7pm EST. but this is your warning, you can get them ready and send them in starting June 4th at 7 PM EST until 7 PM on June 5th. 

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Hi guys! Times are crazy right now with what is going on in todays society. It is easy to feel useless and not knowing what to do. Please do not be hard on yourself as long as you are staying educated and are aware with what is going on you are doing well. 

This is our time to learn, speak, act. We must fight for our POC community. Fight for what is right. 

If you are confused on what is going on or just want more information feel free to dm me! 

With all the love, Ivy <3

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warnings: graphic details of torture and pain, some cursing, blood mentions, violence. 

description: in order to understand the middle and the end, we must know the beginning.

word count: 2.9k

w/n: here it is! part 1 of my favorite au! i’d like to give another big thank you to @boomerash​ for originally inspiring me to write demon!ash, and for listening to me geek out about it constantly. a second big thank you to everyone who wanted more and inspired me to continue writing for this au. i’ve always been so passionate about my writing, but this au is just so much fun. i can’t wait for y’all to follow this entire journey! 

taglist: @spicycal@castaway-cashton@irwinkitten@n-ctarinenga@thesubtweeter@ashisonthefloor@ashtonsos@loveroflrh

due to the graphic nature of this part, the whole thing will be below a read more. enjoy!

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ok there’s gotta be a better way to update my masterlist, do i really have to scroll through my entire blog to find where i originally posted the masterlist? writers, help!

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listen (calum hood)


{requested} ‘can you pleaseeeee do 3 on the angst prompt list with calum. with a fluffy ending maybe?? thank you’

‘number 3 with calum please? but could it end in fluff i can’t stand sad endings LOL’

hi loves!! thank you for requesting this, it was difficult to try and write but i got there in the end :)

3. ‘just pay attention to me’

here’s my masterlist!


today was just kind of an off day, cal and me hadn’t got off to a great start. now he had locked himself in his studio to just ignore me, i didn’t understand what was going on between us but it was seriously upsetting me. i starting on doing the dishes just to pass the time, hoping he would come out of the studio calm and ready to talk. hours passed by and all i heard coming out of the room was his bass playing something and loudly. i sat on the couch, duke in my lap and something random playing on netflix. i just couldn’t keep my mind off of cal, constantly wondering if he was okay, if we were okay. the moments of this morning playing in a constant loop in my head. i’d had enough and decided to just go out in the neighbourhood and take duke for a walk, to clear my mind and hopefuly stop my sadness.

as soon as i stepped back in the door, knelt down to take off duke leash and stood back up, i heard someone clear their throat. i turned aroud to see calum, the hood of his grey hoodie up over his head. ‘are you ready to talk now or are you just going to storm off back to your studio and ignore me for half of the day.’ i asked stepping into the kitchen to quickly put dukes leash away, coming straight back into the living room. i sat down on the couch and looked over to cal, seeing him play with his hands. ‘look i’m sorry okay, i’m sorry things got too far this morning, i’m sorry for running off to the studio hoping i could just blare out my anger.’ he said sitting up properly, looking directly at me. ‘i wish you would just calm down and try talking to me instead of running off.’ i said putting my legs up on the couch, trying to figure out what to say. 

‘i don’t wanna fight with you, i don’t like fighting with you.’ cal said, moving closer to me, grabbing my hands and holding them in his. ‘me neither, just when you get upset about something, talk to me, say whatever is on your mind, i hate seeing you this way.’  i finished, pulling him close to me, he held me and cuddled up to me. ‘i will, i promise, i love you.’ ‘i love you too cal.’

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Previous Parts: Part 1 | Part 2

           The cool, salty rim of the glass remained pressed against Odessa’s lips as she watched the boys. Ashton’s drums were set a few feet in front of the stool, with Michael, Luke, and Calum all standing in front with their own instruments, playing beautiful songs that they had written on their own. She was kind of blown away, sitting on the backyard couch as she listened to them perform under the blanket of the night sky, the stars glittering above them and the blue hue of the pool lights only adding on to the blissful atmosphere Odessa had easily gotten lost in.

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