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#ashton irwin smut

Word count: 5200+
Warnings: masturbation, a beast (literal or figurative, you decide) ready to fuck, a switch between soft dom!Ash and dom!Ash, definitely D/s dynamics, slightest bit of somnophilia, too many nicknames, fingering, some spanking, begging, orgasm control, overstimulation, creampie and cum play, with a big load of fluff in the end.
Author’s note: I’ve been in a morning sex mood this week and I’ve ruined myself (and my friend) in the process. I’m sorry.

Stay safe, stay healthy. You are loved. You matter. I love you. 🖤


There was a moment when Ashton was still floating somewhere between dream and reality, not entirely sure if he will fall back to sleep or slowly wake up. It was a luxury that didn’t occur too often with work and touring happening all around the year, but they just started their week off, and it meant that he could squeeze in a few more minutes of sleepy lounging in his bed – no need to rush and start the day. He let the sun peeking through the windows warm his skin as he pushed his face back against his pillow, letting out a small contented sigh as he nuzzled against the fabric that smelled like home.

He moved under his blankets, finding a position he liked to snuggle back for another quick nap, not wanting to get up just yet. Mornings usually meant quick showers and dressing up for the road, getting breakfast at coffee shops or waiting until brunch happened, and being with his mates with very little privacy for his needs. Needs that always made themselves present in the early hours of the morning, pressing against his shorts, waiting to be taken care of.

Ashton tried to ignore the ache deep in his lower belly, the beast wanting to be satisfied more and more as days passed by. Sometimes he let himself have a few minutes as he palmed himself through his boxers, trying to appease his body’s demands for pleasure and release. But now he had all the time in the world as he shifted onto his back, face still pushed against the soft pillow under his head, hand resting on his stomach before he slowly slid it lower. A hum left his lips as he closed his fingers around his cock, giving it a light squeeze through his boxers, feeling himself twitching and hardening. He liked taking his time, building up his orgasm and edging himself until he couldn’t hold it back anymore, spilling cum over his hand and stomach as pleasure coursed through his body. He only wished he wasn’t alone to enjoy his day off, setting the beast free to take what it needed to be satisfied.

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warnings: slightly nsfw


  • getting a dog together
  • taking said dog (plus duke) on lots of walks
  • morning walks, night walks, just walks with calum in general are always fun
  • having trouble getting him out of bed in the morning cause he’s a sleepy king
  • like seriously this man sleeps a lot
  • “babe, noooo, the sun just barely came up.”
  • “calum it’s noon”
  • stealing his sweatshirts
  • specifically his iconic sweatshirts
  • also stealing his beanies, and just generally all of his clothes b/c you like how they feel on you
  • “babe, have you seen my- oh, you’re wearing it”
  • tons of cuddly!calum
  • and when you cuddle your favorite thing to do is to trace his tattoos
  • he likes the feel of your fingers tracing his skin as you both hold each other in silence
  • and use cute nicknames on him… (cal pal, cal, baby, honey)
  • he honestly responds to anything at this point
  • lots of calls when he’s on tour
  • like he’ll call you constantly
  • on the tour bus
  • before a plane ride
  • he also likes calling you when he knows you’re asleep just so he can hear your sleepy voice
  • “calum, it’s two in the morning!”
  • “i know”
  • expect lots of makeup sex when he’s back from tour
  • this man can be a complete horn dog at the drop of a hat
  • he doesn’t have a totally high sex drive but when it comes to you it’s very easy to turn him on
  • also you and calum being end game and dating for a longtime before he proposes
  • but he knew from the moment you met he’d end up marrying you
  • it just took him a long time to find the right moment


  • ashton takes care of things that mean a lot to him so… lots of protective!ash
  • like holding you close to him in large crowds/when you’re in the middle of paparazzi
  • lots of “you okay, baby?” and whispering in your ear
  • a hand constantly near or around you at all times
  • a relationship full of giggles and inside jokes
  • leaving the rest of the band members questioning what the hell you guys do in your free time
  • expect a ton of laughing until your sides hurt
  • and tickle fights b/c this man loves seeing you laugh
  • lots of handsy!ash b/c he loves constant touching and affection
  • like cuddling and the occasional moment where he’ll just randomly pick you up
  • and on top of all the touching a bunch of hickies
  • ashton loves marking what’s his
  • and taking care of you
  • like when you’re sick or just in general
  • he cooks a lot for you or you and your friends
  • silly pet name nicknames
  • “baby, honey, bunches of oats”
  • cute phone calls/facetime calls when he’s on tour
  • he’ll walk around the venue and just show you around where he is in that moment
  • “and this is my drum set for the night”
  • “ash, you’ve shown me it three times now”
  • he just likes to see your face for as long as possible while he’s away
  • and when he’s home expect lots of cuddles and constant touches
  • lots of sex yes, but not just that
  • he can be a touchy feely person, especially when he hasn’t seen you in a while
  • there’s a period in your life designated to whenever ashton comes home from tour b/c he’ll constantly be at your side for a couple of days
  • and he’ll need you especially since he’s recovering from the long winded tours
  • just in general dating this man would be amazing
  • and he’ll repeatedly make sure you know how needed you are in his life
  • forever&ever
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Gif credit to @ghostofmashton

a/n: another day another blame put on @sexgodashton​ for making me go feral…………….. i have nothing to say about this other than i am so sorry and i need a cold shower

word count: 1.9k

warnings: cockwarming, some degradation, spanking, unprotected sex, some praise kink, dom!ash behaviour…………. anything else if i missed i’m so sorry

it’s literally porn without plot rly and it kinda like just…. starts right away, so i’m gonna put it all under the cut

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Originally posted by ghostofmashton

so, i got this beautiful idea from an anon, and i really like it. and if you guys like it, i can make a whole series of dad!sos and dealing with their teenagers :) it’s mostly fluff, but with the slightest sprinkle of smut!! 

the house was packed. each of mine and ashton’s four kids had a few friends, along with the rest of the guys over. i wanted to have a quiet day, but hayden and hunter showed up to the house with their little “gang” after their soccer practice causing my daughters to get a little jealous and ended up asking me and ashton if it was alright if some of their friends could come over. having ashton wrapped around the girls’ fingers didn’t serve me much justice when he said yes right away. the twins, hayden and hunter, along with two of their friends were in the backyard kicking the soccer ball with calum. “hayden, if you kick the wall one more time you’ll be paying for the paint replacement!” i yelled from the upstairs porch. “sorry y/n! my fault!” calum shouted back.

our oldest daughter, kathleen and her friends were in the den, fawning over jj from outer banks. “honestly, bailey, i don’t get how you don’t think he’s attractive!” kathleen spoke. “he’s not my type at all! i’m more of a brunette type of girl, or black haired.” her friend replied. “can’t believe i have seven teenagers and two pre-teens running my house right now.” i sighed, taking a seat on ashton’s lap. “c’mon y/n, it’s not that bad, remember, we used to do this all the time when we were their age.” luke said, grabbing a beer from the cooler. “yeah, but back then it was just the five of us! and you, you need to be more strict with kathleen, she gets away with murder with you. same with eliza!” i said, pointing a finger at ashton. ashton put his hands up in defense, “they have their mothers charm, what can i say.”

the boys in the backyard got bored and went to the basement to play some video game, leaving the girls in kathleen’s room upstairs. ashton and the other three were in the den, reminiscing from their teenage years. “i still can’t believe you have three teenagers, and one ‘pre-teen’ ash. seems like yesterday that you and y/n were getting married.” michael said. “tell me about it, i knew having twins first would be hard, but hayden and hunter are always competing with each other. the other night, i overheard them talking about who has better game. plus, it doesn’t help that hunter and cassidy are dating, and some of the things that girl says makes me think.” ashton chuckled. “i doubt they’re virgins, mate.” calum mentioned. “yeah, you were what? sixteen? seventeen? and that was before you met y/n.” michael said.

i began making dinner, and of course, i went to go ask the girls if they wanted to stay. hunter and hayden’s friends always stayed no matter what, but kathleen’s friends never wanted to impose. i walked up to kathleen’s room, hearing the conversation about my husband more clearly. “kitty, your dad is hot. and he’s the drummer of the band, i don’t understand how you don’t think so! the twins look just like him!” cassidy exclaimed. “can we stop talking about my dad? it’s weird!” my daughter huffed. i finally knocked on the door and opened the door, “girls, would you like to stay for dinner? i’m making pepper steak over rice.” “are you sure, mrs. irwin?” “of course! i’ve made plenty, your designated seats are set if you’d like to head down.” i smiled.

the girls stood up and headed right downstairs, except kathleen. “mom? can i ask you something?” kathleen said, not leaving her spot on the bed. “of course, angel, what is it?” “so, i don’t know if you know this, but cass and bailey think that dad is, hot.” she cringed at the last part. i laughed softly and sat down next to her. “and, i know i want to find someone who can give me what you and dad have, but i’m just curious as to how you guys met.” she said.

i smiled at her, remembering what it was like being sixteen and wanting a relationship. “well, your dad and i knew each other in school, but it was at uncle luke’s eighteenth birthday party. he was very drunk and kept telling uncle luke that he was going to make me his girlfriend someday. and as the night went on we ended up talking outside of the party all night long, he gave me his number and then a few months later he asked me to be his girlfriend. then two years after that, he asked me to be his wife.” i said, smiling remembering how ashton was persistent on getting into my pants that night.

“luke, who is that over there?!” ashton, clearly drunk, yelled into his best friends ear.

“y/n, she’s friends with marie. why?”

“she’s hot. holy shit, i want that girl to have my kids!” he exclaimed.

ashton had come up to me later that night, asking if i wanted a drink and to talk on the porch. seeing ashton walk up to me was nerve-wracking. he had his natural sandy brown curly hair, red bandana tied around his forehead, and a muscle tee dressing his top.

“so, what’s a doll, like you, doing at this party?” he asked, taking quite a long inhale from the joint that was passing between us two.

“my best friend wanted me to come with her, she says i don’t go out enough.” i replied, taking the drug between my fingertips.

“well, now that i know that you, little girl, don’t party that much, we will change that.” he smirked.

“and how do you plan on doing that?”

“well, first, i will need your number, and two, every time i know of a party, you will come with me.”

“wait, dad was drunk?! you won’t even let me have more than like, one mike’s hard.” “believe it or not, kat, your father was a major party animal when we were your age. each time he texted me and told me to be ready by 10, i had to lie to nana and tell her i was sleeping over at aunt marie’s house.” “and aunt mimi covered for you?” she asked. “of course she did! she’s not my best friend, and your god mother for nothing, of course, she knew what your father and i were doing, but she always vouched for me.”

kathleen was a little shocked about how her father was a party animal, she always thought that i was too “pure” for parties. “i have another question, but, don’t get mad at me for asking.” she said, her nerves starting to show. i eyed her suspiciously, but of course, i was open to any questions she had about the early teenage years. “how old were you when you lost your virginity?” she blurted out. i was a little taken back at the question, not exactly sure how to answer. “i was sixteen.” i answered truthfully. “was it to dad?” “oh no, before i met your father, i was dating some football jock and lost it to him. your father and i didn’t have sex until the first party he took me to with him, i think i was either eighteen or nineteen.” partially lying since ashton and i had sex the night we met.

“really?!” she exclaimed, again. “really, i didn’t know what i wanted, but when it was with your father it was everything i wanted. why?” “the girls always say i need to have sex right now, i guess the same thing aunt mimi told you about you needing to get out more.” kathleen finally looks up at me. “baby, you do whatever feels right. you don’t need to rush into things, and if i’m honest, your first time is always shitty, no matter how romantic you make it. hell, i was in the back of this guys truck.” “ew, mom! i didn’t need to know that!” she says, her face in a twist of disgust. i laughed at her reaction. “okay, another thing, it’s not a question, but it’s tea*.” kathleen says. i laughed at how she used the twitter slang for an explanation.

“cassidy and hunter have sex.” she speaks. “you think i don’t know that? baby, i was your guys’ age once too, i know all the tricks there are, your father does too. they’re not exactly slick when they come up from the movie room.” i respond. “it’s gross. anyways, i have one last question.” “make it quick angel, everyone’s probably wondering why we haven’t come down yet.” “can i go on birth control? just to be safe if it does happen soon?” she asks. “sure, angel. i’ll make an appointment with the doctor this week so we can go and see what she says, alright?” kathleen put her hands around my neck, giving me a tight hug. “you’re the best mom!” “let’s go downstairs, i bet your dad is wondering what we’ve been spilling about.” once we finally made our way downstairs, everyone was already done with their meal. “and what were you two talking about up there?” hayden says. “none of your business. just needed to have mom explain some stuff to me.” kathleen smiled to me.


everyone had left, leaving each of the kids fast asleep in their rooms. “so, what were you and kat talking about for forty-five minutes, missy?” ashton asks. “her friends think you’re hot, ash.” i mumbled through spit and toothpaste. “i am pretty hot, aren’t i?” he says, taking a step back and checking himself out in the mirror in out bathroom. “alright, let’s take that ego down a notch.” i laughed. “but really, what were you talking about?” he pressed. “she asked how we met, so i told her. and then she asked me how old i was when i lost my virginity.” i answered, washing out the mix of spit and toothpaste from my mouth. “she asked you what now?” he asked, not sure if he heard it right. “she asked me when we had sex, babe.” “and did you tell her?” “i told her how i lost my virginity to joe, and then i, well kinda lied, and i told her that the first time you and i had sex was when you took me out to calum’s party. i was not going to tell our daughter how much you wanted to fuck me when we were on the porch smoking.” i said, walking to the bed. “hey, you wanted it just as bad as i did. god, that sex was so good.” he said, throwing his head back. “yeah yeah, it was okay. you came in like two minutes.” i giggled. “i couldn’t help it! if you were wearing something a little less slutty i could’ve held it.” he defended. “oh really? weren’t you the one who was calling me daddy’s little slut that night? or was it some other drummer?” i smirked.

he rolled his eyes, stripping of his shirt and pants before getting into bed. “anything else?” “hunter and cassidy have sex, and kathleen wants to get on birth control.” i said, turning to face him. “i fucking knew it! i heard the boys talking about how good their game was, plus with the way cassidy gets all shy after her and hunter come up from the basement, there’s no way they’re just watching movies.” he laughed. “as long as they’re safe, i don’t care.” i shrugged. “now hold on, i do not want teenagers having sex in my house!” he said, pulling me into his lap. “baby, we had sex all over both of our parents’ house, you really think you’re going to stop our kids from doing that?” i asked, running a hand through his freshly washed hair. “that’s not the point, they’re not even eighteen yet!” “ashton, we were sixteen when we both started having sex.” i reminded him.

he narrowed his eyes at me. “fine, but you’re gonna talk to the boys then, since you’re just giving out free sex ed lessons.” he said, hands roaming to my lower back. “you really think our two seventeen-year-old sons want their mother giving them a sex talk?” “alright, i’ll do it. but you’re gonna be the one to talk to eliza about it.” “oh my god, i don’t want to think about my baby having sex.” i said, putting my head in my hands. “not as fun when we’re talking about our youngest, huh?” “oh, i’m making kathleen an appointment with our doctor in the morning so she can tell her what birth control is gonna be the best for her,” i remembered.


the next morning i woke up with ashton’s arm slung over my stomach. i tried to wiggle out of his grip, but it was useless. “ash, let me go, i have to start breakfast.” i groaned. “no, just stay like this, they can have cereal.” he mumbled, pulling me closer. i turned to face him, admiring how groggy he always looked in the morning. my hands traced shaped on his skin, making him more relaxed into the king sized bed. “okay sleepy head, i really need to get up.” i said, lightly tapping his cheek. “i never get to have you to myself anymore.” ashton pouts, much like a kid who was getting scolded. “it was your choice to pump me full of four kids.” i told him. i finally was out of ashton’s grip and made my way to the bathroom. i slipped on my robe, and washed my face before going back into the bedroom. ashton sat up and beckoned me over. his hands rested on my hips, pulling me down into his lap. i could feel how hard he was under his boxers. “jesus, ash. are you really this hard at 9:45 in the morning.” i sighed, adjusting myself in his lap. “didn’t help that we were talking about sex last night, and we didn’t do it.” he said, rolling my hips into his. “better take care of that thing before you come downstairs.” i said, beginning to get up. “oh no, i’m going to fuck you. with the way you were back talking me last night, can’t let that slide, doll.” he husked.

i whined, lifting my hips to set my heat right onto his bulge. “make it quick,” i whispered. ashton wasted no time in pulling my panties to the side and taking his cock out.  i slowly sunk down onto his member, rocking my hips back and forth once the muscle was fully enclosed in my walls. “oh fuck, you’re always so warm and tight, baby.” ashton moaned, kissing my neck. i rocked my hips faster, already wanting to release all over him. “please, fuck me, i wanna cum.” i whimpered. ashton lifted my hips up, and began to thrust into me. i had to bite down on my finger, making sure not to wake up the house. “doing so well for me, baby. always a good girl for daddy.” he husked. my head was thrown back while ashton continued to thrust sloppily into me. “i’m gonna cum, please can i?” i asked. “go ahead, baby.” i wasted no time and released everything i had onto ashton’s cock. ashton pulled himself out of me, painting his abdomen white. “now, that is one hell of a way to wake up.”

i finally headed downstairs, kathleen and eliza already sitting on the couch. “good morning, girls. how’d you sleep?” i asked, kissing the top of their heads. “pretty good, yesterday tired me out.” eliza yawned. “alright, hunter and hayden kept me up till 2 in the morning playing one of their stupid games.” kathleen said. on queue, the twins made their way downstairs. “morning mom.” they yawned in unison. “morning boys, how’d you two sleep?” “fine, we have weights today with uncle cal and coach blake later today.” hayden said. “you two dickwads kept me up all night!” kathleen harshly said towards her brothers. “kitty! don’t say that word!” eliza said, giving her older sister a glare.

ashton finally made his way downstairs, looking bright as ever. “there are my girls!” he said, tackling kathleen and eliza on the couch. “ow! dad get off!” kathleen groaned. “what’s with you this morning, kat? did you sleep alright, or did you and mom have another gossip session i don’t know about.” ashton said, pulling eliza into his side. “hunter and hayden kept me awake.” she groaned, getting up from the coach. “it’s not our fault you’re a light sleeper!” hunter said. “alright, enough arguing! you boys need to be more considerate of your sister.” i said, hearing enough of pointless arguing. kathleen came up to me, sitting on top of the counter. “do you still want me to make that appointment?” i whispered to her, setting a bowl of fruit down. “yeah, i’d rather be safe than sorry.” she responded.

breakfast was finally ready, and everyone sat down and dug in. “so, kat, how are cassidy and bailey?” ashton asks, taking a bite of his waffle. “they’re, uh, good.” she answered vaguely. “spill any tea?” hayden mocks the use of her vocabulary. “shut up, and no, not like you would care.” kathleen said harshly. “calm down, baby. i know you’re tired, but you don’t need to take it out on your brothers.” i said to her. once everyone finished their breakfast, kathleen ran right back up to her room. eliza sat on the couch and turned on the tv. hayden and hunter were doing the dishes.

“mom?” hunter called out. “i’m in dad’s office!” i answered back. “is it alright if after weights i go to cassidy’s house?” he asks, scratching the back of his head. “sure! kat is gonna come with me to run errands, but i don’t mind.” “now hold on a minute, what are you and cassidy gonna be doing?” ashton asks. “ash!” i said, lightly slapping his arm. “uhh, she said she wanted to watch movies and order take out.” he answered back. “just watch movies?” ashton pressed. “what else would we do?” he asks, clearly clueless of what ashton is asking him. “sit down for a sec, we need to talk.” ashton says. “am i in trouble?” he asks me. “no baby, you’re not in trouble.” i said, running my hands through his hair. i didn’t know what to do in this situation, if i were suppose to leave and let ashton take on his role, or sit there awkwardly and listen to ashton lecture him on sex.

ashton sighed before starting, “hunter, your mother and i know that you and cassidy are having sex.” hunter’s eyes go wide when ashton finishes his sentence. “how do you know?” he asks, not denying it. “we were once your age too, bud. you’re not exactly secretive either.” ashton says. “are you being safe?” i ask. “of course we are! i’m not as dumb as hayden you know.” he says, slightly throwing his brother under the bus. “i told you, ash!” “is hayden having sex?” ashton asks, completely ignoring my comment of “i told you so”. “oh yeah, you know jenna? yeah, he’s been sleeping with her.” he says shamelessly. “y/n, go get hayden.” ashton says. “ash, they have to leave soon for weights.” i remind him.

i quickly walk to their room, knocking on the door. “hayden? your dad wants to talk to you.” i say, entering their room. “what? why?” he immediately asks. “just go the office, you’re not in trouble.” i tell him. “where’s hunter?” “getting the same lecture you’re about to get.” “what does that mean?” he was jumping with questions. it didn’t help that hayden had the most anxiety out of the four of them. i sigh, and decide to take this one myself. “okay, sit down.” i say, sitting on his bed and patting the spot next to me. “your father and i know that hunter and cassidy are having sex, and then hunter said that you and jenna are sleeping together.” i tell him. his face falls and becomes pale. 

“how do you know that?” he asks. “dad and i were once your age too, don’t you think i know all the tricks in the book?” i laughed lightly. “i’m sorry i didn’t tell you, mom. it’s just, weird.” he says. “it’s alright, hayden. i, frankly don’t care, i just wanna know you’re being safe.” i say, rubbing his back, easing his anxiety. “yes i’m being safe, well, okay not all the time.” he says truthfully. hayden looks up at me, “wait, you don’t care?” “no! i remember having to sneak around with your father, just ask uncle cal. all i wanna know is that you’re being smart.” “and this is why you’re my favorite parent, but don’t tell dad.” he says.

the boys leave for their training, and i go back down to the office. “how bad did you scare hunter?” i ask, shutting the door. “i didn’t scare him, doll. just wanted him to know that he needs to be safe, but i did tell him that i don’t want them here alone.” “ash, you gotta let them be teenagers. hayden looked like he was going to die when i told him we knew.” i said, putting my arms around his shoulders. “you know, none of those parenting books ever said how to talk to your kids about sex.” “i think you did a good job, baby. now, i have to go call the doctor for kat, i’ll probably take her out to lunch, and maybe go for a little shopping spree.” i kissed his cheek before walking out of his office.


“why can’t i come with you, mama?” eliza asks. “because petal, kitty just wants to be alone with me today. plus, you gotta keep daddy company.” i say, grabbing my keys from the pot. “lizzie, i promise that when mom and i get back we can do our nails and bake cookies, okay?” kathleen says, giving her sister a kiss on her forehead. eliza was a daddy’s girl at heart, but she did get jealous anytime kathleen stole her spotlight with me. “what am i suppose to do with daddy?” she asks, clearly wanting to come with us. “why don’t you and daddy go see a movie, and i’m sure you can convince him to take you out to get ice cream after.” kathleen suggests. her eyes light up and immediately go ask ashton if they can go to the movies, and of course he says yes.  

as soon as we get to the car, kathleen asks to drive. i forget that she needs to get her hours in before she can get her license. “so, did dad ask what we talked about yesterday?” she asks, carefully stopping at a stop sign before turning onto the road. “oh yeah, and let me tell you, he wasn’t thrilled when he heard that your brothers were having sex.” i tell her. “did you tell him what we’re doing?” i sighed before answering, “yes i did, but he’s okay with it. it doesn’t really concern him anyways, i’m your mother.” kathleen had always been self conscious talking to ashton about “girl stuff”. the first time she asked him to buy her tampons, he called me and asked me what type to get her.

we pull up to the doctors office, and head inside. “hi, we have an appointment with dr. heartly, last name irwin.” i tell the front desk lady. “of course, same address and insurance?” she asks. “yes ma’am.” “perfect, go ahead and take a seat, and she’ll be with you shortly.” kathleen goes to sit down and begins to fiddle with her fingers. “kathleen irwin?” one of the nurses call. kathleen and i stand up, and head back to one of the rooms. they take her height and weight before placing us in one of the rooms. “alright kathleen, just need to ask you some quick questions before dr. heartly comes in.” the nurse says. “last menstrual period?” “april 10th.” “any medication?” “no.” “sleeping at least eight hours and eating three meals a day?” “yes.”

this process goes on for a little bit longer before the nurse is done with her questions. “they ask so many questions.” she sighs. “just normal routine, baby.” i tell her. we wait about five more minutes before the doctor comes in. “y/n! so good to see you again. what brings you two in?” dr. heartly asks. “kathleen is wanting to get on birth control.” i answer. “gotcha, alright kathleen, do you know what type you want? there’s the pill, a bar that can be implanted into your arm, an IUD…” “uhm, what’s the most accurate one?” “they all are different, if you’re looking for something to take everyday, then i recommend the pill, but if you want something that is long term, i suggest an IUD.”

after a few minutes of more questions and kathleen explaining what she’s looking for, she finally decides on just getting the pill. “alright kathleen, you’re all set! your order has gone through and you can pick it up anytime after 1pm today.” the doctor says. “perfect, thank you!” she thanks the doctor. “alright missy, where do you want go to lunch?” i ask her. “chipotle.” she answered quickly. “just so you know, your hormones are going to be all over the place, since your body isn’t used to taking the pill. just try and be nice to your brothers.” i tell her.

the rest of the day i spoiled kathleen. no way in hell was i going to tell ashton how much money i spent on her, if anything i’d get in trouble. we picked up her prescription and headed home. “you don’t start taking it until your next period, remember that.” i say, handing kathleen the package.


“uncle cal, i have a question.” hayden said. “what’s up, kid?” he asked, watching him on the leg press. “was my dad a party animal when he was our age?” he asks, struggling to push the machine up. “oh yeah, a big one too. your mom came out with us all the time after the night ashton and her met.” he said. “you’re kidding! mom? no way, she doesn’t even let hayden and i drink that much!” hunter said, his voice strained from pulling himself up on the bar. “your mom was a bit crazy when we went out, there was a time that her and your dad got caught in one of the bar bathrooms having sex.” calum chuckled, remembering the memory like it was yesterday. “no way, mom?! she would never do that!” hayden spoke. “trust me, she was a teenager back then, plus since she’s younger than all of us, she wanted to do everything before she went to college, and she did.” “my mother, y/n, was a wild child?” hunter said, having the same shock that his brother did.

their whole session, calum told the twins about how ashton and i partied nearly every weekend. the twins were shocked, to say the least. i don’t know what they were expecting, knowing that their father and their uncles are in a very popular band, of course we were gonna party. “i can’t believe mom always told us she just hung out with aunt mimi and didn’t go out!” hayden told his brother. “your mom was anything, but innocent, bud. why don’t you ask her if you guys can have a little party this weekend, you guys are off for the week, so why not?” calum suggested. “do you think she’ll say yes?” hunter asks. “of course! she’s more of the chill parent, which i expected ashton to be, but no she really doesn’t care what you two do. but, i’d just say keep the alcohol on the lower side, maybe just get beer and if you wanna take shots, i suggest vodka.” calum said.

after the boys were done for the day, they headed home. “dude, i can’t believe mom used to be a wild child. it doesn’t seem like her at all!” hayden said, buckling his seatbelt. “what i can’t believe is that she knows about me and cass, like i was sure we would be careful when we would be in the basement.” hunter responded. “you guys are not quiet, hunter.” “shut up! you and jenna practically swallow each other when we all hang out.” he jabbed back at his brother. “at least you weren’t the one who heard mom and dad fucking this morning! you were snoring away while i had to hear dad moans.” “okay, can we stop talking about mom and dad having sex? i don’t wanna think about it.”

once they got home, they both headed right up to their room. “are you asking her, or am i?” hayden says, shaking his hair dry. “you do it! your moms favorite anyways.” hunter points to his brother. “fine, but you’re coming with me.” they walk downstairs and into the den where ashton and i were talking about our day. “mom? dad? we have a question to ask you.” hunter speaks first. ashton and i look at each other before looking back at the boys. hunter jabs his brother, causing him to move forward. “oh! right, uhh, we wanted to ask you if this weekend we could have a party. nothing big! just with the guys, and i guess if kat wants to invite some of her friends too.” he said.

“where? here?” ashton says. “yeah, we could be in the basement all night, and just hang out and play games.” hayden speaks. “are you going to be drinking at this party?” i ask, “cause if you are, i don’t want more than ten people, and everyone spends the night.” “now hold on, doll. where did you get this idea from?” ashton asks. “uncle cal was telling us about how you two liked to party, he also told us about that night you two got caught in the bar bathroom having sex.” they both said. “you’re fucking kidding! i knew letting calum train them would lead to this.” ashton sighs. “it’s not a big deal, ash. listen, boys, i’m fine with it, but i guess it’s up to your dad.” i say, turning the attention to ashton.

he looks at me for a second before speaking, “fine. but if i come down there and find that people are throwing up everywhere, you two will be cleaning it up while you have a hangover.” ashton says. “really?!” they both say. “why not, you guys need to learn how to hold your alcohol anyways, i’d rather it be here where we can watch you rather than when you two go off to college and get completely plastered.” i say. “do we need to buy you guys alcohol?” ashton asks. “yeah, just beer and vodka, uncle cal said we shouldn’t go too crazy.” hayden says. “alright, then. your dad and i will go out tomorrow while you two clean the entire basement, and go tell your sister she can have people over. i do not wanna hear any more fighting between you three.” i said.

the twins do some type of handshake before heading back to their room and to talk to kathleen. “i can’t believe i just agreed to that.” ashton sighs, shaking his head. “c’mon ash, it’ll be fine. you should be happy they asked instead of just sneaking around.” “well i am, and since when am i the bad guy? i’m suppose to be the fun parent!” he pouts, crossing his arms. “ever since you found out about your sons having sex, and our daughter wanting to get on birth control.” i remind him, laying my head on his lap. “you owe me tonight,” “whatever you say, daddy.”

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Watch and Learn (C.H)

Category: M

Word Count: 2.2K

Summary: Calum and you are enjoying your breakfast, but Calum’s still hungry. Oh and you get some visitors.

A/N: So I’ve re-fallen in love with the 5sos boys and I want to express myself through the art of fanfiction again. Had this idea and wanted to get it down! Enjoy some smutty smut smut.!


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

It was the best start to the weekend that you could imagine, dancing around the kitchen in fluffy socks and an oversized tee as you cooked breakfast at 11am. 

Calum sat at the kitchen island on his phone, occasionally laughing at your dance moves. You knew the boys were coming around that afternoon and wanted to give Cal a decent meal before he got whisked away with the lads. You set the plate in front of him and he pulled you towards him by the front of your tshirt, pulling you in for a gentle kiss. 

“Thank you for the food, you’re too good to me kitten.” His words are mumbled against your lips and your cheeks glow red as you smile against his kiss. You weren’t a housewife by any means but you did love how grateful Cal was when you did things like this. 

You both ate, casual conversation filling the room as you laugh together. You patter towards the fridge, looking for some juice as Calum clears the table. You hear the plates drop into the sink as you stretch your body out lazily, your tee lifting to show a pair of mint green lacy undies underneath.

You hear a choked breath behind you and grin, feeling his eyes on you. You make a show of it and bend lower to reach the juice on the bottom shelf. 

You feel a hand on your hip pulling your lower half against the front of his as his other hand pulls on your shoulder before sliding round your neck to pull your face back for a kiss. It’s a sloppy wet kiss and you can feel your stomach tighten as his hand tangles in your fluffy bed hair, giving it a small tug. You both pull away for air, panting slightly. 

“You liked your breakfast then?” You tease, grinding your backside against his growing bulge in his shorts.

He laughs, nuzzling his lips onto the skin where your neck and shoulder meet. You whine softly, the contact of his mouth sending direct heat to your core. 

“You know, I think I’m still hungry.” His words register and you tilt your head back on his shoulder as his mouth roams your neck. He starts to walk backwards, his lips still attached to your neck as the fridge door swings shut. You definitely weren’t thinking about juice anymore.

His hands hold your hips and turn you around, his hands sliding down to your thighs and picking you up, placing you down on the island.

“You know our bedroom is down the corridor right?” Your words come out husky and you blush, your body betraying you by revealing just how turned on you are.

“I’m well aware of that Y/N, it’s still too far. Plus this is where I eat right?” He winks at you and you smirk, biting your lower lip. His hands slide up your thighs, hooking his pointer and middle fingers in the waistline of your underwear and pulling them down, quirking an eyebrow at you to get you to raise your hips - not that you needed any encouragement. He leans down and kisses your knee, slowly trailing his mouth up your thigh, leaving little nips and kisses along your skin. His other hand pushes your other knee to widen your legs, pushing the tee out of the way so that you are on full display.

“Cal please.” Your eyes meet his and you plead with him. You run your tongue over your suddenly dry bottom lip and his eyes follow the movement, a grin on his face. 

“I like it when you beg, baby.” He leans up and kisses you softly, his tongue running over your lip as he brings a hand up. He presses his thumb onto your chin to open your mouth, his tongue pushing against yours in a hot wet kiss.

“Please cal, I need you to kiss me.” You mumble against his lips and he chuckles darkly, his free hand gripping your thigh so tightly you know a bruise will form.

“Where kitten? Here?” His lips kiss along your jawline softly. 

“No,” your voice is a barely there whisper.

“Here?” His lips travel across your sensitive neck and one of your hands tangle in his hair, guiding his mouth against your neck.

“No.” The word comes out in a gasp as he sucks the skin of your neck, biting it softly before smoothing his tongue over in gentle licks.

He mouths your skin, dipping his head to your braless boobs, mouthing over the t-shirt on the pebbled nipples that can be seen through the material. His mouth carries on, skipping where you need him to suck on the skin of your thigh. 

“Cal,” You whine out his name, your legs spreading wider over the edge of the counter, your hips jutting forward slightly. 

“Beg.” Your cheeks blush dark as you look down at the plump mouth of the man between your thighs. 

“Please baby. Please, I just need you to- Oh god Cal please I need it so bad.” Your words are feverish, your eyes dark and your lips swollen and pink from his kisses. Your cheeks are blushed pink and all Calum can think about is making you cry from pleasure.

“You’re such a fucking good girl.” His words make you gasp before you choke out a breath, Calum’s tongue having swiped from your hot soaked entrance all the way up to your throbbing clit in a wet hot lick.

“Fuck,” You shout, your fingers gripping his hair to keep him in place, his lips curling around your bud and sucking as hard as he physically can. You’re so sensitive that this makes you throw your head back and whine loudly. He flattens his tongue, repeatedly licking your nub in such a speed that you grind your hips up against his face.

He groans against you, the sound vibrating against your plump dripping skin. One of his hands slides underneath the tee up to your chest, his fingers searching a swollen nipple which he pinches - hard. You cry out, vaguely aware of the sound of a click of metal in the distance. You grip Calum by the hair, about to ask him to stop when he slides two fingers roughly inside you and curls them up to find your g-spot.

You choke out a sob, writhing against the intense stimulation of wet slippery tongue and the rough fucking of his fingers. 

“Oh fuck Cal.” You cry, rocking both away from and closer to the intense sensations.

“Oh fuck indeed.” A low gravelly voice whispers from the left of you and you open your eyes to see Luke, Michael and Ashton staring from the kitchen doorway. You squeal, pushing at Calum’s head as hard as you can trying to get him to stop. “Cal you need to fucking stop, the boys are here.” Both of your hands go to his shoulders, trying to push him away to no avail, your arms going weak as he sucks hard on your clit again and you half moan half sob at the feeling.

He pulls his mouth away but keeps his fingers thrusting inside you, as deep and as forceful as he can make it. “Y/N they’ve been stood there for a over minute already. I think you knew they were there, you heard the door open didn’t you? I want them to watch you come undone, to see how much of a good girl you are.”

You blush a deep red as your eyes go over the boys. Ashton’s watching your mouth, his eyes darkening at how plump your bottom lip is from biting it to hold in your moans. Michael’s watching Calum’s fingers, his tongue running over his bottom lip as he adjusts himself, his cheeks slightly pink. Luke’s looking into your eyes, his eyes darker then you’ve ever seen them, a smirk on his lips.

“Yeah Y/N,” Luke’s words are a dark drawl and the combination of him looking into your eyes and Calum’s fingers plowing into you are making your stomach feel tight and your legs tremble. “Be a good girl.”

You whimper loudly at his words, your eyes looking to Calum and finding a twinkle in his eyes and a grin on his mouth, his chin shining in the midday sun. 

He keeps eye contact with you as he lowers his mouth to your core again, blowing cool air onto your heated and soaked skin. He removes his fingers, holding them up so the boys can see how they’re coated in your wetness. Three groans meet your ears as he raises the fingers to your lips and you open, sucking on them hard as Calum closes his mouth over you, licking up and down your folds. You moan around his fingers, sucking them like they’re Calum’s cock - though not nearly as satisfying. He removes his fingers and uses them to spread your legs wider.

You can’t help but flicker your eyes to the boys, watching as they intensely stare at the sight of you getting pleasured. 

“Does it feel good Y/N?” Michael’s words are husky, he adjusts the jumper he’s wearing, feeling heated. You make eye contact with him just as Calum speeds up the movements of his tongue, his fingers entering you again as he feels you clench, a sign that you’re close.

“So damn good… I’m so fucking close,” you whimper out the words, Michael audibly gulping as he adjusts himself again. 

“This is the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever seen,” Ashton’s grinning like a fool, openly palming himself as he walks further into the room and leans against the fridge, straining to get a better view. You don’t have the chance to feel shy, your orgasm creeping closer. 

“C-cal. I’m gonna-” A sob racks through you as Calum pulls away from you, his breathing laboured and his lips swollen and extra pink. “Why? W-why did you stop?” 

“I want you to beg for it. You don’t need to cum. You want to.” His voice is lower than ever and you can see how turned on he is. “Beg for it kitten.”

You turn your head to look at the boys and they’re all looking at you expectantly. Calum starts kissing your thighs again, closer to your core and then moving back. Your pussy is clenching around the air, desperate for release. You close your eyes and the words flow out of your mouth in a desperate sob.

“Please, god, Cal I can’t wait anymore. Please baby make me cum, I need it so bad. I’m your good girl, I’ve been so good please.” Your words are full of need and you tug on Calum’s hair hard, knowing full well he will probably have a headache later.

You suck in a gasping breath ready to beg again when Luke’s voice registers in your head.

“Let her come Calum.” His words mirrored Callum’s actions as he sucks your clit and slams a slap against your thigh and your hips lift off the counter, a silent scream coming from your lips. Your body writhes slightly as your body goes through the motions. Calum keeps his mouth on you, licking up the juices gushing from your hot centre. 

After the initial orgasm asides you lay still, your breaths coming out in short pants, your thighs trembling. Calum uses his thumbs to circle your skin, the motion calming as he helps you back down to earth.

The room is silent, only the sounds of heathy breathing present until your barely there whisper fills the space. “I don’t know if I can look you guys in the eye again.” 

The four boys chuckle and you feel redness tinge your already flushed face as you cover your eyes with your arm.

“Y/N babe, it’s harder for us,” Ashton laughs, “Everytime we look at your face we’re going to get a hard-on.” This makes you laugh and you lean up on your shoulders at Calum who’s grinning at you, his eyes shining. You smile back, feeling tired but extremely satisfied.

“Dude you have two bathrooms yeah?” Michael points down at his pants and you giggle, understanding his meaning.

“Mate I have three, the two mains and there’s an en-suite in the master.” Calum’s voice is full of mirth and he points towards your bedroom. “Guy’s I think we scrap this meeting and watch a movie, I think this one needs some down time.” He ruffles your hair before pulling you in for a sweet kiss. 

“I will only sit on the couch with you four if you don’t discuss what you just saw.” Your words come out as shy but there’s a shine in your eyes that the boys like.

“Does that mean we can’t watch again?” Luke’s words sound teasing but the look in your eye tells you that he would definitely be up for a second viewing.

You slide off the counter, holding yourself up as the headrush you have subsides before walking to the fridge, pushing Ashton out of the way teasingly and grabbing yourself the juice you had gone to get over an hour ago.

“Now now,” you murmur softly, a shy smile on your lips. You grab Cal’s hand and head towards the lounge, pushing past Michael and Luke slowly. “I never said that.”

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pairing: michael clifford x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst (if you squint)

word count: 8.1k

involves: bad boy!michael, college!au, jealous!michael, established relationship, a lot of cursing, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, daddy kink (really mild), choking, dirty talk, pain kink (slight), size kink, thigh riding, face slapping (consensual), hair pulling, spitting kink, throat fucking, impregnation kink, praise, degredation/name calling, innocence kink, virgin kink (kinda), smoking, mentions of drugs/drinking, maybe more but nothing too big just pretty filthy ngl

summary: your high school classmates come over to michael’s house in hopes of being friends with the famous bad boy on campus. this includes your one-sided high school crush that may not have been so one-sided after all. unfortunately for him, michael is not someone to piss off. fortunately for you, michael’s anger and jealousy isn’t always so bad, at least for you.

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Hello guys! I’m back with this short story series. For the sake of the story, the “Y/Ns” are not the same person, considering there will be “different” ones for each guy - but I write them like that so you guys can enjoy as you would in regular fics. I picture this type of story like a movie, so I tried to write it so that you can imagine the setting and situations very well.

warnings: ashton smut here; dirty talk, choking, quickie & more

Enjoy reading & send feedback! Part 2 coming sooner than you think.


Saturday, 6:17 AM, the morning after

Calum woke up under the bleachers, barely able to move any part of his body. The sun rose over the nearby hills, hitting his body sprawled over the grass. He rubbed his eyes, trying to comprehend what happened the night before. This morning, even.

“I’m never drinking again.” he thought, trying to lift himself off the damp grass. He tried to reach for his phone, that was supposed to be in the pocket, but sadly, that wasn’t the case. Instead, he found a small piece of paper that had a few random drawings on it, but a written sentence beneath, that said: 

                               “And she held the cup. 49832″

“What does this even mean?”

As he was trying to process things that were happening around him, he noticed two people laying far away from him. One of them was a girl for sure, considering she wore a skirt, and she had really nice legs as Calum thought. The other was a guy, still holding a can of beer, but Calum couldn’t figure out who they were, yet. He at least hoped he would find his wallet in the other pocket, but rather found it on the ground near him. Calum checked if anything was gone, but the only thing he noticed missing was a condom.

“Did I have sex last night?”

And then, it started coming back to him.

But, let’s go back a couple of days first.

Thursday, 11:14 AM

“Do you sincerely think your plan will work? Like really, think about it…. like really.” Michael exclaimed, running his fingers through his hair.

“First of all, it’s our plan. Second, I got it all set, have you not been listening to what I was saying?” Calum said, closing his locker as they started walking to their class, meeting Luke and Ashton on the way.

“I can’t wait to tell them the plan,” he said, referring to the other two guys coming their way. “Let’s ditch this class either way.”

Paul’s Diner, 11:37 AM

So..if I got it all clearly,.. you want to ask the principal of school to make our senior party in school tomorrow night, since tomorrow is the last day of school..ever?” Ashton said, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Mhm,” Calum smirked.

“..And spend the night of the last day of school…in school?”

“I told you so Calum, this makes no sense-” Michael stressed, but Ashton cut him off.

“Awesome! I love it! When are we going to talk to the principal?”

“What?” Michael said confusingly.

“Damn right, Ashton’s on board!” Calum rubbed his palms together, and snapped them on the table of the old diner they decided to spend their 3rd period at.

“What about alcohol?” Luke said, knowing that anyone in school won’t actually let them drink on their watch.

“We will sneak it in, that’s not a problem. I talked with the girls earlier, they have few ideas already.” Calum said, talking about their friends, who got in trouble but had so much fun with the boys every single time.

“What about music?”

“DJ that played Michael’s birthday party. I got it all covered guys. You just have to show up, and make me persuade the big guy to make this happen.”

“Sounds like a plan to me then,” Luke smiled and Calum could do nothing but jump on the top of the seat and clap his hands.

“Alright, so this is how we do it.”

Principal’s office, 12:11 PM

“Let me see if I understood you clearly. You want to throw a party in school tomorrow night?”

“How many times am I going to be asked this question today?” Calum muttered to himself, proceeding to roll his eyes. “Yes. We would like that so we can spend the last time in school being around classmates and having fun. Dance a little, and stuff like that you know,” Calum laughed and principal gave him a confused look.

“You see, what Calum wants to say, we want to leave a school with a bang.” Ashton continued, and it obviously made the situation way worse.

“Sir, is it possible to have a party here at such a short notice?” Luke interrupted, trying to make the whole conversation at least sound better, in order to make Mr. Simmons even think about the idea.

“Well, it is a short notice, but I guess we can work it out. However, there are a few things you have to respect in order to make this happen. We can’t spend any more school budget because of the trouble at prom that happened, that cost this school a lot and- I won’t even talk about it,”

“That was funny, though,” Ashton laughed, Calum following shortly behind him, as Michael hit the both of them on the arm.

“Anyhow, you are on your own about that. School will allow if you students would like to raise some money for music, decorations, snacks and drinks but no alcohol. If anyone breaks these rules, even though the school is over, it will go to your records and affect your applications to college, and I promise you this.” Simmons said sternly.

“And also, the party could only last until 11 PM.”

“What?!” Calum yelled and after trying to make Mr Simmons rethink his choices, it was in vain.

“You are known in school as troublemakers. Don’t make me change my mind. You have one day to plan everything.”

And with that, they left the office.

“Good thing my parents leave tomorrow morning for a business trip, huh?” Calum smirked, leaving the boys in shock. 

“And you didn’t think to mention that? Why should we even hang out in school in the first place?”

“I will explain everything… when it’s the right time”

The guys entered the school radio room and notified everyone there will be a party, where to give as much money as they can and when the party will be held. Not much to their surprise, everybody was down to go. They organized a bunch of friends to raise money, pick up the drinks and food and girls to decorate the gymnasium.

Calum’s house, 3 PM

“Don’t you get it? This doesn’t change anything. The only reason I wanted to make that party happen is to distract the guards, shut off security cameras and leave the door of the fields unlocked, so we can go there before the sunrise.” Calum explained. The thing with this was, once a guy who knew a guy who knows a guy told Calum that someone was caught on the field in the middle of the night after some senior party, then got arrested for trespassing and couldn’t get into college that year. Hence, they set up the cameras, and Calum wouldn’t let his senior year be over before spending the last sunrise on the benches or in the middle of the field drinking beer, just like his older sister and generations before did. On the other hand, they couldn’t do it during the day, there were no distractions and everyone working in the school were there. “Either way, party at my house will start at 11PM, so boys get to tweeting and sending messages about the party.”

"About the wild plan to shut off security cameras..Do you realize that’s illegal? How are even going to do that?”

“Here’s how. Picture it.”

Ashton’s garage, 9PM

Opening the last beers they had, Ashton, Michael, Luke and Calum talked through the plan they had. The sun was beginning to set in the suburbs, creating a nostalgic feeling in each one of them. Even more so, as they talked through memories they made in high school and how everything will be different once the summer ends. They tried not to get too sentimental, considering all the other things they had to make happen.

They knew this was more than just an occasion to drink and dance. They knew that after this, they wouldn’t see some people for a long time, so this was an excuse to get a proper goodbye. 

“So, about the house party, what do we need?” Ashton broke the silence between them. 

“Well, as usual. Drinks, cool lights, sound system, music. Chicks,” Calum laughed, although he wasn’t far from the truth. 

“I have good lights, I will bring them first thing in the morning, after your parents leave. Mikey, how are we on the speakers?” Ashton said.

“Will be delivered first thing in the morning as well.” He responded, taking a big gulp from his beer can.

“Yes, sir. I will make a good playlist of party songs, about one hundred. Enough to play until everybody gets drunk. Then, we play it all again, people won’t even notice.” Calum added. 

“Hook up rooms?” Luke asked.

“My room is off-limits for anyone except us, as always. Master bedroom, Mali’s old room, and the room in the basement, they are all available.”

“Cool. What about the drinks, though? How are we on money?”

“Should we get beer, vodka and tequila? Those are the usual, and tell people to bring some of their own and we can get some snacks, is that cool?” Michael said.

“For sure, sodas and maybe orange juice. Lemons for tequila shots too.” Calum added. 

“So we got it all set. Get to texting people boys!” Ashton exclaimed, picking up his phone.

The night was wearing off and the boys decided to head home. Getting on their bikes and skateboards, they said goodbye to Ashton and rode off. That’s when he got a message.

Y/N’s POV, 9:41PM

“I wanna see you.” 

I had to text Ashton. I knew that he wanted to see me just as much as I wanted to see him. It’s been a while, too much for the both of us. After we decided to take a break, it wasn’t really going as we planned. Occasionally, when we saw each other at a party for instance, we would hook up and ignite the sparks again, making it harder to move on. We knew very well we could never take a break for good, there was just something between us. Sparks, fire, desire - you name it. He knew I was his always, but I knew that he was mine as well. Hence, the text.

“I want to see you too.”  He was quick on response, and that’s all it took for me to get dressed and sneak out of my house.

Not long after, I was in front of Ashton’s garage, throwing small rocks at his window above. Light turned on and I saw a silhouette of his naked torso, but soon he disappeared as he went for the door. He quietly opened his back door, motioning with his hand towards him - a sign for me to come inside even more quietly. 

“I don’t think my parents are asleep yet, I can hear the TV-” He started but I cut him off as soon as I stepped in. I attacked his lips hungrily with mine, and we started our make out session filled with fire and desire right there in his kitchen. He pulled away quickly, realizing someone could hear us. 

“Let’s go upstairs.” He whispered, pulling me towards him and leading me to his room. 

“I missed you Ashton.” I whispered as we were going up the stairs.

“I missed you too Y/N. I’m going to show you just how much.”

That alone sent shivers down my spine, anticipating what’s going to happen next - but I already knew. As soon as we got to his room and he locked the door, I started taking my clothes off, him following soon after with the same action. Ashton pushed me gently on the bed, quickly hovering above me as we started making out. He immediately grabbed my hair and pulled it back so he can get access to my neck. Gentle kisses turned into rough licking and bites, the wish to have me as soon as possible was too strong.

“I missed you.” He whispered in my ear as he took my bra off and tossed it next to the bed. All I did in response is a let out a moan as he wrapped his lips around my nipple and cupped the other breast with his hand. As my moaning got more intense, he pulled away and proceeded to slide of my panties. 

Ashton didn’t hesitate to slide his fingers against my wetness, ducking his head down and licking up a rough stripe against my clit. I whimpered at the sudden contact - the mix of pleasure, tingle and a bit of a tickle.

He kneeled above me, taking in what was beneath him, devouring the whole view with his eyes. He unexpectedly slid two of his fingers inside me and, as he knew was coming, he put the other hand over my mouth right away. The light scream I produce was muffled by his hand. He knew this was a turn on I always had, for him to get all dominant and rough with me - control all of me.

Ashton continued to slide his fingers in and out of me, curling them at the right spot as I held to his hand, the one that kept my mouth shut. 

“I can see how good I’m making you feel baby.” Ashton said looking directly in my eyes. I let out a struggled moan, not able to contain the facial expressions I was making. 

I was one the verge of an orgasm, but that stopped Ashton. He loved to tease and keep me on the edge. In a matter of seconds his boxers were off, the condom was on and he was once again hovering above me, lining himself up.

“How bad do you want it baby girl?”

“So bad, please.” I answered desperately and he obliged, slowly filling me up. He fell on top of me, locking his hands under my shoulders and tangled them in my hair and around my head. The only place he had support were his elbows and he used them to rock both of us on the bed.

As much as he wanted to go slow, something switched in him and he started pounding me into the bed. Only thing I could do was push my hips from time to time to meet his.

“Fuck, don’t stop Ashton please,” I screamed out, which made him put his palm over my mouth once again. 

“Be a good girl and shut up.” He said roughly, gazing at me directly. He lifted himself up and wrapped his hand around my neck making it the only support he had to hold his tall, muscular body. 

“You are such a good girl when you take it like that,” He said pushing two fingers in my mouth. “What a good girl.” He was amazed looking at me as I was sucking his fingers. That only made him eager to get us both off and continued to move inside of me at just the right speed.

“Are you going to cum baby? Tell me, are you going to cum?” He asked breathlessly in my ear, letting out a string of groans as well. 

“I’m so close Ashton,”

“Be a good girl and cum for me, c’mon,” He said and it was all it took me to release. I took a pillow that was beside my head and screamed into it, trying as hard as possible not to make any noise. My whole body tingled, every spot had electricity of its own and I felt Ashton getting close to cumming as well. 

“I love it when I make you cum like that,” He moaned and thrust sloppily until he reached his orgasm to, gripping me by my shoulders. He plopped down on me, making it difficult for both of us to catch breath again.

After he took the condom off and threw it away, he cuddled next to me.

“I hate being apart from you.” He said scratching my arm. “I hate it too,”

“It’s been so long, we couldn’t keep away from each other. We tried. Let’s try working on each other and us, and never be apart again. I miss sleeping next to you and having you-” Ashton started. 

“I’m always yours. I want to try. After the party on Friday, let’s sit down and talk about everything.” I said, looking at the time on the clock that was sitting on the night stand.

“I wish I could stay longer, but my parents are going to kill me if they notice I’m not at home.”

“Okay. Do you need a ride?” He asked and I waved my head “no”.



“I love you.

“I love you too,” I said kissing him and left his house.

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“are you really testing my patience kitten? because i will not hesitate to punish you.” his voice caught you off guard and you peered over your shoulder, an innocent look being sent his way.

“i haven’t done anything, sir.” came your response, but he knew better and he never trusted the innocent look you put on for him. it was one he knew well enough and could tell the difference between your genuine innocence and faux innocence.

“do you want to try that again, but without lying to me?”

you turned to face him, eyes wide as he slowly backed you into the wall, trying to hold his gaze before you finally dropped the defiant look.

“i’m being good.” the words were almost daring to him and he slipped his hands between your legs and he felt the toy nestled there. he smirked.

“get upstairs and leave that toy where it is. touch yourself and you won’t be able to sit on that pretty ass for a week.”

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IT TOOK AWHILE for the shock to subside before I could even think of moving.  I stayed rooted to the spot, gazing out at where Calum had disappeared and left me behind.  The sun was finally gone from the sky, bathing me in a cool darkness that made me shudder.  I kept hoping to see the headlights of a familiar red mustang approach, willing him to come back to me.  But as the seconds dragged on, I knew this hope was futile.

Scrambling for my phone, I called an uber and hugged my knees to my chest as I waited on a bench.  My mind was oddly empty, despite what had just happened.  I suppose I was numb to Calum’s betrayals at this point; his leaving me in the dust was hardly a surprise.

With my head in my hands, I didn’t even hear the uber pull up until the driver rolled down the window and hollered, “Hey!  I’m here!”

Throwing myself into the backseat, I mumbled a faint greeting and closed my eyes.  The driver clearly thought I was a mess, and he thankfully stayed quiet for the entire ride.  My head tilted against the cool glass window, and I felt nausea rise in my stomach.  Everything from my heart to my head to my stomach was hurting; Calum inflicted full-body pain.  I couldn’t imagine walking through the front door, what fury waited for me at home.  Surely he’d yell some more, insult me until he was blue in the face.  And I would take it, because I knew I was putty in his hands.  One kiss would make me forget all about the pain I felt now.

I was surprised to see the driveway empty of his mustang when I finally arrived home.  It shouldn’t have been a shock that he didn’t come home, but for some reason I was crushed by disappointment.  Yet again I had unrealistic expectations about Calum.  I half-expected him to be waiting on the front porch for me, ready to bare his soul in an apology.

No one was waiting for me, and I entered the dark house alone.

Everyone was asleep, so no one would realize the destruction that occurred tonight.  I refused to let my thoughts wander as I showered and got ready for bed, bile rising in my throat when I glanced into Calum’s empty room.  My head hit the pillow, but I knew I would not be sleeping tonight.  Anxiety gnawed at me, making me think up a million scenarios of where Calum was right now.  Asleep in his car on the side of the road?  Hunched over a bar, drowning his sorrows in whiskey?  Or was he in another girl’s bed, kissing her lips and feeling her skin and giving her his heart?

Needless to say, it was a fitful night’s sleep.  The next morning I must have looked particularly awful, because Luke asked what had happened to me.  I truncated the truth, explaining that Calum and I got in an argument and he ditched me after we got dinner.  Luke was angry at Calum for abandoning me, but I just waved his sympathy off.

“It’s fine, really.  He’s so hot and cold, I shouldn’t have been so surprised.”  I absent-mindedly stirred my coffee, still feeling queasy.

Michael had joined the conversation a few minutes before, and shook his head firmly now.  “No, it’s not.  He can’t just leave you on the side of the street.  What did you guys argue about anyway?”

I bit my lip, unprepared with an excuse.  “Er…something stupid.”  A thought crossed my mind, and I added, “I asked if he wanted dinner and he freaked out and thought it was a date.  I guess even after dinner he was still being weird about us being together, which we definitely are not.”  I felt satisfied with this, since it wasn’t exactly a lie.  Half-truths seemed to be my strong suit lately.

Luke frowned.  “Do you think he secretly wants to be together and was just trying to cover it up?”

I almost laughed; after the blowout, I knew Calum definitely did not want to be with me, but this was a nice sentiment.  “Maybe,” I answered with a shrug.  “I never know what he’s thinking.”

Michael snorted.  “None of us do, Scar.  We just roll with the punches.”

I feigned a smile, connecting my gaze with Hannah who was overhearing our conversation in the living room.  Her frown told me she knew there was more to the story than I’d said, but she knew better than to confront me in front of the guys.

The rest of the day was business as usual.  I had a shift at work, then a phone call with the community college about my admission.  Hannah and I dialed up a movie and ordered pizza when the guys went over to Ashton’s for the night, and so the two of us had a girl’s evening.  Hannah didn’t pry about Calum, but I did admit to her the fight was much more serious.  She told me not to worry, he always did this, but it didn’t ease my anxieties.

When I woke up the next morning, Calum was still missing.  No one had heard from him, and all their calls went straight to voicemail.  The guys didn’t seem nearly as worried as I was, but I forced these feelings down.  It’s fine, Scarlett.  Besides, he doesn’t deserve your attention.  For the rest of the day I forced him out of my mind, distracting myself with work and shopping with Hannah.  Luke and I ran errands after dinner, and I was grateful for his quiet, steady friendship.  Listening to him tell stories about work made me wonder what it would be like to be with a guy like him as opposed to Calum.  Luke was kind and open and incredibly understanding.  Calum was mean and closed off and impatient.  I still saw Luke as just a friend, but for a minute I let myself imagine a different guy who would actually treat me right.

The end of the second day came, and still no sign of Calum.  I knew when I woke up on the third day he’d still be AWOL, and my suspicions were proved correct at breakfast.

“All of his shit is here, he has to come back,” Ashton insisted, joining us for pancakes and waffles that Hannah made.  It was a lazy weekend day, none of us having work and deciding to get together for an extravagant breakfast.  As I tore at my pancakes with my fork rather than eat them, I tried to believe Ashton.  Calum would come back.  He’d have to.  And when he did, I could confront him and get some answers.  Until then, worrying was pointless.

But the pit of nerves inside me only deepened as the hours passed.  I faked plenty of smiles and forced a lot of laughs, but still I couldn’t banish the panic I felt.  More than that, I missed Calum.  Spending every night with someone had felt so good, and suddenly my bed was cold and empty and I yearned for his warmth.

“Are you sure you don’t wanna come?” Hannah asked again.  She and the guys decided to catch a late movie, and I declined their offer to come.  I felt physically sick with worry, and played it off like the pancakes that morning had me nauseous.

“No, I’m alright,” I told her.  “I don’t feel well, so I would hate to ruin the movie.”  I doubted Hannah believed me, but I knew she wouldn’t nag me any further.  I just needed a night to stew and hopefully get over myself.  

“Okay,” she said gravely, clearly unconvinced.  “Call me if you need anything, alright?”

I rolled my eyes, attempting humor.  “Yes, mom.”  She laughed and waved goodbye, and when the front door shut I was finally alone.

It turns out, isolation doesn’t do much to help with stress.  I could barely pay attention to the TV, and I was so queasy I didn’t even want to make dinner.  I just laid on the couch, watching shapes move on the screen but hearing nothing but a gentle droning in my mind.  It would be a long night.

At least that’s what I thought.  Maybe an hour after the others had left, I heard the door open with a bang.  Shooting up off the couch, I heard the stomping of a very disoriented person as they tried to close the door.

“Shit,” the person murmured, and my heart lurched; it was Calum.  Slowly making my way over, I folded my arms and prepared myself.

It was Calum.  He wore the same clothes as he had on the last time I saw him, but they were considerably more wrinkled and dirty looking.  His hair was a mess, and his eyes glinted wildly in the dark.  His staggered movements and overwhelming stench told me he was drunk.  Finally he got the door shut and leaned against it, exhausted from the effort.  His inebriated eyes found mine, swimming with alcohol.  I swallowed roughly, the nausea coming on again.

“Scarlett,” he slurred, raising his hands.  I saw a beer bottle in one of them, sloshing with dark liquid.  Calum’s gaze was shifty, and he struggled to stay standing.  He stumbled forward as if to embrace me, and I stepped back.  He saw this and pouted, swinging his arms out.  “What’re you doing, baby?  Didn’t you miss me?”

At that moment, the nausea and anxiety transformed into stone cold fury.  I set my jaw, glaring at him.  “Where the hell were you?” I demanded.  “It’s been three days, Calum.”

“Pssh, relax,” he chuckled, hiccuping.  “I just…wanted to have some fun.  You’re so wound-up and annoying, so I needed a break.”  I ignored his cruel words and closed my eyes, willing my breathing to relax.  Calum knew exactly how to work me up in the worst way.

“You reek,” I criticized.  “Go take a shower.”  Not wanting to be under his scrutinizing gaze any longer, I stormed up the stairs.  But he was hot on my heels, and I felt his warm breath hit my neck as I fled. 

Attempting to lock myself in my room, I turned to see Calum blocking my door.  “Why’re you so mad,” he slurred, eyes rolling.  “’S not a big deal.”

“Not a big deal?” I cried.  “You were missing for three days!  No one could get a hold of you!  None of us knew if you were alive or dead, Calum!”  I was furious at myself for reacting this way, but I was more furious at him for brushing it off.  He deserved to suffer after making me worry so much.

Calum didn’t reply to my yelling, only slumped against the door and took a swig of beer.  He finished the bottle and tossed it out into the hallway, exhaling loudly.  

Scowling, I tried to push him towards the bathroom.  “Come on, you need a shower.”  It took a lot of effort to lead him away from my room, and I finally sat him down on the toilet seat.  Flicking on the light and closing the door, I started the shower.  Calum watched my movements as I tested the temperature and adjusted the spout.  Crossing my arms, I gestured for him to get up.

“You seriously stink worse than a brewery.  I’m not talking to you until you shower.”  I didn’t even know if he wanted to talk, but he didn’t react when I brought it up which I guess was a good sign. 

Sighing, Calum closed his eyes against the harsh ceiling light and leaned back, kicking off his shoes but not moving to take off his shirt or jeans.

His head hitting the wall, Calum’s expression was suddenly very raw and vulnerable.  He looked broken, like a little boy rather than a grown man.  “It’s my dad,” he murmured, so quietly I almost missed it.  “He’s back, and they want me to see him.”  The bitterness in his voice hurt my heart; I couldn’t imagine the pain of learning someone he’d despised for so long was back in his family’s life.

He got angry all of a sudden, brows furrowing in fury.  “That’s not even all of it.  He’s been back for years.  My mother has known where he’s been for years, and only now do those bastards tell me.  I mean…what the fuck?”  He gripped at his curly hair, pulling it out of frustration.  His muscles were tense, and I hesitated before approaching.  He was like a wounded lion; pitiful and sad, but still capable of ripping me to shreds.

I knelt before him, resting my hand on his thigh.  Calum kept his face covered with his fists, breathing hard.  I breathed out a sigh, unsure of what to say.  “Showering will make you feel better,” I settled on, voice soft.  “Come on, get these dirty clothes off.”  I felt like a mother helping a little child, and a pang of hurt struck me when I wondered if Calum ever had anyone care for him like this before.

Gently, I helped him lift his arms so I could remove his shirt.  Being so close to him made me dizzy, and it was especially painful considering how drunk and angry he was at the world.  Calum might have made a lot of mistakes, but his life certainly didn’t make things easy.  I felt waves of pain rolling off of him, and as they absorbed into me I had to fight tears out of my eyes.

I tossed his soiled shirt to the floor, throat drying at the sight of his bare torso.  His eyes were glazed and looking at the floor, so I slowly grabbed his arm to make him stand.  Calum was like a zombie when I undid his belt, holding my breath as I slid his jeans down.  Undressing was such an intimate act, and I’d done it a dozen times with him before.  But this time, removing his clothes gave me no gratification.  Every inch of skin revealed was just more pain, and I stood up at last when he was only in his boxers.

“I think you can handle the rest,” I whispered, preparing to leave him in the bathroom.  As I turned I felt him grab my arm, his hand warm and firm.  Gasping, he pulled me to face him.

“Don’t go,” Calum begged under his breath, pulling me to his bare chest.  He reeked of alcohol and swayed with intoxication.  He’s drunk, that’s why he wants you, I reminded myself, tears pricking at my eyes.


“No,” he interjected, holding me tight.  His forehead dropped to my own, our eyes closing as our breathing synced.  “Stay.  Stay with me.”

Lips parting, I gazed up at his desperate and pleading eyes, knowing full well I could not resist him.  So instead of fighting, I pulled my own shirt over my head, never breaking our gaze.  He watched me undress, expression full of emotion as I stripped down to my underwear.  He went to take off his boxers, and I unclasped my bra.

The shower was hot and steaming.  A waterfall of droplets fell onto Calum’s head, wetting his skin and only dampening me slightly.  I watched as water beads slid down his chest, making his skin glisten.  He held me in his arms and pulled me into his wet body, flipping us so the water streamed over me now.  Leaning my head back, I let the rainfall cascade over my face and neck, wetting my hair and leaving crystals of moisture all over me.

Calum’s warm hands slid up and down my body, grazing over my breasts and my hips until he settled on my waist, tilting his head down to capture my lips with his own.  This kiss was incredibly different from the others we’d shared; his lips were earnest and gentle, the usual fiery passion now a lulled heat.  Soft fingers rested on my cheeks, and I pushed my own through his wet curls.  I felt him harden against my thigh, and he leaned back to press his lips to my jaw.  I closed my eyes, relishing the wet heat as he dragged down my neck, biting lightly and causing a moan to rise from my mouth.

His strong body pushed me against the shower wall, and naturally my leg lifted to wrap around his waist.  This caused my center to spread, and I felt his cock slide against my heat deliciously.

I was breathing hard as Calum sucked on my neck, hands splayed out across his wide back as I pulled him closer to me.  One of his hands rested by my head on the wall, the other sliding over my abdomen until he reached where I was aching for him.  I felt his palm slide across my core, collecting the moisture there and letting it mingle with the shower water.  Moaning, I gripped his hair tighter and sloppily kissed his ear, breathing statically with each move of his hand.

His fingers dipped and circled in my folds, finding my clit and pressing on the sensitive bundle of nerves.  My hips bucked into his, and I moved my own hands lower so I could reach him.  As he worked my clit, I found his cock and slid a wet hand along his shaft, causing his breath to hitch.

“Oh, Scarlett,” he groaned, the words like music to my ears.  I worked his length slowly, running my fingers over his swollen tip and feeling him twitch in my palm.  As we pleasured each other, our moans twined together and our lips fumbled in a kiss.  I was close to my edge, and judging from how stiff he was I knew Calum was as well.

The fact that we didn’t have a condom flitted across my mind, and I leaned back to connect my eyes with his.  But what I saw there took my breath away; Calum was looking at me like he never had before.  Maybe it was the alcohol, or maybe it was the steam from the shower, but I swore he was looking at me like I created the whole world.

Exhaling softly, I reconnected our lips, forgetting my inhibitions and wanting only to feel him inside of me.  He understood my unspoken desire perfectly, lining up with my entrance.  I felt his tip press into me, and almost cried out from the teasing feeling.

Hooking an arm around his neck, I tilted my hips forward so he pressed in even more, causing my eyes to roll back.  Calum got the hint, and with one flick of his hips he was inside of me.

I would never get used to the feeling of him.  The stretch was unlike any I’d ever experienced, his body fitting with mine like a puzzle piece.  The angle was entirely new since we were standing in the shower, and as he slid out of me I braced for the feeling of reentry.  Sure enough, when he rocked back inside I felt fireworks of pleasure explode inside my body.  Somehow he was hitting even deeper than when we were in bed, and I had to hold on for him for support as he thrusted.

“God, shit,” I cried out, sucking on his ear while he snapped his hips up inside of me.  I was barely staying vertical, the feeling too overwhelming as my knees buckled.  Calum’s strong hands wrapped under my bum, lifting me up so he could thrust harder and my body weight was pushed against the wall.  I wrapped my legs around him, inviting him deeper inside of me.

Without the layer of a condom between us, I could really feel him.  Somehow I felt closer to him this way, truly connected.  No barriers were in the way, and feeling him slide against my walls was a euphoria I would surely become addicted to.

Wet skin rubbed against wet skin, and my nails grazed down the wide expanse of his back.  Calum’s breath washed over my face, his lips parted and eyes closed in bliss.  I let the pure sensations take over, my mind clear of anything except the pleasure he was giving me.

I was nearing my end as his thrusts increased, and my breasts pushed into his chest as I panted.  Calum gripped my ass harder, pushing faster and deeper to deliver us both to our orgasms.  One last thrust hit just the right spot, and a tight ball of pleasure evaporated into sizzling bliss that soaked through every inch of my body.  Just when Calum neared his end he pulled out of me, letting the spurt of white liquid land on my abdomen.  His moans of ecstasy filled my ears, and I clasped his wet body to mine.

We both took a minute to come down from our highs, and finally I opened my eyes to meet his.  Calum gently let my feet hit the floor, and I used my hands to steady myself against him.  Gazing down at me, Calum pushed a lock of wet hair behind my ear.

Wordlessly, I grabbed the soap and began sliding it across his torso.  Calum watched silently as I cleaned him, washing away his pain and letting it spin down the drain.  Next was the shampoo, and I ran my fingers through his curls with a frown.  Calum kissed my down-turned lips, just a light ghosting of contact, and it eased some of the tension in my shoulders.

We washed each other in the scalding water until we stood clean and rejuvenated.  I couldn’t tell if Calum was still drunk, but his expression was definitely clearer than it had been before.  I didn’t know how I felt about what just happened; on the one hand, Calum and I were never closer or more open with one another than when we were having sex.  On the other, if his drunken haze was the only reason he wanted to do it, then it was meaningless.

Refusing to dwell, I stepped out of the shower after switching off the water.  Wrapping myself in a towel, I padded out of the bathroom, thinking that this was it.  But Calum only went to his room for fresh clothes before joining me in mine.  I was unsure how to feel about this; secretly I was overjoyed, but outwardly I remained stoic.  I pulled on a pair of panties and was about to find a shirt when Calum gave me one of his.  Avoiding his eyes, I pulled it over my head.

He wore only a pair of sweatpants, and my legs were bare save for the underwear.  Tentatively, I slid into bed and pulled the covers tightly over myself.  Sensing my trepidation, Calum hesitated before joining me.  Naturally, of course, our bodies moved towards each other until I was laying in his arms, curled against his chest and relishing the gentle stroking of his hand on my back.

We must have laid there forever before either of us spoke.  I didn’t know if I actually wanted to confront him, or if it was time to distance myself and let him go.  But then the sound of his broken voice and the sight of his pain-filled eyes flashed through my brain, and I sighed.  I couldn’t let go of Calum if I tried.

Twisting my neck to look at his face, I said softly, “So what are you going to do?”  About your dad, I wanted to add, but I knew he understood my meaning.  Saying those particular words out loud would’ve hurt even more.

Calum took a deep breath, chest rising underneath my cheek.  I curled my fingers around his bicep, worried he was going to flee.  But he merely shrugged, eyes staring at some point in the wall.

“Nothing,” came his simple answer.  “I don’t want anything to do with them.”

This is what I expected.  I didn’t blame Calum for resenting his parents, especially after years of lying to him, but a small part of me still wished he’d see them.  It was the part that longed for my own parents, the part that missed them every single day.  I would give anything for one last chance to be with them.

“I understand that,” I began slowly, praying Calum wouldn’t react angrily to my suggestion.  “You have every right to be mad.  But…my parents are dead, and I wish I had one last chance to talk to them.  I know it’s hard, but what’s harder is living without them.  And it would be nearly impossible to live with yourself if something happened to them and you had turned down an opportunity to make amends.”

While the words hung in the air, I held my breath.  This was the only attempt I planned to make in order to sway Calum; if he refused even after hearing this, then I’d give up.  Changing his mind was an impossible task.

Calum’s arm tightened around me.  A gentle kiss was placed on the top of my head, and I knew this was his way of comforting me.  He’d never outwardly give me pity over my dead parents, but gestures like these showed me he was there for me.  I nestled deeper into his embrace, drinking in the smell of his skin.

I thought the conversation was over, because a long stretch of time went by.  I was on the verge of sleep when Calum’s voice rumbled softly, “Fine.”

Glancing up at him, I knitted my brows in confusion.  “Fine?”

His brown eyes were conceding, for once in his life.  “I’ll go.  But only if you come with me.”

A small gasp left my lips.  This was yet another instance of Calum claiming he needed me.  I felt a flutter of hope in my chest, the first one in so long.  Biting my lip, I ran a nervous hand through my damp hair.

“I don’t know, Calum.  They’re your family, and I don’t want to pry or overstep–”

“No,” he stopped me, caressing my face with his hand.  I melted into his touch, unraveling under his fingers.  “I can’t face them if you’re not there.  I need you.”

My heart skipped a beat at the familiar words, but I kept my face neutral.  Nodding, I responded, “Okay, I’ll go with you.”  Once the words left my lips he pulled me in for a kiss.  I happily obliged, savoring the taste I had started to forget over the last three days.  His arms were wrapped tightly around me, holding on to me as if for dear life, but he didn’t need to worry.  I wasn’t going anywhere.

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description: you welcome ashton home from tour with some bad behavior.

word count: 1.7k

warnings: basically pure smut. masterbation (female), sexting, oral (female receiving), use of kitten as a pet name, dom!Ashton

w/n: this one goes out to everyone in the discord server i joined yesterday. y’all brought this upon yourselves ❤️

taglist: @spicycal @castaway-cashton @irwinkitten @n-ctarinenga @thesubtweeter @ashisonthefloor@ashtonsos


You’re a goddess, kitten.

Ashton’s text to you brought a pink tint to your cheeks, your reflection in the mirror in front of you forcing you to see the effect his words had on you. Before he left for tour he had positioned it at the perfect angle so you could see yourself before he positioned his face between your thighs, making you watch yourself as he pleasured you until you were screaming his name. 

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biggest fan ( lrh smut )

part two

part one/ part two / part three

link to masterlist

summary: y/n is a webcam model who lets her followers know that she’ll be going live on zoom, little does she know the guy who is filling the chatroom with comments and compliments is her favorite member from her favorite band.

warnings: smut !! dont read unless you are above the age of 18!! dom luke maybe? this is gonna be a 3 parter i believe so i’m not sure what is to come :-)


y/n’s user: no fucking way.

lukehemmings: yes fucking way, you’re adorable. ;)

y/n’s user: so, you watch my content?

lukehemmings: pretty girl, i have your post notifications on.

y/n’s user: simp.

lukehemmings: you know you love it, also.. i know you like my babd because i caught a glimpse of your poster in the back.

y/n’s user: this is a joke?!?!!

lukehemmings: i can meet up with you if you want proof pretty girl.

y/n’s user: loool you wish, fuck off hacker.

lukehemmings: *sent photo*


y/n’s user: OH MY GOD

lukehemmings: why would i lie?

y/n’s user: i can’t believe

lukehemmings: wanna come to my place tomorrow?

y/n’s user: mm depends how far you live, i’m in west hollywood.

lukehemmings: i live there too, heres my address *insert address name* it’s a big white house, you shouldn’t miss it.

y/n’s user: would tomorrow at noon work?

lukehemmings: of course, see you then ;))

(y/n’s pov)

you sat back up against your headboard smiling big as you glared over the lightly dimmed screen. “holy shit.” you mumbled to yourself before texting your friends all about what had been going on in the past two hours. it was 3 am and you were too excited to sleep, you figured you’d need to be energized to hang out with luke so you wouldn’t bore him death, you took two melatonin gummies hoping for them to put you straight to sleep.

it was 10:30 in the morning when you woke up leaving you quite a bit of time until your arrival at luke’s place. “shit.” you grumbled as you rolled over in your bed to see your phone buzz with the time. you slowly rose yourself from your bed and walked over to the bathroom, quickly starting a shower as you brushed your teeth and washed your face before hopping into the lukewarm shower (teehee lukewarm). you let the water flow over you as you took in deep breaths before lathering your body in coconut scented body wash and waxing your legs in the span of 10 minutes as well, you figured it wouldn’t hurt to wash your hair as well. this whole process took at least an hour.

as soon as you finished your morning shower you decided to run towards your phone to check up on the time. cursing yourself when you realize you only have an hour and a half to get ready. “fuck!” you groaned standing up and heading towards your closet. “hmm” you hummer as your fingers skimmed across each piece of clothing. you decided to go for a simple look. you had put on a baby pink mini silk gown dress and threw a light white cardigan over it along with some white thigh high socks and your infamous doc martins. you smiled after putting on the outfit, feeling confident as you gave yourself a spin in the mirror.

it was now time for you to do your makeup, thankfully your hair had not much to do consiering it air dried quite nicely. you dug around in your makeup bag and settled for a dewy yet matte makeup look, using colors that best complimented your outfit. as you finished getting ready you had to spritz a lavender perfume over your body before using the bathroom one last time and grabbing your phone on the way out of the house. your stomach grumbled.

y/n’s user: mm might run a lil late, i need to stop buy and pick me up something to eat heh.

lukehemmings: no worries take your time.

( luke’s pov )

it was almost time for y/n to arrive and i was stressed like a maniac trying to tidy up the house last minute. for fucks sake i look like a mess, i need to clean up quite well yet domestic luke is different than stage luke. ah who am i kidding. it’s no biggie. i decided to just slip on a pair or jeans and throw on a black fitted tee and slip on my black converse. perfect.

(y/n’s pov)

“mm dunkin or starbucks.” you thought to yourself as you looked over at the two companies right next to eachother before prefering one over the other. starbucks it was. as you ordered you decided to get an extra item for luke as a surprise although that man probably had a maid cook him breakfast by now. after greeting the worker and recieving your food and drink you continued your destination towards luke’s house. west hollywood was beautiful. you lived in an apartment but it was nothing compared to these million dollar houses. “ah, there it is! damn, this is stunning.” you say to yourself while grabbing your drink as well as the cheese danishes you got for luke ane yourself. you slowly walked up to his door hesitant as your felt yourself feel small.

*ding dong*

(luke’s pov)

“coming!” i yelled as i ran up to the door being greeted by a beautiful woman. i let her in a guided her to the living room, i watched her as she looked around quite nervously.

(y/n’s pov)

“uh, i brought you a cheese danish” you said nervously as you handed the pastry over towards luke. he grinned over at you before sending you a toothy grin as he took a bite of the warm pastry. “thank you pretty girl.” he said as it sent shivers down your spine, who would’ve known you’d be sitting on luke hemmings couch. “so, tell me about yourself y/n what do ya do?” he asks as he sits up excitedly smiling over to petunia as she makes her way over towards him. “mm well, i’m a webcam model, but you knew that quite well heh, uhm i’m also a dermatologist which is my full time job and i pretty much just hang around la, i would ask you but i know quite a bit about you.” you say laughing. “ah yes, may i say i love your shows, pretty lil face, and a really beautiful body if i may say so.” he chuckles to himself. “need anything? water? tea? soda? directions to the bathroom etc.” he suggests. “your dick” you thought to yourself before snapping up and clearing your throat. “oh uh, no heh, thank you though.”

“you’re quite shy now.” he says. “mm yea a little bit” you say fidgeting with your fingers. “well, i’m glad you’re here.” he says before standing up. “mm gonna sit next to you since it feels distant talking to you from over there. "oh well hi.” you laugh softly as his body now next to yours goes in for a kiss. you go in as well but shocked at how soon something like this happened. “may i touch you y/n?” he asks as he looks at your small frame that is now placed in his lap. “oh, uhm, uh, yes!” you stutter feeling weak at your nears with such a handsome man in front of your eyes. luke took your approval as he decided to slip his hands under your dress and give your ass a bit of a squeeze. “mmm” you hummed into this kiss whining at this new feeling. luke’s actions only continued.

his hand was now resting above the waist band of your panties, toying his hand over the seams of the band before slipping his hand inside. “so this is the pretty lil cunt that gets displayed for tons to see and i’m the lucky guy who gets to play with it?” he smirks before rubbing slow circles over the bundle of nerves. you can only whine back in response feeling breathless and shocked. once you were wet enough he slipped to fingers inside of you. “feels good hm?” he smiles at you before slipping one hand to rest on your neck as he sucks and nips at the skin on your neck. “oh fuck.” you gasp feeling needy at the feeling of his foreplay. “now y/n, would you like me to fuck you?” he says in a serious tone before looking over to you. “yes please.” you respond back before he slips his hand out of your panties and sucking off the arousal that is on his fingers.

he lifts you up and carries you through the halls of his largely square foot house before placing you down gently upon his large bed. “m gonna help undress you would that be okay?” he asks just to make sure you’re still comfortable. “m yes!” you reply back before luke undoes the laces on your shoes and throws them to the side leaving your thigh highs on before reaching the hem of your thin dress while sliding it off along with your cardigan, leaving you in just your bra and panties before he quickly dis regardes them as well, pulling his clothes and shoes off in the process as well. once finished his large frame towers over your small frame. “please fuck me lu.” you mumble out confidently while giving him a begging look. “as you please.” he says before rolling on a condom and slipping his tip between your slick folds

“oh my god.” you gasp, gripping onto him as you’re being adjusted to his large cock being inside you. it was definitely a new feeling. a new feeling you’d ache for if you never got to see him again. “you’re fucking tight, i would’ve thought your lil cunt would’ve been ready for something like this since you fuck yourself with them all day.” he says as he lifts your legs up and pins your hands above you keeping his pace steady yet rhythmic. “mm luke.” you whine as you’re arching your back in pleasure of the man that’s fucking into you. “mm need more.” you whine again. “would’ve thought so, you’re pretty greedy and needy considering you never did as i instructed you to on your lives.” he replies before slipping out and flipping you onto your stomach and demanding you to arch your back. you did as told muffled whimpers and whines coming from your mouth as he entered into you again. “fucking shit, you’re so fucking hot pretty girl, you know that right?” he says gritting between his teeth as he holds your body down and fucks you quite senseless. “oh my fucking god luke please, i’m so close.” you whine as the room is filled with a mixure of both yours and his moans and the sound of luke fucking you. “please lu.” you whine giving your most begging offer towards him as he gives your ass a harsh spank and reaches his hand over you in order to rub your buddle of nerves rapidly to send you over the edge.

you were now a panting mess underneath him after you had just let go and yet he continued to ride out his orgasm slowly after, spilling himself into the condom before properly dismissing it. “that was fucking amazing.” he said before looking down at your flustered face it was so good, but may i ask luke. why me? why am i so important to you.“ you ask him softly before looking at him quite innocently. "well, you have a ton of personality rather you agree or disagree. i feel like i’ve known you for ages. plus i’ve seen you in public before and it was kinda a love at first sight?” he says as he sends a soft smile your way. “you’ve seen me in public?” you ask confused. “la isn’t as big as it seems baby.” he smirks sending a laugh through the quite room. “mm and not to mention you’re a beautiful girl with a sweet heart.” he says smiling as he brushes your hair behind your ear and places a kiss upon your forhead. “thank you luke.” you say as you reach up to give his cheek a light feathery kiss. “now, wanna stay here the rest of the day and hang out? you didn’t think i wanted to kick you out right. i wanna get to know you better. get to know the real y/n.” he smiles as he hands you your clothes that were sprawled across the floor. “you can wear this too, and hey. you can keep it if you want too, i’m sure we’ll get to share it if we continue what we got going on.” he states as he looks towards you and gives your lips another peck. “will you stay y/n?” he asks before waiting for your response

SO THIS IS LOWKEY CUTE. BUT I THINK MY NEXT PART IS THE LAST BUT !! THIS WAS LIKE A SHORT LIL FANFIC BC MY BRAIN COULD NEVER WRITE A FANFIC. LMAO. ANYWAYS!!! thank you for reading and remember im always down to discuss anything about to boys, take requests, and pretty much thirst over our faves so hmu :-) i love u all and thanks for enjoying my work !

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Photo Credit: Google (I think Ash posted this on Instagram at one point)

Bloody Hands - A.I.

Word count: 1075 (about)

Warnings: oral sex (female receiving), slight dom!Ash, daddy!Ash, smut

A/n: this is my second time posting smut on here and it makes me super nervous but I’m posting this because I can’t keep it all to myself. Please enjoy.


The crowd was wild tonight as I watched from the side of the stage. All four guys were pumped and ecstatic, I could see it on their faces, but I wasn’t focused on anyone but Ash. The way he seemed so sure of himself on stage was captivating. He was truly born to be a rockstar.

The boys came running off the stage and Ash came right into my arms. “Hi baby.” He said softly, wiping his face with his tshirt. I smiled brightly at him.

“Great show baby, you truly played your heart out there. This show was one for the record books.” I said, assuring him of an awesome job.

“Yeah, I think I have proof.” Ash said with a soft giggle as he presented his hands to me.

“Oh baby.” I exclaimed, gently grabbing his hands as the skin was cracked and bloody. He had raw skin exposed in his palm and his knuckles were bleeding.

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Originally posted by ghostofmashton

a/n: i blame the one full ashton irwin for this, and also @softbabiestan​. frankie sent me that tiktok of someone talking about that moment, you know the one, at the 5sos show.

word count: 1.2k

warnings: not many this time honestly, smut, porn without much plot, thigh riding


Dating Ashton was a whirlwind; it was a complete 180 to the life you had known, to the men you were used to dating.  You used to date men who would use you for one thing, and tossed you aside when they got bored.  Ashton, however, always raised you up - he would always hype you up before a work meeting, and be there after to celebrate with a nice meal and a (mostly) quiet night of rolling in the sheets together.

It became more and more frequent that you’d stay the night, waking up to an empty bed, only to find the man you had grown so fond of sitting shirtless in front of a piano, coffee resting on the ledge.  The sunlight made him look ethereal, even more handsome than he normally did.

This particular morning, you didn’t wake to find him at the piano; but rather, he was in his studio, and you could vaguely hear him tapping away at the drums.  Rolling out of bed, you slid on his linen white button-up with nothing underneath, assuming that you would be ending up back in the bed sooner rather than later.  Creeping down the hallway, you peered around the corner so you could watch him, a small grin forming on your lips; he was wearing the black and white striped pants that you adored on him, watching the way the muscles in his back moved under his shirt. 

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DESPITE THE STARTLING realization that I might in fact be in love with Calum, I didn’t act any differently.  I didn’t hover or cling to him like annoying, love-struck girls would.  In fact, I was almost more distant, using it as a safety precaution in case he caught on to my intensifying feelings.  One night I casually suggested we sleep apart, even though the thought pained me.  Calum’s reluctance was a comfort, but even still he ended up agreeing.  That was one of the longest nights of my life; I laid for hours just staring at the ceiling, wondering if Calum felt as empty as I did without a warm body laying next to mine.

Things at the house were also just better all around.  With Ashton and Hannah on good terms again, the group was tentatively back together.  I interrogated Hannah for answers on what had happened, if their relationship was slowly reforming.  She dodged most of my tougher questions, insisting that they’d put aside any bad blood for the sake of the group.  I didn’t entirely buy this; something definitely happened, but for whatever reason Hannah wasn’t ready to tell me.  I didn’t demand any more details, seeing as I was withholding plenty myself.  Hannah thought Calum and I were just fooling around, no strings attached.  While that was what was supposed to be going on, my feelings lately had confused things.  By no means was I going to tell a soul what I felt, but even keeping it inside still made the whole thing feel different.  I leaned deeper into Calum’s kisses, I held his gaze longer when he rocked inside of me.  My body was communicating all on its own, and I just hoped Calum didn’t catch on to these subtle changes.

After a particularly hot and passionate night together, I was frantic to go off to work.  Calum’s heady pants still echoed in my ears, the burn of his fingers still lingering on my skin.  As I sat on the edge of the bed lacing up my sneakers, I felt warm lips press into my neck, and goosebumps raised immediately where he kissed me.

“Back for more?” I joked, not looking over my shoulder.  I’d woken up before him to get ready, leaving him peacefully asleep, or so I thought.  He swiveled his body to sit next to mine on the bed, shoulder bumping my own.  Calum was clad only in black athletic shorts, his toned torso on teasing display.

His nose nestled into my neck, making my lashes flutter.  “I can be quick,” he whispered in a sultry tone, and I pushed him away with a snort.

“I think I’ll need more time to recover after what you did last night,” I reminded him, feeling the residual ache between my legs.  Calum left me the sore in the best way possible, and all day I would have a reminder of his body’s wicked tricks.

Calum smirked at me, flopping over onto the mattress with his hand over his abdomen.  He looked beautifully relaxed, jawline framed by the morning light, his eyes drowsy but content.  I’d never seen him so happy, and for a second I wondered if it was more than just the sex that made him feel this way.

“How long’s your shift?” he asked, eyes closing with a yawn.  I grabbed my bag off the floor and shouldered it with a sigh.

“Long,” I said simply, not looking forward to the strenuous hours ahead.  With community college tuition looming, I asked Mack for as many shifts as I could get, just in case I felt tight on money.  I’d rather have more than enough than barely enough, even if it meant working excruciating hours.  

Calum frowned.  “You’re working so much lately.”  There was an edge to his voice, like he disapproved.

I ran a hand through my hair in aggravation.  “What else am I supposed to do?  My life is getting back on track, and that means more bills to pay.”  I tried to stifle the resentment bubbling up inside me; Calum lounged around day in and day out, doing what he wanted when he wanted to.  Week after week he tore open the checks his mother sent, tossing them carelessly onto his desk.  Usually this didn’t come between us, but with my increased schedule I couldn’t help but feel bitter about his lazy routine.

Clearly a similar thought crossed his mind, and his frown deepened.  He didn’t say anything else, instead taking on a guarded expression.  He was so hard to read sometimes, and when I wanted him to open up he just shut down.  I had no idea how he felt about me going back to school; part of me thought he didn’t care, but another part wondered if he felt insecure that I was growing up and making a life for myself while he wasted time doing nothing important.  I wished he would tell me if he felt this way, but of course he never did.  We didn’t talk about anything that wasn’t surface level, which was fine when we were in our peaceful little bubble.

But I had to live in reality, which meant popping that bubble more frequently.  I couldn’t let Calum distract me from my more important goals, and he just had to learn to deal with my busy lifestyle.

As I was tying my hair into a messy ponytail, Calum suddenly asked, “When do you get off?”

“Seven,” I answered.  “It’s a ten-hour shift with only one lunch break.  I might drop dead from exhaustion.”  A second passed, and I chewed my lip as an idea popped into my head.  “Want to get dinner after I’m finished?”

For some reason this caused Calum to lean up, his posture stiff and his expression incredulous.  “What?”

My brows knit together, puzzled at his odd reaction.  “Dinner.  I’ll be starved after my shift, so I thought you could join me.”

His frown turned into a glare.  “Like a date?”  He sounded defensive and mocking, which didn’t help my already exacerbated mood.

“What, we can’t eat a meal together?  Is that against some hook-up rule or something?”  I couldn’t control the annoyance in my voice; why did Calum always have to complicate things?

“I don’t know, dinner just seems like a weird thing to do.”  I had no idea what he meant by ‘weird’, and his unreadable expression didn’t help me figure it out.

“Whatever, Calum,” I refuted.  “Forget I asked.”  I was already late for work and had to catch the bus, so I didn’t bother staying to bicker any longer.  Admittedly, it hurt that he was so against the idea of us spending time together outside of the bedroom.  I’d suggested dinner as more of a friendship thing than anything else; after all, there was a time when the two of us actually liked one another.

I didn’t realize Calum had followed me until I reached the front door, but his arm blocked me from opening it.  He’d thrown on a shirt and shoes, and his lips were pressed together in a thin line.

Fuming, I crossed my arms and demanded he move.  “I’m late for work, Calum.”

“No, you’re late for the bus,” he countered.  “So let me drive you, and that’ll solve the problem.”  For such a considerate offer, he didn’t sound too nice about it.  His scowl seemed permanently etched on as I followed him to his car.

We drove in silence for a few minutes, not even the sound of the radio to alleviate the tension.  Calum’s knuckles were white as he gripped the wheel, and I leaned as far away from him as possible.

Sensing my irritation, he asked, “Are you gonna be pissed at me for the whole day?”  He sounded accusing, which only made me more infuriated.

“No, Calum.  I’m not gonna waste that much time on you.”  Realizing how harsh the words sounded, I backtracked.  “I just thought we could eat some stupid grilled cheese sandwiches together and maybe do something different for a change.  God forbid I want to spend time with you.”

More silence, so I thought the conversation was over.  But then I glanced over and saw an odd look on his face, almost resembling guilt.

“So it’s not a date?” he reiterated, and I let out an enormous sigh.

“I literally just want to eat food, and not do it alone,” I insisted, so beyond done with this conversation.  But Calum seemed satisfied with my answer, and eased up his tight grip on the wheel.

“Okay, so I’ll pick you up.”  He met my eyes as he pulled into a parking spot near the cafe, stopping the car and filling the air with quiet.  I tried desperately to see the thoughts swirling behind his level brown gaze, but it was a hopeless task.  At least he wasn’t hostile anymore.  I sighed again, hoping my annoyance was well communicated so he knew not to pull this shit again.

“I’ll see you later,” I told him before closing the car door.  I stalked towards the coffee shop, grabbing the strap of my bag for support as I refused to look back.

Roger knew something was up the minute I started working.  I moved angrily as I made the coffees, sighing every so often and grimacing rather than smiling at the customers.  It would be a long day.

“Who pissed in your morning coffee?” he joked after a particularly bad exchange with a customer.  The guy had demanded I remake his cappuccino because it “didn’t taste right”, and when my polite apology wasn’t ass-kissing enough for him he accused me of being a miserable, lazy youth.  I seriously contemplated throwing the hot coffee in his face, but reminded myself I was working these stupid shifts for a reason.  My future.

“Just having a bad day, I guess,” I replied vaguely, but this didn’t satisfy Roger.

“Trouble in paradise, eh?  What’s he done now?”

I couldn’t help but smile at how Roger always jumped to my defense, always blaming Calum when things went wrong.  “I told him I was working late and suggested we get dinner, then he flipped out because he thought I meant it as a date.”

This intrigued Roger, who raised his eyebrows in pleasant surprise.  “Interesting.  He could be using reverse psychology.  I’ll bet he actually does want to go on a date, but wants you to think that he doesn’t.”  Roger tapped the side of his head.  “Smart cookie.”

I laughed, beginning to wipe down the counters after the first morning rush.  “I’m a psychology major and I still can’t figure out what goes in his mind,” I joked.  “I just thought it would be nice to do something together.  Other than what we always do.”  At my insinuation, Roger giggled like a schoolboy.

“Ah, yes, the sex has reached the boring stage, has it?”

I shook my head firmly.  “No, not at all.  It’s still great, just…”  I exhaled sharply, frustrated with the whole situation.  “I really thought it was just gonna be dinner, but then he had to make it weird.  And he was being weird about me working so much, too.  I don’t know what his problem is lately.”

Roger nodded along to my rant, considering the dilemma.  “Well, that’s obvious at least.  He feels left behind.”

I waved the rag excitedly.  “That’s what I thought!  I mean, he doesn’t have any idea what he’s doing, and I have every idea.  I thought maybe he was jealous or insecure, but he’d definitely rather die than tell me this.”

“He’s a guy like that.  We don’t like feeling inferior, and when we do we totally deal with it the wrong way,” Roger informed me.  “He doesn’t know how to process these complex emotions so he’s shutting them out.”

I smiled.  “You don’t need to tell me twice.  Classic defense mechanisms, disconnection from his feelings…”  I trailed off, suddenly feeling guilty.  I shouldn’t psychoanalyze Calum, not when I knew how much he hated that side of me.  But I couldn’t help it when he was being so difficult.

Resting my elbows on the counter, my smile faded into a worried frown.  “What do I do, Roger?  I thought we were in a good place, but lately it just doesn’t feel right anymore.”

“Don’t give up yet,” Roger suggested.  “Give it a little more time.  But if Calum doesn’t start making some changes, cut him loose.  You’ve got better things to deal with than his emotional immaturity.”  Despite the harsh criticism, I knew Roger was right.  Whatever I felt towards Calum didn’t matter if he was jeopardizing my future, and I couldn’t keep dealing with his detached feelings when it made me so exhausted.

For once I actually dreaded the end of my shift.  I had no idea what mood Calum would be in when he picked me up–or if he would even pick me up at all.  I wouldn’t put it past him to abandon me, especially if he wanted to avoid an uncomfortable conversation.  

I ended up cleaning the whole dining area twice, and even resorted to re-mopping the floor which was practically sparkling already.  Roger played along with this for as long as he could, but even his patience was wearing thin.

“We got off half an hour ago, Scarlett,” he criticized, snatching the mop out of my hand.  “I’m going blind from all the sparkly-clean surfaces inside this cafe.”

I sighed, placing my hands on my hips.  “I know, you’re right.  I just…when I’m nervous I like to fix things and be productive, so cleaning–”

“Yeah, yeah, your fatal flaw is that you care too much and you clean all the time.  I swear, you act like you’re the worst person alive when those are barely flaws.”  Roger’s tone was light, but I couldn’t help but look deeper into his joke.  Did Calum think that I didn’t believe I had any flaws?  Caring too much is barely even a character flaw, but that’s what he threw in my face constantly.  Maybe he thought I put myself on a pedestal above him, and that’s why he felt so insecure.

I decided I would try to be less condescending and more open when it came to Calum’s feelings.  I only hoped he would actually appreciate this effort, and maybe start making some positive changes of his own.

The sun was bleeding into the sky as it set below the horizon, casting a pale orange glow about the earth.  I glanced around outside the cafe, searching for that signature red mustang that always made my heart skip a beat.

Sure enough, it was parked right across the street, and Calum was leaning casually against it.  He looked good; typical black jeans and sneakers with a big red flannel over a band shirt.  My face broke into a surprise smile; I remembered wearing that shirt just a few nights ago.

When I approached, Calum’s brows raised disbelievingly.  “What’s with the face?” he questioned, referring to my dumb grin. 

I shrugged.  “I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t exactly sure if you’d show up.”  It was an honest answer, and I didn’t think lying or placating Calum would help either of us.

His lips twisted into a sardonic smirk.  “Of course I showed up; I would never miss our date.”  He said this with obvious bitter sarcasm, but the crinkles around his eyes softened the delivery.  I rolled my eyes, amused by his stubborn refusal to get over the whole “date” thing.

“I’m starved, where should we go?”  I’d eat just about anything right now, but a grilled cheese sounded particularly mouth-watering.

“Luke says there’s a new diner open by the music shop.  Says it’s more upscale than the truck-stop places we always go to.”

I nodded, pleased with the idea of trying out a new place with Calum.  This felt like something regular friends did, and although Calum and I were definitely out of the ordinary, I enjoyed it nonetheless.

The diner was fairly packed when we got there, but we managed to snag one of the last open booths.  There was no question about what we’d order; as soon as the waitress showed up, we asked for two grilled cheeses.

I sipped my coke and gazed out the window at the bustling city streets.  My muscles relaxed into the cushioned booth as the day’s stress lifted from my shoulders.  Work was taxing, as always, but worth it in the end.  

Neither of us minded the quiet, since we were so used to each other’s presence.  A few times I felt Calum’s knee brush mine under the table, and my lips twitched at this subtle motion.

“Why’d you get out so late?  Mack ask you to stay longer?”  Calum twirled his unopened plastic straw between his fingers, and for a second the movement mesmerized me as I thought about his skilled fingers.

“No, I just wanted to clean the place up.  I didn’t have to stay.”

Calum scoffed lightly, and I worried I said something wrong.  “Always so selfless,” he muttered, but I couldn’t detect if he was joking or not.  “Do you ever do anything wrong?”

The question was rhetorical, but I took the opportunity to open up a little and show Calum that I could be vulnerable.  “Yeah, all the time.  What do you think me lying to everyone was about?”

He frowned, unsatisfied by the answer.  “You lied out of loyalty to a friend, that’s hardly wrong.”

“Okay, then I leech off all of you by living rent-free.  I’m cheap, I’m a cheap-skate.”  I was grasping at straws, anything to show that I didn’t think I was some perfect angel.  And I didn’t.  I knew I was flawed and I hated that Calum thought I wasn’t; that would just set him up to be disappointed when he realized I wasn’t as amazing as he thought.

Calum just rolled his eyes at this attempt.  “You whine about feeling bad every day, that’s hardly being a leech.”

Sitting back with a defeated sigh, I demanded, “Well, what do you want me to say?  I’m showing you everything I do wrong and you’re denying all of it.”

“Because you don’t do anything wrong.  You’re so kind it makes my teeth hurt, and there’s never a doubt in anyone’s mind that you’re genuine.  You’re perfect, Scarlett.”  He said this matter-of-fact, like I was a little kid he was explaining something very simple to.

I ignored the way his final sentence made me feel.  You’re perfect, Scarlett.  Did he really see me that way?  Was I perfect to him?  Or perfect for him?  I hoped it was the latter, and bit my lip to hide my inner turmoil.  Calum danced along a very thin line all the time: the line between what we were now, and what I secretly wanted us to be.  What kind of friend-with-benefits says you’re perfect?  I tried to convince myself he didn’t mean it, that it was supposed to be mocking, but the sincerity in his eyes was telling me otherwise.

Thankfully, the waitress interrupted us with food and gave us both an excuse to change the subject.  As soon as she left, Calum and I collectively cringed; the sandwiches were cut down the middle.

Calum exhaled gravely, shaking his head.  “Gonna have to tell Luke this place isn’t so great after all.  I mean, they really fucked up here.”

I laughed, pretending to push my plate away.  “Get that waitress back here, we’ll set her straight.”  As we both joked over the grilled cheese, any intensity or confusion from before was banished.  The meal was quickly over, and I won the argument for which of us would pay for the food.  While we got up to leave, Calum grumbled about having to take me out again so that he could pay and make us even.

When he said this, I had to hide my blushing smile.

The night wasn’t too cold, and we decided to walk for a little bit before driving home.  Our hands swayed close to one another’s, and I willed Calum to twine his fingers with my own.  But the backs of our palms grazed a few times, and he made no move to change this.

As we passed by a familiar building, I pointed it out to Calum.  “That’s one of the places Hannah and I looked at.  The apartment is actually pretty nice, but there’s god-awful green bathroom tile that makes me nauseous just looking at it.”

Calum smiled vaguely, his expression distant.  “You can’t live there, the location is awful.”

I knitted my brows together.  “It’s right by the coffee shop.”

He shook his head.  “Yeah, but way too far from the house.  We’re never gonna see you guys if you live there.”

I chuckled, looking down at the pavement as we walked.  “I think you just don’t want me to move out,” I concluded.

Calum’s smile tightened.  “Yeah, who else would constantly wear the shirts that are supposed to be mine?”

My shoulder nudged him jokingly as I teased, “Admit it, you love seeing me in your tee shirts.”

He paused in walking, and my grin faded.  Had I been too serious?  Was using the word love a mistake?  Panic welled up in my chest, and I feared I ruined an otherwise perfect evening.

And then all of a sudden his phone began to ring, and I let out a breath I hadn’t even realized I’d been holding.  Saved by the bell, I thought, wondering what would have happened if we weren’t interrupted.

Calum fished through his pocket for his phone, pulling it out and glancing at the screen.  His expression immediately darkened, and my stomach sank upon seeing this.

“Who is it?”  It was a stupid question, because I knew he wouldn’t answer.  Calum squared his shoulders and started walking, leaving me to hurriedly catch up to him.

“No one,” he snapped when I reached him, anticipating my badgering questions.  “Drop it, okay?”

I opened my mouth to protest, but then remembered the promise I’d made to myself earlier.  Don’t be condescending.  So I kept my mouth shut, and instead focused on keeping up with Calum’s long strides.

He glanced at me a few times, surprised I wasn’t trying to get answers out of him.  Once I met his eyes, and saw the deep thought hiding behind his brown orbs.  I wished he’d let me in on what he was thinking, but I settled with not knowing.  

A minute passed, and then his phone chimed, indicating the caller had left a voicemail.  We both tensed, but I didn’t expect him to listen to it.

So I was surprised when he whipped his phone out and brought it to his ear, stopping again to listen to the message.  I stood a few feet from him, keeping enough distance that I couldn’t eavesdrop on the call, even though I was dying to know who it was.

I watched Calum’s face as he listened, taking in the subtle narrowing of his eyes, the lowering of his brow in shock.  His lips parted, and all I wanted to do was kiss away the storm brewing behind his eyes.

The voicemail ended, and Calum shoved his phone back in his pocket.  But this time when he tried to continue walking, I stopped him, stepping in front of his chest and placing a hand on his shoulder.

“Calum,” I started gently, lifting my eyes to his.  He avoided my quizzical stare, breathing hard.  “What is it?  What’s wrong?  You can tell me.”

He pushed a hand roughly through his hair, glaring everywhere but at me.  “It’s nothing, Scarlett.  Don’t worry about it.”

“I’m not,” I defended.  “But maybe you should since whoever it is makes you feel this angry.”

Finally he turned his angry eyes on me, and I inhaled sharply at the fury I saw there.  “Fine, it was my mother who called.  Satisfied?”  He pushed me aside in order to storm off, and I was too stunned to move for a moment.

But then I jogged to catch up, breathless and confused.  “Your mother?  What did she want?  I thought she only reaches out through the checks.”

Calum looked ready to boil over.  “She does, but apparently she felt the need to call me.”  He appeared to be fighting over his next words, before finally stating, “She wants me to come home for a visit.”

I took a minute to let this information sink in.  Instinctively I was thrilled; his mother reaching out was a promising sign that their fractured relationship could be healed.  But then I considered the ramifications of her request.  She wouldn’t just ask out of the blue if something else wasn’t going on.  And she had to know that Calum wasn’t exactly warm and fuzzy when it came to family stuff, so why not go about it delicately, not so sudden and shocking?

I tried in vain to read Calum’s expression, finding nothing but frustration and anger.  It pained me to see him so tense, but I didn’t just want to coddle him, I wanted to help him.

“Why not go?” I proposed softly, trying not to set him off.  “It might be good to see her.”

Calum snickered at this, and I winced.  “You’re shitting me, right?”  He sounded harsh and mocking, and I struggled to hold my ground.

“I know you’re confused and hurting,” I said firmly.  “But you don’t have to take it out on me.  I just want to help you.”

“Of course you do, because I’m your favorite little charity case,” he retaliated.  “Give it a rest, Scarlett.  I don’t need you smothering me.”

Fuming, I folded my arms and didn’t shy away from his steely gaze.  “No, Calum.  You can be an asshole and you can bitch about whatever you want, but don’t you dare take it out on me.  I’m just suggesting you patch up your relationship with your mother, or at least give it a try–”

“What makes you think you know what’s best for me?” he snarled.  “You don’t know me, you have no right to tell me what to do.  We’re not even friends, so why do you care?”

I huffed in disbelief, pressing a hand to my forehead.  “Why do I care?  Maybe because I’m not an emotionless husk who has no idea how to express his feelings!  We’re sleeping together for God’s sake–”

“And that makes us what, a couple?  You think you’re my girlfriend?  We’re not even friends, Scarlett.”  

Each word cut me like a knife, voicing the exact anxieties that had been eating away at me for weeks.  “I know we’re not, which is why I wanted to go to dinner and spend some freaking time together!”  I was embarrassed at how high my voice had gotten, how pathetic I sounded when I was trying to defend myself.

Calum chuckled darkly.  “I don’t want to be friends with you.  You always do this, you always force your way into other people’s problems because you think it involves you when it doesn’t.”  His hard eyes met mine.  “You’re nothing more than a good lay, and I can get that anywhere.”

I tried to remember how to breathe as I watched his figure get smaller and smaller, walking farther and farther away from me.  Each step he took was a stab to my heart, until he was out of view and I was left bleeding alone in the street.

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