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#ashton irwin x luke hemmings

A/N : I wrote this really quickly but i really enjoyed doing it! I’s for the fantasy!5sos blurb night so go check it out. @dukehoods and @flannelpunkcalum are running it!! 

Michael gasps as the silver burns into his side. His wolf thrashes inside of him as the hunter strikes him again with a silver rod. “Fuck you!” He spits, his fangs slipping out. He can hear Luke screaming next door and it makes his wolf scream in anger.

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a/n: i love this sm!! i feel like cal would just always have to have his hands on you or just to be touching you? also i KNOW he’s a whore for having his hair played with. i hope this is what u were looking for!!


It’d been rough. Whenever Calum was on tour it was always rough for either one of you. The time spent between visits versus the time you spent seeing each other was incomparable. Sometimes, when you got the chance, you didn’t even want to see calum while he was away because it was so hard to leave him. Today was one of those times, but you were already on your way to the venue and knew you wouldn’t see him for a few more months after this. So you went, and it probably didn’t help that the boys put on an amazing performance that made you remember why he did this in the first place.

You’d snuck backstage before they played their last song so you would be there when they got off. Calum knew you were coming but that didn’t stop him from giving you a bone crushing hug when he stepped into the green room, his arms wrapping around you and squeezing you like he never wanted to let you go.

“How was the show?” he asked you once the two of you sat down on the couch, a drink in your hand and Calum’s head in your lap, his beautiful brown eyes staring up at you.

“Phenomenal, as usual.” You took a sip of your drink as Calum scrolled through his phone. Eventually people started filtering out of the room until you and Cal were left alone for a moment. His voice caused you to look down, and the expression on his face made your stomach churn out of worry. 

“This is so hard,” the boy mumbled, still staring at his phone with the unsettling look on his face. He looked back up at you, turning off his phone. “I hate this because I know you’re gonna leave soon.”

“I told you I’d stay at your hotel tonight,” you countered, but you knew that wasn’t what he was talking about. Soon meaning sooner than he’d like. It didn’t matter how many hours you had with him when neither of you wanted to let the other go in the first place.

“I fucking hate this, Y/N.” His voice broke in the middle of his sentence and you felt a piece of your heart go with it. He was completely, utterly right. You fucking hated this.

“Let’s just focus on now.” You tried your best to keep it together for him. Calum was always one to think long term, and you found yourself grounding him most times. Your fingers found their way into his hair, maneuvering around the curls and scraping his scalp slightly as he fluttered his eyes closed. You had to look away, focusing your attention on the stack of plastic cups across the room. If you studied him any longer you’d remember the little things about him that you didn’t want to—you didn’t need anything else to dwell on.

Calum rolled over so he was laying on his side, legs tucked like a child while his head stayed perched on your lap but his arms moved to wrap around your torso. Calum always had to be touching you no matter what, it was a sign of comfort for him and you were more than happy to assist. Whether it be holding your hand or letting his fingers tap along the side of your leg, he was always making sure that you were there. 

“I love you,” you said, glancing down at the boy. His eyes were still shut, lips parted as he breathed steadily, fingers clutching onto your shirt. 

“Love you,” he whispered softly, and you could tell the boy was seconds away from falling asleep. You had to blink your eyes a few times to stop from crying, not wanting to bring your hand up to your face because then Calum would know something was wrong. Even though you both knew it anyway. 

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Hello my darlings! I’m in my final weeks of this semester of uni so for the time being, requests are put on hold. For those of you that have sent in requests, thank you so much and I will get them finished and posted before requests open again! At the moment I have a barely half finished essay due tomorrow so after that is finished I will get started on completing those requests!

Love you all!

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I’ve had lots of messages and asks about some blurbs for baby Miles who I recently introduced to my 5sos world (there’s a fic including his birth on my masterlist) so here we go! Hopefully the first of many ❤️


Originally posted by downunderhood

Being a new mum was hard to say the least, but it came with unimaginable rewards. Seeing your baby boy Miles reach milestones and grow as a person filled yours and your boyfriend Calum’s hearts with a joy you had never experienced before. 

It’s been eleven months since Miles’ birth and you had read from Mommy blogs that around this age most babies will have said their first word or two. The pediatrician had assured you there was nothing wrong and all babies take a different amount of time but you couldn’t help the gnawing panic in the pit of your stomach. Why hadn’t Miles talked yet? You, Calum and the boys spent hours chattering away at Miles, encouraging him to speak some simple words but so far he’s only gurgled some intelligible baby sounds. 

You walked into the kitchen, placing Miles into his baby bouncer attached to the doorframe as you take the Sunday lunch you had invited the boys to, as well as Crystal and Sierra out of the oven and place it on the marble countertop. Calum comes in behind you, wrapping an arm around your waist and pressing a quick kiss to the back of your neck. You giggle. “Not in front of the baby, Cal!”

He mocks offence. “I can’t kiss my beautiful girlfriend in front of our child?”

Before you can reply, the doorbell rings. Calum pats your bum playfully before going to open the door. The loud voices of the rest of his band fill the hallway, along with chatter from Crystal and Sierra. “Hey Y/N!” calls Ashton, hugging you gently. 

You greet him along with the rest of the boys and their girlfriends, and soon you’re putting the finishing touches to lunch on the table. Crystal and Sierra are helping you lay the table while the boys play with Miles in the lounge. It’s just as you place a large plate of salad in the middle of the dining table that you hear, very softly a word spoken from a baby’s mouth that you swear sounds a lot like how someone who was just learning to talk would pronounce ‘Luke”.

Assorted gasps and cheers from the lounge confirm your suspicions and Miles giggles before yelling “Wuke! Wuke!” enjoying the reactions he’s getting from his uncles. 

You can’t rush into the lounge fast enough, scooping up your baby boy from the sofa and spinning around as Crystal and Sierra follow close behind. 

“What did you say, my sweet boy? Were you talking to your uncle Luke?” 

“Wuke!” repeats Miles, pointing a chubby hand in Luke’s direction.

Among the excitement and cheering, you hear a sniff and turn around to see Calum with happy tears running down his cheeks. Calum doesn’t usually show deep emotions around large groups so you’re absolutely shocked.

“Doing okay, babe?” You giggle, wrapping an arm around him as you pass Miles to Luke.

He nods, plucking Miles from his godfather. He presses a kiss to Miles’ head and laughs. 

“I can’t believe you said Luke before saying dadda!”

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Pairings: Poly! Lashton x Reader 

Word Count: 994

Summary: It’s that time of the month and all you want is some comfort

A/N: I really need this today …

Tags: @kacey-yyy @cashton-dolan @caswinchester2000 @cosmoeticss @itsellanow@lmao5sosimagines@therainydays4@deviilsangel@loveroflrh@maluminspace@silverchainbee@tinkerro@wastedheartcth@latemikedevil@silverrose02@jadashyane@ilumxna@gigglyirwin@itsjen223@calumsmermaid@mysticalhood@cool-eggroll


That familiar, throbbing pain rippling through the lower half of your belly is what wakes you up. You squint into the bright morning, curling in on yourself as you take a sharp breath, wrapping your arms around your middle in a vain attempt to bring yourself comfort. It doesn’t help much, the pain radiating down to the ends of your fingers and toes, your stomach churning uncomfortably from the nausea. 

You feel tears bubble into your eyes as you stretch over the bed and find the sheets cold and lonely, both of your boyfriends already gone for the morning. Ashton had always been an early riser, he wasn’t often still in bed when you woke up but Luke was usually still snoring softly beside you, unruly curls covering his face. It was time you spent together, just the two of you. Soft lazy kisses, wrapped up in each other’s warmth, sleep and morning lust hanging thick in the air. 

Of all the mornings that they had to be in the studio early it had to be this one. 

Swallowing thickly you wipe at your eyes, dragging yourself from the sheets and heading into the bathroom, turning the tapes on in the shower. It wasn’t as good as the comfort your boys gave but the hot water would at least help soothe away some of the cramps, hopefully enough that you wouldn’t feel like being sick every time you moved. Stripping off your clothes you climb into the shower, the stream of hot water hitting your skin, instantly turning it a light shade of pink. Closing your eyes you breathe in deeply, some of the pain ebbing away, loosening the tension in your body. The first day was always the worst, draining away your energy and willpower to get anything done. 

Twenty minutes later you’re wrapping yourself in a towel, bending down to dig through the cupboard for tampons. You hadn’t been expecting it for another week so your supply was pretty low; you’d probably have to go to the shops at some point today but the thought of it only darkened your mood. When you find what you’re looking for you walk back into the bedroom, getting dressed into a pair of leggings and one of Ashton’s hoodies, the fabric enveloping you in his intoxicating scent. You sighed as you looked at the bed, wanting to cry all over again at the thought of stripping and washing the sheets, only to have to make the bed again later. You’d always been highly emotional when you had your period and this particular time was no different. You didn’t get cranky or short tempered, you didn’t crave bucket loads of chocolate ice cream and spend the week cursing the fact you were a woman. But you did cry over everything, even the slightest inconvenience and all you wanted was your boyfriends. 

You stripped the bed, bundling the sheets in your arms as you left the bedroom, bare feet slapping on the wood floor, echoing through the quiet house. You put them onto wash, rubbing your hand along the sides of your stomach as the pain started to come back again. Taking your phone from the pocket of the hoodie you open the messages between you, Luke and Ashton. I miss you is all you type, followed by a bunch of crying face emojis. They’re busy and probably won’t see the text for hours but you hit send regardless.  

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i’m sick of people romanticizing the idea of “fixing” someone who comes from a broken home or past trauma.


if you care about someone who has suffered a trauma look into how to help them without making it about you.

  1. be there for them if/when they want to talk about it
  2. respect if/when they don’t
  3. understand that everyone’s experiences are different and that it is best to empathize with them not sympathize. nobody wants to be made to feel like a sob story.
  4. understand that even if you have gone through something SIMILAR your experiences are not the SAME.
  5. be there as a pillar for healing, show you care, show your love for your people. you can help them through this process but YOU CANNOT DO IT FOR THEM.

now this may not be true for everyone who has a shity home life but for me, the 3rd child of an emotionally abusive single mother and a lying deadbeat father, i can say that i don’t want you to fix me, i don’t need you to fix me, and romanticizing the idea of thinking/trying to “fix” me or a person in a similar position to mine, quite frankly nauseates me 🥰🤩🤪😌

so fucking stop.

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warnings: slightly nsfw


  • getting a dog together
  • taking said dog (plus duke) on lots of walks
  • morning walks, night walks, just walks with calum in general are always fun
  • having trouble getting him out of bed in the morning cause he’s a sleepy king
  • like seriously this man sleeps a lot
  • “babe, noooo, the sun just barely came up.”
  • “calum it’s noon”
  • stealing his sweatshirts
  • specifically his iconic sweatshirts
  • also stealing his beanies, and just generally all of his clothes b/c you like how they feel on you
  • “babe, have you seen my- oh, you’re wearing it”
  • tons of cuddly!calum
  • and when you cuddle your favorite thing to do is to trace his tattoos
  • he likes the feel of your fingers tracing his skin as you both hold each other in silence
  • and use cute nicknames on him… (cal pal, cal, baby, honey)
  • he honestly responds to anything at this point
  • lots of calls when he’s on tour
  • like he’ll call you constantly
  • on the tour bus
  • before a plane ride
  • he also likes calling you when he knows you’re asleep just so he can hear your sleepy voice
  • “calum, it’s two in the morning!”
  • “i know”
  • expect lots of makeup sex when he’s back from tour
  • this man can be a complete horn dog at the drop of a hat
  • he doesn’t have a totally high sex drive but when it comes to you it’s very easy to turn him on
  • also you and calum being end game and dating for a longtime before he proposes
  • but he knew from the moment you met he’d end up marrying you
  • it just took him a long time to find the right moment


  • ashton takes care of things that mean a lot to him so… lots of protective!ash
  • like holding you close to him in large crowds/when you’re in the middle of paparazzi
  • lots of “you okay, baby?” and whispering in your ear
  • a hand constantly near or around you at all times
  • a relationship full of giggles and inside jokes
  • leaving the rest of the band members questioning what the hell you guys do in your free time
  • expect a ton of laughing until your sides hurt
  • and tickle fights b/c this man loves seeing you laugh
  • lots of handsy!ash b/c he loves constant touching and affection
  • like cuddling and the occasional moment where he’ll just randomly pick you up
  • and on top of all the touching a bunch of hickies
  • ashton loves marking what’s his
  • and taking care of you
  • like when you’re sick or just in general
  • he cooks a lot for you or you and your friends
  • silly pet name nicknames
  • “baby, honey, bunches of oats”
  • cute phone calls/facetime calls when he’s on tour
  • he’ll walk around the venue and just show you around where he is in that moment
  • “and this is my drum set for the night”
  • “ash, you’ve shown me it three times now”
  • he just likes to see your face for as long as possible while he’s away
  • and when he’s home expect lots of cuddles and constant touches
  • lots of sex yes, but not just that
  • he can be a touchy feely person, especially when he hasn’t seen you in a while
  • there’s a period in your life designated to whenever ashton comes home from tour b/c he’ll constantly be at your side for a couple of days
  • and he’ll need you especially since he’s recovering from the long winded tours
  • just in general dating this man would be amazing
  • and he’ll repeatedly make sure you know how needed you are in his life
  • forever&ever
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Rain | Ashton Irwin

Description: Ash and you are going back from Michaels house and it starts raining.

Warning: none

Request: nope

Enjoy 💕

“Bye Mike” I said returning him hug, “You two sure that you do not want me to gave you a ride home?” He asked Ash and I for thousend time in the last five minutes “Yeah we are sure mate, it is not long way home anyway” Ash said taking my hand in his “Okey, see you tomorrow” Michael said before closing his front door

We walked in silence while holding each other hand, I looked up at the dark night sky “Hm, the clouds looks suspicious” Ash looked at me and than up at the sky “I hope that it will not start raining untill we get home” he shook his had “It will not and even if it does it will be romantic” he said winking at me “There is nothing romantic in beeing all wet and cold in the rain” I said giggling

He side hugged me “Oh come on, where is that hopeless romantic you that you are hideing from the world?” I opened my mouth to answer him when I felt cold rain droops on my face “Oh no” I said before it started raining even harder

“We should have acepted Michaels request to drive us home” I pulled my hand away from Ashtons and hugged myself as rain started soaking me even more

“Come here” Ash said taking my hand again and pulling me under the eaves “So what now?” I asked putting my hands around me tightly this time “We will wait untill it stop raining or at least rain a little less” he said turning his head to look at me “Yeah and anyway our home is close”

I feelt Ashs hands pulling me closer to his body, I furrowed my brows looking up at him “You are cold” he simply said hugging me tightly and placing his head on top of mine

“Will it ever stop” I said taking deep breath “I think it will stop soon” he said “Tho I still think is romantic” I laughed “We are wet and cold” I looked up at him, he smiled “True but I think it is romantic the sound of a rain and you in my arms here” he smiled

“You are so beautiful” he said while stroking my cheek, I tryed to look down due to light blush that appeared on my face but his hand stoped me “Don’t” he stroked my bottom lip with his tumb

He leaned a bit closer to me, I could feel his breath on my face, his gaze moved from my eyes to my lips, he smiled before his lips meet mine in sweet and slow kiss

He pulled away, reasting his head on mine “You still think that rain is not romantic?” I pretended that I was thinking for a moment “Hm… well no it is not romantic” he groaned at that “But I didn’t catched why you think it is” I smiled at him “Oh is that so?” I just nodded my head, he smiled before kissing me yet again.

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Pairing: Calum Hood x Reader

Summary: Calum really likes her and writes lyrics about her

Warnings: none? it’s a fluffy one

Word Count: 4,179

A/N: i wrote this at 3am. and then edited it 12 hours later so enjoy my loves. slightly based off the song She by Dodie

song lyrics are in bold and italicized

feedback is welcome and requests are open


Originally posted by ghostofmashton

Am I allowed to look at her like that? 

Could it be wrong, when she’s just so nice to look at?

He thinks Ashton would kill him if he ever found out Calum was crushing on one of his oldest friends. She was one of Ashton’s best friends, someone who had been at his side long before the band started. They weren’t together, the two of them found it weird, and frankly odd if they were dating. But Calum was terrified that Ashton would find out he liked her. It would have been easier if he could hate her, then maybe he could push those feelings away. But she was beautiful, and kind, and caring. She was everything Calum was looking for in a girl. A lovely smile that could brighten up anyone’s day. Little quirks that made her unique, like the dimples that appeared on her face or the way her eyes twinkled when she laughed. And it wasn’t those soft fake laughs, she laughed heartily when she was happy and Calum swore he could die happy just hearing that sound. He found himself watching her when he hoped no one else was looking. She was living with Ashton, having found a job in Los Angeles. In the past, he would often find himself over at Ashton’s house a few days a week, hanging out with his bandmate and brother. But ever since she had moved in months back, Calum found himself sitting in their living room, sharing old stories of the band’s career.

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pairing: luke x platonic!best friend reader

warnings: swearing, prolly tears n’ sad shit, drunkenness

synopsis: luke is sad. y/n visits him and the bois (sry ash) to comfort him

songs: red desert-5sos, fine line-harry styles

me: this is a very self-insert fic pour moi, hopefully it’s not terrible. also, this picture makes me have….thoughts


y/n huffed impatiently, waiting for ashton to pick up the phone. finally on the sixth ring he answered, not at all sounding like his usual cheery self.

“hey y/n, glad you called.”

“is luke okay? he hasn’t answered my calls or texts for the last couple days.

ashton sighed.

“rose broke up with him.”

y/n was shocked.

“rose, as in, ‘oh luke i love you marry me’ rose?”

“yup, that one,” came the grim response. “said she had been cheating on him for about a month.”

“that absolute bitch.”

“agreed. listen y/n, i know it’s short notice, but is there anyway you can fly out to l.a. even just for a weekend? he has us, but..”

y/n nodded. the boys of 5sos were practically her brothers.

“yeah, i can. actually i have something i need to do in l.a., so i’ll just fly over this weekend if it works alright.”

“perfect. you can crash in my guest room. you’re the best, y/n. love ya.”

“bye ash, love ya.”


the plane touched down in l.a., and y/n came with it, carrying just a duffel bag. she immediately spotted ash and cal, despite their valiant attempts to hid from paps. 

cashton smiled brightly as y/n came towards them. if anything could cheer luke up, it would be a visit from his honorary sister. they wrapped her in a tight hug.

“i missed you dorks,” she grinned.

“missed you too, tiny.”

she grumbled as the two giants laughed. her height was an ongoing joke among the five, her five foot two not even close to luke’s 6′4″ or michael’s 6′1″.

“so, how’s life?” she asked, as ashton began driving.

“not bad, not bad. we’ve almost finished the fourth album.”

“ooh nice. do i get to hear any of it or is it still a secret?”

“you can listen to the singles we’ve released to the public.”

“ha fucking ha, cal.”

they pulled up in ashton’s driveway.

“everyone’s already here,” he told her.

“who’s everyone?’

“mike and luke. and petunia.”

“ah, my niece. speaking of my nieces and nephews, how’s your lemon tree?”

“it died.”

“ah. how’s duke, cal?’


michael was the first to spot y/n.


“mikeyyyyy!” she mocked him, holding out her arms for a hug, practically suffocating due to his tight grip.

“hey michael, oxygen is important,” she wheezed.chuckling, he let her go. luke poked his head into the entryway.


“that’s me.”

he crossed the room in three long strides, falling into her waiting arms. for once, y/n didn’t tease him about having to bend down about a foot. she just hugged him.  

petunia made her way into the room, wedging herself between her father and her aunt.

“aww, did you want a hug too, tuney?” y/n cooed.

dinner that night was cooked by the group’s ‘parents’, ashton and y/n. they sat around the table, catching up on each others lives. y/n kept a careful eye on luke, making sure he wasn’t drinking too much.

the party moved indoors, more drinks were consumed, and everyone soon was very drunk, particularly luke.

“y/n, c’mere.”

“what, lucas?”

“that’s not my name, silly goose.” 

he plopped his head into her lap, eyes half open.

“can i tell you something?” his voice was slurring, barely intelligible.

“sure, lu.” she ran her fingers through his blonde curls.

“i wanted to marry her.”

“m’sorry lu.”

“me too.”

he took another sip of his beer. 

“well i guess i’ll just marry petunia.”

“you do that lu.”

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pairing: michael clifford x reader

genre: smut, fluff, angst (if you squint)

word count: 8.1k

involves: bad boy!michael, college!au, jealous!michael, established relationship, a lot of cursing, oral (m receiving), unprotected sex, daddy kink (really mild), choking, dirty talk, pain kink (slight), size kink, thigh riding, face slapping (consensual), hair pulling, spitting kink, throat fucking, impregnation kink, praise, degredation/name calling, innocence kink, virgin kink (kinda), smoking, mentions of drugs/drinking, maybe more but nothing too big just pretty filthy ngl

summary: your high school classmates come over to michael’s house in hopes of being friends with the famous bad boy on campus. this includes your one-sided high school crush that may not have been so one-sided after all. unfortunately for him, michael is not someone to piss off. fortunately for you, michael’s anger and jealousy isn’t always so bad, at least for you.

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TAGS: @kacey-yyy@cashton-dolan@caswinchester2000@cosmoeticss@itsellanow@lmao5sosimagines@therainydays4@loveroflrh@maluminspace@deviilsangel@silverchainbee@tinkerro@wastedheartcth@latemikedevil@silverrose02@jadashyane@ilumxna@gigglyirwin@itsjen223@calumsmermaid@mysticalhood@cool-eggroll​ - If you want to be added pls send me an ask or add yourself to the list using this LINK



Ashton’s parting words as he left the house were ‘careful he likes to feed himself now’, but Luke was feeling confident, how hard was it going to be to give his godson dinner? 

Both you and Ash were headed out on a much needed date night and Luke was more than happy to babysit for you; he loved any excuse to spend time with Grayson. For the most part the evening had run pretty smoothly, only one tantrum so Luke took that as a win. At dinner time he plonked baby boy Irwin into his highchair and went about heating up the spaghetti in the fridge, making sure it was just the right temperature before sitting down in the chair opposite. Twirling some noodles around the fork Luke moved it towards Grayson, making aeroplane noises as he did so. Grayson giggled, reaching for the fork with chubby little fingers. 

The first few mouthfuls Luke managed to dodge Gray’s attempts to grab the fork, but on the fifth mouthful he wasn’t so lucky, the meat, pasta and sauce landing on the floor with a wet splat. Keeping the smile on his face Luke simply loaded the fork back up.
“All good buddy, I’ll clean it up later.”

Another few forkfuls, another mess and both of them were getting a little frustrated. Grayson wanted the fork, refusing to open his mouth when Luke wouldn’t give it to him and Luke was just thinking about all the dinner on the floor and over him - wearing a white t-shirt was a rookie mistake - worried that he was going to send your child to bed with an empty stomach.
“Gray c’mon,” Luke frowned. 

But Grayson wasn’t having any of it, his brow dipping into a glare the likes of which Luke had never seen on an almost one year old before. He slapped his hands against the highchair, his hazel eyes brimming with tears as Luke looked helplessly between the bowl of food and his godson. When Grayson’s bottom lip started to quiver Luke conceded defeat, passing the bowl over to avoid another tantrum, wincing as more pasta ended up in his lap.

Dinner continued until everything around them was smeared with sauce, including Luke’s cheek - although he isn’t sure how that one happened. The highchair was bathed in meat, along with the floor and the outfit that Grayson was wearing was now more orange then green. Taking the bowl away, shoving it into the sink to deal with later, Luke picked baby Irwin up, heading for the bathroom. Baby wipes would be useless at this point, the bath was the only option.


When you and Ashton got home a little while later, Grayson was snuggled up in a blanket, sucking on a bottle as his eyes drooped. You smiled, offering to take him and put him down while Ashton’s eyes widened at the state of Luke’s clothes, trying to disguise his laughter as a cough. Luke rolled his eyes, chuckling.
“You did it on purpose didn’t you?” He accused, shaking his head. “You chose to give him spaghetti.”
“Mate, I tried to warn you,” Ashton laughed a bit harder. “Although, I wasn’t quite expecting that… should I be worried to look in the dining room?”
“It’s clean now,” Luke huffed. “But you owe me a new t-shirt.”


Squish was missing.
Calum couldn’t believe he’d let him out of his sight, racking his brain to the last time he saw the little pig while failing to comfort his distraught niece. He’d honestly only noticed the toy was gone when he went to put McKenna down for her nap, the eleven month old promptly bursting into tears when Squish wasn’t in the crib with her. That pig went everywhere with her, but the last time Calum can even remember seeing it was at the park… four hours ago.

He considered calling Luke as Kenzie screamed into his ear but this was the first child free day the two of you had had together and Calum didn’t want to ruin it over a soft toy, especially when he’d agreed to babysitting with such confidence. He figured, he was already a father… he couldn’t mess it up that badly. Scrolling through his contacts he settled on calling Michael for help, his friend answering - thankfully - after only three rings.
“How’s babysitting?”
“I’ve lost Squish!” Calum bounced Kenzie on his hip, heading back out of the nursery. “I need you to go and look for him Mike, she’s losing her mind.”

Michael could clearly hear Kenzie in the background, his heart breaking for the little girl. Squish was her security, her friend and the only thing that could calm her down in the middle of a melt down. Ashton had brought it for her just after she was born and that was reason enough for Michael to call him in for backup. They had to check the park, the cafe where Calum had taken her for morning tea and the supermarket. It was going to go a lot quicker with both of them looking. 

Calum cradled McKenna against his chest, turning the cartoon she’d been watching earlier back on in hopes of distracting her. It only worked for a couple of minutes before the tears came back, little girl Hemmings sensing that something just wasn’t right.
“Uncle Mikey is looking for him now baby,” He soothed, rocking her back and forth. “He’s gonna find Squish okay?” 

It was an hour later when Calum opened the front door, his face falling when Michael walked in shaking his head. Calum dragged a hand over his face as Mike took Kenzie out of his arms, kissing her very red, very wet cheeks.
“He wasn’t at the park or the cafe. Ash was in the supermarket when I called.”
“Let’s hope he’s there then,” Calum sighed. “Luke’s never gonna let me babysit again.”
“Are you sure he isn’t here?”
“I tried looking man but I couldn’t exactly put her down. Just keep her distracted, I’m going to look now.” 

Calum emptied her bag onto the kitchen counter, checked the nursery again, the bathroom, under the couch… he was just about to give up entirely when Ash came in, a triumphant grin on his face as he brandished Squish towards his friends.
“Look little girl,” Michael cooed softly. “Look who uncle Ash has.”
Mckenna reached out for the pig, encasing it into her arms as she snuggled against Michael’s chest, her crying finally subsiding to a tiny whimper.
“Life saver!” Calum grinned, feeling the tension drop away from his body.
“The lady at the checkouts found him, kept him safe for her.”
“I had no idea what I was going to do… Vee had favourite toys but that was something else.”
“She has her daddy’s lungs, that’s for sure,” Michael commented, passing his niece back to Calum. 


When you and Luke get home later McKenna is sound asleep in her crib, Squish tucked under her arm. As you head down the hallway to check on your daughter Luke raises a questioning brow as he notices all three of his friends sitting on his couch.
“So… any issues?”
“None,” Calum answers quickly, shaking his head.
“Absolutely no trouble,” Michael adds.
“We just came round to see our littlest niece,” Ashton sums up.
“Ahuh, I definitely believe that,” Luke chuckles. “What actually happened?”

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Red-eye Flight (Michael Clifford Smut)

Pairing: Michael Clifford x Reader

Words: 1.3k

Warning: Smut, NSFW

Summary: A red eye flight turns steamy between you two, but obviously just for a quick while. Basically an inauguration into the mile high club. (but like unrealistic obvs)

A/N: part of this sat in my half written section forever… So eh yeah this was kinda inspired by the two line “We’ll be sleeping on a red-eye flight”, “we’ll be fucking on a red-eye flight”, from Miley Cyrus’s ’D.R.E.A.M’


We’ll be sleeping on a red-eye flight

We’ll be fucking on a red-eye flight

Tiredness had became a part of you when you left your old life to join your boyfriend on tour. The nights were late, mornings were early, the bus was tight and a different bed each night didn’t help. Around week five you had just accepted your new state, falling asleep in seconds when the opportunity arose.

“The nap-masters have risen from the dead”, Ashton laughed but patted the spot next to him on the bench. The bus was shaking on a rocky road and you felt Michael’s hand grip you a little firmer. “Well at least some of us have superpowers”, you grinned back at him and a yawn escaped you.

Michael sat down next to you on the bench and began to comb through his bed hair with his fingers.

The band was on their way to the next city and during the drive you and Michael had decided to take a nap, by now you could probably even call it a shared hobby. “If you call it that”, Calum rolled his eyes at you but couldn’t hide his smile.

An interview, a show and a city later you were sitting at the airport, waiting for your flight to board. Taking a flight after a show was always a rush, nobody being as ready as they should have been. You had barely sat down when you were already rushed onto the plane. You and Michael were given two spacious seats next to each other, enough space to almost lay down completely. The first class was pretty empty, you actually felt a bit of privacy on a flight for once. Adrenaline was apparently still pumping through Michael’s veins though as he just couldn’t sit still during take-off. “My god will you just shut up”, you chuckled in a joking tone. “Nope,” he said, popping the p loudly. “Do you think I could still switch seats?”, you grinned at him. “Don’t you dare”, he chuckled back and poked your side. You rolled your eyes and sighed deeply, all in fun of course.

It took about an hour for Michael to calm down, by then most of the others had already fallen asleep. You were quietly talking about the last two shows they had played. Michael had awkwardly placed an arm around you, trying to somewhat cuddle. His head was laying on your shoulder, his lips brushing against your neck while talking. Goosebumps crawled along your skin and Michael’s talking slowly turned into kisses along your neck. He was shadowed by you but it still made you jump when you heard a stewardess make some noise a few rowes back. “Michael”, you hissed at him and pulled away a bit. “C'mon hun, nobody sees us”, he bit his lip and whispered. The next wave of goosebumps hit you, this time because of excitement. There was something exhilarating about making out in a public place, something dangerous about it. You leaned towards him and whispered, “no sound, not a thing,”, before twisting your neck and attacking his with your lips.

Soft kisses turned into nibbles and soon there was a mark left on his neck. The excitement took over you and it was hard for you to not crawl into his lap. His hand wrapped around your wrist, pulling your hand from his chest down towards his crotch. You let him guide you and a bigger smirk formed on your lips once you felt the clear bulge under your palm. Your eyes shot up at him and the pleading look he gave you made your mind race with ideas.

Your seats were still too public, no matter how much you would’ve tried to hide, it would have felt too exposed. The only other option was the toilet cubicle, small but certainly more privat. Now you had to find the right moment to not be caught by the stewardesses. It took a couple of minutes before they made their next round, pushing a cart with snacks into the economy class, it should buy you enough time to get to the cubicle.

“Now”, you whispered and stood up silently, looking around once more before walking to the back. You slipped into the small room, waiting for Michael to squeeze in before locking the door. “You”, you muttered and pushed him down onto the closed toilet. Michael helped you push down his sweatpants, his dick springing free. He breathed in sharply when the air hit it, making you look up at him. You winked at him before biting your lip and quickly dropping your face towards his crotch.

The first lick across the head of his dick prompted another sharp inhale before he bit his own hand, trying to muffle his sounds. You grinned to yourself, proud of Michael’s reaction to your touch. Your tongue marked the shaft with wet patches, dragging pre-cum all the way down.

Michael’s breathing hitched again, followed by a deep sigh the first time you finally wrapped your lips around his dick. You knew in the back of your head you had to hurry up but you couldn’t not tease him a little bit before.

You moved swiftly, taking in more of him and working the rest with your hands. Michael did his best to keep quiet, only some whimpers and muffled moans escaping his hands. His dick hit the back of your throat, almost making you gag. Your movements got faster to try and speed up your mission. Michael placed his free hand on the top of your head, encouraging you to push yourself a little further and taking more of him. You bobbed your head up and down, letting his dick hit the back of your throat a couple of times. One of your hands played with his balls, something your knew drove Michael crazy. “Fuck Y/N, I’m almost…”,he choked out before having to bite his hand again to hide a deep moan.

You swirled your tongue across the head, your hands moving up and down his shaft in a quick pace. “Ready?”, you whispered to Michael and waited for him to nod. You hollowed your cheeks, bobbing your head up and down again. His hips began to buckle up, his tip once again hitting the back of your throat. He moved his hips in rhythm with you for a moment but soon his movements became sporadic and you knew he was about to cum.

One of your hands pushed down his hips while the other continued to jerk him off. You lifted your head slightly, licking the tip until finally Michael hit his climax. You did your best to swallow all of his cum but some ended up running down the corner of your mouth. You gave the tip one last lick before sitting up and smirking at Michael while pushing the rest of his cum into you mouth. He was breathing heavily, teeth marks all along his hand. “Fuck that..”, he couldn’t even finish his sentence before he had to take a deep breath. You chuckled silently and stood up, turning towards the sink and washing you hands. “You should clean up babe”, you motioned towards the roll of toilet paper.

“C'mon”, you grinned at Michael and threw the paper towel away. He opened the door and peaked out before pulling you behind him out of the small room. You followed him down the hall, letting your eyes drift over the sleeping people. You fell back into your seat, just a second before a stewardess came out of the economy class. You felt your cheeks heat up when she stopped, seeing you awake and asked if she could get you something. You quickly denied and smiled awkwardly, waiting for her to move on.

“That was close”, Michael muttered into your ear. “Yeah, almost a little too close for my taste”, you grinned, but still felt the excitement. “Thanks anyway, I’ll repay you next time”, Michael smirked back and pressed a kiss on your cheek.

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