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lexi would eventually befriend ash using the same tried and true methods she applies when trying to get cats to like her
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i’m honestly not prepared for season 3 of euphoria bc i’ve pretended that the finale doesn’t exist so much that in my mind it’s canon that Ash is still alive and Fez made it to Lexi’s play and sees her in her lil pink dress and goes up to her after her play and pulls her into a kiss, only to say “Oh shit, sorry ma, i shouldn’t have done that without asking you first-“ and then Lexi says, “Fez? Shut up” and kisses him back like she’s been wanting to since new year’s eve.
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I maintain that Ashtray and Fezco have a weekly business meeting and Ash takes the opertunity to read their Google reviews out loud and takes them really personally
'"It's a really small store, not much variety, the cashier smelt like weed and I felt like my business wasn't appreciated because the 'little guy' gave me the stink eye the whole time"'
"I know. We gotta diversify our range ASAP. Also i'm gonna hunt this fucker down and take his knee caps for that 'little guy' crack"
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
script directions that made me go feral vs. the execution on screen (14/14)
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My Boys- Part 2
Pairing: Fezco x reader; Ashtray (platonic) x reader
Summary: A few months has gone by since the night that Ash accidentally called the reader 'mom' while sound asleep. Fez and the reader haven't forgotten it but when Mother's Day comes around, Ash makes it known that it wasn't an accident.
Song: "King of Everything" by Dominic Fike
Warnings: Ashtray having mommy/abandonment issues. It's cute to me lol.
A/n: This idea was influenced by a request from @ateliefloresdaprimavera and their genius mind. Also part 2 for the original part was highly requested so. Here you go!
Part 1
Tumblr media
It had been a few months since the night that Ash accidentally called me mom. I talked about at least once a week with Fez or my mom, thinking about it multiple times a day. Whenever I would see the boy, I'd think about it. It was by far the sweetest thing that's ever happened to me, mine and the boys relationship now stronger than what it was before.
Fezco noticed that I was even softer around the young boy now, going out of my way to make sure he knew that I would always take care of him. I would've never known that he saw me as a mother figure, it just never clicked in my head until Fez and I talked about it a bit more. I was truly all that boy knew for the longest time. He didn't have a very clear memory of his grandma, only having stories of her and his birth mom. But I was there for every booboo, every drug deal, every nightmare, breakfast through dinner. I had raised him along side of Fez and it didn't occur to me until that night.
Ash wasn't the most soft, his tough exterior virtually never down, but I wanted him to know that it was okay if he didn't always want to be like that. That if he just wanted to be a kid, have normal teenager emotions, he was allowed to. I don't think anyone ever validated him like that and I don't think Fez realized how important it was that I said that until he saw his brothers frame relax at the words.
I don't think that Ash knew that he called me mom that night but he could tell that something was different. He had asked me multiple times what was going on, why I was babying him all of a sudden more so than I did before. I would just brush him off with some half-assed excuse about caring about him.
Looking between Fez and Ash at the kitchen table, I notice that there's stacks of money being counted between them. They were working hard today with their business, the deals for the week finally done and now it was time to see how much they brought in. A blunt rests between Fez's lips, his eyes flickering over to me as I watch him with a smile. He gives me a gentle nod, motioning for me to come over to him as I obey. My feet pad across the room as Ash continues to count, his attention on his success.
"Hi baby." Fez whispers, my frame lowering to sit on his lap as he wraps an arm around my waist. "We did good this week." He grins, my eyes scanning over the table as Ash sighs, placing the money down in front of him and scribbling out a number on his notepad.
"Good is an understatement, man." The boy chuckles, rubbing a hand over the top of his head as he grins proudly. "We did fucking killer." I smile proudly at the boy, reaching my hand out to give him a high five. He responds with one in return, a blush on his cheeks as he sits up.
"What're you up to today, boys?" I ask, my mind thinking about my plans with my mother tonight for Mothers Day. Fez just shrugs, his gaze flickering from me to Ash who sighs.
"Isn't it Mother's Day or some shit?" Fez asks, my head bobbing in a nod as Ash clears his throat, shifting anxiously in his seat.
"Yeah, I'm going out with my mom tonight for a bit. I won't be gone long." I smile, my hand gently rubbing Fez's chest as he nods, his freckled cheeks covered in a soft blush.
"Aye, Y/n?" Ash speaks up tentatively, my head tilting to look at the boy who reaches into his pocket. "I don't know how to say this in a way that ain't lame but..." He trails off, pulling out a small package from his pocket, placing it down in front of me. His cheeks are flushed as he ignores his brothers prying gaze, a smile stretching across my lips. "It's Mother's Day and I ain't really got one. But I got you, so." He bites his lip nervously as I giggle, abandoning Fez's lap to make my way to the other side of the table. He stands up, knowing exactly what I want as he wraps his arms around my waist. I hold him tightly to me as he lets out a sigh of relief, my eyes connecting with Fez's as he smiles proudly, his arms folded in front of his chest.
"You're a sweetheart, Ash." I whisper, my hand rubbing up and down the nervous kids back as he huffs. "I'm proud of you. I'm happy that I get to take care of you and be here for you." He pulls back with a sniffle, avoiding both of our gazes as he wipes his eyes.
"Man, are you cryin?" Fez taunts as I send him a look, telling him silently to shut up.
"Shut the fuck up, dickhead." Ash stutters out as he spins around on his heels, stomping down the hallway and into his room. I reach out, slapping Fez across the chest as he holds his hand up in surrender sheepishly.
"Stop making fun of him! It's sweet." I pout, my eyes flickering back to the present as I plop down in the seat across form my man. My fingers work at the poorly wrapped box, my heart pounding as I lift the lid off the top.
Inside lays a perfect, dainty necklace. My eyes immediately tear up at the sight, two loops tightly linked together, one hoop smaller and one loop larger. Oh my god it's like him and I. He's so goddamn cute for this. Showing Fez, the man lets out a small, proud laugh, shaking his head in disbelief.
"He's your kid, through and through."
Taglist: @jamespotterswifey @bubblebuttwade @rafelover2405 @leslienjazzy @sorceresss @grxnde-dwt @alex--awesome--22 @bunnietoof @niyamar1e @serialghost @plantlungs @geniusohn @akaliltimmytim @lilaalouuxx @xshariex @elliotsbeigeguitar @elle4404 @lelieja @srhxpci @joselyn001 @taysirene @spinkspanther @thedivineuphoria @peter-maximoffs @tsukishimawhore @poohkie90 @szlaco @distantsighs @nstyles4299 @wolflover384 @givemefoodandlovesstuff @vane28282 @yeswhatever33 @amirrahfranson @vvaalleennttiinna @f-mu @yaspillz @jeyramarie @[email protected] @jointherebellion215 @visiondaddy @steezysimfinds @its-ya-gay-boi-luigi @[email protected] @beth123lg @melovesmut @letmebeyoureuphoria @rafecameronswhore @4lyssasworld @write-from-the-heart @ariianelle @vampviolets
Euphoria Taglist: @usernamelol @[email protected] @urmomsangel
Fezco Taglist: @fudgemesteveharrington @hi-my-name-is-riley
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Tumblr media
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Ashtray really said “this ain’t the Howard household bitch you don’t get to say shit” and proceeded to beat the shit out of Cal Jacobs and I think that’s beautiful
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World’s Away - Fezco
Tumblr media
Pairing - Fezco x F!Reader
Summary - In which Fezco wouldn’t trade his girl for the world.
Warnings - 18+, minors absolutely DNI, mentions of drug dealing and use, implied smut, strong language
A/N - highly requested fezco x high maintenance gf fic <3 it started out as one thing & then she kinda ran away from me & said bitch i got the wheel move but i hope u enjoy xoxo requests & feedback are always welcome (pls be kind)
It'd happened on a Thursday afternoon, sun high among the puffy white clouds as it beat down on the blacktop.
Fezco could remember the way the thick, stagnant air of summer melted peanut M&Ms in his palm, the candy coated shell staining his hands as he dared at glance at the mounted clock and counted down the hours until he could grab Ash, close shop and call it a fucking day. Business had been slow, customers far and few willing to brave the California summer heat as they dropped in for last minute supplies.
    Fezco had been anything but prepared when you breezed through the open doors, all strappy heels clicking on concrete and shimmery eyeshadow, asking him if they sold peach lip gloss.
     For a split second, he'd been sure his brain had short circuited but he couldn't tell if it was from the shock of someone genuinely thinking this looked like an establishment that carried lip gloss, or if it had more to do with that fact that you'd been standing so close he could smell the sweetness of your perfume.
     "So, is that a no?" He must've been quiet for too long because you were speaking again, head tilted with an amused smile playing on your painted lips, voice ringing in his ears like bells.
    Looking back, he wishes he could drag himself outside by the collar and bash his head off the pavement for acting like such a goddamn fool, fumbling around his thoughts like a thirteen year old boy who just brushed hands with the pretty girl from math class.
    "Yeah, nah, sorry, ma," Rising from his chair, Fezco came to stand beside you, leaning casually on the counter behind him as some Eazy E song continued to drift faintly from the old speakers. "I don't think we got no lip gloss, but I'd be happy to help you with somethin' else."
      A perfectly sculpted brow shot up at that, grin widening on your pretty face as you shifted on your heel to scan the humming coolers behind you. "Damn," You mused, pretending to peruse your options. "Got any grape soda?"
He'd charged you fifty cents and sent you on your way with a bottle of Fanta clutched in one manicured hand, making a mental note to add peach lip gloss to the next stock order.
You'd stopped by for a second time in the week that followed, sparkling pins scattered strategically throughout your hair and cat eye sunglasses pushed low on the bridge of your nose as you tilted them at him in greeting.
     "You feel like you were missing out on a prime business opportunity or am I just special?" It wasn't long before you were in his line of vision again, beaming up at him as you placed three tubes of shiny peach lip gloss on the countertop.
    "Nah, ma, you just special." The teasing tug of his lips and the way he kept his cerulean eyes trained on yours over the rim of your glasses made your head fuzzier than you were willing to admit.
“Cute,” You prayed to whatever higher power was listening that the heat flooding your cheeks wasn’t noticeable as you ducked your head, carding through the wasteland of your purse. “How much do I owe you, player?”
He’d taken your name and number and called it even, savoring the feel of your skin against his as he plucked the slip of pink paper from between your fingers.
“You better use it,” You’d thrown over your shoulder, hips swaying in a way he tried not to focus too hard on as you walked away from him. “And you’d better not leave me waiting too long.”
“I wouldn’t dream of it, pretty girl.”
Fezco thought of those first moments often, the pivotal points that lead to where you lay now, sleeping serenely on his chest with your fist curled into his neck and legs twisted around his beneath the sheets, playing over and over in his head like one of his grandma’s old records on loop.
Sometimes he felt as if someone had hit fast forward on his life, his days moving past him at warp speed like he was on a rollercoaster that went on and on, never stopping to let him off regardless of the twist in his gut and the ache in his bones. The worst part, the part that wriggled into his brain like a worm and burrowed into the gray matter like it was home is that he couldn’t remember ever getting on the ride.
Shit, he couldn’t even remember buying a ticket.
Whichever way you spun it, Fezco was on and all he could do was pray his seatbelt held and tighten his white-knuckled grip on the safety bar when shit got bumpy.
There were few things that made him feel as if he could breathe, like the soles of his sneakers were planted on solid ground, safe among the dirt and the grass and the bugs even if it was just for a moment.
Blue Sour Patch Kids and cold orange soda.
His tired body sunken into the old sofa, blunt smoke curling in the air as Ashtray’s favorite show flickered across the television screen. The laughter of his little brother who’d grown up far faster than he should have had to, putting the role Fezco wished he’d never had to play to bed ‘til morning.
There was a sweet brand of solitude that came with being in your orbit, a silent kind of reprieve from the incessant noise that followed him like a pesky fly buzzing in his ear.
He found it in the way you said his name and the soft drag of your knuckles across his back when the weight of the world held upon his shoulders felt as though it was suffocating him, the oxygen filling his lungs suddenly so thick he thought he might choke if it weren’t for the delicate brush of your mouth against his skin in the dead of night.
In the way your brow creased and a pretty pout puckered your lips, soft whine bleeding into your tone when things didn’t go according to your plan, and the way you looked at him like he hung the stars in the sky as he kissed it away, murmuring hushed reassurances into the soft flesh of your neck.
You’d even managed to grow on Ash in the months that had passed, and that was saying something considering the kid regarded newcomers with a steely disposition and indifference like no other. He liked that you didn’t treat him like a kid, acknowledged him as an equal. The fact that you fed him like it was your day job probably didn’t hurt your case either.
Fezco spent more time than he’d ever admit to you wondering what kind of saint he had to have been in a past life to deserve you in this one. Your world was one that should never have been be meshed with his and yet they were entwined, gnarled together like the roots of a tree.
He could recall the first drop meeting you’d been present for like it was yesterday, could see the way your legs that’d been swinging carelessly from your spot on the kitchen counter stilled and the resounding pop of pink bubblegum between your lips quieted at the sight of men you didn’t know taking residence in your place of comfort.
Your stubborn nature had refused to let your intimidation seep through the cracks of your carefully constructed facade, but Fezco knew. He knew in the tense set of your jaw, the way your eyes flicked exclusively between his frame and your rhinestone dotted nails as your spine straightened.
It made his chest ache and his throat tighten, the shame and the doubt wrapping itself around him like thorny vines digging in.
You shouldn’t have been there. You should have been somewhere warmer, somewhere safe, flashing those eyes shining with cherries and wine at a better man on a better path. Those notions that hung over his head like a guillotine carried him all the way to the couch that night, arm wrapping you up and holding you to him like it’s the last time it ever would.
“Imma need you to listen, baby,” The words tasted bitter in his mouth and you were already pulling yourself from his grip, looking into his eyes like you were looking through glass. You’d always been able to see his thoughts more clearly than he could himself.
“No,” Your voice was hard and even as you regarded him with fire in your stare despite the unshed tears already welling in your eyes. “No, absolutely not. You don’t get to pick now to be a coward.”
Fezco spoke lowly, words rumbling quietly from his throat as he felt his heart splinter in his chest. “This ain’t the life for you, baby.”
“That’s not up to you to decide,” You asserted, anger burning hot in your veins. “My life is mine, you don’t get to choose it’s course just because shit gets a little scary.”
“I know who you are, what your life is, and what it means to be part of it and I’m still here,” You were pressing yourself against him now, fingertips framing his bearded jaw like they were made to find their home there, fitting together like pieces of a puzzle. “I’m staying here.”
With that, he was pulling you to him by the nape of your neck, hand twisting into a fist in your hair as he licked into the cup of your mouth. It didn’t take long before he was flipping your skirt up over your hips, lips drifting down to press a kiss to the cute little bow just below the waist band of your panties before pulling them to the side and fucking you stupid against the cushions.
His pretty baby, whose face lit up like a billboard every time you climbed into the passenger seat of his car and flashed a fresh set of nails at him, too damn cute to be fair. You turned his minutes into hours, every memory with you suspended in freeze-frame behind his eyelids.
He wasn’t sure what to call the space in between but he always thought of you in those intervals.
· ┈┈┈┈┈┈ · ꕥ · ┈┈┈┈┈┈ ·
taglist 🧸 : @cloudybrea @bigpoppajes @huang-the-geek
(if you’d like to be added to the taglist just let me know ! <3)
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hi! could you write something of fez's girlfriend actually getting along with faye and he's lowkey jealous of all the attentions she's giving to faye
— Pairing: Fezco (Euphoria) x F!Reader
— Summary: Fezco's not used to sharing his girl's attention. When Faye arrives, he and Ash think that you are going to hate the new visitor. The only problem is—you're too kind to hate someone you don't know, and when she's not causing issues, Faye can be... fun. That's when you find out Fezco's definitely not a fan of sharing you.
— Word count: 1.2k
— A/n: Warning for drug use. I love this drabble idea so here we go!
Tumblr media
all my lists | tv master list | ko-fi ❥
— jealous, babe? —
When Faye shows up, Ash arrives from school, looks at her frame sitting on the couch and the first words out of his mouth are, "Yo. Your girl's gonna fuckin' kill ya." He was laughing, too, shaking his head like he couldn't believe Fezco would bring another girl home.
Ash had missed you were there in a corner, though.
He missed you until you asked, "Why?" and he jumped like something bit him.
Faye had looked between you and Ash and echoed. "Yeah, why?"
Needless to say, Ash was not the first one to make that assumption. Everyone thinks you and Faye would hate each other but, as it turns out, when she's not shooting heroine in your boyfriend's bathroom, you two get along kinda... great.
And the funniest thing to watch is the least expected one—Fezco is the one who ends up jealous.
It starts with Faye coming to you for anything.
She realizes that when you're around, she has a bigger chance of being entertained than trying to engage with Fezco. He's not her biggest fan — Fez hates strangers in his personal space — and at the end of the day, she's just a girl.
A girl who has periods, who's missing her boyfriend, who's running from the cops and who would like just some company to smoke a blunt at the staircase.
It starts with Faye noticing you can be that company, and it evolves to you two laughing until you're wheezing outside the trailer, sharing stories about past boyfriends.
"What was so funny?" Fez asks when you're at his place later that day. Faye is knocked out on the couch, and Fez is sitting at the balcony watching you cook.
"Funny? When?"
"Earlier today." Fezco's looking at you with a curious look, his puppy eyes making your heart skip its usual beat at the sight of him. "Could hear you two laughin' from here."
"Oh!" You chuckle at the memory, and then put the lid on the pan. "Faye was just telling me about her exes before your friend."
"Word?" Fezco hums. "And she's that funny?"
You frown a little. Fezco's tone is usually lighter than this. You walk to him until you're standing between his legs. "I mean... we were both mad high."
He sighs. "Is she tryin' to get you to do anythin'? 'Cause I told her to—"
"Fez," you interrupt. He closes his mouth, and you lean in to kiss the frow on his forhead. "You know I don't do that shit, babe. She could offer me heroin or coke or whatever and swear it's the best high since the dawn of times and I'd still say no."
"Good." He wraps his arms around you, then kisses you for real. "I don't want my girl around that shit."
It's the first time he shows any sign of jealousy.
The next couple of days, you notice it the little things—the way Fezco frowns when he sees Faye showing you things on her phone, his eyes accompanying you through the corridors of the pharmacy as you pick up supplies not only for you, how he sometimes perks up when all of you are at home at night and you and Faye are talking to each other in the kitchen.
Fez looks like he wants to ask, like he wants to join the conversation, but never does.
He's not the best at making friends.
Plus—even if he doesn't hate the girl, Fezco hates shortcomings, and every day Faye stays at his place, there's a chance that cops will come knocking.
It makes sense he's wary of her—you even tell him you understand.
Still. It's funny to see his face when he walks in and sees you both in face masks, exfoliating each other's legs like it's spa day.
"Are you two havin' a girls' night?"
Faye, high out of her ass, smiles so big and genuine that you have to smile too. "Yeah!" She must forget he's not her biggest fan for a moment because the next words out of her mouth make you burst out laughing. "Join us!"
Fezco sees you laughing, sighs, and leaves his room while shaking his head, mumbling to himself under his breath.
At least he closes the door behind him.
The day after the Spa Incident, you allow Faye to do the grocery shopping for the house. She has some money her boyfriend gave her and given how she's stayed away from the heroin since she arrived, you let her feel useful.
It also gives you time to cuddle your grumpy boyfriend on the couch, make out with him until he's groaning and squeezing you all over, and nothing beats that.
Fezco lets his guard down when he's around you.
He laughs easier, he makes jokes no one else other than Ash gets to hear, he speaks his mind. You two have only a couple of hours before he has to take the shift at the shop, so you make use of that time.
"I can't wait 'till she's gone, man," he comments. You're straddling Fezco's lap, and he's got his face shoved on your chest.
The words vibrate on your skin, and you laugh at him. "She's not that bad."
"It ain't about her bein' that bad, ma. She's just problem," he argues.
You sigh deeply at that. He's right, even if you hate that he is. "Yeah." You think about the things she's told you and how lost Faye truly is. "I hope she finds a better path, though. Wherever she goes."
At that, Fezco pulls his head back until he can look at you. He's frowning and pouting a little, and you're about to ask what's wrong when he says, "You're too nice, lil' mama."
You feel the heat on your cheeks, and look away from those green eyes that still somehow manage to make you blush even after all this time. "Shut up. I'm not that nice."
Fezco laughs at that. "Sure you are."
"I literally went to Ash's school building with a big ass wrench and threatened a bunch of fifteen-year-olds, like, last week," you roll your eyes.
Fezco smacks his teeth, and slaps your ass playfully. "Protective lil' mama, too. They was messin' with Ash. You know that doesn't count."
"Eh," you shrug your shoulders. "I'm just—I got to know her, y'know? A lot of people you think you hate 'till you get to know them."
"Yeah, that's true," Fezco pulls you closer by the waist. "'m just petty 'cause she steals you from me."
That makes you laugh. Hearing him admit it is funny to you. "No, she doesn't."
"Yeah, she does, man." He sounds a little bit like Ashtray right now when you pull the plug in his PS4 and tell him to get his ass in his room to finish his damn work. "I don't like sharin' your attention, I think."
"You think?"
"I know." Fezco grabs you by the neck, and your smile is too big for a kiss right now, but he's got access to the rest of your face anyway, so it's all good. "I love your attention too much, ma."
"'s all yours, Fez."
"Just like you."
"Just like me." You feel his lips on your cheeks, on your eyelids, and you giggle. "You're my big baby, aren't ya?"
The next kiss on your forehead trembles with his laughter. "Yeh. Just don't tell anyone."
No one would believe me. And they don't gotta know, anyway.
You decide to make the most of the next hour you two have alone, after all, Fezco seems to be needing a reminder of just how much you're all his at the end of the day.
Tumblr media
🏷 fezco tag list ☆ @jarah2006 ; @itsdawnashlie ; @dreaming4you ; @poisxnedmind ; @newasskid ; @waiting-till-im-okay ; @oopsdevil ; @10blurredsmoke10 ; @edencherries ; @spooky-stoner ; @alex--awesome--22 ; @asimpwriter ; @goals108 ; @asuperconfusedgirl ; @rangotangomango ; @lokismidnight ; @not-again-bestie ; @estereomnisciente ; @purpleflamebluesparkles , @ariianelle , @blackravena , @jessyballet ; @nunya7394 ; @dariequeen ; @criesinlies ; @sorceresss ; @jointherebellion215 ; @moonlightplanet ; @madhatterweasley ; @hoeneyhoeney; @emma-phr ; @bubblegumcat229 ; @clemdango04 ; @destiiny16 ; @strawberrysandcream ; @fezrus ; @ameerakane20 ; @oabf45 ; @crankynfancy ; @jillianblom ; @hidingsikki ; @wxnderingthoughts ; @nifujiswhore ; @niyamar1e ; @babeyglo ; @skinytears ; @needyghosts ; @herbeautifulboy ; @georgeweasleysgf ♡
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pinksawayama · 5 months ago
“that’s my family”
Tumblr media
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cinemagifmaker · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Euphoria [2.08]
“Ash was his brother. He loved him like a brother. And when shit went down... He’d go to war like a brother.”
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mytvjunk · 4 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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sageworld · 5 months ago
knuckles • fezco
Tumblr media
these events take place directly after fez beats nate up, reader is maddys sister.
you sat in the back seat, ashtray in the drivers seat. you heard the music stop inside assuming fez did whatever he had planned. you watched him come out the house, his green sweater in hand & his white long sleeve with blood up the side.
he gets in the passenger seat & you can see the blood on his knuckles as he throws his sweater in the back “drive.” he demands of ash. “what about rue?” “she’s up in there with jewel now drive.” ashtray doesn’t press the issue further but you want to.
“what happened?” you pipe in. “nothing you need to worry about.” “but i-.” you’re cut off when your phone buzzes.
from maddy; bitch your psycho drug dealing boyfriend beat the shit out of nate. we’re taking him to the ER.
fez snatches the phone from you, reading the text. he sighs, “baby i ain’t want you to know yet.” “fez what the fuck? when did you want me to find out?” you scowled him. “i wanted you to find out when i wanted you too. i’m sorry but he needed that. he called on us to get raided, he be putting his hands on your sister & i saw him n cassie go in the bathroom together.”
you ignore him, putting your head to the window. “you can ignore me all you want, but i ain’t fucking around when it come to you so i hope you know that you coming home with me tonight.”
you roll your eyes but can’t help to smile. he’s always gonna be your best boy.
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Being a Mother figure to Ashtray
you are dating Fez in this fic
(This is very all over the place cause i wrote this high on 🍃)
Tumblr media
-Ash doesn't like much people
-You are one of the lucky ones that Ash would kill for the other being Fez
-you've known him since he was a baby back then you were fez's bestfriend
-He will like to pretend he doesn’t care but secretly he cares A LOT (maybe even more than he cares for fez)
-He even accidentally called you mom a few times mostly when he’s half asleep so he doesn’t remember if (or so you think)
-One day you and Fez got into this huge argument and ended up going on a break and Ash went on a “Don’t talk to Fez” strike
-The whole time the break was on He ignored Fez and kept texting you
-He texted “I really fucking miss you:/”
-That message broke your heart more than your argument with Fez so you called Fez up and worked on your relationship
-When Ash saw you on the couch the next morning he hugged you real tight
- Fez would always tease Ash for being soft with you.
-One mother’s day Ash was acting off and you couldn’t figure out why
-He was starring at you and kept glancing back to his bedroom
-At the end of the day you him and fez were all watching tv in the living room
-Fez was sleeping on your lap and Ash randomly gasped and ran to his room
-You knew it was odd but didn’t question it
-When he came out of the room he was carrying a present
-“Uhm y/n..”
-You turned around and he was facing the ground
-“I waited till Fez fell asleep cause I didn’t want him to tease me about being “soft””
-You thought it was adorable that he kept stumbling over his words
-“I know it’s mother day and I also know your not my actual mother but your the closest thing I got so uhm here”
-He handed you the gift still avoiding eye contact as you opened it
-It was a framed picture of you him and Fez at the store, You remembered rue took that photo out of nowhere now you realize Ash probably asked her to
-“Wow Ash” You carefully got up trying not to wake up Fez and went and gave him a hug
-“thank you” he muttered, “for what?” “being my mom
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fezcoismypimp · 4 months ago
Mi Mundo
Mi Mundo
Fezco x reader, platonic Ashtray x reader
Summary: Fez goes to the convenience store for the day and you stay home with a sick Ash.
Warnings: A LOT of fluff for no reason. I haven't wrote in a really long time because of writers block and I STRUGGLED to get the inspiration to write this but I really hope you guys like it :)
You got woken up to Fez moving around. "Where you going?" you asked as soon as you felt him get up out of the bed.
" I have to get ready and go to the store" He said, "I told you I worked today."
You checked the time on your phone. 11:00. He had to leave soon. "Oh yeah.." You said with a frown.
"Don't worry my love, I'll be back before you even know it." He said walking over to your side of the bed and kissing you.
"Another one." You said sweetly. He laughed a little before kissing you again, another one on your nose, your forehead and two more on both your cheeks.
You laughed.
"Okay, that's enough for now, I gotta get ready for real." He said chuckling and walking back over to the dresser to get his clothes for the day.
"Don't ever say those words again, it's never enough." You said in a playful way.
He shook his head, laughing. "you're somethin else you know that."
"Yeah, I know." you said wrapping your arms around him and kissing his cheek. "I'm gonna go make coffee, you want some?" you asked.
"Nah, I'm good, thank you though." He said.
You walked out of the bedroom and knocked on Ash's door. After a few seconds of no answer, you figured he was still sleeping. You walked to the kitchen and started the coffee pot. You were sitting at the kitchen table when Fez walked in and made himself a bowl of cereal. You squinted your eyes a little in confusion. Usually Ash was the very first one up.
"Where's Ash?" You asked him.
"He isn't feeling good today so I told him he could stay home" Fez said "Will you look out for him today?" He asked you.
"Of course I will." You said.
"Thank you my love." he said kissing your forehead.
"You don't even have to thank me, it's no problem at all." you said smiling at him.
He smiled at you. "You're amazing you know that." He said kissing you again.
You smiled at him.
"Okay, I have to go, but I'll see you later, yeah?" He said.
"Okay." You said nodding, getting up to give him one more kiss before he left.
He opened the front door and stepped out. "Lock this door behind me and don't open it for no one." He said.
"Okay mi vida" you said.
He closed the door and you walked over to lock it behind him. After you did that, you took Fez's cereal bowl and your coffee mug to the sink to wash them. You did a little cleaning in the kitchen, and living room. You decided you should probably go check on Ash. As you were going to knock on his door, he opened it, startling you.
"Ash, you scared the fuck outta me" You said, "How are you feeling sweet pea?" You asked him putting the back of your hand on his forehead to see if he had a fever. "No fever, that's a good sign." You said.
He stood there with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. "Y/n, I'm okay, I promise." He said, his voice a little hoarse. He made his way to the living room sitting on the couch making sure the blanket was fully around him.
You followed behind him. "Okay, I just want to make sure" you said, "are you hungry?"
"Yeah, a little" He said softly, "will you make me some soup please?"
"Of course I will" You said smiling at him, "You want a grill cheese with it?"
"Yes please." He said, turning on some cartoons.
"I got you boo." You said walking in the kitchen to start his soup and grilled cheese.
It didn't take very long to make the food at all. You put his soup in a bowl and his grilled cheese on a plate, You also got him a cup of sprite. You sat everything on a tray in front of him.
"There you go my love." You said smiling at him.
"Thank you y/n." He said, taking a sip of his sprite.
You went to walk back into the kitchen to clean up the mess you made.
"Y/n.." Ash said.
"Can you sit in here with me?" He asked sweetly.
You couldn't help the warm feeling that filled your heart. You and Fez have been together for two years. In that time, you and Ash had gotten pretty close. You guys treated each other like family, it was nice to know that he enjoyed you being around as much as you enjoyed being around.
"Of course I can, let me clean up my mess and I'll be right there." You said. After you cleaned up the dishes you dirtied, you grabbed a drink and went into the living room to sit next to ash. After a while of watching cartoons and talking, he finished his food. He tried to get up to take his dishes to the kitchen but you stopped him.
"I'll take it for you" You said standing up and picking up the dishes. "Is there anything you want while I'm in there?" You asked him.
"Will you get me more sprite?" He asked
You nodded, walking to the sink and washing his dishes before getting him more sprite and a Tylenol for his headache that he was talking about a minute ago. You walked back into the living room handing him his sprite and medicine, sitting down next to him.
"Wanna play call of duty with me?" He asked after he took the medicine.
You nodded, "Sure."
We played the game for a few hours before we got tired of it.
"Wanna watch a movie?" You asked.
"Sure" he said, "can we make a snack first?"
"Yeah, of course" you said as you both stood up, "what kind of snack do you have in mind?" you asked him.
"A hot fudge sundae?" He asked almost pleadingly.
It was 8:30 but he was sick and you never like telling him no anyway. "As you wish my boy." you said dramatically making him laugh.
After we made our sundaes, we went back into the living room. You grabbed the remote, put your feet up on the couch and got on Disney plus. Ash put his feet up on the couch as well, getting comfortable. You scrolled through the movies for a while not being able to choose one.
"How about nemo?" Ash suggested.
"Okay, that's a good movie." You said putting it on.
The movie was almost over. You guys had finished your ice cream a long time ago and Ash was asleep with his head on your shoulder. You were on the brink of falling asleep and it only took a few more minutes before you were out like a light.
You don't know how long you were out but you were woken up by a flash of light. You opened your eyes startled to see Fez standing there looking at something on his phone.
"What are you doing?" You asked him, still half asleep.
"I'm sorry pretty girl, I didn't mean to wake you" He said. "you guys looked so cute, I couldn't help myself."
You laughed. "It's okay." You said carefully moving ash off your shoulder so you didn't wake him. You wrapped your arms around fez. "I missed you so much." You said kissing him all over his face.
"I missed you so much " he said, " did you guys have a good day?" He asked.
"Yeah, we had a really good day" you said, "I missed spending time with ash, he's a pretty great kid." you smiled.
"He likes hanging around you too, I knew you guys were gonna have a good day" He said kissing your cheek. "Thank you for being there for us"
"No, thank you guys for being there for me, I love you." You said.
"I love you too." He said smiling.
"Can you two like, go to your fucking room with that?" We heard Ash say grumpily.
You laughed. "I'm sorry if we woke you ash." You said.
"It's fine." He said as he got up and walked to his room.
"I think he's feeling a little better." Fez said chuckling.
"I hope so." You said. "Did you eat tonight?" You asked Fez.
"I had a bag of chips earlier." He replied nonchalantly.
"A bag of chips? Are you actually joking?" You asked him in actual shock. "Get in the kitchen right now, I'm making you food."
He laughed but followed me to the kitchen. "You don't have to make a big meal baby, a sandwich or something small will be just fine." He walked behind you and laid his head down on your shoulder. "You take such good care of us." He said kissing your neck.
You smiled. "Why wouldn't I?" You asked, " you guys are mi mundo"
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sublimecatgalaxy · 4 months ago
My Boys
Pairing: Fezco x reader; Ashtray (platonic) x reader
Summary: Ashtray's had a hard life and Fezco's girlfriend, Y/n, is well aware. It's safe to say she took Ashtray under her wing and he never really told her how much he appreciates her. But all it takes is one word and she knows.
Song: "Saturn" by Sleeping At Last
Warnings: Ashtray having mommy/abandonment issues. It's heartbreaking. Also mentions of sex and swearing lol.
A/n: I loved writing this holy crap, okay. This one is short and sweet.
Tumblr media
I hated the fact that Fez and Ashtray grew up without loving parents. I know they had their grandma, the gangbanger that she was- is. Fez didn't talk about his dad that often, the only thing that I knew was that he was an abusive dick and worked at a strip club. His father was rough on Fez as a child, the idea making me beyond angry. Probably because his mind was trying to shield him from unnecessary pain and the fact that he got hit over the head pretty hard by his grandma.
He didn't talk about his mom much. Probably because he really didn't know that much about her in the first place. I can only imagine what went down between his father and mother with the piece of shit that he was. All I know is that his grandma spoke highly of her, that she was kind, beautiful. The fact that he always uses the past tense while speaking of her led to believe that she was no longer here.
Ash on the other hand was a business transaction. The thought of that made me sick. The fact that they used a child to get drugs, to trade for drugs, and then never came back for him. Fez always said that he was a sweet kid, didn't cry, slept well. He would've been perfect to any deserving mother or family but instead Fez took over when his grandma was too high or too busy to take care of him.
Their grandma definitely cared for them in her own way. She protected them, that's for sure. I never doubted their safety for a moment even though they went with her to deals and were in pretty dangerous situations all the time. But they were her business partners, her family. The helped her with everything and anything under the sun.
I can't imagine the pain the two of them felt when she took a turn for the worst. No one knows what happened to this day, one day she was and the next day she wasn't. I know Fez carried a lot of guilt for that day and I understood why. But that amount of pressure, saving your guardian's life, should never be something that a child should bear. I'm thankful that Ash doesn't remember all too much about that day.
And though they weren't related, they were family. Just like I was.
When I first started seeing Fez, Ash was skeptical. Rightly so, this was his brother, his own family in the whole world. And I was just this new chick who was literally head over heels for his brother. I understood the worry and the concern.
But it didn't last long.
The first time that Ash showed any type of excitement towards me was when Fez and I went out to dinner for our six month anniversary. Look, I know Fez lacked the attention span sometimes, but that man could remember dates and could plan an outing like nobody's business. But that night, we went out to a nice restaurant and Ash pouted the whole night that we were going without him. I felt bad for him, knowing that this was his favorite restaurant so I ordered his favorite meal to go and brought it home for him.
When I tell you that his face lit up like a Christmas tree, that was an understatement. He was genuinely so excited. I remember Fez patting me on the back and placing a simple kiss on my cheek, thanking me for taking care of Ash. For loving him.
I did love him. He was my boy and Fez was my man.
My favorite past time was taking care of the two of them. I was a hug when they needed it, a shoulder to cry on which didn't happen often but the offer was there, I cooked for them and cleaned the apartment if it needed it. The biggest thing was that I took care of their grandma when they were too busy with business. Fez taught me everything I needed to know about the medications, the steps, everything.
Ash was just relieved that Fez could actually take a break. To stop feeling that he owed her the world because he felt like it was his fault that she was in this position in the first place.
I knew that they appreciated me. I didn't need recognition or a prize. They were the prize.
"You alright, baby?" Fez asks, his head tilting to look at me as he turns onto our street, his hand squeezing mine.
"Yeah, of course. I was just thinking about that time that I brought Ash food home on our six month. How excited he was." I chuckle, smiling fondly at the memory as Fez hums, a small smile on his lips.
"Yeah, you spoil the kid, huh?" He laughs, my head bobbing in a small nod as I watch him. I felt so overwhelming lucky to have him. He was perfect for me, soft, kind, and contrary to popular belief, he was very smart and was a great listener. All he did was listen to me talk and he loved to tell me how much he loved it. That he could listen to me talk for hours.
He's so handsome though. His eyelashes flutter against his freckled cheek every time he blinks, his biceps flexing as he turns the wheel. I grin wickedly, my thighs clenching together at the sight of his strong hands, excitement rushing through me to my core. As we pull into the parking lot, I can tell by Fez's wandering eyes and flirty comments that I'm gonna enjoy myself tonight.
We make our way inside quietly, my head peeking around the corner to see Ash unconscious on the couch, the TV playing quietly in the background. He liked to wait up for Fez and I, making sure the two of us got home safe before he went to bed.
"The kids asleep, be quiet." I whisper, slipping my heels off as I lose a few inches. Fez locks the door behind us, his hand resting on my back as we make our way further into the home. Before we can enter the hallway, I turn on my heel, making my way over to the sleeping boy. Even though he's like a loaded gun most of the time, he always looked utterly sweet when he slept. He drooled, sure, a lot, but his knees are tucked safely to his chest, his arm draped over the side of the couch.
"Whatchu doin'?" Fez asks in a hushed whisper, my head turning to look back at him with a soft shrug.
"He's gonna get cold. I wanted to cover him up." I reply, turning to grab the blanket off the back of the couch. He rolls over as I cover him, his lips parting gently as he groans.
"Night, mom." He mutters, my brain doing a double take at what I think I just heard. I turn back to Fez with wide eyes and he obviously heard it too because he shares a similar look. My heart melts, my gaze fluttering back to the sleeping boy as I lean down, pressing a kiss to his forehead.
"Sleep good, hun." Brushing a hand over the top of his head, a small smile forms on his lips as I back away slowly. A small squeal leaves my lips by the time I approach Fez, a soft, proud smile on his face. "He called me mom, Fez, he called me mom." I whisper, my hands reaching out to smack his chest as he nods with a small laugh.
"You're all he's ever known." He whispers, leaning forward to gently press a kiss to my lips. He lingers a bit, his arms wrapping around my waist with a sigh.
"Don't tell 'im he said that. He'd be embarrassed." I whisper against his lips, knowing that he wanted to use this against him to tease him. "It's beyond sweet, Fez, he'd literally never believe that something that nice came out of his mouth." I giggle, taking Fez's hands in mine as I pull him down the hallway. "Does that make me a milf?" I gasp, my jaw dropped as Fez rolls his eyes, pushing the bedroom door open as I follow him. He moves to sit on the bed with a sigh, his hands pulling his shirt over his head.
"Nah, baby." He shakes his head, my lips pouting as I step in between his thighs. "Not 'nless you want me to make you one." He winks, my heart swelling at the thought. He has a naughty grin on his lips as I gasp, his hands resting on my lower back as I place my lips on his. "C'mere." He smirks, a small squeal leaving my lips as he pulls me to the bed.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rubyscrappy13 · 4 months ago
This is some real ass soulmate shit that I’m sniffing out here, how long have they been interested in each other???? Years???? Fezco absolutely knew who she was at the NYE party he was just pulling a line on her. Again this is 100% tooth rooting soulmate shit! They met when they were still little 😫😫
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