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#asian lady beetle

They are not all right! Especially the nine-spotted ladybug. Seven-spotted ladybugs are still doing all right in the US. But in general, they are being wildly out-competed by Asian lady beetles. According to the Lost Ladybug Project, it’s mostly due to climate change and how they hibernate in grass and leaves and bark - too low and they freeze to death, and if it warms too soon, they wake up and then die when it freezes again. But Asian lady beetles hibernate in different areas and are hardier, so they’re better at making it through the winter. But as far as I know they’re not actually harmful to the environment? Correct me if I’m wrong here. But they’re just considered a pest because they can bite and they’re smelly and invade our houses in the fall.

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This is Wanda she also lives in my aloe plant and I believe she’s an Asian lady beetle, an imitation of a ladybug. She hasn’t eaten Herbert(who has gone underground in the soil of the plant to hibernate since late last night I assume) so I have let her live. She doesn’t like getting her picture taken cus she keeps zooming away.

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