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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Oooh, alright! Let’s see.

  1. I love movies and television. I am currently in the process of catching up on lots of stuff I haven’t actually watched before. It’s a lot of fun.
  2. I live in Wales. North Wales to be precise. I was in England, and people get confused when I tell them where I was born because I don’t have the accent. I was brought up in Wales, but don’t have that accent either 😂 Kind of in between.
  3. I cosplay! I want to do it more, but things get in the way 😔 I’m currently working on my Grindelwald cosplay. I can’t wait to wear it to comic con when they open again.
  4. I love animals! All kinds of animals! If you have a pet, let’s chat 😂
  5. In January, 2 very dear friends of mine will be returning from Sweden where they have been living for the past 4 years. I’m excited to see them again!

I hope these were interesting enough 😂 if anyone has any questions about me, I’ll be happy to answer! I’d like to get know more people.

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Yes, well… other artists who can do work faster probably are very good at their craft. The more you do it, the more short cuts you learn, your skill increases, etc. I’m just not there. I’ve been trying short cuts for digital art and it is… frustrating to say the least how hard it’s been finding things that work. Personally, I prefer traditional art and painting. But I’ve given those up mostly to focus on digital which is better to get commissions. 

I miss painting though. I mainly dislike digital art (doing it, I love seeing it) because I can’t… I can’t feel it lol. Whenever I left the studio, I was covered in charcoal, graphite, acrylics. I loved getting messy and diving into my art. The last few things I did was textured art. I loved feeling it when I ran my hand across the canvas. It’s like for a moment, I can feel what I did once when I was creating that piece.

But anyway, I’m glad to show you more “finished” stuff. I’m gonna put it under keep reading so I don’t take up blog space on dashboards.

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it’s okay, you don’t have to be shy here!

you can send anything you’d like for any of the members of the groups i write for, and they’ll respond~


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Ask is referencing this post. Shit said in my D&D Sessions as Obey Me! Characters

Well anon, I’ll tell you who! A 45 year old ex pirate, cleric of Besmara does. John lived on the wild side and oh my did he live.

So yeah all of that stuff is shit that’s happened in recent campaigns. We did 2 recently that were a lot more on the zanny, funsies style playing so not super heavy. That’s why our characters were on Shark Tank. Also we may have released the eldritch creature known as Eric Andre from his prison and captor Hannibal Buress.

No, for real, that happened in the crazy campaigns we did.

We also run a lot of not as for shits and giggles campaigns. A lot of the shit from that post came from the crazy ones but 2 of them I believe are from our normal Pathfinder games. The “used rings” bit is from one I run, and the goblin pictograph is from another. 

I will say it was a bit um… eye opening to realize quite a bit of shit came from me as the player XD Apparently I do a lot of weird shit at the table. I detected magic on the dildo, snorted the succubus, I was also the one who put the dead body in the bag of holding so we could keep them fresh a few days before I could revive them. Turned out that was a BAD idea because that NPC was actually the bad guy. I also did succeed a massive check to father the “final boss” of that campaign. He had dad issues it’s okay. 

Quite a lot of that was from a recent campaign we closed. I played John, ex pirate cleric Besmaran. He was divorced and left his kid in the town to go buy cigars/cigarettes and then the town got time stopped and he FELT BAD. He was a bad dad and a constant chain smoker, considered leaving his religion for one that would make his ex wife like him more. Turned out he just had to love himself and his pirate ways, became a better dad and his ex respected him in the end and he stood up to her.

I never thought a joke character I made would turn out so well and I loved him. He became captain of his own ship and is called Smoke Beard, because he still chain smokes.

He also a creepy doll named Victoria that watches him while he sleeps. But if he ever dies, she’ll take the hit from him. I think our DM implemented that from one of those podcast streams as a reference, I think the My Brother, My Brother and Me guys.

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yes, definitely! send me a message with pronouns and a starter/plot and we can rp~


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If it’s something like headcannons, reactions, matchups, nope! Just state if you want the main cast or the undateables (we don’t count Luke because minor, unless it’s age appropriate i.e reaction to you dressed up as a unicorn or something lol), or if it’s specific characters. If it’s for a short drabble theme, there will be a limit to 1-2 characters. Thank you so much for your thoughtful question! I hadn’t considered that, I’m such a newbie lol. I’ll add this to my rules. And congrats, you’re first. Mammon will be jealous someone else took that spot. <3

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ooh let’s see~

ATEEZ - Seonghwa

ONEUS - Ravn

BTS - Jhope or RM

Pentagon - Yeo One

LOONA - Heejin, Yves or Olivia Hye

Dreamcatcher - Yoohyeon, Gahyeon or Handong… I can’t decide (fun fact, i saw them in concert last year!)



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My photographer is a friend lol. She’s also my employer and she’s really good at what she does. You should see some of the things she’s captured, they’re honestly gorgeous. I’m just not it. It’s been a long day and the stress of moving on Wednesday is kinda getting to me but I can for sure say that the photos I’m seeing I hate. Only a few of them are decent in my opinion.

And to everyone else, I do hear you and I’m really trying and I’m sorry if this seems like I’m just fishing for compliments or if I’m just rejecting what everyone says. That’s not my intention. Im not likely to be consoled so it’s okay to not say anything. I wasn’t exactly expecting much of a reaction at all. But thank you to anyone who has something to say, I really do appreciate it even if it looks like I’m sticking my nose up at you.

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