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#ask ann


Sorry for my late reply because I want to scan the drawing first, but forget about this for days. So, this is just a quick photo. ^^;

Oh! And I read your ask as “Loid as Bond” and can’t stop laughing and imagining it. And what a surprise to read your new ff of werewolf!Loid. 🤣🤣🤣


I’m sorry that Yor and Loid didn’t look like themself here. ^^;

I love drawing Anya as Princess. ☆

Ah! And I working on a little comic “Halloween and Forger Family”. Let’s hope that I can upload the first part in one of two days. 🤫


Have an amazing day! ☆

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apparently yeah. but I was not aware of it. I just found out via Twitter

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the beauty of it is that I never go though tumblr tags. just vibe. i just say shit what i think. I don’t keep up with drama. I read a tweet where shane said he was racist because of his childhood trauma it blew my mind. half of people have/had trauma do you see them being racsit

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Ann: A story about stars? Well, I do remember a lot of nights when I was at the church and I would always be the one with a very late shift to take down left over sheets that other sisters wouldn’t get. It was honestly very relaxing, I rather do enjoy being able to take such a task. The air was always fresh and it was peaceful, no noises besides the sleeping creatures of the night. Sometimes, I would stay outside longer and wonder what kind of life I would live, what greater things would there be for me if I had become a normal woman rather than a nun… I dont regret it.

Bane: Night time was the time I worked best at. Most people would always be stupif enough to go to the manor at night, unaware of traps laid out and sometimes I would catch some stupid kids stuck in a tree or God forbid them caught in a bear trap. You’d think the keep out signs would stop them, it never did. Even so, nights could be peaceful. I rather enjoyed whenever the forest was silent and my deer companion visited, looking up into the sky, knowing that everything would be OK. As a resident and the grounds keeper of the manor, it was my job to make sure everything was ok. It was something i can control and that eased my worry and concern for my wild friends.

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1. Do you have a crush?

I am actually seeing someone right now who I’ve had a crush on for a long time! Every day I find out something about him that makes me like him a bit more! ☺️

17. what’s the most attractive thing a person could wear?

Kinda cliche but I love classy atire, if I’ve ever seen them in a suit or tuxe even just a dress shirt and slacks then I’m a goner

22. Fictional Crushes?

There is so many I’m a part of so many fandoms it’s crazy,but if I have to come back to one it would be Jason Todd/Redhood

Thank you for the asks! 💛

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@queensgxverness​ asked: ❝ ∅ *THROWS LOUDLY AT YOU* ❞ ( send ∅ for my muse’s opinion about yours | muses. )

“No one can truly fathom how dearly I hold Kat to my heart.” Anne’s words were soft, smile audible in them. Her eyes crinkled as she thought of her wife. “She is so incredibly bright, kind, and beautiful.” Words could not describe how Anne felt accurately enough. She was desperately in love with Kat, would have given anything up for her.

“One could never meet a better woman, although I’m certain she would deny that truth.” Smile turned to smirk as she added, “To be humble is to only be all the better.”

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Heya, yeah, I always thought that was an interesting fact for her and I love it. Constructive criticism, advice and feedback is welcome. As well, my ask box is always open.

• She doesn’t necessarily celebrate neither the season, Halloween or most certainly not her birthday as she would rather forget

• Although, there are times; rarely but still there that she secretly wouldn’t mind being given a sliver of genuine attention like love during such days

• Wouldn’t want a big or a surprise party, really as she rather have something small and simple but well thought out

• At first, would be noticeably hesitant at the idea alone that anyone would want to celebrate her birthday at all although, the other Creeps will always reassure her it be fun and they care

• Very grateful indeed for the thoughtfulness that comes with it as the other Creeps for her are considered close or family 

• Enjoys the tranquility and peacefulness then anything boisterously loud and out there since she doesn’t like crowded areas, sudden noises

• The only time where she’ll ever express any emotions and feelings which the other Creeps will enjoy and always try to see her smile and be happy 

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#29: Likes to work out

Gonna go to another Mass Effect OC, miss Lily! She’s a frontline N7 soldier so she’s gotta keep in top physical condition! (Plus she loves showing off for her Bae Tibs)

#33: Can’t sleep without something special

Y’know, I’m actually going to say Cassia. And the something special is one of a couple of things:

-her sword

-Aurene’s wing/back (she 100% curls up on the dragon’s back to sleep, sometimes)

-or a cuddle-pile with her parents or her best friend (sorry, Llyr, you get squished whether you like it or not)

Ty for the ask! ♥

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I HATE STRAIGHT CIS MEN SO MUCH. Like do they do it as a gassing up kind of a thing or a ‘I honestly want to have sex with your girlfriend’ thing? Either way it’s weird, but the second is a bit less malicious. 

It’s not secret I think Bobby has an exhibition kink. Especially if the friend saying that was someone he knew MC wouldn’t be into, he’d 100% feel like that was a compliment and say something like “yeah me too”. I don’t think he gets insecure when men come on to MC, only if MC seemingly has an interest in other people. So he wouldn’t have a problem with his friends saying they’d bang MC unless they were being disrespectful.

But if MC ever said that about another man (and even if it’s an offhand comment about another guy being cute) that’s when his quiet, brooding, pouting insecurity kicks in. 

But I think Lucas and Rahim would NOT be okay with their friends making those jokes. Lucas would get incredibly possessive and tell them off, and Rahim would get really passive aggressive and angry about it. 

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Fireside: what does your dream wardrobe look like?

Colourful. Eclectic. Bright colours for the summer, cozy warm stuff for the winter. High waisted shit and cardigans galore. Outfits that scream “she’s an artist and likes getting splattered with paint in the studio” or “clearly queer”, but like, in a way that still looks cute/fashionable and not like I’m a hobo. Also some historic medieval stuff maybe. A pirate shirt or two and cloaks. CLOAKS

Bonfire: describe your dream house

An old cottage or farm house, with a bright kitchen with terra cotta tiles. Perhaps some exposed beams, though those are not mandatory. Herbs hanging to dry from the ceiling. A studio/workshop and a separate office (fuck working in your bedroom). Light everywhere. Maybe a sunroom, filled with plants. A fruit & veg & herb garden. Oh, and I must have a bay window or big windowsill filled with pillows, where I can sit curled up with a book and a cup of tea as I listen to the rain ❤️

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