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Hi there,

Thanks for the question.

I have only been at a public library for a month. From my observation so far, I can see that academic libraries and public libraries face different set of challenges.

Public libraries face the challenge of engagement all together while academic libraries face the challenge of engaging students in activities (makerspace, other fun/engaging projects) that are unrelated to studies.

Public libraries must cater to a diverse , constant changing community while also maintaining a set budget. It requires a huge amount of organization and dedication from staff. While at the academic library I offered workshops and reference interviews, at public libraries I must offer a full range of programs and develop various skills for people from all walks of life. ‘Adult teaching and learning’ does not hold the same meaning for me anymore. So that’s been the biggest adjustment for me.

Sometimes I have moments of frustration because I feel like I should already know all the work and expectations because it’s a library just like the one I worked at before. Then I have to remind myself that the users are different so I need to take my time to learn more about them.

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😅 The question is… in which story?

Don’t get me wrong, I have written some where Vesemir is their father (figure) and I’m sure Eskel has called him Dad before. But I also wrote stories where they have sex. XD

But yes I tend to make Eskel the soft boi who calls Vesemir his Dad, Geralt would call him father respectfully and Lambert really wants to call him Dad too, but he’s a little shit and says ‘old man’ instead.

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“Is that why I can punch a wall and not break my knuckles? I’d always chalked it up to th’ super strength”


((Aries: Ok my mind just went straight to animals with flexible joints and no bones, and how they can hide in like, vases and stuff))

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Ohhh is this from that panel with that dude who sort of looked like guy fieri and who sort of looked like Rafal flirting with her??? Bc I… Don’t think that was Rafal I think it was some random silver dude from Red Queen?? Rafal appears to be dead in Red School. Also I don’t think that counts as endorsement from Soman I think that counts as like. Politely disguised bafflement sjsks. No comment on Rafal/Beatrix since Beatrix??? Being straight??? Cmon guys

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Daemon shrugged, hooking his thumbs on his pockets.

“Cry’s a friend, one of few who I’d trust with my life." 

"And don’t underestimate ‘im, I know he can come off asa bit soft, but guy is wicked with blades, and a A+ strategist. Not just anyone can take on four ninja, an’ win”


He blinked, chuckling awkwardly when he noticed the emoticons, “What'ta, what’s with the winkin’ faces?" 

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