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Lol, gosh I’ve rewatched the show 3 times 😄. I’m not sure what it is that annoys you. I’m just so fascinated by the whole region and the history of it all.. I mean, I somewhat get it but at the same time, wholly hell what useless troubles.

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If you mean platforms I’m on several of them.





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“Hello. Why the sudden visit? Is everything alright?”


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“Friendship huh?” He thought for a moment. “I didn’t even think you considered us friends.”

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Levy: Levi-! Did you steal my keychain?!

Levi: Excuse me? Why would I steal your normie-keychain?

Levy: It’s a grizzly bear!!!

Levi: If it’s not anime, I don’t give a damn about it!

MC: *comes out of their house, hugging the keychain* T-This i-is y-your k-keychain…

Levi: …

Levy: *slowly walks towards MC with an angry look on her face* So… You’re the one who stole it.

MC: *sniffles* I-I’m sorry… I-I was about to give it back…

Levy: …

Levy: *holds MC gently and places her on the palm of her hand*

Levy: *stare~*

MC: *staring at her back with pleading eyes*

Levi: Levy… Your snake tail is wagging.

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“Okay, after a bit of a headache, we tried. I’m going to write down what we agreed on and let Holt edit it from there…” Like he does anyways. “So, if anything doesn’t make sense… I’ll try to translate it later.”


1. Frankie… just everything about her. I’ve never met any other ghoul like her. She’s pretty and smart… and she gets me. (I’m pretty convinced she just felt bad for you. -HH) I know things have been hard between us, but if it wasn’t for her who knows where Holt and I would be now. (Yeah, I think I’d be fine. You’d probably still be stuck in a locker. Or Minotaur meat. -HH) The only way I know Holt feels the same way I do is how he writes about her and treats her. Normally he goes through ghouls without another thought, but he always came back to her. (She’s not just any other ghoul dude. What Frankie and I have is special. -HH)

2. Crossfade. Barely. I know Holt cares about him just as much as I do, even if he knows nothing about taking care of chameleons… (I’m still at 0 for the dead chameleon count. Plus I feed him more than you. -HH) but we want him to be happy and healthy. That’s about as far as we agree on him goes, we can’t even come to conclusions about his color or personality. 

3. We couldn’t really agree on a third one… which is guess is our third. It’s a cop-out, I know, but we’re just so different. Academics, life goals… we couldn’t even agree on which food we both liked. (Get a better taste in food then! -HH)At this point I figured we should just call it quits before I developed a full-blown migraine. 

(Pretty shit cop-out, especially considering one of us still has music blasting in our ears. -HH)

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I’ll try!

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I have not

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“Can’t say I like the heat and sand all that much.” He frowned, grumbling slightly as he tried to dust sand from his gi, preferably before it got on his skin. Sweat had started to build on his brow, thanks to the sun beating down on him.

He was beginning to grow somewhat impatient, and found himself wanting to switch with one of his teammates. 


Resting his hands behind his head, he took to pacing in front of the hospital. 

“How long does it take to discuss a plan, I mean c'mon?!”

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I play the marriage game. I keep them thinking I could chose either of them, all the while laying down the seeds of a war between the two of them. While they are battling it out and depleting their strength, I’m gathering my strength to swoop in when a victor is announced. I finish off the victor with the remnants of the defeated King’s army (claiming he was my fiancee all this time 💕and making an impassioned plea to his people that I wish to avenge him and take care of them as he would have wished me to 😏😢). I establish my power over both nations and build my empire 👑

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Not really because you can imagine they marked which kid came out first in some way just to make sure they got the right heir. So everyone knows that that kid is the heir so there can be no swapping, especially down the line where the Queen can see the abilities of her children. Now, if his mother had the right to choose her heir, this problem goes away so you can consider adding that detail in.

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Haha I’m not much of a simp honestly /srs

But pregame Miu tho 👀👀👀

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Unfortunately, he cannot unless there is some loophole that says he can. He could pressure the Crown Prince to give up his rights, leaning on him to give it up but he cannot bypass the Crown Prince (unless the succession laws state he can). If your King is worried about the kingdom and smart, he will do anything needed to ensure the right child succeeds the throne.

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Eris looks at the Reshiram in surprise, more by the fact that a Legendary Pokemon is here than the question. It doesn’t last long as she recovers and acknowledges what was asked. “Moon, she is…”

She frowns as she glances towards the back of the cave where Moon disappeared. The Arbok’s expression softens as she thinks for a moment before turning back to Veritas. “She’s far better than when I found her but….

The doctor I took her to says that her life has left her with something that makes her recall her trauma and experience it again. They have been less frequent, but I still worry when she has one.”

Eris let’s put a sigh after letting it out. The worry is still there, but she feels it’s better than lying. “Your concern is… appreciated. I only wish I knew a better way to help her during these.”

( @righteouscinders )

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Nowhere Boy (2009), the John Lennon biopic

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(I immediately read the first line and was like which century am I in? 🤔🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂)

This would actually make the Princess very high up in the marriage market. Anybody who marries her will get a Treaty with both her parents and be on good terms with her uncle’s kingdom. Her husband is basically getting 3 for 1 deal.

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Usually, it was voluntary on their own behalf which is called abdication. Other than that the only option for them being removed from the place of heir was death or having their status forcefully taken due to the dynasty being overthrown.

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I would love that very much <3 added!

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Because some men can’t think outside the box when it concerns their dicks.

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