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#ask answered
馃摉 and 馃帣?

📖 Fave book

Depends. I read quite a few books but there isn’t really one which I would pick up to read over and over again. 
But I must admit, I have been thinking about rereading the Disc World novels. I haven’t even finished them all, but I love them and they are sooooo funny, some of the best comedy I have ever found in a book. 

🎙 Can you sing

I am far too shy to sing in front of people, so nobody can vouch for it. Though I tended to play Karaoke games with my husband (singing together was easier), and he is a far better singer than I am. I can’t keep high notes for long enough and often loose the melody.
So while I think that my singing is decent, my voice just isn’t cut out for it. 

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happy birthdaaaaay!!! i check your blog every morning like it’s the newspaper or something and your posts never fail to make me smile or laugh. i hope you have a great day even if the world is kind of falling apart at the moment. wishing you all the best and happy birthday!!

Thank you!! 💕 Omg, that’s so funny 😄 I appreciate it so much! You guys are so great, love talking to you about all the silly things 😄😄

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A small story about ur ocs?

Uhmm… Which one? Could you please be more specific on which one cuz I got tons of OCs..

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They are perfect for eachother even on that! Eliza is cold? Bob warms her up! Bob needs to chill? Eliza cools him down! I'm starting to get angry at them for being so perfect lol

Don’t be angry, nonny! Be happy we get to experience Beliza!! I mean, who would have thought just a few years ago?!! Literally magic! 🥰💕 (it’s my birthday today so I’m going to be in a HAPPY Beliza mood today all day! 😄)

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List 5 things that make you happy, then put this in the ask box for the last 10 people who reblogged something from you. Learn to know your mutuals and followers!

5 things that make me happy!

  1. Playing music, listening to music, anything music related really. 🎶🎵🎶
  2. Spending time with my friends and my family. Especially my amazing boyfriend. 💕💕
  3. Playing games (Animal Crossing, The Arcana, Minecraft, Street fighter etc.). ⌨🖱
  4. Getting creative! (Designing, making bracelets, embroidery, putting things together, etc.) 🖋🖌📝
  5. Animals (especially cats!) 🐱🐈
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YES. Heating pads on Mrs. Taylor-Morley and ice packs on Mr. Taylor-Morley aka A Song OG Ice and Fire anyone? They are both sinfully good looking

We’re losing it now, we’re losing it! 😄

Seems like Mr and Mrs Morley just need to hug each other and problem solved! 😄😄🥰

I wonder if they ever look at each other and just go “damn, we are hot!” 🔥👌😄😄

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They are defnetly bi culture. How can two people be so gorgeous and hot?!?! It's honestly unfair hahahaha

They’re so hot and gorgeous together. 👌🔥 Still can’t believe it. 😍

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😭-what is the last thing that made you cry?

I think it was a talk thing I watched on YouTube yesterday 😂 also I think I cried Saturday night just because of stress and all that 😬😬

😡-what makes you angry?

Corruption and when people aren’t willing to listen to one another

🐶-do you have any pets?

Not currently! But I do have a decent amount of houseplants that all have names, they are kind of my pet substitute 😂

📱-what’s your phone background?

This is currently both my home and lock screen

👻-do you believe in ghosts?


Not really? Idk I’m just totally neutral about the whole thing 😂

Thanks for asking!!!

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Fae & fallen leaves?:3

Yay! Thanks for the ask ☺️💕

fae 🌠 - what’s a fact about yourself that you don’t know how to explain?

Hmm 🤔 I just have this thing where whenever I see a dog or cat (or just any animal, really) looking at me with a placid expression I greet them. Every. Single. One. Of. Them. With glee, at that!

fallen leaves 🍃 - what’s your morning routine like, if you have one?

1.) Wake up, roll to one side of the bed & do love battles/princess lessons

2.) Check out on what I missed on Tumblr

3.) Go downstairs and greet all the dogs, everyone gets belly rub/head pats

4.) Prepare & distribute their meals

5.) Eat breakfast! (Doggos before me 😉)

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