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#ask answered
Hey!!!! I have seen you draw padfoot and wormtail so can you draw prongs? You know their animagi forms in case you misunderstood!
Tumblr media
Remus: ...yep, totally normal average sight on a saturday
(ask box is open - sarcastic Remus is life)
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traumatizinghooty · 2 days ago
You mentioned Lilith so naturally, my mind responded, "Oh, we got hcs"
Lilith realized in 0.0000001 seconds that her sister was crushing on Raine when Eda began mentioning little small details about the bard witch that were oddly specific, "Hey, Lily, did you ever notice that Raine's eyes kinda look like those shiny rocks we saw at the market last week?" and had this moment of "Aw, baby sister has a crush, how cute."
Follow up to that previous one, Lilith noticed Raine was crushing on Eda in 0.00000001 seconds after Eda scored a goal at a Grudgby and waved at Raine, who turned so red Lilith full on thought they were going to explode.
Lilith thinks that it would take them a week at the most to get together, and ends up playing wingwoman for her sister and her sister's best friend.
Lilith: Please, for the love of Titan, just ask them out.
Eda (who has been hiding behind Lilith for the last five minutes): What if they say no?
Lilith internally: Do you not see the literal heart eyes they give you? How are we related? I am the one with glasses and I can tell Raine like you. Why in the Isles would Raine say no? They're the only witch crazier than you considering they want to date you. Titan, lend me strength, please.
Lilith: They won't say no.
Raine exactly eight minutes later: Lilith, if I ask Eda out do you think she would say yes?
Lilith internally: Why are they both like this? Raine, Raine, look at me in the eyes and tell me you do not see the stupid grin my sister gets when you say hi to her. Why would she say no? You are literally the only witch alive that can turn her brain into mush. Good Titan, I can't live like this. The urge to lock you both in a closet to see who confesses first is getting stronger.
Lilith: I can't think of any reason why she wouldn't say yes.
After Raeda get back together, Lilith swings by the Owl House with a stack of papers that could rival Eda's permanent record at Hexside and drops it on the table and before either of them can ask what that is, Lilith just waved them both off and excitedly says, "I have been planning the wedding since you two first went to Grom together." Apparently, they both forget to tell Lilith they weren't engaged. No worries, Lilith (having absolutely no chill and sees it payback) looks at Eda and goes, "Eda, please make Raine my in-law." And then proceeds to look at Raine and says, "Raine, do me a favor and become my in-law." She's met with a sputtering and blushing Raeda and Lilith has Hooty bring her some apple blood, because Titan, she isn't dealing with them like this again.
Lilith is just SO DONE with these beloved morons, she's been watching them crush on each other since they were SIX and she just wants to be DONE. Raine was so obvious about their crush on Eda it was paaaaaaaaaainful but Eda? Eda just talked about Raine. Constantly. Non-stop. All day everyday hey did you hear what Raine did? oooo Raine has the prettiest eyes omgosh!! Lilith is losing her mind. Lilith is a saint and she's been planning their wedding since 8th grade because SHE never plans to get married but boy oh boy she can plan a PARTY
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scuttling · 2 days ago
Any new pieces coming out soon?
Hi Anon! Yep, I'm currently working on a 3-piece dad bod Hotch miniseries kind of thing? Part 1 should be out tomorrow if all goes according to plan! 🥰🤍 It's very soft and sexy and sweet. Here's a teaser!
“Burritos? Are you trying to beef me up?” Aaron asks, and you look up at him, lift your brow.
“Were you expecting salads? I’m feeding a super special FBI agent here, you need your strength.”
“We’ve only been living together for five months and it’s already getting hard to button my pants,” he grumbles, but he peels back the foil on the one labeled pollo asado without further complaint, takes the hot sauce when you hand it to him.
“So we’ll go up a size. It’s a good thing you’re not living off of coffee and vending machine protein bars anymore. You’ve been needing someone to feed you up for a while—and besides, I don’t mind if your pants are unbuttoned,” you say, licking sauce off of your thumb. “Nothing hotter than a well-fed Fed.” He rolls his eyes, and you sit down to eat.
More soon! Thanks for asking! 🤍
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inky-duchess · a day ago
How does a princess consort adress her husband who is heir to the throne? In public? In private? And how does he adress her?
In public as they address each other formally as firstly on greeting "Your Highness." and then as "sir/madam". In private they can call each other what they want. Prince Philip used to call Queen Elizabeth cabbage.
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transmascissues · a day ago
Is it bad that I only trust other trans men? Everyone else, including trans non-men seem to hate us
i don’t think it’s bad - it’s definitely super important to not let that feeling turn into transmisogyny or misogyny in general BUT i think it’s very natural for any group of marginalized people to have a hard time trusting people who don’t understand their specific marginalization, especially when those people tend to interpret that lack of understanding as the marginalization not existing
being forced to generalize for your own well-being sometimes is an unfortunate reality of being marginalized, and while you do have to be mindful of not letting it become something more harmful, it’s not your fault that you feel that way and it’s nothing to beat yourself up over
we’re all just doing the best we can in a world that doesn’t want us to exist, and it’s that world’s job to stop treating us like shit, not your job to be 100% trusting in spite of the mistreatment
do your part to make sure their bigotry doesn’t breed bigotry in you, but ABSOLUTELY hold them accountable for the mistreatment that forced you to do that work in the first place, and don’t beat yourself up over the survival instincts they’ve forced you to develop
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forgottennamesgame · 22 hours ago
Dearest author, if we could read the ROs minds, what would they be thinking about most of the time? :)
T - "Great." (sarcastic)/ random snarky remark about the situation they are in/ "Why am I the only sane person in the room?"/ how to save money for magical stones and where to find them.
S/A - "I'm so bored I'm going to die!"/ "What would happen if I *insert bad idea*/ "This person is interesting, I wonder what they're hiding."/ "I'm scared..."
Ilzrus - "People are weird."/ "Is this what making friends means? Am I doing it right?"/ "SHINY! I want it!"/ "I feel guilty..."
I'm not sure if your ask was for both wips so I'm going to assume it was for FN for now😁 thank you!!
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Tumblr media
Hi Anon! So, you asked this question a long time ago, but I really wanted to address it as there are a lot of fanfiction writers on my page and I felt it'd be good to share my opinion.
Personally, I haven't written fanfictions before, so I don't feel I can comment on that part, but from my understanding there happens to be a large NSFW community within the fanfictions community. I think this is great that writers are free to explore sexuality in a safe space, but I've also seen a lot of hate on those writing fictions about celebrities and groups.
I- like every other 14-16 year old- read fanfiction, but could personally never get into, but as you mentioned, you have a good sense of self-awareness. You are in touch with the fact that these are people and not just characters, however I completely understand why writers use real life people as characters!
Celebrities and fictional characters are already created! They've got personalities and features and writers only really have to work on the plot then, it's easier to create a world when the characters are already fleshed out (figuratively and literally).
With that being said, it's important not to abuse the artist's work with anything you write, so really there is a fine line. I'm sure this is up for discussion in many different fandoms, but personally I think it's okay as long as you establish that you are using these people as characters and not implying that the celebrities do or participate in these things (eg: spreading rumours, invading their personal life...).
What are you thoughts on this? Feel free to leave your own comments on this subject below, I think it's a great discussion to have (just please no fighting)! All my love xox
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the-blackdale · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@writeforjordelia asked malec or jordelia.
+ I added 'the 1' by TS. Because I think it suits them :)
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ask-spot-warner · a day ago
Daffy sthlammed his penith in the car door??
Spot looks at you with a blank expression for a while before finally speaking.
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misgynder · a day ago
Hi! Do you know of any TERF Youtube channels?
I don't actively watch any, but scrolling through my subscription lists there's:
Madgalen Berns (she is the main one! I've heard she peaked a lot of current radfems and I have been meaning to get around to watching her videos since she is so highly recommended, but in the meantime, I will point you in her direction)
GNC centric
Kellie-Jay Keen
Meghan Murphy
Peachyogurt Genderfree
Woman's Place UK
If anyone has any more recs, please feel free to drop them in the comments for this anon <3
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Maybe (Character A) transfigures (Character B) into a kitten and cuddles them adorably?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
James: -OW! Sirius! you are a nicer dog, you know that
Remus: ...he has claws now
(ask box is open - thanks for this suggestion/he IS a dog person)
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traumatizinghooty · a day ago
Dropping more hcs because why not
Eda and Raine once had a date in the human realm where it started raining. Both were surprised that the rain was cold and not boiling water falling from the sky. And so, like the curious teenagers they were, ran around and danced in the freezing cold rain in the middle of December and explaining to Lilith how they both got sick was just a train wreck considering Eda had come home soaked and Raine's lie about a water fight would've made sense had it not been snowing for most of the day on the Isles.
Eda, in her teen years, used to love reading piles. She loved to read, still does, but even more so with Raine because, hey, potential pillow to lay on. Plus, if Lilith were to join then another potential pillow to lay on. So usually the reading pile would consist of Raine laying on their stomach on the floor, Eda laying her head on Raine's back and having her legs over Lilith's lap if she was there.
After getting back together, Raine notices that Eda just loves to mess with their earring. At first, Raine thought it was due to Eda's liking to shiny objects, but no, it's just Eda laughing about how they never pierced the other ear because Lilith caught them in the bathroom with an ice cube and a sewing needle when they were teenagers. "I can't believe you impaled Raine." "I did not impale Raine, Lily."
Raine is one of the only witches alive who can dodge Eda's pranks. Because one, Raine knows how to be sneaky and observant and two, "Eda, you pulled more than half of these when we were kids, and I was usually the one who helped you set them up."
Raine, knows how to play Grudgby as they used to play for fun with Eda during free time after school and they nearly die laughing when Eda tells them that her and Lily decked it out in the front yard a while ago to determine if Eda would get arrested or not. Lilith, once again having no chill, bets Raine could beat Eda, and Eda takes that bet. Raine does beat Eda, because with Lilith as ref, anything goes and technically, kissing your opponent shouldn't be allowed but Lilith got a nice photo of a shell-shocked blushing mess of a sister so she considers it a win.
Lilith doesn't understand these morons who are in love😊
Omgosh they read in piles DANA. BABE WAKE UP THEY READ IN PILES🥰😭
There was MURDER that day they got their ear pierced Lilith chased Raine around with a cloth while their ear was dripping blood everywhere
Ooooo and Eda HATES that they can guess her pranks and she keeps getting more and more elaborate but. NOPE
Eda, crying with happiness: "cheat...cheating that was CHEATING they can't win!!! Lil...Lilly. holy titan Raine wow I-that was. WAIT LILY COME BACK DON'T SEND THAT TO THE SCHOOL NOOooooooo."
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Hey Riley
Guess what's happening soon :)
I have accepted my fate to either cry or scream
Don’t be shocked if I come into your inbox later in pain
Am I tagged? I wanna be tagged
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inky-duchess · 2 days ago
wait where do catholics put their toasters?
On the countertop like normal people
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transmascissues · a day ago
I have a question I hope it doesn’t sound stupid. Why is transphobia only in relation to trans women/femme/mtf people? Why is transandrophobia related to trans masc/men/ftm people? Because andro is at the beginning of androgynous as in male and female in appearance. Isn’t this inaccurate for transmasc people to use? - a confused transmasc guy
i see where the confusion is, so let's go through this
first of all, transphobia isn't only in relation to trans women and transfems, i think what you're thinking of is transmisogyny, which is primarily in relation to trans women and transfems - transphobia is the general term for what all trans people face
and the root "andro" is used because it means male - i can see why you'd think otherwise because of the word androgynous, but it makes more sense when you know that the root "gyno" (which is where the -gynous comes from) means female, so when you put them together in the word "androgynous", it combines male and female to describe people who have a mix of traditionally masculine and feminine traits
i hope that helps! if you have any other questions feel free to DM me, i know we use a lot of terminology for this stuff and it can be hard to keep track of sometimes so i'm happy to help
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forgottennamesgame · 2 days ago
I'm having unsatiable craving rn (ugh preggy hormones) and this idea struck me: How would the ROs deal with a Pregnant!MC who suddenly wakes up in the middle of the night, nearly in tears because they are craving badly for their favorite food.
T has it already prepared "just in case", so they take the MC by the hand and go to the kitchens for a culinary night trip.
If it's something that needs to be cooked, S/A insists they prepare it themselves and the next day the servants will hate them because of the mess they left in the kitchens.
Ilzrus wakes up the whole castel if they need to, so the meal gets prepared. They do everything to calm the Mc down but they're panicky themselves and it shows. The next day though, they apologize for the inconvenience.
August just blinks at the MC for a second, trying to wake up and understand the situation. Then they just kiss the MC on the cheek, take the car keys and go buy what the MC wants (still in their pijamas, they Do.Not.Care)
Kosta is up and fresh in an instant. They take the MC into their arms to soothe them, asks then to make a list so they know exactly what to get. They dress up quickly, hop into the car and go midnight shopping. They return with too many things because even with the list, they thought that "maybe you would also want this. And that."
Abel shares the MC's cravings. He'll order food from all the places in the neighbourhood and it will turn into a pijama party, with food and TV.
Constance enters panic mode. She'll bring the MC what she wants, she'll make them tea and watch over them until they falls back asleep. From that day on, their fridge will be full 24/7.
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scuttling · 2 days ago
Okay, so, obviously inspired by your magnificent fic The Dormant Dominant. Sorta like an AU to that.
You and Aaron are neighbors, so there is a girl-next- door/guy-next-door fantasy but you two are also friends and there is genuine attraction and feelings not just lust but neither act on them. Then one night, you go to borrow something from him and he was on tumblr after having just posted a new story and Jack's at a sleepover and he had two glasses of scotch, so he forgets to close his laptop and you see what's on the screen. And you think he's visiting the blog, with a sudden surge of confidence -and after an internal pep talk of come on, you're two grown ass adults you can talk about this- "Sorry to interrupt," you say with a wink, "that guy has good stories, right?" And he's like 😳😲 but also 😏😎, "you thinks so?" he asks, and you're like "yeah, it doesn't have the depth stories by women do but sometimes that's not what you want, you know?", and he's like, "what do you want?", you go, "whatever that guy's got going. I actually talked to him a few times, wish he was from around here" And then everything just clicks for him and he's like "wait, you-you're-" and you think he's going to lecture about talking to stranger on the Internet but instead he tells you that he is TDD and you're like 😲 but also 😳😩💦 because you realize the neighbor in the stories is you. Needless to say the story he'd just posted inspired by a sundress he'd seen you wear the week before, similar to the one you had on at the moment, becomes a reality that night.
Anon, I have nothing to add. This idea is incredible. Would you like to write it? Take over my account? Assume my identity? I retire. 😩
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mrslittletall · a month ago
What about vessels with wings? What's your opinion on that???
Oh, that is wonderful! I theorize that the "cloaks" of the vessels are actually their wings. It doesn't make sense for me that they were born with clothes on and there wasn't really any material down in the Abyss to make cloaks and they were newly hatched, how should they know about clothes? So the "cloaks" are simply the vessels having folded in their wings. They can't fly with them, the void rendered them useless. Another contender for this theory. When you fight Pure Vessel or Sealed Vessel, their armour breaks and the cloak is right there. Why should they were a cloak beneath armour? These are their wings.
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megpeggs · 4 months ago
Hey, could you plz draw Suki with her hair down? :0
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I want what they have 🥺
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petitprincess1 · a month ago
Can you make a gif of Blitzo's quality time moment? Need it for reasearch
Well, idk what kind of research you're doing, but I'm not gonna argue with a scientist
Tumblr media
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