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Everyone is entitled to their opinion! To me, they were equally unnecessary. The other young versions of Sam and Dean were so much better imo and I didn’t feel the connection with these new ones. Obviously, it would have been impossible to get the others since they went with the age range they did but still.

There were other things that annoyed me but I suppose I’m just not excited by much this season. There have been some good moments but overall I’m finding it lackluster especially for being the final season.

I agree wholeheartedly; Dean always needs all the hugs!!

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Dorian: What do you find beauty in? What is the definition of beauty?

I find beauty in nature. I don’t think beauty can be defined. Beauty is fluid.

Lestat: Describe yourself in 5 words.

Indecisive, clumsy, clingy, awkward, thoughtful.

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Oh I’m so glad you asked!!! I will only give a couple points so I don’t get carried away.

  1. Moss is one of the most effective carbon sequesters on land. Carbon sequestration is when carbon is taken out of the atmosphere and is stored in long term storage holding off climate change. 300 species of moss is best at this.
  2. Moss only covers 3% of the land and stores perhaps more carbon than any other plant on earth.
  3. Moss absorbs moisture which helps prevent soil erosion.
  4. Also unlike grass moss attracts insects that are beneficial and cute like salamanders and frogs.
  5. Mass doesn’t require a lot of water so it doesn’t waste clean drinking water. Moss also doesn’t require fertilizers or other chemicals. Which means ground water and natural water sources are safe from chemicals. 
  6. Moss is also prettier than grass.
  7. Also grass is heavily tied to colonialism.
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Oh my God, thank you soooooo much! Lotir is one of my faves and I made that character in the picture specifically because he deserves far more love than he’s given! I’ll put the full picture here for you to see, thanks again!

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czech republic 🇨🇿: is there a song that never fails to make you cry?

This one! My fav song and Always gets me teary eyed if not crying my eyes out.

Also songs that make me emotional/borderline crying

• the funeral by Band of Horses

• always remember us this way by Lady Gaga

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october - what month were you born in?

I was born in April! I’m a spring chicken. Died fairly close to there, too, so I have the same birth month and death month.

paper - favorite children’s book?

Pretty much anything Dr. Seuss holds a special place in my heart.

sheets - sanrio or san-x characters?

I admittedly don’t know very much about them, I probably couldn’t name any, TBH, but they seem like funky lil dudes and dudettes, I like seeing them around my dash

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1. At 15

2. Depends

3. I’m private about that lol

4. Umm a car? I guess

5. Idk what it’s called

6. Sub

7. Yes

8. Bed/Couch

9. Yes but inside a car at the public place. So not really. Kinda

10. Yes 🤦🏽‍♀️

11. Fishnet undies they’re fancy. Victoria’s Secret 🤑

12. Every day I can basically

13. My bf😇

14. Giving

15. Umm a small accident during anal but wasn’t too crazy 😅😂

16. Ummmm Jeremih- Fuck You All The Time 😆

17. My man moaning

18. Of course that’s my favorite thing to do

19. I don’t care for either

20. My man😇

21. Yep a few

22. Of course I do

23. Yep haven’t we all lol

24. I currently am. My man is my best friend. I literally call him bestie😂🥰

25. Drink water, smoke an L

26. Men. That’s all I’ll say on that😅

27. Early morning

28. Hmmmm shoulders

29. Lips

30. Yes. Everyone does lol I think

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Oh, dang! Idk how cool I actually am, but thank you for thinking so and taking the time to send me a message💕

I would love to see this tier system if you end up making it, lol.

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Lol there’s a time difference but good morning to you hun!

I honestly, couldn’t say. Some alcohol is always fun but the stereotypical oysters etc don’t really work for me. Maybe I’m just weird 🤷🏽‍♀️

Usually it’s enough of an aphrodisiac to know that I’m wanted and being desired for!

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