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Just kinda occurred to me, since they’re chipping and I showed off my nails a few times before, but I never really talked about it, Jeff and I a while back started a tradition where once a week, we have what we jokingly call “girl’s night”, and we just hang out and listen to music and cry at the romcoms he doesn’t like admitting get him weepy and gossip while doing manicures or sometimes messing around with makeup, it’s nice, just having a girl’s night. Lately, Charlotte’s included and she sometimes lets us paint her nails, too, we’ve got a few colors just for her

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S-man’s lucky we live in a place with seasons, otherwise I’d have a pet armadillo TONIGHT, but they can’t handle winter weather or reasonably live indoors

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my favorite part of the year is from oct-dec for some reason. it’s festive mood first of all tho we don’t really celebrate anything. rain sounds cool! in our part of country it rains heavily from late may to early august and i really love petrichor and the grey moody climate it brings in! probably because i like everything dark and dim.

my preference for songs is wide af. everything from kpop, hip-hop, pop, blues, a bit of indie(?). I like both upbeat and slow music equally and i’m a sucker for those slowed and reverb versions of songs on youtube. i love bts sm♡ stan game 2.5 yrs going strong! apart from them, conan grey, one direction & cardi b are my favorites.

songs which makes me dance!? there are a loooottttt! mostly all upbeat songs by bts like idol, fire, boy with love, blood sweat and tears, go go, dynamite, dis-ease, songs by rapline, i could just go on endlessly tbh.


tysm for the ask op! you are really helping me in a way to talk about my interests! i hope you have a great day! ʕ♡˙ᴥ˙♡ʔ

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hi there! um tbh I don’t really “celebrate” my birthday. it’s just a bunch of people wishing [the few that remember]. my long distance bff usually comes up with something. like a package or anything she could do digitally creative. and that remains the most iconic thing every birthday. may sound a little depressing lol.

this year tho i’ll be staying at my college hostel, i haven’t made close friends as of now. if i get a good circle at the campus, i hope i’ll be able to enjoy that day like i really want to. birthday parties sounds cool but there really aren’t much people i’m close with irl. so getting to see my bff on my birthday would be soooo cool! sounds impossible but still! if i could manifest how i want my birthday to be it would be to have a late night rooftop talk with my bff ╥﹏╥


tysm for the ask op! i hope your birthdays are filled with everything you wish for! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔゝ☆

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send me random stuff / information / quote / song recommendations / rant / confession / vent / opinion / concept/ thought / literally anything in the ask pwease ʕ ꆤ ᴥ ꆤʔ

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Cereal first.

Unless I’m eating Life, I’m pourin my milk first, add a little bit of sugar and then the cereal. It’s so delicious and that’s how my grandmum did it, since I wasn’t allowed to eat sugary cereal.


(This is the cereal I grew up eating, in case anyone was wondering what Life is)

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I’m super excited to move! My twin and their boyfriend lived in Oregon (he’s from there) and they both loved it so much and can’t wait to go back.

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hate em 

the word’s funny tho

and i have a stuffed pickle named mr pickle


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I know I haven’t been on in forever. I’ve been doin a lot in my life. I’m so grateful for people still following me and gettin new followers even after bein absent for months at a time.

I’m movin up to Oregon with my twin, their boyfriend and my best friend in four weeks. We’re plannin everythin, packing up and working to get more money to help us along the way.

Anyway, I’m bored and want to interact with everybody. Ask me anythin, you guys. I’ll gladly answer. My anon is on, so you can ask anythin you want. I don’t only want just two people asking me somethin and then nothin else, but continue to get notes on this post.

I really want to interact with you guys and answer questions you may have for me.


Photo for attention.

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hiii! yes thesis it is definitely a cringe yet butterflies overload fic for those doing thesis as well. since we all want to be thesismates with them. hahaha

tho i really am always hoping that thesis it readers are 18+ hahahaha. and i do not recommend it for underage readers because it’s somewhat improper hahaha.

back to you, goodluck with academics, hun!

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I try to keep it an equal balance myself as well. in my writing I want them both to experience the same things at some point bc even their reactions to it will be different and exciting to explore

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We put each other at risk all the time for simply existing. Give me liberty or give me death— again, if these other people, or even family members want to stay inside indefinitely and wear a whole box of masks, than that’s their prerogative.

But that doesn’t mean you can force the whole world to stop and shut down, ruin people’s livelihoods, people’s mental and emotional health, agree to clear authoritarian mandates. People have a right to live their lives, to take the risk— whether you like it or not. We have a God given right to life and pursuit of happiness.

It’s like we’ve totally forgotten the fact the flu and even the bloody common cold can be deadly, has taken a lot of lives.

The bubonic plague was found again in California’s disgusting crap and needle infested streets— why didn’t we go on lockdown for that? No mass panic?

And it’s not worse than the flu. Even the CDC has it up that it has about a near 100% survivable rate. The flu and common cold also has ‘long haul’ side effects.

It’s a provable fact many deaths were caused by something else, but were marked down as wuflu death’s because they might’ve had it or… Just because. Many of the deaths could’ve been flu/cold related since wuflu testing can come up positive if you’ve had the flu.

And to act like no one should ever be ever capable of catching anything ever, specifically this flu… People die all the time by viruses, the flu and cold, influenza. It happens, and it’s sad, it’s unfortunate but it still happens. Never stopped us all from going out and interacting and taking the stupid risks of possibly ever catching something worse, way before this.

Clearly us wearing five masks and forcing everyone into a year long isolation experiment hasn’t fucking worked in stopping that fact of life.

But similar to the flu, it can cause more problems for the elderly, and those with specific comorbidities, underlying health conditions that already make you susceptible to most diseases and viruses.

Lockdowns don’t work, facts. The masks haven’t worked either, facts.

This isn’t helping anyone.

It’s absolutely overblown. We didn’t do this with the H1N1 when apparently the Obama administration did an absolute shit job managing and handling it. Wonder why that wasn’t mass reported on?

It’s not downplaying— it’s being realistic.

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My sweet Sabrina! You made my heart happy 😘😘


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