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#ask bane

This is probably not the kind of love you were asking for but I did hold some familial love for someone who wasn’t an animal and coming from a home where it was only me, I enjoyed it. During a exploration, I had found a kid that was hurt and needed some assistance and he had stayed with me for at least half a year until his family was able to find him. That time, I saw him as a little brother or son and it was a very nice feeling. I never knew I could have such a raw feeling of familial love for someone who wasn’t blood related or an animal.

I should have kept that kid though…because if I did then I might have been able to stop the next series of events and I could have saved that sweet kid that I thought of as a son… Sometime love hurts more when you least expect it.

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Ann: A story about stars? Well, I do remember a lot of nights when I was at the church and I would always be the one with a very late shift to take down left over sheets that other sisters wouldn’t get. It was honestly very relaxing, I rather do enjoy being able to take such a task. The air was always fresh and it was peaceful, no noises besides the sleeping creatures of the night. Sometimes, I would stay outside longer and wonder what kind of life I would live, what greater things would there be for me if I had become a normal woman rather than a nun… I dont regret it.

Bane: Night time was the time I worked best at. Most people would always be stupif enough to go to the manor at night, unaware of traps laid out and sometimes I would catch some stupid kids stuck in a tree or God forbid them caught in a bear trap. You’d think the keep out signs would stop them, it never did. Even so, nights could be peaceful. I rather enjoyed whenever the forest was silent and my deer companion visited, looking up into the sky, knowing that everything would be OK. As a resident and the grounds keeper of the manor, it was my job to make sure everything was ok. It was something i can control and that eased my worry and concern for my wild friends.

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your blog is so beautiful and I looked at your other account, and all the art you do is just so beautiful. you create masterpieces and clearly put your heart into them. i'm glad I found this.

thank you so much, i appreciate it !!

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